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Alternative Materials (Plastic, Corrugated, etc.)
Texas Recycling Company Develops Plastic Lumber Product for Pallets - Pallet Outlet: Texas pallet company enters the plastic pallet arena by manufacturing plastic lumber and supplying plastic pre-cut stock to other pallet companies. (2/1/2007)
Plastic Pallets Available with Wide Range of Designs, Features, Properties - Alternative Pallet Guide: A grid showcasing a wide range of pallets made of plastic and other alternative materials. This guide is designed to help wood pallet companies find unique pallets for specialty applications. (11/1/2007)

Asset Management
White Wood Pallet Rental Gives the Grocery Market Options - Some innovative white wood recyclers are offering pallet management and rental services similar to what the two big leasing companies provide. (6/1/2007)

A&L Wood Follows Trends Of Markets, Customers for Profits: Pendu Scragg Mills, Cut-Up Equipment Supply Pallet Stock - A&L Wood: Pendu scragg mills and cut-up equipment enable Pennsylvania company to produce the lumber it requires for its pallet manufacturing operations. (1/1/2007)
A Look at the Future of the Hardwood Industry: New NHLA Executive Shares Insights on Changing Markets & Increased Globalization - Mark Barford Interview: Pallet Enterprise conducts an interview with Mark Barford, the executive director of the National Hardwood Lumber Association; Mark answers tough questions about the future of the hardwood lumber industry and what companies can do to adapt as globalization changes many of the old rules. (9/1/2007)
Markets in Transition: A Tale of Two Opportunities - When a pallet company is arranging a rental or cost per trip program moving from a supplier to a retailer, it is essential that the latter will accept financial responsibility for failure to return. (11/1/2007)

Cargo Safety/Packaging Securtiy
Seaports – First Line of Defense for Phytosanitary Risk - Seaports – First Line of Defense: This is the second part of a two-article series on seaports and global shipping; it covers the role and procedures used in U.S. seaports for monitoring wood packaging regulation compliance. (2/1/2007)

Design/Engineering Research
Professional Pallet Services Begins Marketing Pallet Wizard Software - Pallet Wizard: Ohio pallet company begins marketing computer software program it developed ‘for the average pallet business;’ the Pallet Wizard makes drawings of pallets and more. (8/1/2007)

Environmental Issues
The Sensible Environmentalist: It’s Time to Boycott the Boycotts - Boycotts have unintended consequences, many of which are harmful to the environment and human health. (1/1/2007)
The Sensible Environmentalist: Wood Fiber Best Choice to Make Paper - Dear Dr. Moore: Many environmental groups promote the use of hemp for making paper. Is this a good idea? (4/1/2007)
The Sensible Environmentalist: Use Wood to Reduce Greenhouse Gases - As individuals, we can contribute by reducing our energy consumption and, where possible, using renewable energy and materials. (7/1/2007)
The Sensible Environmentalist: Focus on Old Growth Misses the Mark - The debate over old growth has been presented as good versus evil: beautiful old forests or barren clear-cuts. But forests are in a constant state of change. (10/1/2007)
Quantifying a Sustainable Future: Pallet Researcher Answers Tough Questions On Sustainability - Pallets & the Environment: Interest in monitoring environmental impacts of packaging is here to stay, says Dr. Mark White, a leading pallet industry researcher; Wal-Mart puts focus on sustainability. (11/1/2007)

Equipment, Products & Services
Should Palmate ERP Be in Your Future? AMS Pioneers Next Wave of Pallet Company Management Software - Integrating Your Business Data: Palmate™ Enterprise Resource Planning combines key business functions into one database, which makes it easier to keep track of vital information and improve operations; this new software is unique in the pallet industry. (2/1/2007)
New Products - New products in the pallet industry. (2/1/2007)
New on the Market - New products in the industry. (3/1/2007)
Software Drives Smarter Sawmills & Lumber Companies: Review of Software Technologies Used to Improve Management Intelligence - Sawmill/Lumber Management Software: Review of various sawmill and lumber management software focusing primarily on Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Also covers company optimization, customer management and modeling software. Provides good insights for lumber companies looking to upgrade or improve their IT systems. (3/1/2007)
Mid Continent Builds Enduring Relationships in Pallet Industry: Nail Manufacturer Marks 20th Year, Adds Pneumatic Nailing Tools - Mid Continent Nail Corp.: Understanding the pallet business and appreciating customers has been the key to the growth and success of Mid Continent Nail Corp. (4/1/2007)
New Products - New Products in the pallet industry. (4/1/2007)
Comparing Suppliers of Pallet Heat-Treating Systems, Chambers - Heat-Treating Equipment: Systems to heat-treat pallets or lumber can enable a company to supply pallets for export; a review of heat-treating equipment with information provided in a table format. (4/1/2007)
New on the Market - New products, innovations and machinery in the pallet and sawmill industry. (5/1/2007)
New on the Market - New products in the industry. (6/1/2007)
New on the Market - New products in the pallet industry. (8/1/2007)
New on the Market - New products in the pallet industry. (9/1/2007)
Suppliers Offer Tips on Sawing, Blades - Sawing Tips: Suppliers of saw machinery, saw blades and blade service offer tips and ‘tricks of the trade’ about sawing and saw blade maintenance. (9/1/2007)
Pallet Design System Adds Capabilities, New User Interface with 3-D Graphics - Improved PDS: Latest version of the Pallet Design System computer software features expanded pallet design capabilities and improved, three-dimensional graphics. (10/1/2007)
New on the Market - New Products in the Pallet Industry. (10/1/2007)
New Products - New products (11/1/2007)
Rotochopper B66 Handles Big Jobs - Rotochopper B66 grinder is engineered for quieter, cleaner performance, increased production and ease of control. (12/1/2007)
Management, Control Services Help Companies Regain Control of Pallets - Pallet Control: Do you repeatedly go head-to-head with other pallet suppliers on pallet price? Differentiate your company from the competition by offering pallet control services. (12/1/2007)
Saw Blades 101: Country Saw Offers Vital Service For Active Blades & Tested Advice - Sawing, Resawing: Steve Mercer of Country Saw & Knife offers tips for sawing logs and resawing cants and lumber with thin-kerf horizontal bandsaws. (12/1/2007)
Low-Grade Lumber Launches Site of OSB - Silvaris Corp., a trading company specializing in low-grade lumber and other lumber products, launches Web site to sell off-grade oriented strand board panels. (12/1/2007)

Equipment,Products & Services
Aluminum Plate Trailers Are a Good Match for Pallet Industry, Says Supplier: Pallet Companies Have Progressed to 53-Foot Trailer - Pallet Trailers: What is the best type of trailer for hauling pallets? Find out why one supplier believes aluminum plate trailers are the best fit. (7/1/2007)
Trucking Operations Can Be Costly, Complex, but Can Generate Revenues - Trucking: There are many considerations a pallet or sawmill company must take into account before adding trucking operations, including a lot of federal red tape. (7/1/2007)
Dispatcher Can Help Company Grow, Circumvent Problems With Customers - Dispatchers: The right dispatcher can help a pallet company exploit new businesses opportunities and revenue sources and make a company function much smoother; Clarence Leising covers must-know information about successful dispatching. (7/1/2007)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Transportation & Logistics – Headache or Opportunity? - Regardless of your focus, rising transportation and fuel costs are something that companies cannot avoid. Many pallet and lumber companies are passing along these costs through fuel or transportation surcharges that are tied to national indexes. (7/1/2007)

Forest Health
Government Institutes EAB Quarantine, ISPM-15 Treatment OK for Pallets - EAB Quarantine: The Emerald Ash Borer, a pest from Asia that only infests Ash trees in North America, is starting to spread and could cause significant damage. (1/1/2007)
Forest Certification Programs: Environmental Dreams Become a Marketing Reality - Certified Lumber: Environmentally conscientious customers are demanding more sustainable practices from suppliers. Most have heard about this trend for lumber. Discover how one enterprising pallet company is using certification to its advantage. (10/1/2007)

General Advice
A Waste of Time: Best Practices For Productive Business Meetings - A Waste of Time: Learn best practics for turning your company meetings into fruitful exchanges for growing your business and increasing production. It can be easy to let meetings turn into business disasters. Find out how to save your company from meeting hell. (4/1/2007)
Banks Not the Only Source of Funds For Emerging, Growing Companies - Capital Ideas: It is often difficult for new companies to obtain financing to get their businesses up and running; however, there are other alternative sources of capital for small businesses. (6/1/2007)
The Burdening Cost for Small Businesses’ Health Care Insurance Is Far From Healthy - Health Care Cost Burden: Small and large businesses alike struggle to keep up with double digit health insurance premium increases; what are the options and what does the future hold? (8/1/2007)

Global Shipping
Highway & Rail Traffic Leads Container Shipments - Recent government report shows interesting transportation trends for U.S. logistics and port traffic. (6/1/2007)

California Plans New Emission Standards for Diesel Lift Trucks - Proposed standards would impact materials handling industry. (6/1/2007)
When Localities Strike: City Health and Zoning Boards Can Make a Tough Job Tougher - Zoning: Local government zoning regulations can significantly impact pallet and sawmill businesses; a look at potential zoning restrictions and how to navigate the local red tape. (12/1/2007)

Grading Standards
Sawmill and Treating Insights: Sawing for Grade Increases Value - There are many different ways to produce value when sawing. The method used should be based on the raw material you are sawing and the market for which you are sawing. (9/1/2007)
Hardwood Group Offers Training,Tips for Bucking Logs for Grade - Bucking Hardwood Logs: The Hardwood Value Improvement Project provides suggestions for bucking hardwood logs, including how to ‘look for the best log’ that can be cut from the stem. (9/1/2007)

I-9 & Immigrant Workers
Simple Form Challenges Employers Lookout Services Offers Electronic I-9 Management - Immigration/I-9 Compliance Software: Lookout Services Inc. has developed a Web-based system to help companies process and verify I-9 information from employees; although only one page in length, Form I-9 confuses many employers and could lead to fines if processed improperly. (2/1/2007)

Industry Standards
Markets In Transition: GMA Footprint Optimized Both Rail and Truck Freight - During World War II, the Navy specification had called for a 48x48 two-way entry pallet, but it was not the optimal pallet size to serve both truck and rail truck shipments. Reducing the width to 40 inches allowed two pallets to be positioned side-by-side in a truck trailer while two could still be positioned end-to-end in a rail car. (5/1/2007)
Letter to the Editor: Reader Questions Column, Description of GMA Pallet - Many people refer to 48x40 block pallets as 40x48. This is often the case with plastic block-style pallets. It seems that block pallets are much more susceptible to this even though block pallets have both top deck boards and stringer boards. The stringer board direction should come first. (7/1/2007)
MHIA Administers New MH1 Pallet Standards - Pallet Standards: Material Handling Industry of America is responsible for administering the committee that sets U.S. standards related to pallets, slip sheets and other bases for unit-loads. (10/1/2007)

Industry-Consumer Goods
Wal-Mart''s Green Packaging Initiatives Could Produce Ripple Effects - Environmental Initiative: Wal-Mart hopes its new green packaging initiative will help the environment while saving money and reducing waste; it could have some unforeseen impacts on transport packaging, including pallets. (6/1/2007)

Pallets, RFID and the Military: Logistics Evolves to Improve Troop Support; Defense Expects Savings from RFID - Pallets in the Military: Department of Defense is quietly increasing supply chain productivity with new technologies and packaging designs, but pallets still do the grunt work. (5/1/2007)

International Market
China Boom: A Look at China’s Growing Logistical Infrastructure - Asian Pallet Market: As China prepares for the 2008 Olympics, its logistics infrastructure is booming; explore the unique characteristics of the evolving Chinese pallet market. (6/1/2007)
Industry Veteran Gives Insight To South African Market - Industry Veteran Gives Insight to South African Market: Despite a fragmented market and tight core supply, Pallet Supply Co. in Cape Town has found a way to make recycling work in South Africa; as the continent’s most progressive economy, it is also the largest pallet producer and user. (9/1/2007)
G.J. Weck & Sons, Ltd.:Bin Manufacturing for New Zealand’s Agricultural Products - G.J. Weck in New Zealand: One of the most efficient wooden container and bin manufacturers shows how to serve the international produce markets efficiently. Tour group includes people from the U.S., Canada, Spain, Portugal, and Australia. (10/1/2007)
EPAL Looks to Global Expansion, And Addresses Challenges - EPAL Expansion: The organization behind the world’s largest pallet pool is looking to expand globally including the development of licensees in the United States. Find out how this opportunity could impact your business. (10/1/2007)

ICE Raids Impact IFCO Financials:IFCO Managers Plead Guilty To Immigration Violations - IFCO ICE Raid Developments: Managers from several IFCO facilities pleaded guilty to federal charges involving the hiring of illegal aliens and setting up elaborate systems to do so. This article covers the implications of these cases and their economic impact on the nation’s largest pallet recycler. (4/1/2007)
Supreme Court Clears Weyerhaeuser, Overturns Alder Anti-Trust Verdict - Alder Dispute: U.S. Supreme Court vacates a lower court ruling that found Weyerhaeuser Co. liable for forcing a competitor out of the alder lumber market in the Pacific Northwest. (5/1/2007)
DHS Issues New Immigration & Workplace Authorization Policies: Find out how these changes may impact your business and what you can do to comply. - DHS Issues New Immigration & Workplace Authorization Policies: The Bush administration recently outlined new policies for employers that receive no-match letters from the Social Security Administration and work authorization requirements for federal government contractors; find out how these changes may impact your business and what you can do to comply. (9/1/2007)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: DHS to Get Tough on Employers; Is the Solution Worse than the Problem? - Starting in September, employers who receive a “no-match” letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) about an employee will have an established procedure to follow. (9/1/2007)
Immigration Law Maze: Courts Block No-Match Letter Initiative - Immigration Update: Federal court stops the Department of Homeland Security in its tracks. New no-match rules are suspended until court case in 2008 decides the fate of stricter requirements. Find out how this impacts your personnel practices. (12/1/2007)

Lumber Drying
Sawmill and Treating Insights: Options for Small Scale Drying Operations - Many small sawmill operations look to lumber drying as a way to add value to their product and to gain entrance to new markets. Let’s face it; most purchasers of small volumes of lumber want a dried product. (6/1/2007)
Sawmill & Treating Insights: Tips to Preserve Color of ‘White’ Wood - Since color and brightness of white woods are attributes that make it attractive, it is important that such traits be maintained throughout the processes from cutting the tree through drying the lumber. (12/1/2007)

Lumber Market
Sawmill & Treating Insights: Upgrading for Volume or Value? Brian Bond - Raw material quality continues to decline while at the same time logs are getting more difficult to obtain. Many mills are beginning to worry about the future log supply — not necessarily where the logs are going to come from, but who is going to harvest them and bring them to the mill. (3/1/2007)
Market Update: Is Ohio River Valley Region Harbinger for Elsewhere? - The biggest factor in low-grade hardwood availability at the moment is unquestionably the hardwood grade market – or lack thereof (7/1/2007)
Imports Overtake Forest Products Exports; Survey Shows Wide Impact: Virginia Tech Survey Shows Companies Responding, Adapting to Globalization - Globalization: Last year, the volume of imported forest products dramatically overtook the volume of exported forest products; survey shows the impact of globalization is far-reaching, but the industry is adapting and responding. (11/1/2007)

Management Issues
Virginia Tech: Convergence of Two Shades of Green — Environmental Impacts from the Manufacture, Use, and Disposal of Pallets - Today, more than ever, participants in the global supply chain are considering complicated questions and evaluating the eco-balance of a particular product design. (11/1/2007)

New Pallet Manufacturing
Challenger Targets Niche in Mid-Volume Orders with Quick Turnaround, Service: Canadian Pallet Supplier Benefits from ‘Lean Manufacturing’ Principles - Challenger Pallet: Canadian pallet manufacturer targets a niche in mid-volume orders with quick turnaround and strong service; Challenger Pallet benefits from ‘lean manufacturing’ principles. (5/1/2007)

New Products
Software Drives Smarter Sawmills & Lumber Companies: Insights from Suppliers on What to Look for When Making Your Selection - Sawmill Software: Review of technology options for sawmill and lumber ERP software. It covers the latest developments from mobile devices to enhanced data analysis capabilities. These smart tools can improve productivity and provide greater business data to boost profits. (6/1/2007)

New Products, Services, Etc.
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Free Lunch - Industrial Reporting Inc. is launching a new Web site called MaterialsHandling.Net. This site is a buying guide and directory on pallets, packaging, reusable containers and related materials handling equipment. (1/1/2007)

Letter from Ed: Wal-Mart Packaging Reduction: How Will It Impact Pallets? - Wal-Mart has announced that it plans to go green by incorporating environmental sustainability into its corporate framework. Wal-Mart’s changes are likely to profoundly impact pallets and packaging. (2/1/2007)
Dr. Mark White Becomes Professor Emeritus at Retirement Party - Dr. Mark White – Professor Emeritus: At Mark’s retirement reception, his promotion to Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech was announced. Several observations about the pallet program at the Center for Unit Load Design will bring readers up to date. (7/1/2007)

Pallet Lumber
Upgrades at Wolverine Hardwoods Put Company in The Position for Expansion - Wolverine Hardwoods: Upgrades at Michigan company position it for expansion as improvements streamline manufacturing processes; its hardwoods are popular with customers on West Coast. (3/1/2007)
Tall Timber Products Weathers Storms, Adapts and Changes to Meet New Need: Kentucky Company Carves Out a Place as Efficient Manufacturer of Cut Stock - Tall Timber Products: Kentucky company carves out a niche as efficient manufacturer of pre-cut pallet stock; Tall Timber Products weathers storms, adapts and changes to meet new market need. (6/1/2007)
Canadian Finds Success in Lumber Remanufacturing for Pallet Industry: Advance Lumber Serves Pallet, Container Manufacturers in Western States - Advance Lumber: Lumber remanufacturer in British Columbia carves out a business by supplying pre-cut stock to pallet and container manufacturers in the Western U.S. (12/1/2007)

Pallet Market
Market Update: Hardwood Supplies Take 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back - Low-grade hardwood supplies loosened during 2006, but the low-grade hardwood shortage is still in place and now is over three years old. (1/1/2007)
Market Update: Lumber Inventories Heavy, Demand Mixed in the West - The Western grade softwood market has behaved in very hit-and-miss fashion so far this year, and the grade market has not yet begun its traditional spring upturn. (4/1/2007)
Market Update: The Sawmills’ Dilemma - Over the past month, many market contacts have begun express concern about the overall health of the sawmill industry. Some report conditions that resemble those of a few years ago, when there was a rash of sawmill auctions. (6/1/2007)
Market Update: Texas Gets the Short End of the Stick in Gulf Region Supply Crunch - Weather, rains flood Gulf Region adding to the already tight supply in the hardwood grade market. (8/1/2007)
Market Update: Exchange Rate Socks Canadian Wood Industry - The negative effect of the dramatic shift in the currency exchange rate between the U.S. and Canada has had a big impact on forest products markets throughout Canada – and you can blame it on oil. (9/1/2007)
Market Update: 2003 Provides An Interesting History Lesson - Will the grade market take the same path in January four years later? It seems less likely this time around, but then again: those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. (10/1/2007)
Market Update: Famine to Feast — Recycled Pallet Market Endures Change in ’07 - Recycled pallets are a fundamentally undersupplied market when demand is good. When demand slows however, core supplies improve. (11/1/2007)
Market Update: Markets and Weather Provide Double Whammy on Log Supplies in the Upper Midwest - There are many factors that have contributed to the currently poor low grade hardwood supply scenario in the Upper Midwest. The two largest factors have been rain and market forces. (12/1/2007)

Pallet News
Letter from Ed: Charting Pallet Industry Trends, Pallet Profile Celebrates 30th Anniversary - My first involvement with the pallet industry was starting the Wooden Pallet Index, now called the Pallet Profile Weekly, on March 30, 1977.The Index readership grew over time. Today, the Pallet Profile has nearly 758 subscribers. (4/1/2007)
Innovative Data Systems Wins NWPCA Award - The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) awarded its first-ever supplier innovation award to Innovative Data Systems of Sayville, N.Y. (4/1/2007)
Pallet Industry Loses a Great Friend in Jess Garnett - It is with a great deal of sadness that I report that Jess Garnett of Garnett Wood Products passed away on March 3, 2007 at Brooke Haven Health Care Center in West Plains, Mo. (4/1/2007)
Innovative Data Systems & Automated Machine Systems Create Software Alliance - Software Alliance: Innovative Data Systems and Automated Machine Systems create alliance for pallet ERP software; agreement unites strengths of two largest players on the market. (6/1/2007)
Pallet People - People and faces in the pallet industry. (7/1/2007)
Letter from Ed: Am I Getting Too Old, or Are Things Just Zipping By? - The keywords for the future of the pallet industry may very well be “quality,” “sustainability,” “systematic cost reductions”, and “logistics services.” (10/1/2007)
Pallet Enterprise Launches E-Newsletter: Enterprise Insight Newsletter, Distributed Via E-Mail, Gives Advance Look at Magazine - Enterprise Insight: Industrial Reporting, which publishes Pallet Enterprise magazine, begins publication of new electronic newsletter, Enterprise Insight, which is distributed via e-mail. (11/1/2007)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Living Well Requires Giving Often - A number of industry professionals met last year at the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association’s annual meeting to discuss an industry-wide service project to impact Africa. (11/1/2007)
It Doesn’t Take a Lot to Change the World! Industry Business Leaders Join Forces to Aid Kenyan Village - Mission to Kenya: Christians in the pallet industry target a small village in Kenya for a three-pronged mission project that will provide a badly needed well for drinking water and expand a school. (11/1/2007)
Industry Salute: Tom Lockett Leaves a Unique Legacy - Industry Salute - Tom Lockett: Industry says goodbye to a beloved pallet machinery salesman. Known for his humor and friendly sales style, Tom Locket recently passed away. (12/1/2007)

Pallet Treatment
Timber Products Inspection Inc. A Partner to Pallet Manufacturers - Timber Products Inspection: Timber Products Inspection partners with the pallet industry to provide third-party auditing and certification services for heat-treating and more. (2/1/2007)
U.S. Government Takes Action, Studies Issues Regarding Pest Threats - Wood Pest Regulation Update: Overview on the latest developments in phytosanitary- related regulations. The U.S. government recently began assessing fines for imports that violate regulations. Also, it has released a report indicating that the environmental impacts of using methyl bromide for wood packagaging are minimial. (4/1/2007)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Don’t Mean to Bug You - The fight to stop invasive species is no longer at the border. It is now a domestic problem. This reality is increasing the likelihood that the government may require domestic pallets and wood packaging be treated to mitigate the problem. (5/1/2007)
Drying Pallets and Keeping Them Dry Help Prevent Mold from Occurring: Fan Sheds, Chemical Dip Treatments Effective Combination for Controlling Mold - Effective control of mold on wood pallets must begin with a management commitment to a continuous, comprehensive mold control program; drying pallets is key. (8/1/2007)
Letter from Ed: Will the Emerald Ash Borer Impact Your Business? - Just because you don’t have official cases of infestation means little when human activity can spread the pest so quickly. You may be EAB free one month and on the infestation list the next. (12/1/2007)

Markets in Transition: As Grocery Pallet System Evolves, So Does Opportunity - If you think of a DC budget as a lemon, most of us on the inside would insist that there isn’t much juice left to squeeze. Things have changed a lot which present new challenges and opportunities. (2/1/2007)

Plant Case Studies: Both
Veteran Business and Start-Up Look To Trace Equipment for Machines: Ohio State Pallet Expands; Tennessee Start-Up Adds Woodpecker Nailer - Ohio State Pallet and Lynnco: Start-up company invests in Woodpecker nailing machine from Trace Equipment; machine assembles 1,200-1,500 new pallets per shift. (7/1/2007)
Adaptability Key to Success for Hunt Corporation: Niche Pallet Company Cashes In On Grinding As Large Customer Gradually Phases Out Wood Pallets - HC Hunt Corp: Niche pallet company adapts by expanding logistics and grinding services as a key customer gradually phases out wood pallets. Larger Cresswood grinder adds necessary muscle to get the job done. (12/1/2007)

Plant Case Studies: New Pallet Manufacturers
Precision Wood Products Prospers by Looking After Customers, Employees: Ontario Company’s Focus Is Specialty Softwood Pallets - Precision Wood: Ontario company prospers by looking after customers, employees; specialty is softwood pallets. (1/1/2007)
Timpack – New Zealand’s Largest Pallet Company: Focus on Providing Professional Service and Products at Every Opportunity - Timpack — New Zealand’s Largest Pallet Company: The pallet industry in New Zealand has a major export influence, particularly in meat, dairy, produce, and light manufacturing. Timpack has an interesting mixture of value added services and products that may interest our North American readers. (7/1/2007)

Plant Case Studies: Pallet Recyclers
Georgia Recycling Company Showcases Equipment and Information Technology - Bo’s Pallets: Georgia pallet recycling company is a showcase for PRS equipment and Innovative Data Systems technology to recycle pallets and carefully track and monitor operations. (2/1/2007)
Pre-Sorting Cores Helps Bustling Texas Pallet Recycling Company: New L-M Equipment Cross-Cut Package Saw Cuts Lumber, Overtime - Border Pallets: Texas pallet recycling business sorts cores off-site at customer locations and a company sorting station; new L-M Equipment cross-cut package saw reduces overtime costs. (4/1/2007)
Ohio Recycler’s Focus Is Custom Pallets, Providing Strong Service: Dobie Pallets Relies on Saw Service & Supply for Blades, Equipment - Dobie Pallets: Ohio pallet recycling company keeps focus on specialty pallets and providing strong service; Dobie Pallets has relied on Saw Service & Supply since its inception. (8/1/2007)
Production at Recycling Company Takes Off with AMS Automated Repair Line: C&C Pallet in Colorado Realizes Other Benefits - C&C Pallet Remanufacturing: Production at Colorado pallet recycling company takes off after company invests in AMS automated repair line; company reaps other benefits from automation. (12/1/2007)

Comparing Bandsaw Dismantlers, Automated Trim Saws For Recycling - Recycling Equipment: For many pallet recyclers, their first machines may be a dismantler and trim saw; information provided in table form about bandsaw dismantlers and trim saws. (2/1/2007)
Market Update: Recycled Pallet Demand Makes Modest, Mixed Gains - Recycled pallet demand has been mixed. Most markets are seeing modest improvement from levels that were slower in the second half of 2006. The reported gains are mixed, depending on the region. (5/1/2007)
Standard Pallet for Canadian Cement Industry Promotes Recovery, Recycling - Cement Pallet Program: A standard pallet for the Canadian cement industry and a part-time administrator to oversee a recycling program promote pallet recovery and re-use. (8/1/2007)
Letter from Ed: Pallet Recycling Around the Globe - Recycling will continue to grow around the world as the pallet industry provides new and better services that wrap themselves into recycled products. (8/1/2007)
Pallet King Gears Up to Serve PECO in Northern California: Company Puts SMETCO Automated Repair Line Back into Operation - Pallet King: Company gears up to serve pallet rental company PECO in northern California under new joint venture; Pallet King puts SMETCO automated pallet repair line back into operation. (10/1/2007)

Virginia Tech Study Compares Methods for Splicing Pallet Parts - Based on the results of a pilot study, Virginia Tech embarked on a larger study to fully examine the strength and stiffness of hardwood pallet parts assembled using both finger jointing and metal connector plate splicing technologies. (2/1/2007)
Virginia Tech Studies Pallet Stress: Mapping Technology Identifies Best Location for Tags, Design Improvements - The Center for Unit Load Design has begun preliminary testing of pressure sensitive films to map stress levels on pallets. Researchers might be able to find the best place to locate radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to prevent damage during transit. (5/1/2007)

Reverse Logistics
Realm of Reverse Logistics Services Ripe for New Business Opportunities: Pallet Suppliers in Position to Expand - Reverse Logistics: Pallet companies that effectively coordinate trucking, have warehouse space and a well-managed workforce are poised to steer into reverse logistics services; Rick LeBlanc explores the basics of this emerging field. (7/1/2007)

Forklift Safety -- Be Safe: Buckle Up! - OSHA does not mention seatbelts in its forklift standard, but it does note that operators should be trained regarding the contents of the forklift operator’s manual. These manuals now almost always contain instructions regarding seatbelt use. (3/1/2007)
Forklift Safety: Safety Is a Choice in Life - We literally face hundreds or even thousands of different choices every day of our lives. Just as in industry, if someone chooses not to do things the safe way, there may not be someone there to require them to do it correctly. (12/1/2007)

Sawmill Case Studies
Samuel Kent Baker Supplies Custom Machinery for Diverse Applications: Custom Equipment Shows Supplier’s Expertise in Design, Engineering - Samuel Kent Baker Inc.: Supplier helped two diverse companies in the forest products industry with special equipment needs they had for moving and handling wood and lumber. (5/1/2007)
Coomer & Sons Sawmill Adds AWMV Thin-Kerf Head Rig: Indiana Pallet Maker Turns to Wood-Mizer’s Industrial Affiliate - Coomer & Sons Sawmill: Indiana pallet manufacturing company invests in thin-kerf head rig from AWMV Industrial Products; Coomer & Sons Sawmill enjoys close relationship with Wood-Mizer affiliate. (6/1/2007)
Indiana Company Relies on Helle Mills; Cornell Cut-Up Line Makes Pallet Stock - Baird Sawmill: Indiana company turns to its long-term supplier, Sawmill Hydraulics, when it upgrades; Baird Sawmill replaces older Helle sawmill with a new, automated Helle sawmill with computerized setworks. (7/1/2007)
Opportunity Comes Knocking for Brit; His Pallet Company Grows Quickly: Holden Pallets Is First Application of AWMV LT300 Head Rig in Western Europe - Holden Pallets: British man starts pallet manufacturing operations for his employer, and business flourishes; Holden Pallets is first company in Western Europe to use AWMV head rig. (8/1/2007)
Golden State Lumber Adds Package Cross-Cut Saw: L-M Equipment (US) Verticut Provides Accurate, Fast Cutting - Golden State Lumber: California company adds an L-M Equipment cross-cut package saw for accurate, fast cutting of I-joists, studs, beams and other material. (9/1/2007)
Riephoff Sawmill Firmly Established in Northeast Industrial Lumber Market: New Jersey Hardwood Mill Specializes in Custom Work, Industrial Products - Riephoff Sawmill: New Jersey hardwood mill specializes in custom work and industrial lumber products for markets in the Northeast; crane mats account for half the company’s volume. (9/1/2007)

Sawmill Case Studies: Hardwood
SPEC Wood & Marketing Solutions— Keeping Pallet Plants Supplied With Canadian Cut Stock - SPEC: Quebec-based SPEC Wood & Marketing Solutions specializes in supplying pallet lumber to recyclers and pallet manufacturers for new and combo pallets. (3/1/2007)
West Va. Forest Products Survives Market Shift With Transition to Specialty Pallet Stock: Serves Industrial Lumber Users - West Va. Forest Products: Company survives market shifts by transitioning into manufacturing specialty pallet stock; W. Va. Forest Products positioned to serve industrial lumber users. (4/1/2007)
Big G Wood Products Plans to Grow by Adding Value, Heat-Treating Services - Big G Wood Products: Arkansas pallet recycling veteran launches scragg mill; Timberland Machinery Big Jake scragg saw powers production of deck boards at Big G Wood Products. (10/1/2007)

Sawmill Case Studies: Remanufacturing
Mayfair Lumber Expands Remanufacturing Operations: Company Adds Cross-Cut Package Saw from L-M Equipment Co. Ltd. - Mayfair Lumber: Alberta company expands lumber remanufacturing operations by adding new L-M Equipment Co. Ltd. cross-cut package saw; system features new bar code scanning technology, wireless remote control. (3/1/2007)

Wood-Mizer to Tour 12 States, 4 Provinces - Wood-Mizer Products will mark its 25th anniversary in 2007 with a 17-stop promotional tour across the U.S. and Canada. (2/1/2007)
Wood-Mizer Debuts LT50 Production Mill: 25th Anniversary Tour Successfully Opens - Wood-Mizer on Tour: Wood-Mizer kicks off a 17-stop tour across the U.S. and Canada to mark its 25th anniversary; company offers sawmill demonstrations, educational workshops and more at each stop. (4/1/2007)

Specialty Wood Products
Lone Star Survivor: Ups & Downs of Pallet Life Along the Border - Surviving Along the Border: Edgar Lozano of Atlas Pallet in San Antonio, Texas talks about switching focus from used to new pallets, fighting CHEP, dealing with border issues, and diversifying to plan for the future. This 20-year industry veteran speaks candidly to small and mid-size companies about what the future holds and how they can make the most of it. (3/1/2007)

Third Party Management/Logistics
Third-Party Logistics Provider Helps Customers with Pallet Management - Cardinal Logistics: Cardinal Logistics, a major third-party logistics provider, offers a range of approaches to pallets and pallet management, depending upon the needs of its customers. (5/1/2007)
Letter from Ed: Logistics Future – Impact on Pallets? - Logistics are changing, whether they are local, regional, national, or global. Since pallets are the common base used in shipping, pallet companies are likely to be heavily involved in some aspects of these changes. (6/1/2007)

Third Party Management/Rental
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Lost or Stolen? Postal Pallets Pose a Problem - Suddenly aware of many postal pallets outside of its possession, the USPS is talking about breaking bad on anyone who has these government pallets and refuses to return them. The issue of postal pallets came up at the recent Western Pallet Association meeting. (3/1/2007)
USPS Develops Interim Return Procedures - Postal Pallets: U.S. Postal Service issues interim procedures for returning stray postal pallets. (6/1/2007)
Loscam in the Driver’s Seat In Asian Market for Pallet Rental Pool Service: Australian Company Differentiates Itself from CHEP - Loscam Growing in Asia: Australian-based pallet rental company positions itself as the market leader in Asia; Loscam differentiates itself from CHEP in products and services. (8/1/2007)
Markets in Transition: Technology to Prevent Pallet Loss in the Field - While the business case for automatically capturing reusable pallet data is still unfolding, there is a middle ground of sorts for some applications. (8/1/2007)

Tracking (RFID, bar codes, etc.)
Future of Plastic Pallets Linked Closely to Tracking Technology: Targeting Supply Chain Efficiency - Plastic Pallets, Tracking: Results are still quite mixed as to whether radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking is helping spur plastic pallet sales, but RFID clearly is impacting the pallet industry. (11/1/2007)

Trade Shows
Meeting Corner - Upcoming industry Events. (3/1/2007)

Trade Shows
Non-Wood Pallets Make Good Showing At Material Handling Trade Show - ProMat: Non-wood pallets make strong showing at material handling trade show; ProMat event draws pallet industry’s big, high profile players as exhibitors. (3/1/2007)

Unit Load Design
Audio Conference to Feature Two Pallet Design, Unit Load Specialists - Pallet Design Audio Conference: Two leaders in pallet and unit load design to be featured in first telephone audio conference of 2008; deadline nears for November conference on sawmill troubleshooting. (11/1/2007)

User Education Series
Audio Conference Explores Dispatching Insights & Winning Piece-Rate Pay Strategies - Audio Conference: Details on a new audio conference featuring Clarence Leising. He will cover dispatching, new business opportunities, and piece-rate pay strategies. Hurry, register before the deadline! (9/1/2007)

Wood Fiber Case Studies (Grinding, Chipping, Etc)
First Grinder Allows N.C. Company to Expand Services: Tub Grinder from Lane Recycling Machinery Creates Municipal Waste and Mulch Opportunities - Roanoke Valley Green Wastes Recyclers: Investment in Lane Recycling Machinery tub grinder opens up opportunity in the pallet recycling arena for North Carolina business. (5/1/2007)
Opportunities Abound to Transform Wood Waste into Savings, Extra Profit - Biomass Article: Emergent technologies and new government policies allow companies to explore new commercial frontiers where wood waste can generate revenue or be used to save on fuel costs. (9/1/2007)
Move to Replace Oil with Ethanol Portends Bright Future for Wood: Cellulosic Ethanol Expected to Overtake Corn-Based Ethanol Within 20 Years - Filler Up: Energy experts believe that wood-based ethanol will outperform corn-based ethanol in the future. Learn more about this emerging market so that you can be ready when the tide starts to change. (10/1/2007)

Forklift Safety: Drivers Must Qualify for the Application - There is no ‘instant’ forklift operator, no matter how badly the production department would like to have him up and running. And rushing the training process can spell disaster for the operator or a co-worker. (6/1/2007)
First Aid Training And Supplies Are An Important Part of Safety Program - Emergency Response: Learn basics of how to respond to a workplace emergency. OSHA expects businesses to plan for incidents and prepare employees so that they can aid a stricken co-worker. (6/1/2007)
Forklift Safety: Conduct Pre-Shift Safety Inspections - One of the most challenging issues regarding forklift safety is dealing with pre-shift safe operation inspections. Contrary to popular belief, OSHA does not require these checks to be made in writing. (9/1/2007)
OSHA Guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment: Are Your Employees Wearing The Right Stuff? - Work Safely: Personal protective equipment is required for many functions in pallet and lumber operations. What you don’t know could cost you big time in terms of lost production or fines. Use these tips to ensure compliance and improve safety conditions at your facility. (10/1/2007)
Anthony Forest Products Saves Big $$ With Safety Initiative: Learn How You Can Reduce Insurance Premiums - Safety Pays: Anthony Forest Products participates in a federal workplace safety program that improved safety and enabled the company to reduce insurance premiums by about two-thirds. (11/1/2007)