Equipment, Products & Services:

  Macoser Adds Italian Equipment Line - DELTA offers pallet nailing machines that can produce a variety of configurations to meet the customer needs.  (7/1/2018)

  Pacific Trail Package Saws Make Cutting Efficient - Better Lumber Processing: Pacific Trail Manufacturing has been working with pallet companies for almost twenty years to improve their lumber production by reducing labor thanks to bulk processing of lumber bundles in one pass. New touch-screen controls makes the process even easier.   (11/1/2017)

  Wood-Mizer Introduces Products into the Sawmilling, Firewood, and Pallet Recycling Industries - Well-known supplier of thin-kerf technology and blades, Wood-Mizer has expanded into wideband equipment, log splitters, pallet dismantling machinery and much more. Learn how these new innovations can boost your productivity.   (10/5/2017)

  Metamob Partners with Union Grove, Opens New Facility, Offers Quality Blades to U.S. Market - Setting the Standard: Union Grove seeks to set a new standard in bandsaw blades thanks to a partnership with Metamob, which has recently opened up a new facility in the United States. Find out how Union Grove can help both your circular or bandsaw blade needs.   (1/5/2017)

  Berkens Family Builds Up Go Fast Manufacturing Experience in Pallet Industry Informs Machinery Business - Go Fast: Perfecting machinery at an actual pallet plant is the secret behind the performance of Go Fast saws. Berken family, owners of Shiocton Cut Stock, liked the equipment so much they bought the manufacturing company. Added resources in customer service and product development make Go Fast an emerging brand for pallet companies to consider.   (11/1/2016)

  Supplier Spotlight: Union Grove Band Saw Blades Are Made to Withstand the Harshest Manufacturing Conditions - Union Grove Saw & Knife Blades Reflect Company’s Focus on Quality  (8/1/2016)

  Brewco Incorporated Acquires Key Equipment Lines from Timberland Machinery - Brewco Inc. recently acquired the Big Jake Scragg, which has become very popular in the industry.   (10/6/2015)

  Woodbrowser Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Lumber Purchasing Platform - Seeking to connect buyers and sellers of lumber and panel products in North America, Woodbrowser, Inc. has developed an online purchasing platform for these products.   (9/1/2014)

  Supplier Spotlight: Oneida Air Systems Goes Lean - Oneida Air Systems, a manufacturer of dust collection systems, implemented lean manufacturing practices and improved product quality and production turnaround time.  (6/1/2014)

  Supply Chain Integration: Baker Answers Raw Material Shortage in the Pallet Industry - Supply Chain Integration: Industry pioneer, Ed Baker, revamps his sawmill adding a Baker Tri-Scragg while launching his first logging crew to ensure lumber supply for his pallet operation. At the same time, he is buying timber and doing stand improvement to manage the forests for the future. Is this the way forward for others to model?   (5/1/2014)

  Customized Solution from AIT and Pallet Machinery Group Leads to Operational Success at North Star Pallets - Custom Solutions: More than just production speed is important to have a truly efficient operation. Pallet Machinery Group and Automated Industrial Technologies team up to design a new circular resaw for North Star Pallets. This innovative design meets the four key aspects of smart production. Plus a full review of live equipment to be demonstrated at EXPO Richmond.  (4/1/2014)

  Universal Machinery Sales Offers Self-dumping Hoppers - Forklift channels provide for easy mobility and a 54" reach for stabilization.   (3/4/2014)

  Wood-Mizer Releases New High Performance Bi-Metal Blade - With an RC hardness of 67 on the tooth edge, the Bi-Metal blade provides a longer sawing blade life.  (3/4/2014)

  Brewer Sets Record Year in 2013 by Using a Customer-Centered Growth Strategy - Known for its heavy-duty machinery, Brewer experiences a record year in sales and is poised for more through it customer-centric growth strategy and innovative new gang saw.   (1/1/2014)

  Problem Solvers: John Rock Inc. installs SonicAire®2.0 fans - Fugitive dust can kill, so it can’t be allowed to accumulate. Is there an alternative to ongoing cleaning services to solve this problem?  (12/1/2013)

  Quality Mat Co. Leads Board Road and Mat Industry, Prioritizes Customer Service and Philanthropy - One of the largest board road and mat producers in the world has helped develop the global market while leading in quality and customer service thanks to its employees and visionary leadership.  (7/1/2013)

  New on the Market: Wood-Mizer Launches Online Local Portable Sawmill Service Directory - The easy-to-use directory allows anyone to browse sawmill businesses by state  (4/1/2013)

  New on the Market: Grizzly’s Website Features New Machinery Comparison Charts - This new feature lets you create custom comparison charts for up to four machines at a time.  (4/1/2013)

  SonicAire 2.0 Fan Offers Dust Solutions - The SonicAire 2.0 uses new technology to combat the problems unique to heavier fugitive dust.  (4/1/2013)

  Problem Solvers: Froedge Machine & Supply Company - Froedge Machine & Supply Company designed a modern, safe and efficient custom grading line for a lumber company with outdated equipment.  (3/1/2013)

  Supplier Spotlight: PRS Expands Used Equipment Business - Pallet Repair Systems, a supplier of pallet equipment, machinery and supplies based in Jacksonville, Illinois is increasing its capacity for used machinery that it refurbishes and sells complete with warranty.  (2/1/2013)

  Resawing for Pallet Lumber - Tables in this article provide an overview of suppliers of resaws for cutting pallet lumber, including models and their characteristics.  (9/1/2012)

  Millwood Hires Former Unit Load Center Director - Millwood Hires Former Unit Load Center Director  (11/1/2011)

  Weyerhaeuser Sells Hardwood Business Unit - Weyerhaeuser Sells Hardwood Business Unit  (10/1/2011)

  Wood-Mizer Industrial Releases WM1000 with Cutting Capacity Up to 67" Diameter Logs - Wood-Mizer Products Incorporated has released its new industrial-grade WM1000. The WM1000 is developed both to break down up to 67” diameter logs and also to saw high value logs where the thin-kerf blade and wide cutting ensures maximum resale value.   (9/6/2011)

  Brewer Introduces New Three-Way Board Conditioner - Brewer, long known for its lumber manufacturing machinery, has a new innovative machine called the Board Conditioner. This three-way machine can provide three different lumber processing functions for a pallet plant or sawmill. It can chamfer decking, edge boards, and plane lumber.  (9/6/2011)

  New PRS Stringer Splicer Attachment - New on the Market  (3/1/2011)

  New Baker Automated DogEar Corner Clipping Machine is Now Available - New Baker Automated DogEar Corner Clipping Machine is Now Available  (1/1/2011)

  Wood-Mizer Opens new Texas Sales Center - Wood-Mizer Opens new Texas Sales Center  (11/1/2010)

  Wood-Mizer Dedicates New Showroom in Honor of Steve Clark - Wood-Mizer Dedicates New Showroom in Honor of Steve Clark   (9/1/2010)

  Baker Announces New Option for 18HD Band Sawmill - New option from Baker allows a user to turn a 18HC band sawmill into a resaw and back again with minimal hassle.   (6/1/2010)

  Phillips Saw & Tool – An Established Blade Company - Sawing expert identifies ways to improve band sawing through its various services.   (6/1/2010)

  Wood-Mizer Announces 2010 Sawmill Product Line - Entering new decade, Wood-Mizer expands it sawmill product line to include eight models with new features added at no extra cost.   (6/1/2010)

  Sweed Launches Product Development to Eliminate Scrap - Chopping scrap banding can save dumpster space and reduce costs associated with disposal. Sweed sees its 450 WM XHD scrap chopper as an ideal solution.  (6/1/2010)

  Pendu Announces New Five Head Shaving Mill - Looking to turn wood waste into profits, consider this new five head shaving mill by Pendu.  (6/1/2010)

  Productivity in the Forest Products Industry: Innovative Practices Used by Forward Looking Companies - Industry leaders discuss keys to managing their time and boosting productivity in the office as well as the plant floor. From technology to customer shortcuts, learn what works and what doesn’t.  (5/1/2010)

  Wood-Mizer Introduces New Industrial Product Line - Wood-Mizer unveils WM3500 thin-kerf headrig, an industrial grade saw designed to accommodate larger logs.   (4/1/2010)

  Sawmills Turn to Computers to Gather, Process Information; 84 Percent Use Internet - Sawmill Technology: Technology utilization by sawmills is now moving in new directions; there is a great interest in using computers to track inventories, maintenance, quality control, lumber sales and more.  (6/1/2009)

  Sawmill Technology & Optimization Guide - Sawmill Optimization Guide: A review of suppliers that offer optimization technology for sawmills; each supplier listed with contact information and brief description.  (4/1/2009)

  Sawmill and Treatings Insights: Preventative Maintenance Efforts StartWith Overall Equipment Effectiveness - The key to a total preventative maintenance program (TPM) is that the entire work force and all levels of management must be committed to the program.   (4/1/2009)

  New on the Market - New Products  (4/1/2009)

  Regular Maintenance to Head Saw Keeps Mills Cutting Quality Lumber - Head Saw Maintenance: Proper maintenance of the head saw helps a company cut quality lumber and run efficiently; two hardwood sawmills discuss their routine maintenance.  (3/1/2009)

  Mid Continent Offers Pneumatic Pallet Nailers - Mid Continent Nail Corp. has developed 16 models of pneumatic nailing tools since the company introduced its first nailing tool in August 2006.  (3/1/2008)

  Saw Blades 101: Country Saw Offers Vital Service For Active Blades & Tested Advice - Sawing, Resawing: Steve Mercer of Country Saw & Knife offers tips for sawing logs and resawing cants and lumber with thin-kerf horizontal bandsaws.  (12/1/2007)

  Suppliers Offer Tips on Sawing, Blades - Sawing Tips: Suppliers of saw machinery, saw blades and blade service offer tips and ‘tricks of the trade’ about sawing and saw blade maintenance.  (9/1/2007)

  Software Drives Smarter Sawmills & Lumber Companies: Review of Software Technologies Used to Improve Management Intelligence - Sawmill/Lumber Management Software: Review of various sawmill and lumber management software focusing primarily on Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Also covers company optimization, customer management and modeling software. Provides good insights for lumber companies looking to upgrade or improve their IT systems.  (3/1/2007)

  Virginia Tech, Sawmill & Treating Insights -- Going with the Grain: Sawing with the Curve - The idea of curve sawing is to produce a two sided cant using some type of head saw with the main curvature remaining in the cant. The cant is then sawn in such a way that the true form is followed thus producing longer lumber, improved lumber grade and less slope of grain with boards.   (9/1/2006)

  Sawlines: Scanners, Computers Optimize Machines - In his final regular column, Alan Froome continues his discussion of sawmill ideas and methods and how they evolved, along with a review of some recent developments in technology. This series of columns is intended to be a generic overview of different methods used in the sawmill industry in response to readers’ requests.  (6/1/2006)

  Sawmill & Treating Insights: Keys to Buying the Right Portable Sawmill - Portable Sawmills: Plan ahead, save time and money when making a decision to buy a portable sawmill. Dr. Brian Bond of Virginia Tech has submitted his first column in a new series.  (6/1/2006)

  Peter C. Herman Continues Trend of Self-Reliance by Heating with Wood: Wood Furnaces from Biomass Combustion Systems Prove Effective - Heating with Wood: Pallet manufacturer Peter C. Herman Inc. invests in Biomass Combustion Systems wood furnaces so it can heat its buildings by burning scrap wood.  (5/1/2006)

  Saw Lines: File Room Key to Recovery, Production - There has always been a lot of secrecy attached to the work done by the saw filer or ‘saw doctor’ as some like to call him. Manufacturers of saw filing and benching equipment have developed automatic machines in recent years, which has removed at least some of the mystery.  (3/1/2006)

  Rough Mills Should Regularly Evaluate Lumber Grade Mix - Rough Mill Guide: U.S. Forest Service updates its guide for operators of rough sawmills; first chapter examines factors that impact yield and value.  (9/1/2005)

  Software Analyzes Feasibility of Saw Kerf Reduction for Hardwood Mills - Computer software program from Mississippi State University can help companies analyze if they would benefit from reducing saw kerf on head rigs and resaws.  (6/1/2005)

  Bandmills, Gang Saws Provide Options at Secondary Breakdown - Sawlines Column  (3/1/2005)

  Machinery Options Abound For Primary Breakdown Step - Sawlines Column  (12/1/2004)

  Sawmill Process Begins with Bucking, Debarking - Sawlines Column  (9/1/2004)

  Wood-Mizer Poised to Expand into Industrial Sawmill Market - New Products, Organizational Structure Pave Way for Growth, Change  (9/1/2004)

  Storti Edger, Gang-Rip Offer Option For Recovering Lumber from Slabs - G. Wine Sales has several Storti slab recovery systems running in U.S.  (3/17/2004)

  Mill Automates Material Handling with New Stacker - G. Wine Sales develops new high-speed stacker for Hopkins Lumber, which was looking to increase efficiency.   (6/1/2003)

  New on the Market - June 2003 - Dixie Precision increases production and G-Tek forms to serve pallet and sawmill industries.   (6/1/2003)

  Wizard Technologies Introduces Foam-Based System to Color Mulch - Company with expertise in developing various types of mulch products launches new foam-based technology and equipment for producing colored mulch.  (5/1/2003)

  July Product Profiles - Product Profiles  (7/1/2000)

  Yakama Growing on Success of Small Log Mill - Yakama Forest Products growing on success of log mill  (10/1/1999)

  Innovative Eureka System Shows Potential for Thin-Kerf Gang Saws - Saw Blade Innovation: Eureka Saws develops circular saw blade and spacer for gang saw systems that are designed to provide air cooling and allow for thin-kerf gang sawing.  (8/1/1999)