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3rd Party Mgmt/Logistics
First Alliance Starts Freight Brokerage For Pallet, Forest Products Industry - Manage Freight Dollars: First Alliance Logistics Management launches freight network service designed to move pallets, especially LTL shipments, greater distances without increasing costs; learn how this program can reduce your costs despite higher fuel prices. (6/1/2008)

Alternative Materials (Plastic, Corrugated, etc.)
Trio Launches Pennsylvania Company That Manufactures Wood Fuel Pellets: Control Over Raw Material, Quality Assurance Are Key Considerations in Venture - PA Pellets: Trio launches Pennsylvania company to manufacture wood fuel pellets; control over raw material, quality assurance seen as key considerations in venture. (5/1/2008)
Pallet Lessons from the USPS - Postal Pallet Update: U.S. Postal Service switches from plastic to wood pallets after massive leaks from its pallet pool; discover what went wrong and lessons to help your customers. (8/1/2008)
Wood or Plastic Pallets: Which Options Are More Eco Friendly? - Wood or Plastic: Sustainability has become a hot topic, and it can be hard to separate fact from spin; the Enterprise explores some of the arguments behind which material is really “greener.” (11/1/2008)
Green Biz 2.0: NextLife Develops 100% Recycled Pallet for Major Retailer - NextLife Launches 100% Recycled Plastic Pallet: NextLife helps retailers turn their plastic waste into products they either use or sell; it has designed a new plastic pallet made entirely from 100% post-consumer waste. (11/1/2008)

Asset Management
Forward Logistics Services Offer New Opportunities with Existing Customers - Forward Logistics: Forward logistics services can provide new streams of revenue for pallet suppliers; opportunities in forward logistics include handling, shipping and storing goods at various points in the supply chain. (3/1/2008)

Richmond Expo Set May 16-17 - he East Coast Sawmill and Logging Equipment Exposition will be held May 16-17 in Richmond, Va. (2/1/2008)
Leading Trade Associations of the Forest Products Industry - Associations: As a service to subscribers, we publish a list of leading trade organizations with their contact information for easy reference. (2/1/2008)
Virginia Tech: Analysis Improves Performance, Trims Costs of Block Stacked Unit Loads - By understanding how pallets interact with product packaging and the materials handling environment, pallet manufacturers can better design pallets to reduce costs and improve overall unit load performance. (3/1/2008)
G. Wine Sales Helping Companies Increase Production, Trim Labor: Customers in Washington, Texas Benefit from New Stackers - G. Wine Sales: Girard Wood Products in Washington and Groves Pallet in Texas both reaping benefits of using the G. Wine Sales ML2 board stacker in their pallet cut-up operations. (4/1/2008)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Do You Have a Story to Tell? - Whether you realize it or not, your business has a story to tell. There are reasons for its success and things that put a drain on profits and productivity. (5/1/2008)
NHLA Unveils New Logo - New NHLA: World’s largest and oldest hardwood industry association launches new logo and branding focus. (9/1/2008)

Environmental Issues
Markets in Transition: Columnist Shifts to Totally Environmental Focus! - The environmental angle has gone to a new level over the last year, and to prove the competitive market really does work, the various products have been all claiming status as members of the ‘E-Team’ in staking out the environmental high ground. (5/1/2008)
Customer Interest in Going Green Spawns New Pallet Carbon Calculator - Carbon Footprint: New software program from a British pallet industry trade organization can calculate the carbon 'footprint' of a pallet. (5/1/2008)
Emerging Cellulosic Ethanol Industry Could Prove to Be Boon for Forestry - Fuel from Wood: Several companies are forging ahead with scientific breakthroughs that make production of ethanol from wood fiber easier and more economically feasible. (7/1/2008)
Safer Residential Wood Preservatives Utilize New Technologies to Ensure Protection from Mold and Termites - Wood Treatment Options: New chemicals to treat and preserve lumber have emerged on the market since the industry began removing chromated copper arsenate from the residential sector. (9/1/2008)
Green Building Proposals Would Include More Forest Certification Programs: Opposition to Genetics a Concern for Forestry Industry - ‘Green’ Building: ‘Green’ construction programs expanding to include more forest certification organizations; opposition to genetics a concern for forest products industry. (10/1/2008)

Equipment, Products & Services
Brewer–Golden Eagle Keeps Focus, Commitment on Customers - Brewer Inc.-Golden Eagle: Brewer, a leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment for pallet companies and lumber remanufacturers, is guided by core philosophy of providing customer satisfaction. (1/1/2008)
Viking Installs Its No. 600 Champion Nailing Machine for British Customer: Viking to Observe Milestone in 2008 with Special Promotions - Viking Milestone: Viking Engineering delivers its 600th Champion nailing machine to customer in Great Britain; Viking to mark milestone in 2008 with special promotions. (2/1/2008)
Nailing Safety Video Available on the Web - The International Staple, Nail and Tool Association (ISANTA) has made its 15-minute safety video available as a download file on its Web site. The video, which provides safety instruction on power nailing and stapling tools, is available in both English and Spanish. (2/1/2008)
CPC Discontinues Tracking Software - The Canadian Pallet Council (CPC) has discontinued the sale of and technical support for the personal computer-based version of its CTS container tracking software. (2/1/2008)
Grindzilla Provides Mobile Grinding - Grindzilla™ is a mobile grinder that can be used to grind wood, including scrap pallets, plastic, tires and sheet rock. (2/1/2008)
Sadowski’s Sells Lenox Saw Blades - Sadowski’s Bandsaw Blades Co. supplies bandsaw blades and reciprocating saw blades for the pallet industry. (2/1/2008)
Wisconsin Company Offers Auditing Service - Wisconsin-based Forest Products Services offers IPPC heat-treating auditing services. (2/1/2008)
Keystone Machinery Offers Ripper-Planer - Keystone Machinery Corp. manufactures and sells machinery and equipment for the sawmill, pallet and lumber remanufacturing industries. (2/1/2008)
Producto Offers Circular Resaws - Producto manufactures circular resaws for cutting material into pallet components, fencing, crate parts and other products. The Oregon-based company specializes in heavy-duty custom machinery that can perform a wide variety of tasks. (2/1/2008)
Central Boiler Furnace Meets EPA Program - The Central Boiler E-Classic 2300 model outdoor wood furnace has qualified for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Outdoor Wood-Fired Hydronic Heater Program, according to the manufacturer. (3/1/2008)
Dieffenbacher Offers Werzalit Pallet Systems - German-based Dieffenbacher is offering its Formwood production systems for manufacturing Werzalit composite pallets and pallet blocks. (3/1/2008)
Wood-Mizer Offers New Band Sharpener - Wood-Mizer Products has introduced a new sharpener for bandsaw blades. The Shop Series sharpener and manual tooth setter utilizes CBN super abrasive technology (3/1/2008)
Mid Continent Offers Pneumatic Pallet Nailers - Mid Continent Nail Corp. has developed 16 models of pneumatic nailing tools since the company introduced its first nailing tool in August 2006. (3/1/2008)
Pallet Enterprise Launches Digital Edition: New Interactive, Web-based Magazine is a First in the U.S. Forest Products Industry - Digital Enterprise: Subscribers to Pallet Enterprise now can get a digital version of each month’s magazine sent to them directly via e-mail. (4/1/2008)
Baker Products Marks 20th Year Anniversary - Baker Products was founded by Ed Baker, an innovative designer in the lumber equipment manufacturing business. (5/1/2008)
Volume, Type of Wood and Products Key Factors in Starting Grinding Operations: Buying Decision, Grinding Options - Grinding: Suppliers of grinding equipment discuss options, strategies for setting up grinding operations for pallet and sawmill businesses; list of advertisers with contact information. (5/1/2008)
Baker Products Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary: Bandsaw Concept, Employees & Customer Service Power Baker’s Success Story - Baker Turns 20: Over the past 20 years, Baker Products has become an industry success story by championing bandsaw technology; learn what makes this company tick and find about its latest equipment innovation. (5/1/2008)
How to Find Bargain Basement Software & Communication Solutions - High Tech Solutions that Won’t Sink Your Budget: Overview of business software and communication solutions that can improve your business. (6/1/2008)
More Choices for Nailing Machines - Nailing Machine Review: A review of advertisers that manufacture or sell pallet nailing machines to the North American pallet industry; information collected and displayed in table format on suppliers and machines. (7/1/2008)
New on the Market: Sellick Equipment Manufactures Lifts - New Products (7/1/2008)
New Product Review: Richmond EXPO 2008 - New Products at the Richmond EXPO 2008 (7/1/2008)
Schwerdtle Develops Hand-Held Brander - New on the Market (8/1/2008)
Amerimulch Issues Australian License - New on the Market (8/1/2008)
Pallet Manufacturers Reap Benefits From Upgrading Controls on Nailers by J&J Machinery - J&J Machinery: Pallet manufacturing companies reap benefits when they upgrade nailing machines with help from J&J Machinery; company’s service and controls improve nailing machine operations. (9/1/2008)
Package Saws Cut Bundles of Material - Package Saw Review: A review of suppliers who offer cross-cut package saws, plus information in table form about their machinery models. (9/1/2008)
Activities in the News - News in the pallet industry. (10/1/2008)
Nail Tariff Update: Government Panel Rules in Favor of Chinese Tariffs - Nail Tariff Update: In July the ITC announced its decision that Chinese nails will have a 21.24% tariff, effective in January. (10/1/2008)
PRS Advances While the Industry Matures 20th Anniversary Is Really Closer to 40 Years - PRS Celebrates 20th Anniversary: With a history that stretches closer to 40 years than the 20 year anniversary would suggest, PRS continues to advance — paralleling the historical changes outlined in the pallet industry. (11/1/2008)
New on the Market - New Products in the industry. (11/1/2008)

General Advice
Part II: Forest Economist Explores Trends and Biz Opportunities - Economic Outlook: Al Schuler, research economist for U.S. Forest Service, discusses certified forests and lumber products, other changes in the forest products industry; conclusion of two-part interview. (2/1/2008)
Deadbeat Customers and Debt Collection: Money before Trust - Overdue Collections: Checking credit references of a potential customer and implementing a thorough collections program can help reduce past due accounts, keep receivables timely. (2/1/2008)
Creating a Climate for Good Communication - Family Matters: A family business makes a very powerful statement to its members and employees when it commits itself to improving communication in a rigorous, disciplined manner. (5/1/2008)
Surviving and Thriving During a Recession - Surviving a Recession: Dr. Brindley supplies ideas for surviving and even thriving in today’s economic environment; several industry people contributed ideas to bring industry suggestions to this perspective. (7/1/2008)
Letter to the Editor - Asher Tourison of Acme Pallet in Michigan shares some insights on surviving during difficult economic times. (8/1/2008)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Asking the Right Questions Leads to Finding the Best Answers - Taking a look at critical business questions and innovation can get dropped if you let it. Smart managers have to learn to schedule time to think about something more than just the latest office fire. (9/1/2008)
Options Abound for Choosing Health Insurance for Your Company’s Budget - Health Care Options: Health insurance is a burden for small businesses, but there are various plans and cost sharing options to make it effective and affordable for employers and workers. (10/1/2008)
New Ownership Transition Insights -- BC Wood Products Changes Hands - BC Wood Products: New father-son owners use their manufacturing experience to build on and expand Virginia-based pallet manufacturing company; they offer a former outsiders perspective on the pallet business. (12/1/2008)
Sell Out vs. Selling Up -- Best Practices for Selling and Determining the Value of Your Business - What Is Your Business Worth? Learning how to value and prepare your business for sale is worthwhile even for companies that won’t be placed on the market. This primer covers standard models and approaches for determining the value of your business. (12/1/2008)

America Needs ‘National Will to Win’ in Order to Gain Energy Independence: We Have Sufficient Natural Resources - Energy: Hardwood Publishing Co. executive George Barrett writes about our latest energy crisis, saying the U.S. must increase domestic energy production from traditional sources. (10/1/2008)
Letter from Ed: Real Fixes to Real Problems - No matter who is running for office some problems seem too hard for Washington to handle. Presidents and Congress put band-aids on major issues. (10/1/2008)
New Administration Offers Industry Mixed Bag -- How Will Obama’s Change Impact Your Pocketbook? - Obama’s Impact: Find out how an Obama presidency is likely to affect your business and the overall forest products industry. (12/1/2008)
Letter from Ed -- What — Me Worry? - Conservative, free-market values have not failed. Our poor execution of them and excessive government intrusion has created less than ideal market conditions. (12/1/2008)

Grading Standards
Virginia Tech Column: Researchers Propose Single Grade Rule For Evaluating Hardwood Pallet Cants - This study, as well as the others, supports the justification that cant quality can and should be assessed in order to predict pallet part yields and to better control raw material costs. (10/1/2008)

I-9 & Immigrant Workers
Beyond E-Verify: Immigration Software Aids in Compliance Protection - I-9 Software: Overview of I-9 software tools that can make it easier to comply with federal immigration and employee verification procedures. (8/1/2008)

Industry Standards
Block Pallets in Our Future? Block Pallet Manufacturing Methods - Manufacturing Block Pallets: The interest in block pallets is growing. This article focuses on the options available in building block pallets as well as a historical look at the significance of block pallets from a worldwide perspective. (12/1/2008)

International Market
Red Stag Timber -- Known for Its Production in New Zealand - Red Stag Timber: Red Stag Timber is a leading sawmill and lumber manufacturing business in New Zealand and operates the country’s largest sawmill; its primary focus is structural lumber products. (4/1/2008)

Recyclers Strike Back: Coalition Files Anti-trust, Class Action Lawsuit against CHEP - CHEP Lawsuit: Group of pallet recyclers files a class action lawsuit in federal court against Brambles Industries, parent company of CHEP; lawsuit alleges violations of antitrust laws. (3/1/2008)
California Issues Fines Against Underground Pallet Companies - Underground Economy: California officials crack down on pallet companies that operate under the radar to avoid taxes and workplace laws. Q&A interview with California’s top labor enforcement official. (4/1/2008)
IFCO Senior Managers Indicted For Immigrant Worker Conspiracy - IFCO Indictments: Two senior company managers were indicted as the probe into IFCO’s hiring of illegal aliens continues. Learn what makes this much more than just a simple case of hiring workers with fraudulent IDs. (4/1/2008)
Don’t Be a Victim of Good Intentions: Overtime Rules Complicate Workplaces, Ignorance Could Prove Costly - Wage & Overtime Law Pitfalls: If you think that you are safe because your workers are paid based on piece-rate or are indendent contractors, think again; check your policies against these ideas to determine compliance. (6/1/2008)
Navigating Various State Immigration Laws - Immigration Tangle: State and local governments are spawning a patch work of laws and local ordinances to deal with illegal immigrants; they create a dilemma for businesses, especially those with operations in multiple jurisdictions. (9/1/2008)
Landmark CHEP Antitrust Case Takes Big Step Forward - CHEP Lawsuit: Antitrust lawsuit brought by recyclers against CHEP advances as a federal judge denies CHEP’s motion to dismiss the case; next the court will decide if the dispute should be designated a class action lawsuit. (9/1/2008)
Pallet Scammer Identified: Clearing Up a Case of Mistaken Identity - Scammer Caught: Police charge Tennessee man with scamming companies out of pallets and transportation services; authorities seek information from victims to build case against suspect. (10/1/2008)

Lumber Drying
Sawmill & Treating Insights: Rein in Escalating Energy Costs - The forest products sector uses 12% of the total energy input for the U.S. manufacturing industry, according to the Department of Energy. This includes 5% that is consumed by the lumber manufacturing industry (hardwood and softwood sawmills). Sawmills consumed 127 trillion BTU in 2002. However, 63%-80% of the BTU was generated from wood residues. (7/1/2008)

Lumber Market
Forest Economist Explains Housing Slump, Identifies Bright Spots and Biz Opportunities - Economic Outlook: Al Schuler, a research economist for the U.S. Forest Service, discuses changes in the forest products industry and potential opportunities; part one of a two-part interview. (1/1/2008)
Change Blows on the Hardwood Industry Winds - Changes in Hardwood Industry: In the past decades, the hardwood industry has gone through many changes that impact our pallet lumber supplies. This article puts an overview perspective on these changes. (6/1/2008)

Pallet Lumber
Pallet Market Remains Important Focus of Burgeoning Beasley Forest Products - Beasley Forest Products: Rabun Beasley entered the hardwood sawmill business by first concentrating on pallet logs; his company has grown remarkably, but the pallet market remains an important focus. (11/1/2008)

Pallet Market
Market Update: Room for Optimism in 2008 - It seems the peripheral industries associated with the housing industry began to feel the effects of the extended slowdown. The housing slump has had a bigger than anticipated impact on the pallet market. (1/1/2008)
Market Update: Canada’s Hardwood Market Facing Familiar Challenges - Trends and conditions in Eastern Canada’s hardwood market are threatening the financial health of sawmills, much like the U.S. (2/1/2008)
Market Update: Industry Concerned for Hardwood Sawmill Health - The current market leaves sawmills in a difficult spot. Sluggish grade markets have driven grade prices down. Log prices have come down, too, but not as fast as grade prices. (3/1/2008)
Market Update: Too Hot to Handle Or Lean and Mean? - Knowing that the problem of razor-thin profit margins exists simply is not enough. Anyone who has been in the pallet industry any length of time is keenly aware of how thin margins can be. (4/1/2008)
Alabama-Based Coxco Provides Link Between Pallet Suppliers and Users - Coxco: Alabama pallet supplier provides a link between numerous pallet manufacturers and recyclers and pallet users; Coxco represents mills in 12 states and supplies pallets, containers and other products to customers in 20 states. (5/1/2008)
Market Update: Caught Between a Rock And a Hardwood Place, Industrial Markets at End of Run? - As grade prices tumbled, mills worked anxiously to make financial sense of the depressed grade markets. They have used several time-tested strategies. (5/1/2008)
Confidential 2008 Human Resources and Labor Survey - The Pallet Enterprise, Pallet Profile Weekly, and Recycle Record are teaming together to conduct a Wage/Human Resources Survey of the wooden pallet and container industry. The last labor survey we conducted was in 2004. Because of the recent change in minimum wage laws and industry requests, we have designed this relatively simple, easy-to-complete survey. We are asking readers to help both themselves and the industry by completing this survey form and returning it to us. (5/1/2008)
Market Update: Pain at the Pump — Is There a Silver Lining? - Energy costs are wreaking havoc on the entire forest products industry. There is no area or sector that is not impacted and impacted heavily. (6/1/2008)
Market Update: High Oil Prices – The Pain That Keeps on Giving - Hardwood sawmill production is dropping fairly rapidly – an alarming trend considering the time of year. The impact of the housing slump and its effect on the hardwood grade market is driving down production. (7/1/2008)
Market Update: Monsters Under the Bed -- Are Your Hardwood Pallet Prices in Line? - Pallet prices began edging higher over the summer. The price movement was not due to a shortage of wood, which is usually what drives pallet prices higher. (9/1/2008)
Market Update: If It Seems Too Bad To Be True, It Probably Is - The concern about the economy showed up rather quickly in reduced pallet sales. The very pronounced trend that impacts the large cross-section of the pallet industry arrived. The downturn was sudden and pronounced. (11/1/2008)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Dealing with Economic Doldrums - Pallet and lumber companies all over the country are feeling the squeeze of the current economic recession. Here are some ideas on ways to weather the storm and be one of the companies that comes out on top. (11/1/2008)

Pallet News
Index of 2007 Pallet Enterprise Articles - For the benefit of our readers, in this issue we provide an index to all the major articles that were published in Pallet Enterprise in 2007. For your convenience, they have been grouped according to about two dozen categories. Under the various categories, the index lists a brief description of the article or a company name along with the month the article was published. (1/1/2008)
Tribute to Bill Sardo – “Mr. Pallet” - Bill Sardo has often been called “Mr. Pallet” because in addition to starting the NWPCA, he stood as the industry’s leader as it matured through the years. (2/1/2008)
Bill Carden Named Man of theYear by Timber Processing - Timber Processing Magazine named Bill Carden of Potomac Supply as its Man of the Year, the 20th year they have presented this award. (4/1/2008)
NWPCA Selects New Slate of Officers - At its recent annual meeting the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association chose its new slate of officers to provide industry leadership through the next year. (4/1/2008)
ISANTA Re-Elects Sutt Board Chairman - Members of the International Staple, Nail and Tool Association (ISANTA) re-elected Ed Sutt as chairman of the board of directors for 2008. (4/1/2008)
Amerimulch Offers Colorant Bulk Tank - Amerimulch, which supplies mulch colorants to the pallet and sawmill industries, has developed a new bulk tank to eliminate totes from the mulch coloring production process. (4/1/2008)
Storti Sells G. Wine Sales Stacker Abroad - Storti now is handling all international marketing and sales of the G. Wine Sales M2L board stacker, which was developed by Virginia-based G. Wine Sales with Automated Industrial Technologies. (4/1/2008)
Jack Thornton Passes Away After A Lifetime of Contributions To His Pallet Friends - Jack Thornton: Jack Thornton was a friend and a machinery supplier who played a leadership role in the development of pallet recycling; Jack, who was retired, recently died at the age of 88. (5/1/2008)
Betty Garnett, an Industry Example, Passes Away - Betty Garnett Passes Away: Betty Garnett was one of the early women to have a leadership influence in our industry. Thanks Betty for being such a positive influence on many of us in the pallet industry. (6/1/2008)
Regulatory News Roundup: Canadian Official Discusses Trans-Border ISPM Regulation - Regulatory Roundup: Canadian official discusses plan to phase in ISPM-15 rule for wood packaging entering the U.S. (7/1/2008)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Beware -- The Scammer - Risk avoidance is becoming harder with the creation of the Internet and fewer transactions involving face-to-face encounters. You can become a victim if you are not vigilant to screen new accounts and don’t have secure collection policies in place. (7/1/2008)
Letter from Ed: Industry-Specific Information to Assist You! - Over the last two years, our staff has worked tirelessly to constantly improve our content. Starting this April, we launched the digital edition of the Enterprise to complement our printed publication. (8/1/2008)
News Releases - Pallet People, New on the Market, Meeting Corner, Activities in the News. (9/1/2008)
Carroll Edwards Passes Away: Industry Says Goodbye to a Leading Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Visionary Man - Carroll Edwards Remembered: Carroll Edwards, who built one of the leading pallet companies in the U.S., is remembered for his generosity and his friendly influence. (10/1/2008)

Pallet Treatment
Is Mandatory Domestic Pallet Treatment Coming? Government and Industry Leaders Meet to Discuss Ramifications - Pest Regs Looming? Do we need government regulations mandating treatment for all pallets to combat wood-eating insects? Government officials, industry leaders weigh the options. (2/1/2008)
Comparing Suppliers of Pallet Heat-Treating Systems, Chambers - Heat-Treating Review: A review of advertisers that supply heat-treating systems for the pallet industry with information about various models they provide. (4/1/2008)
Ash-Killing Insect Spreads Eastward; Researchers Focus on Natural Predators: New Insecticide Effective Against Emerald Ash Borer - Insect Update: Despite strict quarantines in states in the Midwest, the emerald ash borer is spreading to the East; researchers look at natural predators to combat the wood-eating pest. (6/1/2008)
Governments Seek to End ISPM-15 Exemption; EAB Discoveries Mount - ISPM-15 Update: Canada and the U.S. are moving to require treatment of pallets and containers moving between the two countries to prevent the spread of wood-eating insects. (9/1/2008)
Scientists Discuss ISPM-15 Changes, New Rules Loom on Horizon - ISPM-15 Update: Scientists recently met to develop emerging treatment technology and forthcoming changes to the international standard for solid wood packaging. (12/1/2008)
Research Shows Vacuum Treatment Effective At Killing Insects in Wood Va. Tech Seeks Okay for ISPM-15 Treatment - Researchers at Virginia Tech are investigating the use of vacuum technology as an alternative treatment method, and their test results look promising. (12/1/2008)

Markets in Transition: Designing Pallet Systems for a Sustainable Future - Increasingly we make either/or decisions, such as either one-way rental or pallet exchange. Instead, we ought to consider ideas that best optimize the given application, such as one-way rental for long haul and pallet exchange for a local program. (11/1/2008)

Plant Case Studies: New Pallet Manufacturers
Ohio Pallet Manufacturer Is Reborn, Rejuvenated Following Disastrous Fire: Troymill Wood Products Rebuilt - Troymill Wood Products: Ohio-based pallet manufacturer is rejuvenated after disastrous fire. Troymill rebuilt, planning and equipping for the future to accommodate growth and expansion. (2/1/2008)
Strong Reputation, Customer Referrals Spur Neopal’s Growth: Texas Pallet Manufacturer Relies on Rayco Nailing Machines - Neopal: Jeff Krug has his Texas-based Neopal focused on a certain segment in the pallet industry; pallet manufacturer relies on Rayco Industries Pallet Pro machines for automated nailing. (3/1/2008)
Nevada Trucker Company Backed into the Pallet Arena: Pallet Chief Nailing Equipment Helps Custom Design Pallets to Grow - Custom Design Pallets: Ken Wells had a trucking business in Las Vegas that morphed into a pallet company; Pallet Chief nailing equipment has helped the company grow and prosper. (6/1/2008)
Diversity, Strong Service Help South Carolina Company Grow - Mahon Forest Products: South Carolina company has grown by diversifying and responding quickly to customer needs; company’s principal machinery supplier is Samuel Kent Baker Inc. (9/1/2008)
Bluewater Pallet Is Dedicated to Design, Build Quality Pallets: Ontario Company Relies on Storti Flex 2600 Nailing Machine - Bluewater Pallet: Ontario-based Bluewater Pallet has been able to switch easily between stringer and block pallets thanks to its Storti Flex 2600 automated nailing machine. (10/1/2008)

Plant Case Studies: Pallet Recyclers
Kansas Pallet Recycler Reaps Benefits from Automating Repair Operations: AMS Automated Repair Line Enables Company - R&R Pallet: Kansas pallet recycling company increases production and reduces labor with new automated pallet repair line from Automated Machine Systems. (2/1/2008)
AMS Boosts Southeast Pallets’ Production & Safety With ‘Nailing On The Fly’ System - Southeast Pallet: Kentucky-based pallet recycler is reaping benefits from an automated pallet repair system supplied by Automated Machine Systems; workers make pallet repairs ‘on the fly.’ (8/1/2008)
N.J. Recycler Seeks a Greener, Profitable Future: Tony Pallet Uses Trace Equipment to Pursue a Green Mission - Tony Pallet: The motto of this New Jersey pallet supplier is ‘Keeping it Green for the Next Generation’, and the company’s managers intend to steer the business into greener waters. (8/1/2008)
Northwest Pallet Supply Spots New Opportunities in Several Key Areas - Northwest Pallet: Chicago-based pallet company begins offering customers a range of value-added services, such as recycling services for cardboard, plastic and metal. (8/1/2008)

Indiana Recycler Grows with Move Into Market for Custom Pallets, Skids: Smart Products, Smetco Machines Do the Job for K&S Pallet - K&S Pallet: Indiana pallet recycling company takes off after moving into market for custom pallets, skids; Smart Products, Smetco machines get the job done. (5/1/2008)

Sawmill Case Studies
Potomac Supply Corp. Wins Environmental Award, Utilizes Green Energy - Potomac Supply: Virginia sawmill business wins environmental award for its latest development –processing residuals into biomass fuel that is burned to produce steam for lumber dry kilns. (9/1/2008)
Wyoming Company Adds New Cant Line from Pendu Mfg. -- Bearlodge Forest Products also Installs New Big Jake Scragg - Bearlodge Forest Products: New Pendu cut-up system, which produces pallet deck boards and stringers from cants, helps trim labor, increase production at Wyoming company. (12/1/2008)
New, Bigger Scragg Mill Runs Strong, Boosts Production for Reed Lumber -- Missouri Company’s New Mill Is a Showcase for Baker Products Equipment - Reed Lumber: Missouri-based Reed Lumber is a showcase for Baker Products equipment, including an innovative de-duster design. The company’s new scragg mill is extensively equipped with Baker machinery. (12/1/2008)

Sawmill Case Studies: Hardwood
Sawmill & Treating Insights: Curve Sawing Low-Grade Hardwoods - Approximately one-third of hardwood saw logs have a significant amount of sweep and that 7% to almost 40% of the yield is lost from logs that have greater than 1 inch of sweep. (4/1/2008)
McDowell Lumber & Pallet Committed to Aggressive, Continuous Improvement: North Carolina Company Operates Hardwood Sawmill, Pallet Plant - McDowell Lumber: North Carolina company, which operates a hardwood sawmill and pallet manufacturing facilities, is committed to aggressive and continuous improvement. (6/1/2008)

Sawmill Case Studies: Softwood
Morgan Lumber Is a Showcase Mill For Automation, Optimized Machines: Leading Virginia Pine Producer Has High Tech Sawmill and Planer Mill - Morgan Lumber: Virginia sawmill is a showcase for automation and optimized machine centers; Morgan Lumber is a leading pine producer with its high-tech sawmill and planer mill. (3/1/2008)

Specialty Wood Products
Arkansas Lumber Remanufacturer Looks to Grow, Expand Market Share: Lovvorn Lumber Supplies Pine, Panel Components for Pallets, Crates and More - Lovvorn Lumber: Arkansas company specializes in remanufacturing pine lumber into components for pallets, containers, other types of industrial wood packaging. (3/1/2008)
Crating Company Focuses on High Margin, Specialty Containers, Service - Caseworks Crating & Shipping: Arizona company focuses on high margin, specialty containers; Caseworks Crating & Shipping also provides a wide array of services for its customers. (4/1/2008)
Father, Son Growing Superior Pallets in Western New York: Rotochopper Machine Proves Valuable to Grind Residuals, Color Mulch - Superior Pallets: A father-and-son team grows pallet business in western New York; Rotochopper machine proves valuable for grinding scrap wood material for boiler fuel, colored mulch. (7/1/2008)
Pallets a Complementary Business For Minnesota Packaging Company: Tilsner Carton Supplies Corrugated Cartons, Point of Purchase Displays, Pallets - Tilsner Carton: Minnesota-based Tilsner Carton primarily manufactures corrugated packaging and point-of-purchase displays, but pallets remain an important part of its business. (10/1/2008)

Third Party Management/Rental
PECO Makes Inroads, Touts Quality - PECO Inroads: PECO has been quietly growing from a regional pallet rental company to a viable option for major companies; a company executive talks about PECO’s plans for the future. (1/1/2008)
iGPS Signs First National Account, Looking for Depot Partners - iGPS Ramps Up: Intelligent Global Pooling Systems lands first national account for its pool of RFID-tagged plastic rental pallets. Company looks for recyclers to provide depot service. (2/1/2008)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Proprietary Pallet Dilemmas — Mine, Mine! - A number of recyclers have reported being “visited” by private law enforcement working on behalf of Coke. One of these incidents involved the manager of a pallet yard being arrested by police and taken off in handcuffs. (3/1/2008)
Letter from Ed: Pallet Pools – A Changing World at Wal-Mart - Wal-Mart’s new pallet initiative is directed toward providers of pooled pallets within its supply chain. Although it is not limited to CHEP, certainly CHEP is the biggest part of this service at this time. (6/1/2008)
Grocer Users & Pallet Leaders Unite,Industry Leaders Launch Block Pool Initiative - Block Pallet Pool Launch: Industry leaders unveil concept for a block pallet pool and seek input from industry and pallet users. (8/1/2008)
Markets in Transition: Lost in Translation - There was a new Italian pallet study on 3rd Party Logistics providers released in mid-June. It is written in Italian, but with the power of Google Translate, it was revealed to me. (8/1/2008)

Timber Market
Analyst Discusses Changes in the Global Forest Products Industry: Where Does the U.S. Stand? - Global Wood Markets: Noted market analyst Hakan Ekstrom discusses developments in hardwood and softwood lumber markets around the globe in an interview with Pallet Enterprise. (8/1/2008)

Tracking (RFID, bar codes, etc.)
Markets in Transition: RFID and Finding Lost Pallets - Some distribution level mangers and executives generally feel the frustration of trying to control or keep track of reusable pallets and containers. Lost containers are very real, and the cost of replacing them can run into the millions of dollars. (2/1/2008)
Choices Growing for Technology to Track Pallets and Containers - Tracking, RFID: Radio frequency identification technology in conjunction with unique asset tracking is clearly the ‘next big thing’ for tracking pallets and containers. (11/1/2008)

Trade Shows
Richmond Expo Set May 16-17 in Va. - Richmond Expo: The Richmond Expo will feature the largest exhibition of machinery and equipment for the forest products industry in the Eastern U.S. during 2008; the Richmond Expo is known as the largest pallet machinery trade show in the world; related story describes important new tax breaks for machinery purchases. (4/1/2008)
Pallet Enterprise Richmond Expo Advertisers - List of select Pallet Enterprise advertisers and Timberline magazine exhibiting at the 2008 Richmond EXPO. (5/1/2008)
Richmond Show Beats Industry Expectations - Richmond Expo: The Richmond Expo is a leading trade show of the pallet industry, and this year’s version was no different; exhibiting suppliers were upbeat about the results and prospects. (7/1/2008)

Pallet Alliance Spins Off New Freight Brokerage - Kismet Logistics: Pallet Alliance spins off new business, Kismet Logistics, to provide freight brokerage service to the pallet industry. (7/1/2008)
Driver Shortage Impacts Some, Looms in Distance for Others - Truck Drivers Scarce: Faced with a shortage of truck drivers, many companies are seeking new methods to fill the growing numbers of vacant seats behind the wheel. (7/1/2008)

MicroChange - In many cases, change occurs more slowly than anticipated. Change is gradual until momentum reaches a tipping point, then change comes fast and hard. (1/1/2008)
Nails: What Is Happening and Why? - Nail Outlook: Prices for pallet nails are on the way up as the cost of steel rod climbs; U.S. slaps anti-dumping duty on bulk and collated pallets imported from China and United Arab Emirates. (3/1/2008)
Letter from Ed: Pallet Industry Faces a Changing World - Certainly one of the most talked about issues at the recent NWPCA meeting was the announcement that Costco has indicated it will require shipments be made on block pallets by the beginning of 2009. (4/1/2008)
Challenges & Opportunities: Insights to Take Advantage of the Changing Business Landscape - Challenging Times: Costco has indicated it will move to block pallets in 2009. Will other retailers follow? The pallet industry is facing challenging times. Consider these key trends as you chart your course for the future. (4/1/2008)

Unit Load
Virginia Tech: Stretch Hood Helps Stabilize Unit Load in Impact Tests, Study Shows - Poor unit load stabilization practices contribute to hundreds of millions of dollars in unsaleable goods annually as well as unfortunate workplace injuries and deaths. (6/1/2008)

Forklift Safety: Protect Visitors to Your Plant - With visiting pedestrians at your location, educating them is not practical. Warning them is an improvement but is only minimally effective. You need to find ways to control or eliminate the risk to them. (3/1/2008)
Combustible Dust Becomes National Target - Wood Dust Target: OSHA targets combustible wood dust after a refinery accident; learn what you need to do to mitigate your exposure to this risk. (8/1/2008)
Wage Changes in the Pallet Industry - Wage Changes in the Pallet Industry: A new human resource survey for 2008 in the pallet industry was just completed; one question on wages is presented here. (10/1/2008)
Tips to Comply with OSHA’S Safety Gear Payment Rule - Worker Safety: Personal protective equipment required under OSHA standards usually must be provided free for employees; a critical first step in compliance is to conduct a hazard assessment. (10/1/2008)
Protecting Workers in Cold Environments - Winter Weather: Keep your workers warm this winter using these cold weather safety tips. (12/1/2008)