The Vision, Technology and Current Outlook for Self-Driving Trucks - Are driverless trucks in your future? Analysis of various technologies, hurdles and issues to consider as the conversation about autonomous trucks heats up.   (8/1/2017)

  Logistics Costs Drop for First Time in Eight Years, But Future Holds Uncertainty - Latest Logistics Report Indicates Uncertainty Lies Ahead  (8/1/2017)

  State of Logistics Report Suggests Major Shift Due to E-commerce and Consumer Trends - Logistics Stresses: Survey suggest e-commerce and shifting consumer trends are putting U.S. logistics systems to the test. Annual analysis of other key drivers in the logistics field suggest adaptability is a must for future success.   (9/1/2016)

  Trends in Trucking: Companies Both Big and Small Struggle with Driver Shortage - Pallet companies both big and small struggle with the shortage of truck drivers; other trends in trucking to spur challenges.  (8/1/2016)

  Coming into Focus: Federal Officials to Require Electronic Logging Devices on Commercial Trucks - E-Logs: New trucking rule requires e-logging devices on trucks starting in 2017, aimed at improving compliance with driver rest requirements.   (2/1/2016)

  The Logistics of Joy: A Behind the Scenes Look at Operation Christmas Child - Shipping Smiles: A look at how a shoebox in one country is shipped with love to needy children around the world and how logistics makes it all possible.   (12/1/2015)

  Transport Watch: Petroleum Downturn Impacts Transportation Sector, Trucking and Intermodal Freight Face Challenges - Rail and Trucking Transportation Analysis: Review of top transportation trends point to the impact of the petroleum downturn, trucking and intermodal movements shift away from West Coast ports and concerns about future regulations on trucking capacity.   (5/1/2015)

  Where the Rubber Hits the Road: How New Fuel Efficiency and Environment Rules Are Impacting Trucking Operations for Pallet Companies - Fuel Efficiency Standards: A detailed look at how fuel efficiency standards are impact the pallet industry and would it could mean for your business. Firms from around the country share their insights with a particular emphasis on California regulations.   (1/1/2015)

  2014 Expected to be a “Banner Year” for Freight Logistics: Truck Driver Shortage Remains a Major Concern for all Sectors - Logistics Trends: Key 2013 trends identified by annual logistics report include freight logistics growing slower than GDP, declining truck capacity, low freight volume and high freight payments. Despite this, freight logistics is expected to continue improving even as the lack of truck drivers becomes a bigger and bigger problem.  (8/1/2014)

  Letter from Ed: Transportation Is a Growing Challenge in the Pallet Industry - Pallet Enterprise founder, Ed Brindley, talks about the looming truck driver shortage, the causes and what companies can do to prepare.   (6/1/2014)

  The State of the Logistics Industry: Driver Shortage, Online Commerce, Export Growth Remain Key Trends, Slow Growth Is the New Normal - Logistics Report: Yearly analysis of the U.S. supply chain suggest the economy has reached a new normal of slow growth as inventories increase, truck driver shortages loom and e-e-commerce changes the logistics landscape.   (8/1/2013)

  Transport Watch: Truck Driver Shortage Looms - Concern over the lack of qualified truck drivers has been a looming transportation problem for the last few years although low shipping demand has masked the problem. Trends suggest a real serious shortage is likely to become a reality sooner rather than later.  (9/1/2012)

  Logistics Report Warns of Pending Trucking Capacity Concerns - Trucking Shortage: Annual logistics report identifies trends including looming truck capacity shortage, 3PL growth, the rise of intermodal transport, and rising inventory levels. Overall, the logistics sector grew at a modest clip last year and has yet to rebound to pre-recession rates.   (7/1/2012)

  Transportation Industry Faces Many Changes - The transportation and trucking industries will be facing many changes in the coming months and years. They include new or changed regulations, a switch to natural gas vehicles and more.   (7/1/2012)

  Rising Fuel Prices Increase the Necessity of Fuel Surcharge Programs - With diesel fuel likely to rise to historic highs this summer, having a fuel surcharge program in place is an important step to mitigate sudden cost pressures. Various experts explain the details of calculating fair and accurate fuel surcharges.   (4/1/2012)

  Changes in Trucking: Overview of New Regulations, Legislation and Issues Affecting The U.S. Trucking Industry - Transportation Watch: Changes in the trucking industry pose challenges to the forest products and packaging industries.   (6/1/2010)

  Pallet Alliance Spins Off New Freight Brokerage - Kismet Logistics: Pallet Alliance spins off new business, Kismet Logistics, to provide freight brokerage service to the pallet industry.  (7/1/2008)

  Driver Shortage Impacts Some, Looms in Distance for Others - Truck Drivers Scarce: Faced with a shortage of truck drivers, many companies are seeking new methods to fill the growing numbers of vacant seats behind the wheel.  (7/1/2008)