Sawmill Case Studies: Hardwood :

  Sims Forest Products Changes Plans, Seeks Right Product Mix With Cooper Machines - Sims Forest Products: Southern sawmill shifts focus from low-grade hardwoods to sawing pine, installs new equipment. Operates equipment from some of the biggest names in sawmill and resawing sector, including Cooper Machine.   (4/2/2018)

  Relationships Built Garmar Industries: N.J. Company Is a Leading Supplier of Cut Stock, Industrial Lumber - Garmar Industries: Relationships, key machinery utilization and broad product offerings make this pallet stock and lumber remanufacturer stand out. Find out why Garmar has become a strong ally for its customers.  (4/1/2016)

  Lumber Perfection: Longevity and Innovation Drive Success at AJD Forest Products - AJD Forest Products: Michigan sawmill improves facility to boost efficiencies, weathers tough market through vertical integration and continues to offer top quality lumber.   (4/9/2015)

  Profile Technology Solves Cant Cutting Dilemma for The Pallet Factory, Plant Upgrades Help Memphis Company Improve - System Constraints: Odd-sized cants were affecting productivity in the cut up operation at The Pallet Factory and plant space limitations made it impossible to add a cant sizer in front of the gang saw. The company turned to Profile Technology to engineer a solution that significantly improved production and reduced maintenance hassles  (12/1/2014)

  Weber Brothers Sawmill Relies on Simonds Intl. to Keep Its Bandsaw Operation Running Strong - Weber Brothers: Michigan hardwood sawmill finds success by focusing on the little things. The company shares how proper blade maintenance and filing operations makes all the difference. Weber relies on the Simonds 980 model automated bench to make blade maintenance a snap.   (9/1/2014)

  Sawmill Expands Services During Recession - Johnson Lumber saw an opportunity to expand their services during the recession. The family-owned sawmill capitalized on lower machinery prices to add new value-added services to their offerings.   (5/1/2012)

  Struggling Sawmill Finds Key to Success - Ohio Valley Veneer Uses Wood-Mizer Industrial Equipment To Saw High-grade Walnut  (9/6/2011)

  McDowell Lumber Builds Pallet Manufacturing Business on Rayco Nailing Machines: Recent Improvements Include Brewco Gangsaw Line and Copper Scragg Mill - McDowell Lumber nails its pallet on three Rayco Pallet Pro nailing systems. Expansion of pallet lumber manufacturing capacity includes a Brewco gang saw line and a brand new Cooper end dogging overhead scragg mill.  (9/1/2010)

  Hawkeye Forest Products Keeps Sharp Eye on Costs, Looks Forward to 2010: Wisconsin Hardwood Lumber Producer Hopeful for Rebound Next Spring - Hawkeye Forest Products: Wisconsin hardwood lumber producer is hopeful for rebound next spring; company specializes in black walnut.  (10/1/2009)

  Father-Son Team Combines Custom Stairs with Low-Grade Hardwood - Dugan Wood Products: Two Illinois men find it makes good business sense for them to have a couple of very different market areas – building custom stairs and running a small hardwood sawmill.  (5/1/2009)

  Oklahoma Hardwood Mill Finds Now Is Opportune Time to Enter Pallet Market: Fourth Generation Company Stays Small, Nimble to Survive - Gray’s Sawmill: Oklahoma hardwood sawmill company has remained a family business for four generations by being small, nimble, and finds now is a good time to enter the pallet arena.  (4/1/2009)

  McDowell Lumber & Pallet Committed to Aggressive, Continuous Improvement: North Carolina Company Operates Hardwood Sawmill, Pallet Plant - McDowell Lumber: North Carolina company, which operates a hardwood sawmill and pallet manufacturing facilities, is committed to aggressive and continuous improvement.  (6/1/2008)

  Sawmill & Treating Insights: Curve Sawing Low-Grade Hardwoods - Approximately one-third of hardwood saw logs have a significant amount of sweep and that 7% to almost 40% of the yield is lost from logs that have greater than 1 inch of sweep.  (4/1/2008)

  Big G Wood Products Plans to Grow by Adding Value, Heat-Treating Services - Big G Wood Products: Arkansas pallet recycling veteran launches scragg mill; Timberland Machinery Big Jake scragg saw powers production of deck boards at Big G Wood Products.  (10/1/2007)

  West Va. Forest Products Survives Market Shift With Transition to Specialty Pallet Stock: Serves Industrial Lumber Users - West Va. Forest Products: Company survives market shifts by transitioning into manufacturing specialty pallet stock; W. Va. Forest Products positioned to serve industrial lumber users.  (4/1/2007)

  SPEC Wood & Marketing Solutions— Keeping Pallet Plants Supplied With Canadian Cut Stock - SPEC: Quebec-based SPEC Wood & Marketing Solutions specializes in supplying pallet lumber to recyclers and pallet manufacturers for new and combo pallets.  (3/1/2007)

  Diversification and Vertical Integration Help Shield Company from Market Drops - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  Yoder Lumber Co. Makes Transition to Grade Lumber from Pallet Industry - Ohio Family Business Moves into Dimension Lumber and Furniture Stock  (8/1/2004)

  Weaber Lumber is a Thriving Leader in Hardwood Industry - Company Has Been Leader in Growing Market for S4S Poplar  (7/1/2004)

  Pennsylvania Mill Stays Focused Cutting Rail Ties, Pallet Cants, Grade Lumber - Railroad Ties Are Important Product of Keystone State Mill  (7/1/2004)

  Small Wisconsin Mill Specializes in Sawing High Grade Lumber - Go-Fast Grade Resaw Lets G&G Lumber Boost Production, Recovery  (10/1/2003)

  Ohio Sawmill Supplies Hardwood Cut Stock For Pallet Manufacturers - Dash Sawmill started out of growing tree service business.  (4/1/2003)

  Gilkey Lumber Enters Next Phase of Optimization - Gilkey Lumber optimizing controls at edger  (10/1/1999)

  Pendu Line Boosts Missouri Pallet Cut Stock Company - When a Missouri pallet cut stock company wanted to increase production, it turned to Pendu Manufacturing Inc. for a new production line featuring two gang saws.   (5/1/1999)