Environmental Issues:

  Nature’s Packaging Website Keeps You Updated on the Latest in Good Wood News - To hear stories of how wood is good for commerce, the environment and product performance, you should regularly check out the blog.  (3/1/2018)

  2016 Story of the Year: Industry Associations Launch Nature’s Packaging Education and Marketing Initiative - Pallet Enterprise staff selects the new Nature’s Packaging program as the story of the year for the industry. It is something the wood pallet and packaging sector has needed for a long time. But the key to its success will be how much people in the industry use it.  (1/1/2017)

  CHEP and IFCO Systems Make Mark with Sustainability Focus - Sustainability Targets: CHEP’s parent, Brambles, makes sustainability and environmental friendliness a major focus by eliminating empty miles, reducing landfill waste and improving the overall supply chain.   (11/1/2016)

  Coming into Focus: Nature’s Packaging Calculator Is Useful Tool for Showing Customers How Using Wood Cuts Carbon Emissions - Have You Tried the Wood Waste Calculator on the New Nature’s Packaging Website?  (11/1/2016)

  Coming into Focus: Does Harvesting Wood for Bioenergy Impact Woodland Wildlife? - Two New Studies Look at How Harvesting Wood for Bioenergy Impacts Wildlife in Forests  (9/1/2016)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: A Bug’s Life – Concerns over Invasive Species Remain - Environmental activists raise doubts about the effectiveness of ISPM-15 and call for a ban of solid wood packaging, including pallets. Pallet Enterprise publisher, Chaille Brindley, explains why this would be overkill, and ISPM-15 if properly applied can be effective to stop invasive pests.   (7/1/2016)

  Industry Launches Pro-environment Initiative: ‘Nature’s Packaging’ Will Promote Environmental Benefits of Wood Pallets, Packaging - Industry Outreach: Pallet associations join forces to start marketing campaign aimed at telling the positive environmental message about wood pallets.   (3/1/2016)

  Coming into Focus: Paper Pallets Hype Major Environmental Benefits, Point to IKEA Data - Paper Dream: A new campaign from paper pallets is taking aim at the wood pallet market claiming that a switch to corrugated pallets can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 million metric tons. Paper claims overlook practical reasons why retailers prefer to use wood in many cases.   (8/1/2015)

  Wood Promoted as Green Building Material - A new strategy from the USDA to promote the use of wood as a green building material will ensure that the sustainability of wood will be recognized in the ever-growing green building industry.  (5/1/2011)

  Forest Health Focus: An Even-aged Approach to Forest Regeneration and Biodiversity - Forestry expert explains why clearcutting can be an effective, environmentally sound harvesting tool if done right and you can't just the result by a single snapshot in time.   (5/1/2011)

  Forest Health Focus: Clearcut Proof on the Landscape, Forest Growth Cycles Cannot Be Ignored - Analysis of a battle-ground timber harvest show the real ecological story of clearcuts in California''s forests. This controversial harvesting method can be part of a well-planned forest regeneration strategy.   (5/1/2011)

  How Green Are Your Pallets? A Closer Look at Sustainability and the Pallet Industry - Consultant Andrew Mosqueda explores the real world experiences that can undermine sustainability claims when bad forecasting leads to greater supply chain costs.   (9/1/2010)

  Life Cycle Analysis Underscores Environmental Challenges of Plastic Pallets - New life cycle analysis by CHEP underscores environmental challenges of plastic pallets.  (4/1/2010)

  Separating Fact from Mere Marketing Spin: Green Certification Validates Eco Claims for Pallet Companies - A look at what green certification means to pallets companies and several certification agencies available.  (11/1/2009)

  Carbon Trading Adds Value to Forest Land: How Landowners Can Participate in Environmental Service Markets - Carbon Credits: Discover the basics of how carbon credits work and how they could change the future of the forest products industry.  (3/1/2009)

  Markets in Transition: Environmental Claims About Pallets More Than Material - Pallet users need to realize that there is more to the question of environmental responsibility than whether a pallet is plastic or wood (or another material) or which pooling company owns it.   (2/1/2009)

  Emerging Cellulosic Ethanol Industry Could Prove to Be Boon for Forestry - Fuel from Wood: Several companies are forging ahead with scientific breakthroughs that make production of ethanol from wood fiber easier and more economically feasible.  (7/1/2008)

  Customer Interest in Going Green Spawns New Pallet Carbon Calculator - Carbon Footprint: New software program from a British pallet industry trade organization can calculate the carbon 'footprint' of a pallet.  (5/1/2008)

  Markets in Transition: Columnist Shifts to Totally Environmental Focus! - The environmental angle has gone to a new level over the last year, and to prove the competitive market really does work, the various products have been all claiming status as members of the ‘E-Team’ in staking out the environmental high ground.   (5/1/2008)

  Quantifying a Sustainable Future: Pallet Researcher Answers Tough Questions On Sustainability - Pallets & the Environment: Interest in monitoring environmental impacts of packaging is here to stay, says Dr. Mark White, a leading pallet industry researcher; Wal-Mart puts focus on sustainability.  (11/1/2007)