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Don't Miss Out! - Reach Customers Worldwide

Donít miss out on Web leads. Increasingly, companies are turning to the Web when doing basic research on equipment, products and services. The Pallet Enterprise offers competitive rates and a global audience.

For nearly 25 years, Pallet Enterprise has been the industry leader in news and information. Today, we offer content and services online that can drive visitors to your site. Other sites may have links to information; Pallet Enterprise online offers original content and knowledge that is unmatched. Your customers are clicking here - shouldn't you consider advertising here?

The Pallet Enterprise Web site has quickly become the gathering ground online for pallet manufacturers, pallet recyclers and low grade sawmills.

The Pallet Enterprise Web site averages more than 20,000 user sessions with hundreds of thousands of hits per month. Visitors span the globe including all fifty U.S. states, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Australia, India, Iran, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Reach a global audience with a cost-effective Web site advertising program.

Banner Ads
All banner ads rotate throughout the Pallet Enterprise and Timberline sites giving advertisers impressions on various pages. We do not guarantee position. Pricing does not include banner ad design. Standard size for banner ads is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. Banners may be animated but file size is restricted. Banner ad development is also offered at $45 an hour for companies with no in-house design ability or outside agency.

  Per Quarter... $800 (PE or TL print display advertiser)
Per Quarter... $1,200 (Non-PE or TL display advertiser)

Button Ads
Unlike banner ads that appear on numerous pages, button ads are static, smaller ads. This type of advertising guarantees placement on high traffic pages within the Pallet Enterprise and Timberline sites. Pricing per quarter ranges from $750 to $1,650. Button ad design is not included; we do offer ad development for $45 per hour.

Ad Location Display
Pallet Enterprise/Timberline Homepages $1,050 $1,450
Pallet Board $1,250 $1,650
Lumber Pages or Article Search Page $850 $1,250
Directory/Trading Post Classifieds $850 $1,250
Wood Packaging Pest Management Section $750 $1,150

All button ads must be 120 width x 60 height pixels. File size is limited to 8k maximum.

Classified Ads
The Pallet Enterprise and Timberline print edition classifieds are placed online in a downloadable, PDF format every month. Double your exposure with the best online/print classified deal in the business.

For more information on Web advertising, please contact your
sales representative or call 800/805-0263.