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Alternative Materials (Plastic, Corrugated, etc.)
Newspaper Plant Uses PDQ Plastic Pallets for Slave Pallets, Shipping - Pallet User Focus: A daily newspaper printing facility relies on PDQ Plastics for its highly automated operations; plastic pallets are used internally for slave pallets and also shipping out newspapers. (5/1/2009)
How Safe Is Deca Bromine? FDA Statement Raises Toxicity Concerns for Some Plastic Pallets - Toxic Pallets?: Explores the risks associated with deca bromine and other chemical fire retardants used in plastic pallets. (7/1/2009)
Markets in Transition: Wood, Plastic Pallet Makers Team in Effort to Save Industry - The following column by contributing author Rick LeBlanc, which pokes fun at the current debate over plastic vs. wood pallets, is completely fictitious in nature. (8/1/2009)
Alternative Materials Pallet Market Continues to Grow - A survey of the leading suppliers of alternative material pallets and transport packaging serving the North American market. (11/1/2009)

Market Update: Price Increases Were Right Move, Right Time - Most of our industry’s problems could be solved with a good shot of pallet demand – and pallet demand will return eventually. (1/1/2009)
‘Green’ Hardwood Pallets Contribute to Moisture Problems in Sea Containers - When moisture from wood pallets is introduced into the distribution environment, it can contaminate the products (and packaging materials) that are carried on the pallet. (6/1/2009)
Sobeys’ Henderson to Lead Canadian Pallet Council as Board Chair 2nd Year - Canadian Pallet Council: Brad Henderson of Sobeys is elected to a second term as chairman of the board of the CPC at the organization’s recent annual meeting. (9/1/2009)
Pallet Salute: Gordon Hughes – A Friend to Everybody in the Pallet Industry - After over 38 years, Gordon Hughes is stepping down as the leader and voice of the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association. (9/1/2009)
Ending the Mosaic of Local Laws: Federal Officials Explore Pest Rule Options - Federal officials seek input on domestic wood packaging rule. Review of what a new rule could mean for the industry and your business. (10/1/2009)
The Pallet Standard Hype - Ralph Rupert of the Center for Unit Load Design discusses the importance of pallet standards and what is being done to update the MH1 standard. (10/1/2009)

Floor Loading Versus Palletization for Sea Transit: New Tool Developed at Virginia Tech Provides Optimum Solutions - Is it best to floor load or palletize boxes shipped in ocean freight containers? Researchers develop software tool to optimize transport packaging decisions for global shipping environments. (10/1/2009)

Environmental Issues
Markets in Transition: Environmental Claims About Pallets More Than Material - Pallet users need to realize that there is more to the question of environmental responsibility than whether a pallet is plastic or wood (or another material) or which pooling company owns it. (2/1/2009)
Carbon Trading Adds Value to Forest Land: How Landowners Can Participate in Environmental Service Markets - Carbon Credits: Discover the basics of how carbon credits work and how they could change the future of the forest products industry. (3/1/2009)
Letter to the Editor: Clarifying Carbon Markets for Forest Management - It is good to see a forest products magazine acknowledge the substantial contribution that carbon markets could make toward promoting sustainable forestry. (5/1/2009)
Separating Fact from Mere Marketing Spin: Green Certification Validates Eco Claims for Pallet Companies - A look at what green certification means to pallets companies and several certification agencies available. (11/1/2009)

Equipment, Products & Services
Rehrig Pacific Offers Nestable Plastic Pallet - New on the Market (1/1/2009)
New on the Market - New Products in the Pallet Industry (3/1/2009)
Maintaining Your Machinery in Difficult Times - Maintaining Machinery in Tough Times: Jim Gookin, Viking’s technical troubleshooter, discusses the basics about proper nailing machine maintenance; his advice might help you avoid problems down the road. (3/1/2009)
Regular Maintenance to Head Saw Keeps Mills Cutting Quality Lumber - Head Saw Maintenance: Proper maintenance of the head saw helps a company cut quality lumber and run efficiently; two hardwood sawmills discuss their routine maintenance. (3/1/2009)
Sawmill Technology & Optimization Guide - Sawmill Optimization Guide: A review of suppliers that offer optimization technology for sawmills; each supplier listed with contact information and brief description. (4/1/2009)
Sawmill and Treatings Insights: Preventative Maintenance Efforts StartWith Overall Equipment Effectiveness - The key to a total preventative maintenance program (TPM) is that the entire work force and all levels of management must be committed to the program. (4/1/2009)
New on the Market - New Products (4/1/2009)
Maintaining in Difficult Times - Maintaining Machinery in Tough Times-Part 2: Second in a two-part series of articles about proper preventative maintenance for automated pallet nailing machines; part two focuses on hydraulics. (5/1/2009)
Morbark Demo Days May 7-8 in Michigan - Morbark will hold its third annual Demo Days event May 7-8 at its headquarters in Winn, Michigan (5/1/2009)
Sawmills Turn to Computers to Gather, Process Information; 84 Percent Use Internet - Sawmill Technology: Technology utilization by sawmills is now moving in new directions; there is a great interest in using computers to track inventories, maintenance, quality control, lumber sales and more. (6/1/2009)
New Products - New products in the pallet and sawmilling industries. (7/1/2009)
Tools to Optimize Lift Truck Fleet Can Net Cost Savings, Efficiency - Fleet Management: Replacing forklifts based on optimum life is one of the key pillars of a good fleet optimization model; a good assessment survey will help you right-size your fleet. (7/1/2009)
New on the Market - New products and news in the pallet industry. (8/1/2009)
Suffolk Machinery Introduces New Bandsaw Blade - New products in the industry. (9/1/2009)
New on the Market - New products in the industry. (12/1/2009)

General Advice
News Story of the Year: Economic Roller Coaster Impacts Industry - The economy had a significant impact on the November election as the country elected a new president and appears to be turning more toward government intervention in major sectors of the U.S. economy. (1/1/2009)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: The Stress of Ownership - Stress is becoming a more common challenge for employees and bosses alike. The American Psychological Association (APA) recently conducted a survey that found that 80% of Americans say the bad economy is a significant source of stress in their lives. (3/1/2009)
Letter from Ed: So, You Think You Know Your Costs? - When trying to calculate costs, you have to look at the details. Every time your people touch a pallet, it adds cost. (4/1/2009)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: The New Face of Guerrilla Marketing - The presence of two major players touting different pallet materials is reigniting the age-old plastic vs. wood pallet debate. And it looks like white wood pallet companies may be caught in the middle (5/1/2009)
Letter from Ed: From “Tweet Tweet!” to RSS - Unlike Twitter, RSS makes sense because it saves time and effort. RSS delivers content directly to a reader’s desktop using a general Web browser or small program called a news aggregator. (6/1/2009)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: 7 Key Trends to Watch for Lumber & Pallet Markets - This column covers a number of interesting trends that you might miss if you focus only on the daily grind at your company. (7/1/2009)
Letter from Ed: Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone – Just One! - Are you taking a more active role in our society as well as your company? I want to encourage you to step out, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone. Think about what you can do. Make a list of options if needed. (8/1/2009)
Forecasting Pallet Usage for JIT Delivery - Forecasting Pallet Usage: Andrew Mosqueda writes about forecasting pallet usage in order to keep pace with ‘just-in-time’ delivery services. (8/1/2009)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: It’s Just Not Fun Any More - Chaille Brindley explores the things that make running a small business a hassle and how to simply the office and do new things to make everyone happier, including the boss. (11/1/2009)
Rising Costs Are Too Big to Ignore:Health Care Legislation May Significantly Impact Small Businesses - Since most pallet companies offer some form of health insurance, the current reforms considered by Congress are too big to ignore. How will reform legislation impact your business and employees? (11/1/2009)
Pallet User Education Series: Five Key Elements to Superior Customer Service - Customer service professional describes the five critical elements to superior customer service. (12/1/2009)
What Is the Underground Economy and How Does It Affect You? - Investigation looks as the impact of unreported, non-taxed business and how it affects the pallet industry. (12/1/2009)
You Said It… A Review of Some of the Best Quotes from 2009 - Market analyst Jeff McBee selects the top quotes of the year from the industry. Covering everything from politics to pallet rental to lumber markets, you are sure to find something funny and sad in this memorable review. (12/1/2009)

Steps and Insights for Becoming a Federal Government Contractor - Government Contracting: Covers the basics of becoming a government contractor so that you, too, might be able to seek some assistance from the President’s economic stimulus package. (3/1/2009)
Don’t Forget Uncle Sam! Congress Passed Major Business Tax Breaks in 2008 - Tax Saving Hints: Recent government changes can help you shave some off your tax bill; read how you can avoid tipping Uncle Sam. (3/1/2009)
Congress Debates Key Legislation: Hardwood Lobbyist Provides Analysis - Interview on Hardwood Legislation: Chaille interviews Deb Hawkinson, executive director of the Hardwood Federation, about status of major hardwood legislation. (9/1/2009)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Fighting the Federal Government - Pallet and lumber companies need to realize that the current downturn may be an ideal time to look at workplace practices that could cause legal problems one day if the feds ever come knocking on the door. (9/1/2009)
Public Comments Identify Key Concerns for National Wood Packaging Rule - Overview of public testimony given in various hearings about the development of a national treatment and certification rule for wood packaging material. (12/1/2009)

Grading Standards
Part I: Quality Control Strategies for Lumber and Wooden Pallet Companies - Dr. Charles Ray outlines strategies to improve quality in lumber and pallet operations. His comments may change the way you look at quality in your operation. (12/1/2009)

International Market
Pallets in the Holy Land: Israeli Packaging Company Turns to GBN for Production Efficiency - Pallets in the Holy Land: Israeli packaging company turns to GBN for production efficiency. (11/1/2009)

CHEP Wins Key Motion in Antitrust Case, Outcome in Limbo - CHEP antitrust lawsuit, Jim Taylor, Best Pallet, proprietary pallet, recycler lawsuit, class action, stray pallets, blue pallets, Robert Dawson, asset recovery plan (10/1/2009)

Lumber Drying
Sawmilling & Treating Insights: Prevent, Control Powderpost Beetle Infestations in Hardwood Lumber - It seems that every spring the question comes up as to whether kiln drying kills powderpost beetles and if one can determine exactly when the wood became infested. (7/1/2009)
Virginia Tech Column: Desiccants Effective Way to Combat Moisture in Shipping Containers - The water that is naturally contained in wood — from when it was part of a living tree — is considered a major moisture contaminant for wood pallets and the products and packaging materials that are stored on them. (7/1/2009)
Sawmill and Treating Insights: Heat Treatment and Drying Schedules for Pallets: A Pilot Study - Pilot study by Virginia Tech explores the potential to rapidly dry pallets to 25% moisture content without producing any significant pallet degrade. (12/1/2009)

Lumber Market
Bamboo: Green as Grass? - Bamboo: Green as Grass? Bamboo gains ground against hardwood thanks to its green message. But how green really is this grass from Asia? (9/1/2009)
Customization & Sustainability – Wood’s Place in the House of the Future - A look at housing design trends and the role that wood will play in future housing design. (10/1/2009)

New Pallet Manufacturing
N.C. Pallet Manufacturer Stays with Successful Niche and Size: Pallet Chief Nailer Is ‘Backbone of the Company - Richmond Forest Products: North Carolina pallet manufacturer has found a successful niche and size that works for him; Pallet Chief nailing machine is ‘backbone of the company.’ (8/1/2009)
Jennings County Pallets, Inc.: A “Cutting Edge” Approach Overcomes Market Challenges - Jennings County Pallets: Indiana pallet company uses AWMV equipment and a “Cutting Edge” technology approach to overcome market challenges. (10/1/2009)

Pallet Lumber
Restless Nature Gets Retired Farmer into Pallet Business: Baker Products Cant Cut-Up Line Gets Monster Pallets Going - Monster Pallets: Julian Drake started a pallet company in his 60’s when most people are more interested in retiring; the company uses Baker Products equipment to manufacture pallet stock from hardwood cants. (6/1/2009)

Pallet Market
Market Update: Supply, Demand Still Work -- Western Market Twists, Turns - The softwood market in the West already was dealing with weak demand across all grades. The latest twist resulted in extremely discounted upper grade offerings. (3/1/2009)
Market Update: Decisions, Decisions - Sometimes the only business decision is not a good business decision, but it’s the only decision. (5/1/2009)
Market Update: Will Recyclers Learn from History or Repeat It? - Pallet recyclers already are concerned by iGPS’ stance for negotiating the recovery and return of its plastic rental pallets. (7/1/2009)
Market Update: Gentlemen Start Your Engines: Can Racing Strategy Help the Pallet Industry? - The forest products markets’ plunge in activity and subsequently pricing of many, if not most, items can be tied to the housing market’s temporary demise. (9/1/2009)
Market Update: Keeping an Eye Out for the End - Excess lumber inventory leads to pallet producers being able to buy higher grade material at a competitive price. Our market analyst wonders how long this trend will continue. (11/1/2009)

Pallet News
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: A Close Second - The economy has to be the number one issue over the past year. Earlier this month, economists finally admitted that the United States has been in a recession since December 2007. (1/1/2009)
Index of 2008 Pallet Enterprise Articles - Index of all Pallet Enterprise articles published in 2008, classified by topic or category. (1/1/2009)
Best of 2008 – Short Highlights From The Best Articles, Innovations and Ideas of 2008 - Best of 2008 – Short Highlights From The Best Articles, Innovations and Ideas of 2008 (1/1/2009)
Charlie Larson – Friend to Many in Our Industry - Charlie Larson, a long time leader of the California pallet industry, passed away on November 12. Charlie died like he lived – with a golf club in his hand. (2/1/2009)
Bruce Yelland Leaves His Pallet Legacy - Bruce Yelland, a long time member of the pallet industry passed away at his home in Hanover, Penn. As president of the J.F. Rohrbaugh Co. and president of Tradition House, Inc. Bruce lived a productive 77 years. (2/1/2009)
Examining the Causes and Proper Responses to the Current Global Financial Crisis - Adapting to Recession: Industry researchers analyze causes of the housing and economic downturns. Their findings provide insights for current and future industry action. (2/1/2009)
Trace Equipment Wishes the Best to the Pallet Industry on Its 11th Anniversary - When Woodthorn closed down, Mona picked right up with her own lines of machinery and continued providing professional products and services to her friends in the pallet industry. (6/1/2009)
Pallet Enterprise Adds Twitter Service - In the most recent issue of Pallet Enterprise, Dr. Ed Brindley, the publisher of the magazine and this newsletter, questioned why anyone would ever want to follow the daily exploits of others using Twitter. Wow, it’s amazing how your attitude can change after a staff meeting. (7/1/2009)
M.L. Self Passes Away – His Smile Will Be Missed - M.L. Self, president of Bronco Pallet Systems, Inc., passed away in his sleep. (12/1/2009)

Pallet Treatment
Company Develops Product for Wood Pallets: E-Fusion Coating Product from X-Mold Seals Surface of Wood, Prevents Mold - X-Mold: Georgia company with experience providing solutions for mold for home building industry develops a coating product to prevent mold and mildew on wood pallets and containers. (4/1/2009)
International Government Officials Change ISPM-15 Rules, Adopt Bark Requirement - ISPM-15 Update: International leaders add bark requirements to ISPM-15, the global voluntary pest standard for solid wood packaging. Are you compliant with the new changes? (6/1/2009)
Pest Heat Engineer Offers Treatment Insights - Heat treating experts discusses technical issues and insights on treating pallets to meet ISPM-15. (10/1/2009)
Letter from Ed: Your Cheating Heart… - Dr. Ed Brindley shares why he thinks the government should change the current policy requiring complete re-treating of ISPM-15 certified pallets when even one board is replaced. (10/1/2009)

Virginia Tech: Researchers Study Modeling Compressive Stress Distributions Across Pallet Deck Surfaces - About $10 billion is lost annually to product damage that occurs largely within the distribution cycle of the supply chain. (3/1/2009)
Markets in Transition: Wood Pallets Play Key Role in Automated Warehouse Storage - When it comes to pallet selection there are two sides to the equation. The first side is the storage pallet. The other side of the equation is the “order” pallet or distribution pallet. (5/1/2009)
Markets in Transition: Near Sourcing: Logistics Changes Have Implications for Pallet Demand - Changes in logistics trends may bring more manufacturing closer to home as multinational companies eye near sourcing strategy. (11/1/2009)

Plant Case Studies: Both
Millwood Quest for Improvement Leads to Better Gang Saw Blade: Country Saw & Knife Strob Blade Offers Better Performance, Life - Millwood: Millwood’s plant in Apple Creek, Ohio finds success with a new circular saw blade supplied by Country Saw & Knife for the company’s Brewer gang saw. (3/1/2009)

Plant Case Studies: New Pallet Manufacturers
Savvy S. Carolina Manufacturer Shows He Is Adept at Adapting: Decision to Consolidate, Sell Some Accounts Propels Pallet Makers Forward - Pallet Makers: In the case of a South Carolina pallet manufacturer, downsizing led to its best growth, and selling off certain customer accounts strategically positioned the business for the future. (2/1/2009)
Oregon Pallet Manufacturer Relies on 3-Pronged Approach to Success: AWMV Band Resaws Essential to Precision Wood Products Cut-Up Operations - Precision Wood Products: Oregon pallet manufacturer relies on three-pronged approach to sustained success; AWMV multi-head band resaws essential to cut-up operations at Precision Wood Products. (4/1/2009)
Organic Growth, Acquisitions Position CMTP to Lead Industry in Australia - CMTP: Organic growth and acquisitions have positioned CMTP to be a leader in Australia’s pallet and container industry; U.S. machinery suppliers found in plants. (8/1/2009)

Plant Case Studies: Pallet Recyclers
Indiana Company Blends Business Smarts, Sophistication, Technology: Trace Equipment Supplies Four Machines to Boost Used Lumber Recovery - Trace Equipment supplies four Run-A-Gade pallet disassemblers, set up in unique configuration, to boost recycled lumber recovery at Indiana Company. (1/1/2009)
Texas Pallet Recycler Counts on Quality, Service for Success: USA Pallet & Logistics Inc. Is a ‘Total Smart Products Shop’ - USA Pallet & Logistics: When Pete Murphy talks about his Texas pallet recycling company, topics like quality and customer service come up a lot; company is a ‘total Smart Products shop.’ (2/1/2009)
Industrial Resources Develops Infinity Stacker and Mobile Wood Treatment Service - Industrial Resources Stacker: Industrial Resources pioneers new high speed stacker designed to be installed over a conveyor. Company also develops mobile wood treatment system. (2/1/2009)
Valley Pallet Automates to Support Its Recycling Growth: SMETCO Sorting and Repairing Line Added to Salinas Plant - Valley Pallet Expands with SMETCO Sorting/Repairing Line: Valley Pallet in California has grown to become one of the largest West Coast pallet companies. Starting as a pallet recycler, Valley has added a high speed SMETCO sorting/repairing line to automate its Salinas plant. (4/1/2009)
L.A. Pallet Supplier Focuses on Recycling, Quality, Service: Eagle Metal Connector Plates Help Santa Fe Pallet Produce No. 1 Pallets - Santa Fe Pallet: Plating and splicing are important operations for Los Angeles-area pallet recycler; company relies on Eagle Metal equipment and connector plates for repairing and recycling pallets. (7/1/2009)
Twin City Pallet Changes, Adapts as It Deals with Sluggish Economy: Minnesota Company Benefits from Pallet Repair Systems Automated Repair Line - Twin City Pallet: Minnesota company benefits from automated repair line supplied by Pallet Repair Systems, adapts to deal with sluggish economy. (8/1/2009)

Industrial Pallet Corp. Expands Services for Waste Recycling: Leading Indiana Producer of Colored Mulch Runs New Rotochopper - Rotochopper Expands Waste Recycling Services: Industrial Pallet, Indiana-based pallet supplier, relies on Rotochopper machine to become leading market producer of colored mulch. (9/1/2009)

Material Use and Production Changes in the U.S. Wood Pallet and Container Industry: 1992 to 2006 - Pallet Study: Researchers Phil Araman and Bob Bush analyze lumber and production changes in the pallet manufacturing industry. (6/1/2009)

Sawmill Case Studies
‘Grocery Store’ Approach Key to Success for Wagner Lumber: U•C Coatings Enables Hardwood Producer to Preserve Lumber Quality - Wagner Lumber: New York company’s ‘grocery store’ approach to doing business has been a key to its success; U·C Coatings products help Wagner Lumber ensure quality of its hardwood lumber. (6/1/2009)
JR Banks Lumber Launches Scragg Mill to Make Pre-Cut Pallet Stock: Timberland Machinery Big Jake Scragg, Brewer Bandsaws Key Cut-Up Operations - Timberland Scragg Mill for Pre-Cut Pallet Stock: J.R. Banks Lumber, Arkansas railtie producer, expands into making pre-cut pallet stock with new Timberland Machinery Big Jake scragg mill. (9/1/2009)
Pacific Trail Crosscut Unit Saw Allows 84 Lumber to Crosscut Doug Fir and Remain Competitive - 84 Lumber in Las Vegas Chooses Pacific Trail Crosscut unit saw for Crosscutting Lumber (11/1/2009)

Sawmill Case Studies: Hardwood
Oklahoma Hardwood Mill Finds Now Is Opportune Time to Enter Pallet Market: Fourth Generation Company Stays Small, Nimble to Survive - Gray’s Sawmill: Oklahoma hardwood sawmill company has remained a family business for four generations by being small, nimble, and finds now is a good time to enter the pallet arena. (4/1/2009)
Father-Son Team Combines Custom Stairs with Low-Grade Hardwood - Dugan Wood Products: Two Illinois men find it makes good business sense for them to have a couple of very different market areas – building custom stairs and running a small hardwood sawmill. (5/1/2009)
Hawkeye Forest Products Keeps Sharp Eye on Costs, Looks Forward to 2010: Wisconsin Hardwood Lumber Producer Hopeful for Rebound Next Spring - Hawkeye Forest Products: Wisconsin hardwood lumber producer is hopeful for rebound next spring; company specializes in black walnut. (10/1/2009)

Third Party Management/Logistics
Annual State of Logistics Report Review: Logistics Costs Drop, Shippers Face Long-Term Transportation Challenges - Annual Logistics Report: Review of the Annual State of Logistics Report identifies current trends, points to long-term transportation and logistics challenges. (8/1/2009)

Third Party Management/Rental
CHEP Uses Technology to Meet Supply Chain Challenges: Pooler Institutes Quality Control Program, Six Sigma Principles - CHEP Quality Initiative: CHEP says its customers are seeing the benefits from a $100 million quality improvement program it launched last year; the company has improved pallet repair standards and more. (2/1/2009)
IFCO Reaches Record Settlement in Immigration Probe - IFCO Settlement: IFCO Systems agrees to pay a record $20.7 million to settle immigration violations; company admits responsibility but is freed from federal prosecution. (2/1/2009)
Redefining the Pallet Business: PALNET Offers National Interface, Local Service to Major Accounts - PALNET Interview: Michael Smith, COO of PALNET, talks about professionalism in the pallet industry and what his company is doing to change the way customers think about pallets. (6/1/2009)
Pallet User Education Series: Red, White & Blue: A Cost Analysis of Rental vs. White Wood Pallets - Red, White & Blue: Former CHEP insider provides real world analysis of costs associated with rental and white wood pallet programs; first in series of columns focused on pallet users. (7/1/2009)
German Court Upholds EPAL Trademark - EPAL Trademark Ruling: Court prohibits sale of copycat EPAL pallets; ruling raises questions about maintaining standards in a cost-conscious environment. (8/1/2009)
LPR Upgrades Depot Infrastructure, Extends Pallet Pool Coverage in Europe - LPR: European pallet pooling service LPR emphasizes service at local level, uses team approach to respond to different countries and market conditions. (8/1/2009)
Pallet User Education Series: Negotiating the Pitfalls of Rental Pallet Contracts - Andrew Mosqueda, industry veteran, identifies major pitfalls in negotiating rental pallet contracts and provides advice on how to save money by negotiating the little details. (9/1/2009)
Pallet User Education Series: Smart Management Techniques to Avoid Lost Pallet Charges - Pallet rental companies promise no headaches and ease of use. But in reality, rental programs tend to come with different headaches from a typical one-way pallet model. (10/1/2009)
Letter from Ed: Do You Know Where Your Children Are? - Ed Brindley talks about the new iGPS compensation plan for recyclers and the latest in the CHEP antitrust case. (12/1/2009)

Tracking (RFID, bar codes, etc.)
Image ID Pioneers Unique Packaging Tracking Software - Find out how a Japanese pallet pool uses innovative bar code tracking technology to manage its large pool of wooden pallets. (10/1/2009)

Trade Shows
Full Slate of Trade Shows Scheduled: Industry Shows Return to Ole Favorite Locations - Trade Shows: Major trade shows of the forest products industry get rolling in the next few months; seven major equipment expositions are coming up soon. Article with list of remaining 2009 trade shows. (4/1/2009)
Northeastern Expo Makes Strong Showing in Maine: Trade Show Draws More Than 6,500 - Northeastern Expo: Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo has strong showing of exhibitors and attendance at this year’s trade show in Bangor, Maine. (6/1/2009)
Interpal VII – The Pallet World Is Changing - Interpal VII, held in Philadelphia, is the seventh in the Interpal international pallet meeting series. This year the focus was on changes that are taking place globally and serving to unite our industry in its concerns and efforts. (11/1/2009)

Trade Shows
PACK EXPO 2009: Strong Attendance Boosts Enthusiasm for Economic Recovery - Reusable Packaging Association Continues Outreach to Users - Rick LeBlanc provides a pallet user’s perspective on the latest developments coming from PACK EXPO, including a focus on reusable packaging opportunities. (12/1/2009)

Letter from Ed: 2009 Doesn’t Look Exciting, but Better Days Might Be Ahead - We need to stay focused, not get distracted off the path we are traveling. Navigate the trail but don’t be tossed by the winds. (2/1/2009)
Pallet Recovery, Repair and Remanufacturing in a Changing Industry: 1992 to 2006 - Pallet Study-Part 2: Researchers Phil Araman and Bob Bush analyze lumber and production changes in the pallet recycling industry; second article in a two-part series. (8/1/2009)

Unit Load
Will Price or Quality Be the Key Matrix of the Future? TP Provides Oversight and Credibility to Top Quality Firms - Are national quality standards necessary to prepare for the future? The Enterprise looks at the role of TP in existing and future quality control initiatives. (12/1/2009)

Unit Load Design
The Key to Supply Chain Savings The Key to Supply Chain Savings: Are Your Customers Shipping the Best Load® on Every Trip? - Do you know the real secret to minimizing costs in unit loads. Dr. Marshall (Mark) White explores the keys to supply chain savings that most shippers don’t know and how it can benefit the pallet industry. He unveils a new software tool to help make the dream of system-based design a reality. (11/1/2009)

Wood Fiber Case Studies (Grinding, Chipping, Etc)
Cresswood Grinder Allows Rehrig Penn Logistics to Provide Green Energy for Laundry Facility - Cleaning Up in New York: Cresswood grinder enables Rehrig Penn Logistics to supply a major laundry facility with green, cost effective energy. (5/1/2009)
Biomass Plant Uses Chips to Make Steam, Energy, for University of South Carolina - Biomass Energy: The University of South Carolina biomass energy cogeneration plant uses abundant wood fiber for feedstock to produce electricity, heat and hot water. Sidebar: Contractor uses Morbark machine to tap into new market. (5/1/2009)
Wood-Mizer Pioneers Development of Flex Fuel Biomass Furnace - Bio-Mizer Q&A: Wood-Mizer pioneers development of flex-fuel biomass furnace; a technical exploration of Wood-Mizer’s new flexible, green and high-tech biomass solution. (5/1/2009)
Biomass -Wood Energy Equipment Guide: Suppliers of Biomass Combustion Systems, Wood Furnaces and Related Products - Biomass Guide: A guide to suppliers of biomass and wood energy equipment, including biomass combustion burners and more. (5/1/2009)
Biomass Gains Steam: More Than a Replacement for Slipping Paper Demand? - Biomass Gains Steam: Biomass markets present more than just a replacement for declining paper demand; the new energy frontier could be the saving grace for the pulp industry. (7/1/2009)
Federal Bill Largely Ignores Importance of Wood Biomass - Federal Bill Ignores Wood Biomass: Congress considers clean energy legislation; it could spell trouble or opportunity for the forest products industry, depending on the final version. (7/1/2009)

Firestorm: Fire Marshals Clarify Wood Pallet Concerns - Pallets & Warehouse Fire Safety: Controversy over composite pallets in warehouses erupts; overview of the issue as well as next steps for the industry. (4/1/2009)
Don’t let Your Grinder Bite the Hand that Feeds It - Reducing hazards that accompany pallet grinding is a manageable task. Learn to identify hazards unique to your company’s pallet grinders and reduce the risks employees face. (9/1/2009)