Sawmill Case Studies:

  Missouri’s Reed Lumber Puts A Lot of Credence in Numbers: Company Returns to Hurdle Machine Works for New Sawmill - Production Boost: Reed Lumber upgrades sawmill with Hurdle equipment to supply own lumber needs. Company has grown partnering with top-notch suppliers, such as Baker and Viking Engineering. Taking care of its people is a reason for staff loyalty and strong customer service.   (9/4/2018)

  O’Malley Lumber Keeps Eye on Efficiency Gains, Curbing Costs: New Pendu Board Line, Pallet Machinery Group Stackers Provide Boost - O’Malley Lumber: Virginia-based pallet company expands, relies on automation to become more efficient. The company has developed a strong reputation for its food grade pallets treated with mold inhibitors. O’Malley utilizes wood waste in its pellet operations.   (7/1/2018)

  Innovative Pendu Trim Saw Enables Minnesota Cut Stock Supplier to Boost Production, Overcome Space Constraints - Space Saver: Progressive pallet and cut stock supplier relies on Pendu to deliver an integrated system and add onsite installation expertise; Pallet Service Corp. grows thanks to lumber expertise and experimentation.   (10/5/2017)

  Young Entrepreneur Looks to Diversification and New Equipment to Accelerate Growth: L-M Verticut P4 Critical to Cut Stock Operation - Pete’s Pallet: Young Canadian entrepreneur starts pallet company when he was 21 and has built it up over the last five years. Peter Rempel shares how diversification, risk taking and the right suppliers has fueled growth. LM Equipment has made all the difference for his cut stock operation.   (9/1/2017)

  Linda Grodner Operates Sawmill Exchange Honoring Values Held by Her Late Husband - Sawmill Exchange: Helping people find just the right equipment deal. Linda Grodner continues the legacy of equipment brokerage website and service  (8/1/2017)

  Hogbox Bucks Trend, Switches from Pallet Recycling to New Pallets: Turns to Baker to Develop Specialized Sawlines - Risky Business: Hogbox transforms from recycling to new pallet manufacturing and bets big that machinery from Baker Products and GBN Machine can drive down production costs. Baker develops an innovative circular center splitter saw for making deck boards.   (5/1/2017)

  Ohio Company Enjoys Growth, Investing in Plant, Machinery: Sawmiller Operates Two Scragg Mills to Produce Pallet Lumber - Sawmiller Inc: Ohio pallet manufacturer experiences solid growth and invests in plant and machinery using scragg mill to respond to market changes.   (4/3/2017)

  Upgraded for Growth: Lumbermen Associates and Colonial Forest Products Eliminate Bottlenecks with Pendu Machinery - Pendu Manufacturing: Both Lumbermen Associates and Colonial Forest Products turned to Pendu to boost production at their mills by eliminating bottlenecks and wasted motion. Faster, simpler, better has become the new norm after these upgrades.   (9/1/2015)

  Forest Industry Legend Revives Shuttered Ontario Mill, Looks to Position as Low Cost Producer - Mill Revitalization: A shuttered Canadian mill is given a new chance at life after a massive improvement project featuring a new Comact line and upgrades to one of its HewSaw lines. This could be a model for future programs to reopen sawmills with strong timber licenses.   (9/1/2015)

  Former Employees Who Purchased Closed Virginia Sawmill Find Success by Focusing on Quality - Franklin Lumber: Focusing on grade lumber and high quality production, former employees purchase and restart Virginia sawmill. New owners explain the process of reopening an idle facility and things to keep in mind when evaluating business opportunities.   (7/2/2015)

  Sustainability Through Technology and Science: State-of-the-Art Sawmill and Plantation Process Fast Growing Timber, Reduce Environmental Impact - Green Operations: Oregon sawmill focuses on sustainability and innovation by processing new hybrid, fast-growing trees while reducing environmental impact.   (5/1/2015)

  German Efficiency: Sawmill Produces Little Waste, Powers Success with Biomass Energy - German Efficiency: HMS-HOLZ sawmill powers facility and sells energy back to the grid using innovative biomass plant design, company works to limit waste and improve log yield.  (8/1/2014)

  Dickerson Lumber Makes Significant Move by Cleaning Blades with BioLube - Lube It Right: Proper blade lubrication can make all the difference in preventing blade cracks and wear problems. Dickerson Lumber reveals how BioLube has become its secret to efficient operation even in cold weather situations.   (4/1/2014)

  Building a Strong Mat Business and Vertical Integration Feed Success of Sterling Lumber - Sterling Lumber: A family-owned wood products company expands into a new facility and continues its success in the matt construction market. Its third generation leadership maintains a commitment to controlling its own material sourcing and a traditional business mindset.   (2/1/2014)

  Clark Lumber Company Chooses Rugged Hurdle Equipment to Match Its Fast Pace of Production - Four Hurdle Complete Circle Mill packages head the paths to high-value hardwood lumber at Clark Lumber Company.  (6/1/2013)

  Baker Resaws Spark Production Boom at New Zealand Timber Processing Plant - New Zealand wood products and pallet cutstock producer positions for future through automation improvements led by Baker’s thin-kerf resaw technology.   (5/1/2013)

  Smith Sawmill Service Offers Top Quality Blades – Relies Heavily on Wood-Mizer as a Blade Stock Supplier - : Smith Sawmill Service entered the narrow thin-kerf bandsaw blade market in 1996. Since then it has grown to become one of the largest, possibly the largest, welders of narrow bandsaw blades in the country. It is the biggest purchaser of Wood-Mizer bandsaw blade stock that serves the sawmill and pallet industries.  (1/1/2013)

  White Bear Lumber Weathers the Rough Economy to Start a Scragg Mill: Turns to Storti for Sawmill Machinery - White Bear Lumber started a scragg mill during a difficult economic time. By focusing on quality and efficiency, the company continues to grow and prosper. A Storti scragg mill has been its secret toward successfully replacing manpower with the right machinery.  (11/1/2011)

  Weyerhaeuser Lumber Facility Hums Thanks to Hyster Lift Trucks - Distribution Efficiency: Weyerhaeuser''s lumber distribution facility relies on Hyster lift trucks to move huge volumes on a daily basis. Maintenance and best practices keep facility humming.   (10/1/2011)

  Biewer Lumber Keeps Looking Ahead; Company Seeks to Have Stronger Presence in the Pallet Industry - Biewer Lumber, one of the largest softwood lumber producers in the Midwest, keeps shouldering ahead, looks to improve its presence in the pallet industry.   (10/1/2011)

  Townsend Lumber: A Leader in the Hardwood Industry Serves As Base to Expand and Diversify into Other Wood Products Businesses - Diversification, expansion and innovation has allowed the owners of Townsend Lumber to grow in the forest products industry and develop its sawmill into a leader in the hardwood industry.   (6/1/2011)

  Kenmar Timber Co. Still Adapting, Controls Process from Logs to Finished Goods - Kenmar Timber: Missouri pallet manufacturer and sawmill adapts to change and has control of its supply chain from forests to the end product.  (3/1/2011)

  Tough Times Require Business Grit: Southern Packaging Combats Recessionary Environment through Expansion, Launching New Services - : Despite the recent recessionary environment, Southern Packaging demonstrates business grit through expansion, launching new services.   (12/1/2010)

  Third-Party Certification and Upgraded Equipment Keep F.H. Stoltze Current - F.H. Stoltze Land & Lumber Company uses third-party certification and upgraded equipment to stay up-to-date with market demands and efficiency levels  (10/1/2010)

  RoyOMartin’s Alabama Mill, One of the State’s Largest, Undergoing Expansion - RoyOMartin – one of Alabama’s largest mills undergoes an expansion, adding new drying capabilities. The company’s expecting an increase in production by 30 million board feet per year.   (7/1/2010)

  New Baker Sawmill at Priority Pallet Is a Southern California Opportunity - Priority Pallet is installing a Baker Super Streak sawmill and Baker cutup operation to process bug kill timber, a unique opportunity in California.  (5/1/2010)

  Pacific Trail Crosscut Unit Saw Allows 84 Lumber to Crosscut Doug Fir and Remain Competitive - 84 Lumber in Las Vegas Chooses Pacific Trail Crosscut unit saw for Crosscutting Lumber  (11/1/2009)

  JR Banks Lumber Launches Scragg Mill to Make Pre-Cut Pallet Stock: Timberland Machinery Big Jake Scragg, Brewer Bandsaws Key Cut-Up Operations - Timberland Scragg Mill for Pre-Cut Pallet Stock: J.R. Banks Lumber, Arkansas railtie producer, expands into making pre-cut pallet stock with new Timberland Machinery Big Jake scragg mill.  (9/1/2009)

  ‘Grocery Store’ Approach Key to Success for Wagner Lumber: U•C Coatings Enables Hardwood Producer to Preserve Lumber Quality - Wagner Lumber: New York company’s ‘grocery store’ approach to doing business has been a key to its success; U·C Coatings products help Wagner Lumber ensure quality of its hardwood lumber.  (6/1/2009)

  Wyoming Company Adds New Cant Line from Pendu Mfg. -- Bearlodge Forest Products also Installs New Big Jake Scragg - Bearlodge Forest Products: New Pendu cut-up system, which produces pallet deck boards and stringers from cants, helps trim labor, increase production at Wyoming company.  (12/1/2008)

  New, Bigger Scragg Mill Runs Strong, Boosts Production for Reed Lumber -- Missouri Company’s New Mill Is a Showcase for Baker Products Equipment - Reed Lumber: Missouri-based Reed Lumber is a showcase for Baker Products equipment, including an innovative de-duster design. The company’s new scragg mill is extensively equipped with Baker machinery.  (12/1/2008)

  Potomac Supply Corp. Wins Environmental Award, Utilizes Green Energy - Potomac Supply: Virginia sawmill business wins environmental award for its latest development –processing residuals into biomass fuel that is burned to produce steam for lumber dry kilns.  (9/1/2008)

  Golden State Lumber Adds Package Cross-Cut Saw: L-M Equipment (US) Verticut Provides Accurate, Fast Cutting - Golden State Lumber: California company adds an L-M Equipment cross-cut package saw for accurate, fast cutting of I-joists, studs, beams and other material.  (9/1/2007)

  Riephoff Sawmill Firmly Established in Northeast Industrial Lumber Market: New Jersey Hardwood Mill Specializes in Custom Work, Industrial Products - Riephoff Sawmill: New Jersey hardwood mill specializes in custom work and industrial lumber products for markets in the Northeast; crane mats account for half the company’s volume.  (9/1/2007)

  Opportunity Comes Knocking for Brit; His Pallet Company Grows Quickly: Holden Pallets Is First Application of AWMV LT300 Head Rig in Western Europe - Holden Pallets: British man starts pallet manufacturing operations for his employer, and business flourishes; Holden Pallets is first company in Western Europe to use AWMV head rig.  (8/1/2007)

  Indiana Company Relies on Helle Mills; Cornell Cut-Up Line Makes Pallet Stock - Baird Sawmill: Indiana company turns to its long-term supplier, Sawmill Hydraulics, when it upgrades; Baird Sawmill replaces older Helle sawmill with a new, automated Helle sawmill with computerized setworks.  (7/1/2007)

  Coomer & Sons Sawmill Adds AWMV Thin-Kerf Head Rig: Indiana Pallet Maker Turns to Wood-Mizer’s Industrial Affiliate - Coomer & Sons Sawmill: Indiana pallet manufacturing company invests in thin-kerf head rig from AWMV Industrial Products; Coomer & Sons Sawmill enjoys close relationship with Wood-Mizer affiliate.  (6/1/2007)

  Samuel Kent Baker Supplies Custom Machinery for Diverse Applications: Custom Equipment Shows Supplier’s Expertise in Design, Engineering - Samuel Kent Baker Inc.: Supplier helped two diverse companies in the forest products industry with special equipment needs they had for moving and handling wood and lumber.  (5/1/2007)

  Barcode Tracking System & Unique, Transverse Saw System: Potomac Supply Makes History in Its Milling and Logistics Developments - Industry-leading Virginia company has made major upgrades to its mill in order to stay competitive in the softwood lumber business and has a unique bar coding process for inventory and shipping control; plant features custom equipment designed for its requirements.  (9/1/2006)

  Southland Manufacturing Advances to Industry Changes: A New Brewco B-800 Bandsaw System Anchors Lumber Production - Brewco bandsaws are helping Kentucky pallet manufacturer to produce the cut stock it needs; new guide system enables sawing with minimal kerf and no sawdust problems.  (9/1/2006)

  North Carolina Mill Adds Optimization: Home Lumber Co. Turns to Inovec for Optimized Controls at Head Rig - North Carolina hardwood lumber producer adds optimization to head rig; Inovec supplies technology for optimized controls.  (3/1/2006)

  Demise of Furniture Industry Puts Lumber Company into Pallet Arena; - Leading Virginia Hardwood Mill Establishes Solid Foothold in Pallet Market   (1/3/2005)

  Indiana Hardwood Sawmill Makes High Quality Pallet Stock With Wood-Mizer Equipment - Phil Etienne Timber: This major player in southwest Indiana operates a hardwood sawmill and has found a viable market in manufacturing high quality pallet stock; Wood-Mizer Multi-Head resaws are the workhorses of the cut-up operations.  (7/1/2003)

  Buchanan Hardwoods Continues Progress on Its Firm Foundation - Flooring Mill Is Latest Addition to Leading Manufacturer of Hardwood Lumber  (2/3/2003)

  Oregon Man Discovers Small-Scale Milling Is A Strong Market Niche - Oregon man discovers that small-scale milling is a strong market niche; recycling old building timbers keeps his Wood-Mizer portable sawmills going.  (3/1/2000)