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Alternative Materials (Plastic, Corrugated, etc.)
Letter from Ed: iGPS Sues NWPCA – The Tension Between Wooden Pallets and Plastic Pallets Intensifies - Dr. Ed Brindley shares his thoughts on the increasing tensions between wooden and plastic pallet interests over the issue of food safety and contamination. (2/1/2011)
Markets in Transition: NewWood Banks on Market Readiness for Wood-Plastic Composites - Logistics and packaging consultant, Rick LeBlanc focuses on the market potential for wood-plastic composites by examining the story of NewWood Manufacturing. (2/1/2011)
Markets in Transition: PallTek Bullish on the Opportunity for Plastic Pallet Repair Service - Columnist Rick LeBlanc discusses the business opportunity and challenges involved in repairing plastic pallets with a focus on the growing need and technology advancements. (8/1/2011)
Orbis Obtains FM Approval for DecaBDE Free Fire Retardant - Orbis Obtains FM Approval for DecaBDE Free Fire Retardant (10/1/2011)
Customization Marketed by Alternative Material Pallet Companies - Alternative Materials Guide: A listing of the leading suppliers of alternative material pallets. (11/1/2011)

Market Update: A Tale of Two Markets-- Watching As Similar Markets Travel In Opposite Directions - Market analyst Jeff McBee describes the latest development in the low-grade lumber markets. (3/1/2011)
Western Pallet Association Selects New Officers - Activities in the News (3/1/2011)
Future Boiler MACT Standards Uncertain - The EPA recently released the final boiler MACT standards, along with a request for a reconsideration of the rules under a Clean Air Act process. (4/1/2011)
Letter from Ed: Pallet Industry Remains Dynamic – Excitement Comes Center Stage - The recent NWPCA annual meeting was abuzz with anticipation concerning issues of interest to our industry. Dr. Brindley shared a historic pallet meeting comparison with the now famous Memphis meeting in the 1990s. (4/1/2011)
Newman Double Box Log Shaving Machine for Softwood Processing - Newman Double Box Log Shaving Machine for Softwood Processing (5/1/2011)
Plant Air Systems – What You Need to Know to Save Money - The design of your plant air system could be wasting energy and money. Learn a few key design tips that makes all the difference. (10/1/2011)
NWPCA Elects New Slate of Officers and Board Members - NWPCA Elects New Slate of Officers and Board Members (10/1/2011)
Euro Pool System Buys LPR - Second largest private pallet pool in Europe is bought amid industry consolidation push. (11/1/2011)
So You Want to Be in the Pallet Business? - Candid look at the business challenges facing pallet companies, especially new players trying to succeed in this competitive market. (12/1/2011)

Case Studies
Position Is Everything: Rising Transport Costs Make Pallet Logistics More Critical for Success - Pallet pooling experts discuss the challenges and importance of pallet management and logistics to properly administer a program and keep customer satisfaction at a high level. Discussion of pallet availability problems at iGPS. (6/1/2011)

Design/Engineering Research
The New Norm - Va Tech Pallet Lab Undergoes Changes - Virginia Tech's Center for Unit Load Design and Sardo Pallet Lab restructure as university launches major packaging program, hoping to build for the future. (9/6/2011)
Pallet Design System to Release Revolutionary Version 5.0 - NWPCA unveils revolutionary new potential for PDS as it will now enable pallet manufacturers to specify and draw the entire “unit load” – consisting of the pallet, containers, and load stabilizers. (9/6/2011)

Environmental Issues
Wood Promoted as Green Building Material - A new strategy from the USDA to promote the use of wood as a green building material will ensure that the sustainability of wood will be recognized in the ever-growing green building industry. (5/1/2011)
Forest Health Focus: An Even-aged Approach to Forest Regeneration and Biodiversity - Forestry expert explains why clearcutting can be an effective, environmentally sound harvesting tool if done right and you can't just the result by a single snapshot in time. (5/1/2011)
Forest Health Focus: Clearcut Proof on the Landscape, Forest Growth Cycles Cannot Be Ignored - Analysis of a battle-ground timber harvest show the real ecological story of clearcuts in California''s forests. This controversial harvesting method can be part of a well-planned forest regeneration strategy. (5/1/2011)
Industry Concerned About Spotted Owl Recovery Plan - After months of speculation, the Fish and Wildlife Service has released the final Recovery Plan for the Spotted Owl. Parts of the plan have caused worry in the timber industry that it will result in further reductions in timber harvests. (8/1/2011)
USDA Urges Builders to Prioritize Wood in Green Buildings - USDA Urges Builders to Prioritize Wood in Green Buildings (11/1/2011)

Equipment, Products & Services
New Baker Automated DogEar Corner Clipping Machine is Now Available - New Baker Automated DogEar Corner Clipping Machine is Now Available (1/1/2011)
Viking Engineering Teams Up with MC Technical Services to Bring Block Pallet Option to North America - Viking Engineering Teams Up with MC Technical Services to Bring Block Pallet Option to North America (1/1/2011)
Storti GSI 170 Offers a Flexible Block Pallet Nailing System to Meet the Emerging Costco Block Pallet Market - Pallet Machinery Group introduces the Storti GSI/170 TA AL pallet nailing system into North America as a nailing solution for the emerging Costco block pallet market. The GSI/170 TA AL offers a beginning system that is flexible to expand for higher production numbers. The GSI/170 TA AL is a well established machine that is just surfacing in North America. (1/1/2011)
Avoid Winter Production Frostbite: Pallet Systems Guru Provide Cold Weather Maintenance Tips - Jim Gookin of Viking Engineering provides tips to keep your nailing systems running well during cold weather months. (2/1/2011)
Metropolitan Staple Corp. Serves Pallet Manufacturers with Quality Products and Service - A family owned company now in its second generation, Metropolitan Staple features employees with extensive experience and knowledge, and extraordinary dedication to customer service. (2/1/2011)
Extreme Grinding… No Problem! Cresswood Engineers ‘EVER-NEW’ Technology to Handle the Rigors of Pallet Scrap - Cresswood EVER-NEW Technology: Cresswood designed its new line of grinders to be more durable, easily rebuilt to extend longevity while lowering the total cost of operation. Tree Brand and M & M Woodworking discuss their grinding challenges and how Cresswood engineered solutions into its new line that can pay off for other pallet companies with tough grinding requirements. (2/1/2011)
New PRS Stringer Splicer Attachment - New on the Market (3/1/2011)
PRS Announces Its New Top Frame Press - New on the Market (3/1/2011)
The Basics on Maintaining Pneumatic Equipment in Forest Product Plants - Viking Engineering machinery expert outlines a number of basic maintenance steps that companies should follow to keep pneumatic equipment running in top shape. (3/1/2011)
Brewer Ownership Changes Hands: Paul Avery Expands on Brewer Philosophy - Brewer Ownership: Established manufacturer of sawmill and pallet lumber machinery changes hands as new owner Paul Avery expands on Brewer philosophy. (3/1/2011)
Saws Designed to Save Labor and Improve Efficiency: L-M Equipment (Canada) Stays on Top Of Technology and Trends with New Manufacturing Capabilities - LM-Equipment (Canada) offers cross-cut package saws that increase production of material while reducing labor. New technology involves bar codes, remote control operation and improved measuring systems. (4/1/2011)
Hyster H50FT Lift Truck for Sawmills and Pallet Plants - Hyster H50FT Lift Truck for Sawmills and Pallet Plants (5/1/2011)
HUB Industrial Raises Stakes in Same-Day Shipping Guarantee - HUB Industrial Raises Stakes in Same-Day Shipping Guarantee (5/1/2011)
PRS Introduces Electric Pallet Dispenser/Stacker - PRS Introduces Electric Pallet Dispenser/Stacker (5/1/2011)
Forestry Systems Announces Its Latest Yardmaster Pallet System and Palletrax Handheld - Forestry Systems Announces Its Latest Yardmaster Pallet System and Palletrax Handheld (5/1/2011)
Brewco B-800 Dust Free Resaw System - Brewco B-800 Dust Free Resaw System (5/1/2011)
Trace Equipment Develops Robo Chop Upcut Saw - Trace Equipment Develops Robo Chop Upcut Saw (5/1/2011)
PMG Introduces New TS 300 Board Stacker - PMG Introduces New TS 300 Board Stacker (5/1/2011)
Automate or Die? How to Make Smart Decisions When Analyzing Plant Automation Options - Dan Collins of Industrial Resources discusses key questions and issues to help wood packaging material operations evaluate whether or not they should automate. (5/1/2011)
Bostitch Premium Pallet Nails - Bostitch Premium Pallet Nails (6/1/2011)
Wood-Mizer Personal Best 2011 Contest - Wood-Mizer Personal Best 2011 Contest (6/1/2011)
Pallet Inferno Kills Emerald Ash Borer and Other Forest Pests - Pallet Inferno Kills Emerald Ash Borer and Other Forest Pests (6/1/2011)
All New Multitek 2020 SS Firewood Processor - All New Multitek 2020 SS Firewood Processor (6/1/2011)
New Baker BP Dominator Band Sawmill - New Baker BP Dominator Band Sawmill (6/1/2011)
Rayco Supplies Grinders to Sawmills and Pallet Plants - Rayco Supplies Grinders to Sawmills and Pallet Plants (6/1/2011)
Wood-Mizer Upgrades HR130 Horizontal Resaw - Wood-Mizer Upgrades HR130 Horizontal Resaw (6/1/2011)
Randy Keko Working with Pallet Machinery Group - Randy Keko Working with Pallet Machinery Group (6/1/2011)
Nailbuster® Tooling Is Registered Trademark - Nailbuster® Tooling Is Registered Trademark (6/1/2011)
Cliff Gage Serves the Pallet Industry Throughout His Life - Cliff Gage Serves the Pallet Industry Throughout His Life (6/1/2011)
Trace Introduces Jam Doctor to Clear Nail Jams - New on the Market (7/1/2011)
Viking Engineering Develops Block Pallet Solutions for Champion Nailers - New on the Market (7/1/2011)
Vecoplan Midwest Turnkey Pellet Production Systems - New on the Market (7/1/2011)
KASCO SharpTech Introduces Premium Band Saw and Dismantler Blades - New on the Market (7/1/2011)
Setco Introduces New Lipe Clutch - New on the Market (7/1/2011)
Mid Continent — A Look at the Innovation and Philosophy that Benefits the Pallet Industry: With Service, Manufacturing Efficiency, and Made in U.S.A. - Leading U.S. nail manufacturer offers lessons for the pallet industry through its service and manufacturing efficiency. Its U.S. plant is truly unique in the world and a model of American manufacturing ingenuity. (8/1/2011)
Vecoplan Offers Custom Controls - Vecoplan provides custom control service to the overall forest products industry including pallet, lumber and pellet facilities. (9/6/2011)
Trace Develops Hopper-Feed Block Saw - The new high production Trace hopper-feed block saw has been custom designed for pallet producers. One operator can cut 2x4 and 4x4 blocks from 24” drops. (9/6/2011)
Excelsior Introduces Thin Branding Die - Excelsior has introduced its new Thin Branding Die. The new Thin Branding Die will heat faster while also allowing the user to reduce the temperature on their branding head, which helps extend the life of the heating elements. (9/6/2011)
PRS Announces New Website - PRS develops new, more customer friendly website. Offers video and more product information. (9/6/2011)
Wood-Mizer Industrial Releases WM1000 with Cutting Capacity Up to 67" Diameter Logs - Wood-Mizer Products Incorporated has released its new industrial-grade WM1000. The WM1000 is developed both to break down up to 67” diameter logs and also to saw high value logs where the thin-kerf blade and wide cutting ensures maximum resale value. (9/6/2011)
Brewer Introduces New Three-Way Board Conditioner - Brewer, long known for its lumber manufacturing machinery, has a new innovative machine called the Board Conditioner. This three-way machine can provide three different lumber processing functions for a pallet plant or sawmill. It can chamfer decking, edge boards, and plane lumber. (9/6/2011)
Weyerhaeuser Sells Hardwood Business Unit - Weyerhaeuser Sells Hardwood Business Unit (10/1/2011)
Viking Releases New Champion 304A Classic Nailing System - Viking Releases New Champion 304A Classic Nailing System (10/1/2011)
Viking Not Sleeping on the Job with Bed Frame Manufacturing Machine - Viking Not Sleeping on the Job with Bed Frame Manufacturing Machine (10/1/2011)
Cresswood Launches “Destroyer Max” Drive System - Cresswood Launches “Destroyer Max” Drive System (11/1/2011)
Millwood Hires Former Unit Load Center Director - Millwood Hires Former Unit Load Center Director (11/1/2011)
Brewco Moves Ahead with Aggressive Innovations Driven by Experienced Leadership - Neopal partnered with Brewco to engineer a new automated pallet lumber cutup plant. Brewco''s new ownership and its varied experience is taking it toward innovative machinery. The innovations at Neopal included a new seven-saw trimmer and new floating bearing roller guides and dedusting system (12/1/2011)

General Advice
Lean Thinking Part III: The Fundamental Blocks of Lean Value: Stream Mapping Leads to Simpler, More Cost Efficient Processes - Experts from Virginia Tech finish their three-part series on lean manufacturing principles for the forest products industry. This final article reviews explains the upper level blocks of the lean thinking process, especially value stream mapping a production process. (3/1/2011)
Structuring Employee Pay for Peak Success: Considerations for Piece-Rate Pay Plans - Controller from Kamps Pallets shares his advice on crafting a piece-rate pay scale and policies that encourage improved productivity. (5/1/2011)
Letter from Ed: Prioritization + Focus = Effective Time Management - Pallet Enterprise founder and president Dr. Ed Brindley shares his thoughts on prioritization and focusing on key tasks as the most important strategies for effective time management. (6/1/2011)
Business Reader: Book Series Review - Making Change Happen Can Be Your Toughest Challenge, But Does It Have to Be? - Making Change Happen: The first in a new series of business book reviews focuses on Switch, which details processes necessary to make hard business changes stick in your company. (7/1/2011)
Pallet Industry Websites: Insights and Benchmarking from the Best of the Web - Top Industry Websites: The Enterprise searches the Internet looking for the best industry websites, offers ideas and tips for ways to improve your website and online marketing efforts. (7/1/2011)
Back to Basics:Tips for Overcoming Language Barriers in a Pallet Shop - Like all businesses, things change, including the workforce. Smart pallet shops will keep an eye out for the best, hardest working talent and will not let a language barrier get in the way. (7/1/2011)
Letter from Ed: The Future – Looking for Certainty in Uncertain Times - The future of the pallet industry and its products is affected by so many things in today''s rapidly changing world. This letter covers an overview of these factors and the direction of change as it impacts our society. (8/1/2011)
Manage Your Best Resources Responsibly - These human resource tips can help you establish a positive workplace culture and monitor progress in getting the right people and motivating your employees. (9/6/2011)
Letter from Ed: The Wind Is Whipping and the Earth is Quaking But We Live in a Blessed Land - Pallet industry guru, Dr. Ed Brindley shares his thoughts on surviving the recession by making some moves that may seem counterintuitive. It all starts with being positive about the future and making smart moves now to prepare. (10/1/2011)
It’s Time to Prepare for Tax Season - Tax Credits: A summary of tax changes and deductions that will affect small businesses in 2011 (11/1/2011)
Reform and Rising Health Care Costs: What Is the Impact of Proposed Changes on Your Business? - Looking for a Cure: Analyzing the impact of the Obama health care reform and rising costs on your business. (12/1/2011)

CWPCA Responds to Border Exemption Elimination Proposal - Canadian pallet industry raises concerns about the proposal to eliminate the ISPM 15 border exemption for wood packaging material crossing the U.S./Canadian border. (2/1/2011)
EPA Defers Greenhouse Gas Permitting Requirements for Biomass - The EPA is starting an expedited rulemaking process which will allow the deferment of greenhouse gas permitting requirements for biomass for three years beginning in July. (2/1/2011)
New Oregon Deca Ban Covers Plastic Pallets - State health guidelines suggest rules cover plastic pallets using decaBDE. Ban raises questions about iGPS pallets in the state. (2/11/2011)
Old Softwood Lumber Dispute Settled, New Arbitration Requested - One dispute between Canada and the U.S. over softwood lumber trade has been settled, but a new one now awaits arbitration. (3/1/2011)
It’s Time to Recover: Recession Recovery Tips for Small Businesses - An economic recovery is closer now than it has ever been. Now is the time for companies to start considering post-recession recovery strategies so they will be ready when it does finally arrive. (5/1/2011)
Proposed Trucking Regulations Among Most Costly - Proposed Trucking Regulations Among Most Costly (10/1/2011)
Good Intentions Gone Wrong? Lacey Act Lessons from the Gibson Guitar Raid - Hardwood Review offers lessons to the hardwood industry coming from the recent Gibson Guitar raids and the concerns being raised about the Lacey Act. (11/1/2011)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Don’t Fret Over It.... Gibson Guitar Case Raises Green Questions - Publisher, Chaille Brindley, asks some tough questions about the implications of the recent controversy over the enforcement of the Lacey Act, especially as it relates to recent raids on Gibson Guitar. (11/1/2011)
NLRB Requires Posting of Unionization Rights - NLRB Requires Posting of Unionization Rights (11/1/2011)

Industry Standards
NWPCA Releases Proposed Pallet Handling Guidelines, Hopefully the Pallet Sanitation Discussion Will Return to Common Sense - Amid a lot of hype and concern, the wooden pallet industry responds to sanitation and mold concerns by releasing draft handling and sanitation standards. (9/6/2011)

International Market
Governments Announced Plans to End U.S./Canada ISPM 15 Border Exemption - Hoping to stop the spread of wood pests, U.S. and Canadian officials announced plans to end the border exemption for ISPM 15 certification between the two countries. (1/1/2011)
The West Looks to the East: Exports to China Play Key Role in Western Forest Products Industry - Growing wood demand from China is creating opportunities for North American exporters. Companies on the west coast have already begun focusing on this new market and growing market. (3/1/2011)
Block Pallets – An International Perspective - Block Pallets: Pallet guru and Enterprise founder, Dr. Ed Brindley briefly reviews an international perspective on the block pallet. (7/1/2011)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: A True Gold Standard: Lessons from the First Fifty Years of the Europallet - As the Europalletcelebrates its 50th anniversary this year, any thoughtful observer must recognize it as one of the greatest and yet least appreciated logistical achievements of the modern supply chain. (7/1/2011)
Safety Zone: Gold Paint, Pallets and International Regulations – A Simple Strategy for ISPM-15 Compliance - Columnist Gabriel Curry identifies some best practices for complying with ISPM 15 regulations for repaired pallets. (8/1/2011)

Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Have the Terrorists Won Already? - Publisher, Chaille Brindley, provides an update on the notorious pallet scammer who has defrauded companies across the country and is now using U.S. Foodservice as a fake front to obtain pallet loads and trucking services. (3/1/2011)
Oregon Ban Prohibits Plastic Pallets Containing DecaBDE - Oregon decaBDE ban raises concerns for iGPS plastic pallets. (3/1/2011)
Case Closed: IFCO Senior Managers Plead Guilty to Employing Illegals, Violating Workplace Laws - Five IFCO seniors managers plead guilty to charges involving the hiring and employing of illegal aliens. Cases brought by 2006 raids are finally brought to a close. (10/1/2011)

Lumber Market
Raising $$ to Save Domestic Wood Markets: Hardwood Industry Marketing & Checkoff Initiative - Seeking to take back its market, the U.S. hardwood lumber industry considers a checkoff program as well as a new branding initiative launched by industry leaders that focuses on the benefits of hardwood products. (4/1/2011)
Hardwood Exports Help Bolster Sawmill Industry Amid U.S. Downturn: International Trade Expert Shares Views on the Future of U.S. Hardwoods - International lumber expert, Michael Snow, executive director of American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) discusses the growing global market for American hardwoods and the future of the industry. (8/1/2011)
Lumber Industry Forecast: Outlook or Look Out – Reading Trends for 2012 - More of the same dismal results appears to be in the crystal ball for the next few years according to industry analysts. (12/1/2011)

New Pallet Manufacturing
Cost Accounting Shows Profitability, Opportunities - Knowing your costs can be the difference between success and failure in the pallet business. One pallet industry leader shares his thoughts on cost accounting and profitability. (9/6/2011)

New Products, Services, Etc.
The Future of Pallet and Unit Load Design - The Pallet of the Future: Best Load and PDS V5.0 software will help drive cost reduction strategies. Experts point to greater focus on systems-based design for the unit load, standardization, asset tracking, and sanitation. (12/1/2011)

2011 Annual State of Logistics Review: Lack of Recovery Leads to Tightening Trucking Capacity - This year''s Annual State of Logistics Review did not find as much improvement in the market as expected. Trucking remains the hardest hit transportation mode and tightened capacity is expected soon. (8/1/2011)

Pallet Lumber
Meister Forest Products– Four Generations Turn to Baker for Rebuilding After Second Major Fire - Wisconsin pallet lumber mill rebuilds from the ashes, finds right equipment partner in Baker Products. (9/6/2011)

Pallet Market
Market Update: Asking for Directions at the Corner of Feast & Famine - Market analyst Jeff McBee explores the what ifs of the pallet market as winter months hit full swing. (1/1/2011)
Market Update: What Have You Done For Me Lately? Looking for Silver Linings - Economics signals paint a hard-to-figure out market according to pallet industry analyst, Jeff McBee. Many pallet companies are busy now, but uncertain about the future. (5/1/2011)
Market Update - The Long and Winding Road to Recovery - A look at hardwood pallet demand east of the Rockies (9/6/2011)
Market Update: The Long and Winding Road to Recovery (Part 2)- Are We Frail? - Market columnist, Jeff McBee, analyzes the long-term impact of the recession on the pallet industry. (11/1/2011)

Pallet News
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Pallets & Wood Get No Respect - Publisher wonders about what the mainstream press might report if the media decided to turn over a new leaf and give wood products and pallets a fair shake. (1/1/2011)
2010 Story of the Year: How Will the Costco Mandate Impact the Future of Stringer Pallets? - Costco suggested iGPS, PECO, and CHEP block pallets in North America as the primary options for Costco suppliers. (1/1/2011)
Terry White Joins Mid Continent Nail as Sales and Service Rep - Terry White is joining Mid Continent Nail as its sales and service representative in its northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan area. (2/1/2011)
Baker Products Establishes New Dealer in Mexico - Baker Products has appointed Puma Forest Products in Parral, Chihuahua as its representative in northern Mexico. (2/1/2011)
BREWCO Inc. Under New Management - Former owner Clarence Brewer, Jr. (known as Jr.) sold the company to a group of his loyal employees and longtime friend and CPA, Mike Goldston. (2/1/2011)
Changes Proposed for Trucking Regulations - FMCSA proposed trucking regulations may impact the entire supply chain. Hours of service and electronic on-board recorders rules would change schedules and routes. (3/1/2011)
Markets in Transition: There’s an Auditor at the Gate! Perspectives on Pallets and Food Safety from Grocery Industry Auditors - Grocery industry veteran Rick LeBlanc talks with inspectors who caution that sound handling practices remain at the center of the food safety debate for pallets in the supply chain. (4/1/2011)
Oregon Officials Clarify Deca Pallet Policy, Walmart Issues Retail Ban - Oregon officials clarify deca pallet policy, and Wal-Mart issues retail ban of the flame retardant in the products it sells. (4/1/2011)
Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Let’s Remove the Closed for Business Sign in Our Front Yard! - High taxes and government redtape makes America less business friendly. One recent example is the various ways that OSHA has applied the bandsaw standard to recycling operations through the years. (5/1/2011)
Penn State Researches Microwave Pallet Treatment - Activities in the News (7/1/2011)
Midwest Forest Industry Show Plans Advancing - Activities in the News (7/1/2011)
Federal Officials Reject Proposal to Require Domestic Packaging Treatment - Federal officials reject universal domestic packaging treatment. (8/1/2011)
Bob Moore, Former CEO Sues iGPS and Its Financial Backers - Bobby Moore sues iGPS and its financial backers. (8/1/2011)
Former IFCO Employees Open Pallet Services Firm - Former IFCO employees open reLogistics services company. (8/1/2011)
Activities in the News - Update on Midwest trade show, Canadian pallet association meeting rescheduled, Biewer Lumber acquires sawmill. (9/6/2011)
Vecoplan Adds Two People to Engineering and Professional Staff - Vecoplan Adds Two People to Engineering and Professional Staff (10/1/2011)
iGPS Taps Logistics Executive as New CEO - iGPS Taps Logistics Executive as New CEO (11/1/2011)
In Your Own Words: Quotes from the First 30 Years of Pallet Enterprise - You Said It: A collection of the best quotes from the first 30 years of the Pallet Enterprise provide a unique timeline of the industry and the events that have shaped where the pallet and low grade lumber industry stands today. (12/1/2011)
Eastern Hardwoods Reestablishing Coastal Lumber’s Legacy - Eastern Hardwoods Reestablishing Coastal Lumber’s Legacy (12/1/2011)
Brunswick Box to Close Its Lumber and Automated Nailing Operations - Brunswick Box to Close Its Lumber and Automated Nailing Operations (12/1/2011)

Pallet Treatment
Penn Pallet Completes Recycling Circle: Invests in a Biomass System to Heat Its Pallet Treatment Kiln - Penn Pallet: A family-owned pallet company has taken its commitment to recycling and reducing wood waste to the next step by installing an Abbott Vortex biomass furnace to heat one of their pallet heat treating kilns. (7/1/2011)
Chemical Taint, Mold and Pallet Sanitation Update - Update on the latest developments on the concerns raised about mold and pallet sanitation. (8/1/2011)

Plant Case Studies: Both
The Pallet Factory Moving from Recycling into Full Pallet Services - The Pallet Factory has expanded its products and services from pallet recycling to become possibly the largest pallet manufacturer in Tennessee. Total product services include being part of PALNET, a national pallet services company. (8/1/2011)
Industrial Pallet Corporation Teams With Baker Products to Improve Its Remington, Ind. Plant - Industrial Pallet Corp., a growing full service pallet company, provides a full spectrum of products and services for its particularly quality conscious customers. Its new Baker lumber cutup line has improved its lumber manufacturing efficiency. (11/1/2011)

Plant Case Studies: Pallet Recyclers
AMEX Pallets Benefits from PRS Automation - Illinois-based pallet recycler struggles with manual operations and boosts production using automation from Pallet Repair Systems (PRS) and Innovative Data Systems. (2/1/2011)
Recycling Veteran Pal-King Continues to Evolve - Pal-King makes key acquisition, staff hiring and machinery upgrades to fuel expansion in the Southeast pallet market. (4/1/2011)

Back to Basics: Pallet Repair Tables Can Reduce Worker Fatigue, Improve Productivity - Columnists Clarence Leising and Dick Burns share insights on how best to design a pallet repair table to reduce worker fatigue and injury while boosting productivity. (1/1/2011)
Are You in the Pallet or the Recycling Business? Introducing E-Recycling: The Fastest Growing Segment of the Recycling Industry - Industry consultant Rick LeBlanc explores the processes and synergies of electronics recycling and pallet recycling. Should this be a potential new business prospect for your company? (2/1/2011)
Block Pallet Repair Tips: It’s a Bit Different than Dismantling, Repairing and Remanufacturing Stringer Pallets - Reclamation 101: Pallet repair expert, Brad Kirkaldy of Noble Machine, offers advice based on best practices he has seen in the field to effectively dismantle block pallets. (5/1/2011)
Hay Creek Pallet Relies Upon Rotochopper Grinder - Hay Creek Pallet has an unusual combination of the pallet and cranberry industries. It relies heavily on Rotochopper grinders to process wood fiber into a variety of products, including colored mulch. (6/1/2011)
Market Update: Recycled Pallet Market Buzz - There’s no way to know the impact of the CHEP/IFCO merger until we actually begin to see serious change. Until then… (7/1/2011)
Pallet Services, Inc. Continues Expansion of Pallet Recycling Business: Don Matre Turns to Smart Products Machinery for Pallet Prepping - Smart Products: Pallet Services, Inc. has continued expanding its pallet recycling business during this recession. Don Matre turned to Smart Products for its new pallet prepping bandsaws for both block and stringer pallet repairs. Smart Products double-end trimsaw trims both ends of a board for cleaner lumber to construct combo pallets. (7/1/2011)
Industry Professionals Speak Out About the Future of the Pallet Recycling Market - Industry veterans and experts shared their thoughts on what the future will bring to the pallet recycling market. (8/1/2011)
Staff Training Guidelines for Newbies and the Importance of Proper Cross Training for Workers - Pallet recycling gurus share their insights on staff training, including the importance of cross training and strategies to effectively prepare new workers. (9/6/2011)
Markets in Transition: Look Up—Spotting a Missed Recycling Opportunity For Innovative Pallet Recyclers - Rick LeBlanc identifies yet another new business opportunity for enterprising pallet recyclers – asphalt roofing shingles. (10/1/2011)
Back to Basics: Prepping for Emergency, Odd-Sized Orders Can Secure Specialized Business, Decent Profits - Columnists Clarence Leising and Dick Burns explain how you can save the day for your customer and make a decent profit off odd-sized pallets. It all starts with the proper strategies for sourcing scrap lumber. (11/1/2011)

Keys to Understanding Pallet Performance – Strength, Stiffness and Durability - Measuring Pallet Performance: Unit load expert, Ralph Rupert, identifies the keys to understanding pallet performance including strength, stiffness and durability. (7/1/2011)
Center for Unit Load Design Taps New Director - Virgina Tech''s Center for Unit Load Design taps new director, looks to launch a bigger packaging program. (10/1/2011)

Sawmill Case Studies
Kenmar Timber Co. Still Adapting, Controls Process from Logs to Finished Goods - Kenmar Timber: Missouri pallet manufacturer and sawmill adapts to change and has control of its supply chain from forests to the end product. (3/1/2011)
Townsend Lumber: A Leader in the Hardwood Industry Serves As Base to Expand and Diversify into Other Wood Products Businesses - Diversification, expansion and innovation has allowed the owners of Townsend Lumber to grow in the forest products industry and develop its sawmill into a leader in the hardwood industry. (6/1/2011)
Weyerhaeuser Lumber Facility Hums Thanks to Hyster Lift Trucks - Distribution Efficiency: Weyerhaeuser''s lumber distribution facility relies on Hyster lift trucks to move huge volumes on a daily basis. Maintenance and best practices keep facility humming. (10/1/2011)
Biewer Lumber Keeps Looking Ahead; Company Seeks to Have Stronger Presence in the Pallet Industry - Biewer Lumber, one of the largest softwood lumber producers in the Midwest, keeps shouldering ahead, looks to improve its presence in the pallet industry. (10/1/2011)
White Bear Lumber Weathers the Rough Economy to Start a Scragg Mill: Turns to Storti for Sawmill Machinery - White Bear Lumber started a scragg mill during a difficult economic time. By focusing on quality and efficiency, the company continues to grow and prosper. A Storti scragg mill has been its secret toward successfully replacing manpower with the right machinery. (11/1/2011)

Sawmill Case Studies: Hardwood
Struggling Sawmill Finds Key to Success - Ohio Valley Veneer Uses Wood-Mizer Industrial Equipment To Saw High-grade Walnut (9/6/2011)

Specialty Wood Products
All Star Forest Products – Surviving With Faith in Difficult Market - Faith and hard work has spurred All Star Forest Products growth. It focuses on developing specialty products to avoid commodity market pressures. (4/1/2011)

Markets in Transition: Automated Pallet Handling and Pallet Quality - Anyone Behind the Wheel? - Columnist, Rick LeBlanc, explores the impacts of materials handling automation on pallet design and the importance of improved quality in modern systems. (12/1/2011)

Third Party Management/Rental
Proprietary Pallets Continue to Plague Recyclers, Proposed Arizona Law Raises Legal Liability Issue - Pallet legislation in Arizona highlights the need for recyclers reduce their exposure to rental pallets or find ways to work with the poolers (4/1/2011)
PIMS Changes Name, Launches New PLUS Phase:Pallet Industry Cooperative Pool Takes Big Steps Forward - Pallet industry cooperative pool takes one big step closer to reality as it officially launches fund raising drive, changes name to PLUS and sets game plan in motion. (5/1/2011)
Brambles Begins Integration of IFCO, Ramifications Spark Industry Concern - After finalizing acquisition of IFCO Systems, Brambles Ltd. Begins to integrate pieces of its IFCO and CHEP business units, question aboud about the industry impact. (6/1/2011)
CHEP Turns to GBN and AMS for Pallet Manufacturing Machinery at Southaven Plant - CHEP Turns to GBN and AMS for pallet manufacturing machinery in its Mississippi plant. (10/1/2011)
USPS Raises Postal Pallet Concern Again - USPS Raises Postal Pallet Concern Again (12/1/2011)
PECO Joins Reusable Packaging Association - PECO Joins Reusable Packaging Association (12/1/2011)

Trade Shows
Pallets, Materials Handling Products Introduced at ProMat - Update on the latest pallet and materials handling innovations from the show floor at ProMat. (5/1/2011)

Fuel Crunch: Small Steps Can Reduce Fuel Costs - Rising fuel prices give companies a good incentive to find creative ways to cut costs. Multiple industry members shared their strategies for offsetting fuel costs. (6/1/2011)
Letter from Ed: Looking Back to the Future – It’s Time to Take Action! - Pallet Enterprise founder and industry expert, Dr. Ed Brindley, shares his thoughts on what the industry needs to do to face the core shortage and pallet user transitions to block pallets in the United States. (12/1/2011)
Staff Reminisce: And The Rest Is History... - Our Turn: Staff reminisce about our favorite industry moments and publication experiences over the last 30 years. (12/1/2011)

Unit Load
Markets in Transition: Amos Pinky and the Inflatipal: Lightweight Pallets Revisited - Columnist Rick Leblanc explores the importance of pallet weight and strategies that companies can use to make their loads a bit lighter. (6/1/2011)

Wood Fiber Case Studies (Grinding, Chipping, Etc)
Woody Biomass Facts: A Look at the Myths Regarding a Sustainable Energy Source - Woody Biomass Facts: Biomass has the capability to play a significant role in the future of the nation’s energy security. Unfortunately, many misunderstandings prevent it from being viewed as the renewable and sustainable energy source that it is. (7/1/2011)
Boiler MACT Threatens Industry Jobs - Boiler MACT Threatens Industry Jobs (10/1/2011)
European Biomass Demand Increase Coming - European Biomass Demand Increase Coming (10/1/2011)
Industry Prepares for Increased Biomass Demand - The U.S. is preparing for a sharp increase in biomass demand over the next several years. It will affect regions in different ways and could lead to price wars as local facilities try to protect their supply lines. (11/1/2011)

Safety Zone: More Trickle-Down Safety Tips - Creating a safety culture, columnist Gabriel Curry tells a tale of how one encounter with the CEO changed the most accident prone worker into a company advocate for accident prevention. (2/1/2011)
OSHA Working on Injury and Illness Prevention Rule - OSHA is working on what it calls the most fundamental change in workplace culture since the passage of the OSH Act. A coming rule would place more workplace safety responsibility on employers. (3/1/2011)
Back to Basics: Getting and Keeping the Right People is Major Key to a Successful Pallet Company - Columnists Clarence Leising and Dick Burns, Recycling Consultants, point out things to look for when interviewing potential job candidates for a pallet shop. (3/1/2011)
Safety Zone: FIRST Aid Kits! OHSA/ANSI… How Do We Sort Through It All? - How do we sort through it all? A first aid kit may seem simple, but once the government gets involved, it becomes more involved. If approached correctly, a first aid kit and offering first aid can remain reasonably straight forward, but one should approach it with understanding. The cost can be kept reasonable. (4/1/2011)
Safety Zone: Less Is More, A Simple, Effective Strategy for Eliminating Costs from Things You Buy - Procurement Tips: The products you are buying may be costing you more than you think if you haven''t streamlined your purchasing practices lately. (6/1/2011)
Is Your Company Safe by Accident: Developing a Behavior-Based Safety Approach - Book review of Safe by Accident, identifies seven safety practices that are a waste of time and money. (9/6/2011)
Safety Zone: Is Forklift Safety Something to Sing About? - Columnist, Gabriel Curry, sings an informational song detailing basic guidelines for forklift safety and proper operator training. (10/1/2011)