Design/Engineering Research:

  Council Moves to Widen Use of Cross-Laminated Timber - CLM Moving Ahead: Mass timber construction in the United States is clearing code obstacles and local governments eye the potential to help their forest products sectors while reducing the environmental impact of tall construction projects.   (2/4/2019)

  Tips to Improve Performance and Reduce the Cost of Pallet Design - Better Pallet Performance: Mark White, Ph.D., covers ways that you can improve pallet performance, reduce cost and make smarter design choices. If you want to reduce product damage and keep costs low, this is a must-read for pallet designers.   (12/3/2018)

  Pallet Design System to Release Revolutionary Version 5.0 - NWPCA unveils revolutionary new potential for PDS as it will now enable pallet manufacturers to specify and draw the entire “unit load” – consisting of the pallet, containers, and load stabilizers.   (9/6/2011)

  The New Norm - Va Tech Pallet Lab Undergoes Changes - Virginia Tech's Center for Unit Load Design and Sardo Pallet Lab restructure as university launches major packaging program, hoping to build for the future.   (9/6/2011)

  Professional Pallet Services Begins Marketing Pallet Wizard Software - Pallet Wizard: Ohio pallet company begins marketing computer software program it developed ‘for the average pallet business;’ the Pallet Wizard makes drawings of pallets and more.  (8/1/2007)

  Virginia Tech Study Shows Potential For Finger Jointing Pallet Parts - A recent pilot study by Virginia Tech’s Center for Unit Load Design has concluded that finger jointed green and dry hardwood pallet components can perform at strength and stiffness levels approaching those of solid wood.   (2/1/2006)

  Effect of Stringer Repair Methods and Repair Frequency on GMA Performance - Plating, Full or Half Companion Stringers Can Restore Bending Strength  (2/2/2005)

  Va. Tech Studies Pallets Assembled With Structural Composite Lumber - Study focus is performance of pallet joints, best fasteners to use with structural composite lumber  (6/2/2004)

  Va. Tech Prof Heads Forest Products Society - Paul Winistorfer Elected President  (1/5/2004)

  PDS Version 3.3 Offers Easier, More Flexible Program - Latest version of Pallet Design System computer software includes improvements to pallet component quality grades and has ability to set custom unit load specifications.   (7/1/2003)

  Transport Packaging Faces Daunting Task and Hazards - Dennis Young, an expert in transport packaging, describes the hazards of shipping and the keys to design effective transport packaging.  (7/1/2003)

  On Art, The Art Of Escape, And Military Supply Chain - Rick LeBlanc explores the peculiar and important uses for wood pallets and the changing public image of the wood pallet.   (5/1/2003)

  Blazing a Trail to Protect Against Pallet Failure, Liability - Health, Safety Inspectors Increasingly Want Proof That a Company Exercised Safety Initiatives  (2/3/2003)

  Lose an Inch, Save a Ton! - Low profile pallets offer tremendous cost savings, according to research  (12/2/2002)

  Virginia Tech Dedicates Sculpture Honoring Four Leaders in Pallet Lab, Pallet Research - Sculpture Honors William Sardo, Dr. George Stern, Dr. Walter Wallin, Thomas DePew  (6/26/2002)

  New PDS Will Predict Performance Of Pallets Made With Used Parts - Study by Virginia Tech will be the basis for updating the Pallet Design System computer program to enable prediction of performance of pallets made with used parts.  (11/13/2001)

  Dr. George Stern Leaves a Legacy of Pallet Research - Pallet Salute: The pallet industry loses a retired leader and valuable friend with the passing of Dr. George Stern; prolific researcher founded the William H. Sardo Jr. Pallet and Container Laboratory at Virginia Tech.  (5/1/2001)

  New Technology Process Creates New Market Potential - New technology process may pave way for new type of recycled lumber products and pallets.  (5/1/2000)

  Design Pallets By Point and Click - Facelift for PDS: The new windows version of the Pallet Design System has help screens, is Y2K compliant, is compatible with most printers, and handles metric conversion.  (12/1/1999)

  Benefits of Reusable Pallets, Containers May Help Clinch a Sale - Benefits of Reusables: John Clarke presented benefits of reusable pallets and containers to RPCC audience. He discussed load bridging, deck coverage, and reduced vibrations using stiffer decks.  (12/1/1999)

  Quality Fasteners Markedly Improve Pallet Performance - pallets, containers, and reels can be improved by using high quality fasteners  (10/1/1999)

  Pallet Standards Gain Importance - Pallet Standards: Standards are not necessarily something that pallet customers ask about, although they may be better off if they did instead of blindly ordering a GMA or a shingle pallet.  (7/1/1999)

  Gluing Pallets? - Adhesive manufacturer to reformulate existing wood glue product and to conduct additional tests to etermins its feasiblilty for pallet assembly.  (12/1/1998)