New Products:

  First U.S. Hardwood CLT Project in Development - Hardwood CLT: Visionary designer develops first every project for the use of low-grade material in producing hardwood cross laminated timber. Forecasts potential for hardwood CLT in the U.S. construction sector.   (8/1/2017)

  Coming into Focus: What Is Transparent Wood? - Researchers are developing a transparent wood that can be used instead of glass in some building projects. Find out how this development will change how we look at wood.  (6/1/2016)

  Wood-Mizer Names 2014 Business Best Contest Winners - New on the Market  (12/4/2014)

  Software Drives Smarter Sawmills & Lumber Companies: Insights from Suppliers on What to Look for When Making Your Selection - Sawmill Software: Review of technology options for sawmill and lumber ERP software. It covers the latest developments from mobile devices to enhanced data analysis capabilities. These smart tools can improve productivity and provide greater business data to boost profits.  (6/1/2007)

  Saw Lines: Moulding Makes Value-Added Products - (Editor’s Note: In his regular column, Alan Froome continues his discussion of sawmill ideas and methods and how they evolved, along with a review of some recent developments in technology. This series of columns is intended to be a generic overview of different methods used in the sawmill industry in response to readers’ requests.)   (12/1/2005)

  Pendu Purchase of Cornell — A Natural Combination - Pendu-Cornell: With its acquisition of Cornell Industrial behind it, Pendu Manufacturing is positioned as a leading manufacturer and supplier to the pallet and sawmill industries.  (9/1/2005)