Equipment, Products & Services:

  Nailing Machine Guide: Suppliers Offer Many Choices for Automating Pallet Assembly - Pallet Nailing Introduction: Overview of key questions to consider and issues to evaluate when choosing an automated pallet nailing machine.   (3/6/2019)

  Supplier Spotlight: Two Viking Employees Marking 40-Year Anniversaries - Two employees at Viking Engineering celebrate 40 years with the company, highlights the strength of Viking’s personnel.   (1/4/2019)

  2018 Video Guide - Video Guide: Find the piece of equipment you need to boost production. This guide provides videos so that you can see potential machinery solutions in operation.   (11/3/2018)

  Can the Right Forklifts Give Your Business a Lift? An update on technology advances and ideas about whether to buy new or used—or to lease. - Forklift Technology: From autonomous forklifts to new ergonomic and energy features, suppliers continue to innovate ways to save time and boost production. Take a few minutes to consider if your forklift strategy and equipment have kept up with the times.   (11/3/2018)

  The Robots Are Coming, the Robots are Coming! Issues & Trends in Advanced Automation - Advanced Automation: Leading suppliers discuss major trends and developments in pallet and lumber machinery including robotics, scanner and more. This article will help you identify what you need to know before making that big machinery or automation purchase including a list of key questions to consider.   (10/5/2018)

  New on the Market: Millwood Inc. Adds New Product to Reduce Pallet Damage - The Product Protector is a solid steel frame with a rubber bumper that attaches to a forklift.   (8/1/2018)

  Guru, How-to Tips from Industry Experts: Tips for Maximum Gang Saw Performance - Industry veterans share insights on how to get the most out of your gang saw and ways to avoid common problems when operating them.   (7/1/2018)

  Baker Products Celebrates 30th Anniversary, Looks to Develop New Sawmill Approach - Seeking Better Yield: Baker Products celebrates its 30th anniversary as Ed Baker launches his most ambitious sawmill venture yet. He believes his new sawmill approach will take tried and true technology to new heights.   (5/2/2018)

  Profile Technology’s Nailbuster® Inserts and Regrind Program Produce Major Savings for Pallet Express; New Sortation Line Boosts Production - Pallet Express: A good maintenance and regrind program along with a new automated repair line help keep operations humming, reduces cost and saves on labor. Pallet Express finds success relying on Profile Technology and AMS.   (4/2/2018)

  Supplier Spotlight: WIKUS Introduces Band Blade for Pallet Dismantlers - European technology on dismantling blades is being marketed to the North American market with a focus on blade life and performance.   (4/2/2018)

  Supplier Spotlight: HUB Supply Cabinet Curbs Inventory Costs - Prevent Supply Room Shrink: New cabinet keeps supplies secure and reduces costs.  (3/1/2018)

  European Technology:Storti & Pallet Machinery Group: 15 Years of Innovation and Customer Service Focus - Storti and Pallet Machinery Group: With the broadest product line serving the lumber and pallet sectors, Storti has successfully pioneered the European pallet equipment market in North America. Its key alliance with Greg Wine and Pallet Machinery Group seeks to apply European technology in a way that works in this market. Find out about the latest innovations including the new Freedom nailing machine.   (2/1/2018)

  Stromab CT600 Cross-cut Saw Features Exceptional Accuracy and Flexibility - Italian saw manufacturer offers unique cross-cut saw in the North American market.   (2/1/2018)

  Supplier Spotlight: Pendu Offers New Heavy-Duty Gang Saw - Pendu develops high-production gang saw for demanding applications. New levels of automation allow for easier troubleshooting and changing line speed.   (1/1/2018)

  Nailing Machine Checklist - Nailing Equipment Checklist: These questions can help guide your next nailing machine upgrade or equipment purchase. Do you even know what you need in the future to grow and become more efficient?   (12/1/2017)

  New Products: Rotochopper Introduces RotoLink 2nd Generation Remote Monitoring System - New Products: Rotochopper Introduces RotoLink 2nd Generation Remote Monitoring System  (11/8/2017)

  2017 Video Guide - 2017 Video Guide: Discover the equipment that you have been missing. Check out this review of machinery and equipment videos for pallet manufacturing, pallet repair and sawing.   (11/7/2017)

  Letter from Ed: Industrial Reporting Staff Changes for Your Benefit - Pallet Enterprise founder Ed Brindley provides a snapshot overview of the fine staff that serves our readers with the best publications we can.   (11/1/2017)

  Supplier Spotlight: Rayco’s Great Customer Service Helps Pallet Makers Keep Nailers Up and Running - Customer services drives performance for Rayco nailing machine users.   (11/1/2017)

  New Products - Vecoplan Offers VecoBELT for Transporting Bulk Materials, WSM Offers Rugged, Efficient Grinders  (10/13/2017)

  Problem Solvers: Iron Bull Hoppers Help Quality Pallet Handle Wood Waste with Ease - Wood Waste: Hoppers provide easy-to-use method for collecting scrap material and keeping a facility clean.   (10/5/2017)

  Problem Solvers: Ed’s Pallet World Chops Blades Down to Size with Help from Sweed Scrap Chopper - Scrap Recycling: Ed’s Pallet World eliminates bandsaw blade waste problems with Sweed Scrap Chopper.   (9/1/2017)

  Supplier Spotlight: Rotochopper’s Gen 2 Colorizer Boosts Production and Saves Cost - Colorization Improvement: Manufacturers can boost production while maintaining color quality and controlling costs with Rotochopper’s Gen 2 colorizer.   (8/1/2017)

  Problem Solvers: Profile Technology Adapts Gang Saw to Cut Eased-Edge Boards for Treen Box & Pallet - Profile Technology adapts gang saw to cut eased edge boards for apple bins.  (7/1/2017)

  New Products - PRS Launches New Website; Simonds International Announces Merger with Scies B.G.R. Inc.   (6/6/2017)

  Viking Engineering Enables Family Pallet Businesses to Achieve High-speed Production and Success with Combos - Secret to Pallet Success: Challenger Pallet and R.B. Pallet Service explain how they solved production problems thanks to Viking nailing machines. Challenger was one of the test locations for the high-speed Turbo 606, and R.B. Pallet successfully makes combo pallets on the Champion suggesting that proper lumber sortation is the key.   (6/1/2017)

  Supplier Spotlight: Pneu-Fast Nails Offer Many Benefits for Pallet Manufacturers - In business for more than 40 years, Pneu-Fast has used technical innovation to refine its nail design and manufacturing techniques for a high degree of product consistency.   (5/1/2017)

  Pallet People: Liblas Acquire Fuzion Fasteners, Launch Legacy Fasteners LLC - Pallet People: Liblas Acquire Fuzion Fasteners, Launch Legacy Fasteners LLC   (4/3/2017)

  Problem Solvers: Nailing Machine Upgrades by Pallet Machinery Service Pay Off for Quality Pallet - Chucks in its 19-year-old nailer were jamming multiple times a day slowing production and resulting in a lot of downtime.   (4/3/2017)

  Nail Kicker Offers a Highly Productive and Safe Approach to Nail and Board Removal - Save Lumber: Learn how the innovative Nail Kicker denailer tool helps pallet companies save more boards when removing and repairing pallets. Pry bars tend to damage boards. But the Nail Kicker is safe and easy to use allowing more boards to be saved than traditional methods of disassembly.   (4/3/2017)

  Supplier Spotlight: Ballistic NailScrews® Offer Several Advantages for Pallet and Crate Manufacturers - Ballistic NailScrews® Have Several Advantages for Pallet and Crate Manufacturers   (3/1/2017)

  Supplier Spotlight: Amerimulch® Remains an Industry Innovator by Proactively Updating Equipment to Meet Customer Needs - Amerimulch® Remains an Industry Innovator by Proactively Updating Equipment to Meet Customer Needs   (2/1/2017)

  Mid-Continent Builds on Successful Culture: Nail Manufacturer with Proven Leadership Invests for Future - Mid Continent Nail: America’s largest domestic supplier of pallet nails celebrates its 30th anniversary, invests in the future and still relies on its proven leadership including members of the Libla family.  (1/1/2017)

  Problem Solvers - Problem: Mold growth was a problem when storing pallets in trailers. Nothing seemed to work to solve the problem.  (11/1/2016)

  2016 Video Guide - 2016 Video Guide: A review of equipment videos and supplier information. This is one of the best ways to find out about the next piece of machinery that you need and might not even know about. View some of the informative videos about the latest in machinery innovation.   (11/1/2016)

  CAPE Pioneers Robotic Board Feeding at Interco for North American Pallet Production - Robotics Revolution: Quebec pallet manufacturer, Interco, saves labor by using robots and automation to feed boards into one of its CAPE Mach 2 lines. First deployment of such technology in North America points way forward to higher levels of automation.   (10/1/2016)

  Supplier Spotlight: New Coarse Thread RBC Coil SCRAIL® from FASCO America Has Key Benefits for Pallet and Crating Industries - FASCO America Produces New Coarser Thread SCRAIL for Manufacturing Pallets and Crates  (10/1/2016)

  Rotochopper Makes Grinding Easy, Review of Grinder Basics and Secrets - Don’t Throw Away Profits: Rotochopper provides a detailed explanation of grinding basics and how a grinder can turn waste into profits for your pallet and sawmill facility.   (8/1/2016)

  EXPO Richmond Introduces New Innovations From Various Vendors - Sawmill and pallet show exhibitors introduce new technology.  (8/1/2016)

  Supplier Spotlight: Quality Supervisor’s Background Is an Invaluable Asset for Carolina Inspection Services - Quality Supervisor Greg Moore brings valuable expertise to his new role at Carolina Inspection Service  (7/1/2016)

  Supplier Spotlight: New Software Release Automates Mixed Truckload Layouts for More Efficient Shipping - New versions of Best Pallet™ and Best Load™ handle mixed truckload shipments.   (6/1/2016)

  Problem Solvers - RECONNX Nail Kicker Saves Pallet Recycler Time and Money  (4/1/2016)

  Union Grove Saw & Knife Expands Its Saw Business - The company has installed a large selection of highly specialized equipment.  (4/1/2016)

  ISK Biocides Unveils Solution-Focused Website to Improve Customer Research - For more streamlined and efficient navigation, product information is categorized under three main sections.  (4/1/2016)

  Sort-Tech Pallet Sortation and Lifting System - Universal Machinery Sales is introducing a fully adjustable pallet lifting attachment.  (4/1/2016)

  Customer Service Secrets for Everyone: Fuzion Fasteners Sets the Standard for Avid Pallet - Customer Service Secrets: Read how Fuzion Fasteners has achieved extraordinary service for Avid Pallet. And learn what lessons you can take from this success story to improve your business.   (4/1/2016)

  What Can a Grinder Do for Your Business? Cresswood Machines Help Control Costs - Cresswood: Three pallet operations explain how the right grinder has revolutionized how they deal with scrap material and improved operational flow in their plant. Grinders can do a lot more for your business than you may realize.   (3/1/2016)

  Web Extra: The following are available on - Website features.  (3/1/2016)

  Supplier Spotlight: Biolube LubeMaster System Keeps Blades Running Longer - Lube Master System Helps Mill Cut Down on Blade Costs and Increase Speed  (3/1/2016)

  LINC Systems Buys Numax - In late January LINC Systems based out of Westfield, Indiana acquired Numax of New Windsor, New York.  (3/1/2016)

  Supplier Spotlight: Fuzion Fasteners Produces Quality Nails Made in the USA - Fuzion Fasteners offers consistent nail quality at reasonable prices.   (2/1/2016)

  2015 Story of the Year Internet Sensations: Oakland Pallet Improves Brand and Customer Service Through Online Marketing and Tools - By setting the bar high with its online strategy, Oakland Pallet has won story of the year honors and shows best practices when it comes to online brand building and customer interaction.  (1/1/2016)

  Supplier Spotlight: Stromab USA Automatic Crosscut Saws Get the Job Done Faster and Safer - Stromab USA Getting Good Feedback on Automatic Crosscut Saws from Pallet Manufacturers   (1/1/2016)

  Activities in the News: PRS Group to Open New Showroom - PRS Group to Open New Showroom   (1/1/2016)

  New Products - Sellick Announces New Model S150 Rough Terrain Forklift; Universal Automatic In-Line Nailing System   (12/3/2015)

  Supplier Spotlight: Go Fast Manufacturing Develops New Dedusters that Handle Longer Lengths - Go Fast Builds Customized Deduster to Solve Problem for Customer in Ohio  (12/1/2015)

  Problem Solvers: Mill Manager™ Software Helps Increase Efficiency and Save Time - Mill Manager Helps Pallet Manufacturers, Recyclers and Sawmills to Get a Handle on Their Inventories, Plus Much More  (11/1/2015)

  Half Pallet Revolution: Can This New Fastener Revolutionize Half Pallet Design? - Half Pallet Revolution: So will these smaller pallets take over the grocery supply chain? What is the best design to improve performance and reduce cost? Mike Miller thinks he has found the answer  (10/1/2015)

  Suppliers Offer Latest Technology for Grinding - Grinder Guide: Leading suppliers explain the latest developments in wood grinder technology. This guide is designed to help anyone in the market for a wood grinder for pallets and related wood waste.   (9/1/2015)

  Rotochopper Introduces Slow Speed Shredder Line - New Products  (9/1/2015)

  High Tech Innovation: Storti Innovates Lines from Logs to Pallets - Storti Innovation: Italian equipment manufacturer specializes in full equipment lines for both sawmills and pallet nailing operations. It develops Flex system to produce small runs efficiently thanks to fast changeover, and the Storti small log processing gives versatility to an Italian pallet company.   (8/1/2015)

  The New Blue? – This is the Supply Change! CHEP Launches Portfolio of New Services & Products - New Blue: CHEP launches new portfolio of services and products that focus on removing cost from the supply chain. This includes transportation savings, packaging design, sustainability and supplier diversity.  (8/1/2015)

  Supplier Spotlight: Simpson Strong-Tie Finds Solutions for its Pallet and Crating Customers - Simpson Strong-Tie Finds Solutions for its Pallet and Crating Customers  (8/1/2015)

  Supplier Spotlight: Innovatively Designed Saws Make Big Difference for Pacific Trail’s Customers - The innovative designs of saws by Pacific Trail Manufacturing help its customers to increase productivity with consistent cuts and less downtime.  (7/2/2015)

  Problem Solvers: Quick Response By TP Helps Defuse Situation Regarding Chinese Shipments - Timber Products Inspection Takes Quick Action to Solve Client’s Problem  (6/1/2015)

  2015 Video Guide - Guide detailing videos of top industry technology for sawmill, pallet companies and wood processors. Wanting to improve your operation? See top industry technology in action through these informative videos. To access videos visit the online guide at  (5/1/2015)

  Supplier Spotlight: Menominee Saw’s Expertise Is Blade Selection, Customer Service - Supplier Spotlight: The experienced team at Menominee Saw focuses heavily on customer support and giving the customer the right blade.  (5/1/2015)

  Speed and Flexibility: Crosscut Unit Saws from Pacific Trail Allow for Versatility to Respond to Changing Lumber Markets - Pacific Trail Manufacturing: Three pallet companies share how the right package saw has boosted production, lowered cost and improved versatility to respond to customer and lumber market demands.   (4/2/2015)

  Supplier Spotlight: Delivering Blades to Customers Fast Is a Top Priority at Saw Service & Supply - Saw Service & Supply Delivers when Customers Need Blades Fast  (4/2/2015)

  An AMS Automated Repair Line Has Big Benefits for Pallet Consultants - Plant Efficiency: Automating the repair line process gives Pallet Consultants’ Pompano Beach facility a huge boost in productivity while maximizing space utilization.  (2/2/2015)

  Viking Turns 40 – Its Machinery Has Been the Growth Engine for Many Industry Leaders - Viking Turns 40: Major supplier of nailing machines lets its customers explain how Viking equipment has fueled the growth for both small and large pallet operations. Test site for new Viking 606 explains the benefits and progress of this new innovative design.   (1/1/2015)

  Universal Machinery Sales Introduces New Power Rip and Angle Chop Saws - New on the Market  (12/4/2014)

  Two Businesses Combine to Become a Leading Fastening and Packaging Company - New on the Market  (12/4/2014)

  Routine Forklift Maintenance Has Many Benefits Ranging from Improved Safety to Boosting the Bottom Line - Preventative Maintenance: Routine comprehensive maintenance of your forklifts can pay off in many ways  (12/1/2014)

  Supplier Spotlight: LINC Systems Has Built Its Reputation on Quality Products and Superior Customer Service - LINC Systems has built its reputation on quality products and by catering to its customers’ product and service needs.  (12/1/2014)

  Insights to Better Nailing: Southern Fastening Systems Offers Service and Critical Solutions to Improve Your Productivity - Better Nailing: Southern Fastening Systems explains its recipe for success when it comes to pneumatic nailing for pallets and crates. Learn what makes this company stand out and how it has helped companies boost productivity and reduce downtime.   (11/1/2014)

  Best Pallet and Best Load Software Takes Packaging Design in a Whole New Direction - Provides examples of how businesses are using this fairly new pallet and unit load software to optimize design for performance and cost. Also covers what users can expect in the future from this program  (11/1/2014)

  Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business? - Cloud Computing: Increasingly pallet and lumber companies are looking to web-based software programs to help manage key aspects of their business. Find out why this technology may be useful for your operation.   (11/1/2014)

  Pallet Design System Keeps Getting Better - Pallet Design System: Enhancements to PDS™ make this software tool even more valuable by allowing pallet companies to share information on unit loads with customers.   (11/1/2014)

  Problem Solvers - Viking Engineering helped a pallet manufacturer quickly restart production following a devastating fire.   (11/1/2014)

  Innovation Drives PRS to Develop Unique Solutions for All Recycling Challenges - Recycling Innovation: From its three-tiered conveyor system to custom lines for handling large, heavy pallets to high-speed pallet prepping, Pallet Repair Systems offers solutions to boost productivity and lower labor costs. Learn from these three case studies of how the right automation has paid for itself.   (10/1/2014)

  Maintenance on the Competitive Edge: The Impact of Fresh Tooling on Wood Shredder Performance - Guidance on how to establish an effective maintenance program to ensure your grinders and shredders perform at peak levels and avoid unnecessary downtime.  (10/1/2014)

  Supplier Spotlight: Long-Term Relationships Guide Nailing Innovation at Metropolitan Staple - Howard Kastner, president of Metropolitan Staple in New Jersey, talks about the importance of building long-term relationships with employees, suppliers and customers.  (10/1/2014)

  BCS Wood-Burning Furnaces Help Pallet Facilities Stay Warm While Cutting Heating Costs - We talked to leaders at two pallet manufacturers that rely on wood-burning furnaces by Biomass Combustion Systems to stay warm in the winter, while keeping a handle on heating costs.  (10/1/2014)

  White & Co. Announce Block Pallet Design Capabilities for Best Pallet™ and Best Load™ Software - With the introduction of version 2.1, customers can use Best Pallet to design almost any wood pallet and use Best Load for almost any unit load.   (10/1/2014)

  Supplier Spotlight: Country Saw & Knife Provides Experience and Exceptional Customer Service - Personalized customer service and decades of experience sets Country Saw & Knife apart as a supplier of precision saw products and services.  (9/1/2014)

  Unswerving Dedication: Cresswood Celebrates 35 Years in Business with Roots in the Pallet and Lumber Industries - Cresswood’s 35th Anniversary: Pallet and lumber grinding specialist celebrates major milestone stressing its commitment to innovation and product development with its XR-Class Shredders, which are designed to tackle the demands of higher-capacity processing.   (8/1/2014)

  Problem Solvers - Rotochopper customized a wood chip processor to deal with a pallet recycler’s wood waste needs.  (8/1/2014)

  Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary, PRS Makes Social Media Push - Pallet recycling equipment specialist celebrates 25th anniversary with social media push.   (8/1/2014)

  New Oneida Super Dust Deputy XL - Made to handle bigger 3 to 5hp systems. Captures over 99% of the waste before it reaches your single stage dust collector, it is both lightweight and durable.  (8/1/2014)

  Supplier Spotlight: FCA Packaging Offers Wood Packaging Testing and Validation - FCA Packaging offers package testing and validation services at its Design, Testing and Engineering Center.  (7/1/2014)

  Kaufman Tools Offers a Full line of Industrial Supplies Including Bandsaw Blades - New on the Market  (6/1/2014)

  Baldwin Industrial Supply Distributes Monster Products - New on the Market  (6/1/2014)

  Vecoplan Offers New-Gen Series of Shredders - New on the Market  (6/1/2014)

  Video Guide - See top machinery and equipment in action. A video directory lists product demo videos of various machinery that are available online.  (5/1/2014)

  Supplier Spotlight: HUB Industrial Supply Offers Recyclers Opportunity to Order Most Supplies in One Purchase - HUB Industrial Supply provides a strong product line of blades, safety equipment and other consumable supplies along with a culture marked by highly responsive customer service and fun.  (2/1/2014)

  Ellison Sales Offers Economical EGL Green Diode Laser With Broader Operating Temperature Range - New on the Market  (2/1/2014)

  GBN Develops New “Reel Horse” Cable Reel Flange Nailer - New on the Market  (2/1/2014)

  Supplier Spotlight: Universal Machinery Sales Offers Industry Knowledge and Variety of Machinery - Mona Tracy, owner of Universal Machinery Sales, provides the pallet industry with machines for every application and extensive experience and knowledge.  (1/1/2014)

  Problem Solvers: Nail Kicker V20 Denailer Makes Removing Broken Stringers Easy - Broken stringers were costing a pallet manufacturer time and materials until it started using the Nail Kicker.  (1/1/2014)

  Problem Solvers - HUB Industrial helped a pallet manufacturer contain costs while still keeping an adequate inventory of consumable supplies  (11/1/2013)

  Sharp Tool – Versatility and Competitive Pricing: New Pendu Scragg Line Equipped with Sharp Tool Blades Allows for Low Cost Production of Pallet Stock - Sharp Tool has a long history of manufacturing circular saw blades, particularly strob saw blades. This includes making circular blades specifically for Pendu and its wide variety of saws. The two companies have worked closely together on numerous projects.   (10/1/2013)

  Supplier Spotlight: Crosscut Solutions Offers Customized Cutoff Saws - Crosscut Solutions Inc., a manufacturer of mechanical and pneumatic cutoff saws offers customizable options to fit customer-specific needs.  (10/1/2013)

  Free Heat: Save Big Money on Heating Your Facility Using Waste Wood - Free Energy: Save big money on heating your facility by using waste wood. Two leading companies share insights on how they have turned scrap material into heat, which makes for much happier employees.   (10/1/2013)

  Collaboration Drives Bandsaw Performance for Pallet Recycling: Country Saw & Knife and M.K. Morse Work Hand-in-Hand With Smart Products - Bandsaw Performance: Collaboration and attention to detail between three leading suppliers drives strong performance for pallet dismantlers. Country Saw & Knife and M.K. Morse work to provide cutting edge technology for recyclers.   (9/1/2013)

  New on the Market - Vecoplan VAZ 1600 NewGen Shredder  (9/1/2013)

  New on the Market - West Salem Develops Waterfall Disc Screen  (9/1/2013)

  New on the Market - Innovative Data Systems Moves into Larger Facility  (9/1/2013)

  New on the Market - Universal Machinery Sales Releases Multi-Head Trim Saw  (9/1/2013)

  Problem Solvers - Bandit Industries increases grinder''s productivity and reduces its operating costs with customized upgrades.  (8/1/2013)

  Pallet People - Del Wagner Reunites with Old Friends at Viper Industrial Products, Inc.   (8/1/2013)

  New Products - VPM 250 Pellet Mill from Vecoplan Midwest  (8/1/2013)

  Pallet People - K. G. Sims Joins Southern Fastening Systems  (8/1/2013)

  Activities in the News - Santana Equipment Trading Company’s Intern/Management Trainee Program Launches Nationwide  (8/1/2013)

  Does Your Preventative Maintenance Approach Need Updating? Maintenance Tips for Automated Nailing Machines - Is your preventative maintenance program or lack of one costing you money. Learn some strategies for how to keep things running well and improve your maintenance program for automated nailing machines.  (7/1/2013)

  Supplier Spotlight: Profile Technology Helps Customers Maximize Machine Performance - Cutting tool manufacturer Profile Technology offers custom-engineered cutter heads, saw blades and technical assistance.  (7/1/2013)

  Problem Solvers - J&J Machinery troubleshoots speed issue with nailer and gets pallet production back up to speed.  (6/1/2013)

  Supplier Spotlight: Vecoplan Midwest Designs and Manufactures Customizable Pellet Mill Systems - Vecoplan Midwest supplies complete pellet systems along with planning and maintenance expertise.   (6/1/2013)

  Supplier Spotlight: Pallet Chief Designs Machines to Lower Customers’ Costs - Pallet Chief Mfg. offers a line of pallet nailing and stacking equipment with simple operation and minimal maintenance.   (5/1/2013)

  New on the Market: ICE Weld Upset Grinder #905 Available to the Pallet Industry - Designed to fit on a workbench, the inexpensive #905 Weld Upset Grinder works for bandsaw blades of any thickness or length.  (4/1/2013)

  New on the Market: Universal Machinery Introduces Military Band Notcher - A military notcher or groover notcher notches a band notch along the length of a board.  (4/1/2013)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Are Robots in Your Future? - Immigration reforms could lead to fewer illegals available to do basic tasks in the workforce. It might open the door to more robotics as technology improvements lower the cost for machines.  (3/1/2013)

  Pallet Consultants Focuses on Customer Service Excellence, Relies on HUB Industrial for Sharing the Same Values - Pallet Consultants grows thanks to its focus on customer service with its emphasis on order accuracy, quality and speedy deliver. It relies on HUB Industrial Supply for the same reasons when it comes to purchasing bandsaw blades, cutting wheels, personal protective equipment, safety, first aid and janitorial supplies. HUB Industrial has become the one-stop-shop for a wide variety of consumable products in the pallet industry.   (3/1/2013)

  New on the Market: Industry Veterans Form Biolube, a New Saw Lubricant Company - New on the Market: Industry Veterans Form Biolube, a New Saw Lubricant Company   (3/1/2013)

  New on the Market: Grizzly Industrial Celebrates 30th Anniversary - New on the Market: Grizzly Industrial Celebrates 30th Anniversary  (3/1/2013)

  New on the Market: Excelsior Marking Introduces E-Mallet for Marking Pallets in Accordance with IPPC Standards - New on the Market: Excelsior Marking Introduces E-Mallet for Marking Pallets in Accordance with IPPC Standards   (3/1/2013)

  New on the Market: New on the Market:VPM Pellet Mill from Vecoplan Midwest - New on the Market  (3/1/2013)

  Brewer Fine Tunes its Operations for Continued Quality and Decreased Lead Time - Revamped Parts Department and Redesigned Equipment Manufacturing: Brewer overhauls plant and manufacturing processes to decrease lead time while maintaining its commitment to quality. Offers lessons to the pallet and lumber industries   (2/1/2013)

  Problem Solvers: Solution: Cresswood Shredding Machinery designed a two-step system that processes pallets, lumber and other waste into uniform chips. - Pallet manufacturer increases revenue from wood waste with a processing system from Cresswood Shredding Machinery.   (2/1/2013)

  Viking Mat and Block Kits Retrofit Any Champion Nailer to Build Perimeter Based Block Pallets - The Viking mat and block kits offer a low cost solution to convert any Champion nailer to build high quality, affordable block pallets.  (2/1/2013)

  Problem Solvers: Solution: Biomass Combustion Wood Heaters Save Money, Last a Long Time and Keep Employees Warm - New York pallet plant combats winter productivity lag with cost effective heating system from Biomass Combustion. Unit uses scrap lumber to cut costs.   (12/1/2012)

  Profile Technology Nailbuster® Registered Trademark - A news release appearing in the November 2012 issue annoucing Profile Technology’s Strob saw blade program failed to mention that the Nailbuster® product line is a registered trademark. We apologize for this omission.  (12/1/2012)

  Universal Machinery Sales Offers a Complete Machinery Line for All Pallet Manufacturing and Recycling Needs - Mona Tracy has made a name for herself helping pallet companies find cost effective and easy to use equipment. A number of happy customers share how Mona has helped them boost production and reduce labor costs.  (11/1/2012)

  Supplier Spotlight: Excelsior Marking Offers Pallet Marking Solutions - Excelsior Marking, a manufacturer of rubber stamps, stencils and other marking solutions based in Akron, Ohio, has multiple marking products designed specifically for the pallet industry.  (11/1/2012)

  Problem Solvers: Problem: WLS Sawmill needed a multiple trimmer with greater flexibility to accept random length lumber. - Newman Machine Company helped a sawmill increase their flexibility and efficiency by building a customized multiple trimmer.  (11/1/2012)

  Fry Fastening Expands More Aggressively into Bulk Pallet Nails - Fry Fastening Expands More Aggressively into Bulk Pallet Nails   (11/1/2012)

  Profile Technology Offers New Strob Saw Blade Program - Profile Technology Offers New Strob Saw Blade Program   (11/1/2012)

  IES Fans Removes Combustible Dust From the Air - IES Fans Removes Combustible Dust From the Air  (11/1/2012)

  Litco’s New 48x45 Automotive Presswood Pallet - Litco’s New 48x45 Automotive Presswood Pallet   (11/1/2012)

  Viking Engineering Developed New MTX 401 Tandem Nailer - Viking Engineering Developed New MTX 401 Tandem Nailer  (11/1/2012)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: More Than Just a Facelift – Pallet Enterprise Launches New Departments and Design Features - Pallet Enterprise redesigns magazine format to include new departments and columns.   (9/1/2012)

  Problem Solvers: Solution: Innovative Data Systems Improves Information Flow for Paltech - When Paltech Enterprises was having trouble with lost paperwork, they turned to Innovative Data for help. The software provider found a way to digitize part of the paper flow by allowing company drivers to access delivery orders remotely.  (9/1/2012)

  Supplier Spotlight: Colorbiotics Continues Innovation in the Colorant Market - Landscape colorant, coating and equipment supplier Colorbiotics saves customers money while maintaining high quality standards and offering dedicated customer service.   (9/1/2012)

  PRS Introduces A New Double End-Trim Saw - New on the Market  (9/1/2012)

  AIM Attachments Offer Pallet and Utility Forks - AIM Attachments Offer Pallet and Utility Forks   (8/1/2012)

  Fix Equipment Storage Problems with ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures - Fix Equipment Storage Problems with ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures   (7/1/2012)

  SouthEastern Metals Offers Quality Service & Very Competitive Pricing for Blades - SouthEastern Metals Offers Quality Service & Very Competitive Pricing for Blades  (7/1/2012)

  Nail Kicker Expands Distributor Network in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan - Nail Kicker Expands Distributor Network in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan   (7/1/2012)

  HUB Industrial Offers Wide Variety of Consumable Items for the Pallet Industry - HUB Industrial Offers Wide Variety of Consumable Items for the Pallet Industry   (7/1/2012)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Innovation Doesn’t Happen By Accident or Does It? - Publisher, Chaille Brindley, comments on the need for innovation in the industry and what it will take to achieve the next big thing.   (5/1/2012)

  F.W. Morse/ PVI Co. Supplies Nailing Machine Parts and Service - Mr. Tom Knowlton is managing the F.W.Morse/PVI Co. machine shop for manufacturing, repairing, and supplying spare parts for nailing machines, including pallet nailers, wooden box nailers, tackless carpet nailers, and cable reel machines.  (5/1/2012)

  Bronco’s Systems Tackle the Challenge of Building Large and Oversized Pallets - Bronco Systems has recently focused heavily on its systems for building over-sized pallets. Many pallet users and pallet manufacturers find this kind of machine to be valuable.  (4/1/2012)

  Hub Industrial Launches Presidential Campaign - From now until June 28, 2012, the industry will be able to cast votes someone the opportunity to put their image on the side of HUB Industrial boxes for one year.  (4/1/2012)

  Great Lakes Pallet Expanding - Great Lakes Pallet is expanding its sales rep force in the five state area, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  (4/1/2012)

  Vecoplan Develops VAZ 1300 NewGen Grinder - Vecoplan Develops VAZ 1300 NewGen Grinder   (3/1/2012)

  Pallet Machinery Group to Distribute KASCO SharpTech Blades - Pallet Machinery Group to Distribute KASCO SharpTech Blades  (3/1/2012)

  Suffolk Machine Introduces New Blade - Suffolk Machine Introduces New Blade   (3/1/2012)

  Wood-Mizer Offers New IS203 Industrial Blade Sharpener - Wood-Mizer Offers New IS203 Industrial Blade Sharpener   (3/1/2012)

  Mark Yoder Becomes President of Industrial Resources - Mark Yoder Becomes President of Industrial Resources   (3/1/2012)

  Western Pallet Association Selects New Officers - Western Pallet Association Selects New Officers  (3/1/2012)

  International Paper Acquires Temple-Inland - International Paper Acquires Temple-Inland   (3/1/2012)

  Boiler MACT Stay Vacated - Boiler MACT Stay Vacated   (3/1/2012)

  Research Center Offers Pallet and Unit Load Short Courses - Research Center Offers Pallet and Unit Load Short Courses   (3/1/2012)

  SMETCO Introduces New Stacker Designs for Pallets - SMETCO has introduced two new stacker and sortation system designs – its Quick-Stack Stacker and Space-Saver Inline pallet stacker. Its first systems were recently installed at Sierra Pallet in Reno and Dot Foods in Mt. Sterling, Ill.  (2/1/2012)

  Brewco Moves Ahead with Aggressive Innovations Driven by Experienced Leadership - Neopal partnered with Brewco to engineer a new automated pallet lumber cutup plant. Brewco''s new ownership and its varied experience is taking it toward innovative machinery. The innovations at Neopal included a new seven-saw trimmer and new floating bearing roller guides and dedusting system  (12/1/2011)

  Cresswood Launches “Destroyer Max” Drive System - Cresswood Launches “Destroyer Max” Drive System  (11/1/2011)

  Viking Releases New Champion 304A Classic Nailing System - Viking Releases New Champion 304A Classic Nailing System  (10/1/2011)

  Viking Not Sleeping on the Job with Bed Frame Manufacturing Machine - Viking Not Sleeping on the Job with Bed Frame Manufacturing Machine  (10/1/2011)

  Vecoplan Offers Custom Controls - Vecoplan provides custom control service to the overall forest products industry including pallet, lumber and pellet facilities.   (9/6/2011)

  Trace Develops Hopper-Feed Block Saw - The new high production Trace hopper-feed block saw has been custom designed for pallet producers. One operator can cut 2x4 and 4x4 blocks from 24” drops.  (9/6/2011)

  Excelsior Introduces Thin Branding Die - Excelsior has introduced its new Thin Branding Die. The new Thin Branding Die will heat faster while also allowing the user to reduce the temperature on their branding head, which helps extend the life of the heating elements.   (9/6/2011)

  PRS Announces New Website - PRS develops new, more customer friendly website. Offers video and more product information.   (9/6/2011)

  Mid Continent — A Look at the Innovation and Philosophy that Benefits the Pallet Industry: With Service, Manufacturing Efficiency, and Made in U.S.A. - Leading U.S. nail manufacturer offers lessons for the pallet industry through its service and manufacturing efficiency. Its U.S. plant is truly unique in the world and a model of American manufacturing ingenuity.   (8/1/2011)

  Trace Introduces Jam Doctor to Clear Nail Jams - New on the Market  (7/1/2011)

  Viking Engineering Develops Block Pallet Solutions for Champion Nailers - New on the Market  (7/1/2011)

  Vecoplan Midwest Turnkey Pellet Production Systems - New on the Market  (7/1/2011)

  KASCO SharpTech Introduces Premium Band Saw and Dismantler Blades - New on the Market  (7/1/2011)

  Setco Introduces New Lipe Clutch - New on the Market  (7/1/2011)

  Bostitch Premium Pallet Nails - Bostitch Premium Pallet Nails  (6/1/2011)

  Wood-Mizer Personal Best 2011 Contest - Wood-Mizer Personal Best 2011 Contest  (6/1/2011)

  Pallet Inferno Kills Emerald Ash Borer and Other Forest Pests - Pallet Inferno Kills Emerald Ash Borer and Other Forest Pests  (6/1/2011)

  All New Multitek 2020 SS Firewood Processor - All New Multitek 2020 SS Firewood Processor  (6/1/2011)

  New Baker BP Dominator Band Sawmill - New Baker BP Dominator Band Sawmill  (6/1/2011)

  Rayco Supplies Grinders to Sawmills and Pallet Plants - Rayco Supplies Grinders to Sawmills and Pallet Plants  (6/1/2011)

  Wood-Mizer Upgrades HR130 Horizontal Resaw - Wood-Mizer Upgrades HR130 Horizontal Resaw  (6/1/2011)

  Randy Keko Working with Pallet Machinery Group - Randy Keko Working with Pallet Machinery Group  (6/1/2011)

  Nailbuster® Tooling Is Registered Trademark - Nailbuster® Tooling Is Registered Trademark  (6/1/2011)

  Automate or Die? How to Make Smart Decisions When Analyzing Plant Automation Options - Dan Collins of Industrial Resources discusses key questions and issues to help wood packaging material operations evaluate whether or not they should automate.  (5/1/2011)

  Brewco B-800 Dust Free Resaw System - Brewco B-800 Dust Free Resaw System  (5/1/2011)

  Trace Equipment Develops Robo Chop Upcut Saw - Trace Equipment Develops Robo Chop Upcut Saw  (5/1/2011)

  PMG Introduces New TS 300 Board Stacker - PMG Introduces New TS 300 Board Stacker  (5/1/2011)

  PRS Introduces Electric Pallet Dispenser/Stacker - PRS Introduces Electric Pallet Dispenser/Stacker  (5/1/2011)

  Forestry Systems Announces Its Latest Yardmaster Pallet System and Palletrax Handheld - Forestry Systems Announces Its Latest Yardmaster Pallet System and Palletrax Handheld  (5/1/2011)

  Hyster H50FT Lift Truck for Sawmills and Pallet Plants - Hyster H50FT Lift Truck for Sawmills and Pallet Plants  (5/1/2011)

  HUB Industrial Raises Stakes in Same-Day Shipping Guarantee - HUB Industrial Raises Stakes in Same-Day Shipping Guarantee  (5/1/2011)

  Saws Designed to Save Labor and Improve Efficiency: L-M Equipment (Canada) Stays on Top Of Technology and Trends with New Manufacturing Capabilities - LM-Equipment (Canada) offers cross-cut package saws that increase production of material while reducing labor. New technology involves bar codes, remote control operation and improved measuring systems.  (4/1/2011)

  Brewer Ownership Changes Hands: Paul Avery Expands on Brewer Philosophy - Brewer Ownership: Established manufacturer of sawmill and pallet lumber machinery changes hands as new owner Paul Avery expands on Brewer philosophy.  (3/1/2011)

  The Basics on Maintaining Pneumatic Equipment in Forest Product Plants - Viking Engineering machinery expert outlines a number of basic maintenance steps that companies should follow to keep pneumatic equipment running in top shape.   (3/1/2011)

  PRS Announces Its New Top Frame Press - New on the Market  (3/1/2011)

  Extreme Grinding… No Problem! Cresswood Engineers ‘EVER-NEW’ Technology to Handle the Rigors of Pallet Scrap - Cresswood EVER-NEW Technology: Cresswood designed its new line of grinders to be more durable, easily rebuilt to extend longevity while lowering the total cost of operation. Tree Brand and M & M Woodworking discuss their grinding challenges and how Cresswood engineered solutions into its new line that can pay off for other pallet companies with tough grinding requirements.   (2/1/2011)

  Avoid Winter Production Frostbite: Pallet Systems Guru Provide Cold Weather Maintenance Tips - Jim Gookin of Viking Engineering provides tips to keep your nailing systems running well during cold weather months.  (2/1/2011)

  Metropolitan Staple Corp. Serves Pallet Manufacturers with Quality Products and Service - A family owned company now in its second generation, Metropolitan Staple features employees with extensive experience and knowledge, and extraordinary dedication to customer service.   (2/1/2011)

  Storti GSI 170 Offers a Flexible Block Pallet Nailing System to Meet the Emerging Costco Block Pallet Market - Pallet Machinery Group introduces the Storti GSI/170 TA AL pallet nailing system into North America as a nailing solution for the emerging Costco block pallet market. The GSI/170 TA AL offers a beginning system that is flexible to expand for higher production numbers. The GSI/170 TA AL is a well established machine that is just surfacing in North America.  (1/1/2011)

  Viking Engineering Teams Up with MC Technical Services to Bring Block Pallet Option to North America - Viking Engineering Teams Up with MC Technical Services to Bring Block Pallet Option to North America   (1/1/2011)

  How to Choose the Right Lift Truck - With more options on the market than ever before, selecting the right lift truck requires a careful analysis of your operational needs. Hyster offers a breakdown of various lift truck options and strategies to consider when buying lift equipment.   (12/1/2010)

  Saw Service Handles Wide Spectrum of Saw Blade Needs - Saw Service Handles Wide Spectrum of Saw Blade Needs  (12/1/2010)

  AMS Unveils New Line of Plant Floor Data Collection Tracking Software and Hardware - AMS Unveils New Line of Plant Floor Data Collection Tracking Software and Hardware  (12/1/2010)

  Baker BL6-23 Moulder Offers Production Versatility - Baker BL6-23 Moulder Offers Production Versatility  (12/1/2010)

  Pendu Redesigns 3100i Block Cutter - Pendu Redesigns 3100i Block Cutter  (12/1/2010)

  Trace Equipment Expanding Line of Machinery to Fit Needs of the Pallet Industry - Trace Equipment has introduced ten new machines during this recessionary period, an indication of its expanding services to the pallet industry. The latest addition is its low profile resaw in single-head, double-head, and triple-head options.  (11/1/2010)

  Pallet Chief – New Nailing Machinery Developments for Block Pallets and Unique Applications - Pallet Chief, an established manufacturer of pallet nailing machines, has released its new block pallet nailing system, including its new mat nailing machine. Pallet Chief is also focusing on specialty nailing systems to satisfy unique nailing needs.  (10/1/2010)

  Trace Equipment Introduces Low Profile Resaw - Activities in the News  (10/1/2010)

  Brunner Hildebrand Pioneers Energy Saving Kiln Technology - New products in the pallet industry.  (8/1/2010)

  PRL Offers Bark Check Card - New products in the pallet industry.  (8/1/2010)

  Wood-Mizer Attachment Converts Mill to Resaw - New products in the pallet industry.  (8/1/2010)

  Baker Announces Its New Banding Notch Groover - New products in the pallet industry.  (8/1/2010)

  VanStarr Offers Unique Safety Gear for Pallet Workers - New products in the pallet industry.  (8/1/2010)

  Samuel Strapping Prints on Pallets with Proven Inkjet Printer - New products in the pallet industry.  (8/1/2010)

  Viking Vision Focuses on Combining Technology and Flexibility to Help Customers at a Competitive Price - Leading pallet nailing supplier, Viking Engineering, expands offerings to provide greater flexibility and improved automation technology to customize unique solutions for customers.   (7/1/2010)

  Package Research Laboratory – Inspection and Certification with a Focus On Information, Knowledge, and Service - Package Research Laboratory: Established wood and pallet certification agency launches new Wood Tracker and Customer Center on its Website. Online portal provides extensive information and videos designed to educate customers about how best to comply with ISPM-15 regulations.   (6/1/2010)

  Viking Now Offers Automated Pallet Paint Lines - Viking introduces automated paint lines for its pallet assembly systems.  (6/1/2010)

  Full Version of PalMate Released: PalMate v1.0 Provides Streamlined Communication and Real-time Inventory - AMS releases full version of its PalMate enterprise resource planning system for pallet and lumber companies, offering one software platform to manage all aspects of an operation.  (5/1/2010)

  Pallet Enterprise Video Gallery - Pallet Enterprise launches Video Gallery with videos from Smart Products, Phillips Saw & Tool, Sweed, BC Solutions, and PalMate ERP.  (5/1/2010)

  Hyster H50CT Forklift for Moderate Duty - The Hyster H50CT moderate duty, pneumatic tire forklift is designed to be a cost effective balance for efficiency  (5/1/2010)

  Weaver Electric Provides Industrial Electric Equipment - Weaver Electric Company has provided industrial electrical equipment for over a hundred years.  (5/1/2010)

  J&J Machinery Releases Aftermarket Champion - J&J Machinery is releasing the first aftermarket ChampionMagix Hot Rod System.  (5/1/2010)

  BC Market Solutions Provides Machinery to the Pallet Industry - BC Solutions is a full-service, professional sales and business development company that specializes in bringing products and business solutions to the market.  (5/1/2010)

  Trace Equiment Offers New Flicker Block Pallet Nailer - New block machine sold by Trace Equipment produces close to two pallets per minute, offers quick change over for sizes up to 56x56.   (4/1/2010)

  Noble Machinery Introduces New “Pallet Hawg” Band Dismantler - New band distmantler offers air-operated table to easily remove stringers.   (4/1/2010)

  Carolina Inspection Services Provides Phytosanitary Inspection for Both Pallet Plants and Pallet Users - Carolina Inspection provides pallet and container heat treatment inspection for both pallet companies and pallet/crate using companies.  (3/1/2010)

  Pallet Machinery Service Buys Macon Machine - Greg Wine and Lawrence Zavitz form a new business, PMSI, that purchases Macon Machine. PMSI performs system upgrades for nailing machines and other pallet and sawmilling machinery.  (3/1/2010)

  News Releases - New products, industry people, letters to the editor, meetings.  (3/1/2010)

  Trace Equipment Introduces Nailer and Stacker - Nail-Mate automatic nail jig and Stack-Mate automatic stacker from Trace Equipment.  (3/1/2010)

  Sonoco Manufactures Dura-Blocks for Block Pallets - New Products  (3/1/2010)

  WSM’s Titan Series Grinders to Process Biomass Feedstock - New Products  (3/1/2010)

  New on the Market - New machinery in the pallet industry.  (2/1/2010)

  New on the Market - New machinery in the pallet industry.  (2/1/2010)

  New on the Market - New products in the industry.  (12/1/2009)

  Suffolk Machinery Introduces New Bandsaw Blade - New products in the industry.  (9/1/2009)

  New on the Market - New products and news in the pallet industry.  (8/1/2009)

  New Products - New products in the pallet and sawmilling industries.  (7/1/2009)

  Maintaining in Difficult Times - Maintaining Machinery in Tough Times-Part 2: Second in a two-part series of articles about proper preventative maintenance for automated pallet nailing machines; part two focuses on hydraulics.  (5/1/2009)

  Morbark Demo Days May 7-8 in Michigan - Morbark will hold its third annual Demo Days event May 7-8 at its headquarters in Winn, Michigan  (5/1/2009)

  Maintaining Your Machinery in Difficult Times - Maintaining Machinery in Tough Times: Jim Gookin, Viking’s technical troubleshooter, discusses the basics about proper nailing machine maintenance; his advice might help you avoid problems down the road.  (3/1/2009)

  New on the Market - New Products in the Pallet Industry  (3/1/2009)

  Rehrig Pacific Offers Nestable Plastic Pallet - New on the Market  (1/1/2009)

  PRS Advances While the Industry Matures 20th Anniversary Is Really Closer to 40 Years - PRS Celebrates 20th Anniversary: With a history that stretches closer to 40 years than the 20 year anniversary would suggest, PRS continues to advance — paralleling the historical changes outlined in the pallet industry.  (11/1/2008)

  New on the Market - New Products in the industry.  (11/1/2008)

  Nail Tariff Update: Government Panel Rules in Favor of Chinese Tariffs - Nail Tariff Update: In July the ITC announced its decision that Chinese nails will have a 21.24% tariff, effective in January.  (10/1/2008)

  Activities in the News - News in the pallet industry.  (10/1/2008)

  Pallet Manufacturers Reap Benefits From Upgrading Controls on Nailers by J&J Machinery - J&J Machinery: Pallet manufacturing companies reap benefits when they upgrade nailing machines with help from J&J Machinery; company’s service and controls improve nailing machine operations.  (9/1/2008)

  Package Saws Cut Bundles of Material - Package Saw Review: A review of suppliers who offer cross-cut package saws, plus information in table form about their machinery models.  (9/1/2008)

  Schwerdtle Develops Hand-Held Brander - New on the Market  (8/1/2008)

  Amerimulch Issues Australian License - New on the Market  (8/1/2008)

  More Choices for Nailing Machines - Nailing Machine Review: A review of advertisers that manufacture or sell pallet nailing machines to the North American pallet industry; information collected and displayed in table format on suppliers and machines.  (7/1/2008)

  New on the Market: Sellick Equipment Manufactures Lifts - New Products  (7/1/2008)

  New Product Review: Richmond EXPO 2008 - New Products at the Richmond EXPO 2008  (7/1/2008)

  How to Find Bargain Basement Software & Communication Solutions - High Tech Solutions that Won’t Sink Your Budget: Overview of business software and communication solutions that can improve your business.   (6/1/2008)

  Baker Products Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary: Bandsaw Concept, Employees & Customer Service Power Baker’s Success Story - Baker Turns 20: Over the past 20 years, Baker Products has become an industry success story by championing bandsaw technology; learn what makes this company tick and find about its latest equipment innovation.  (5/1/2008)

  Volume, Type of Wood and Products Key Factors in Starting Grinding Operations: Buying Decision, Grinding Options - Grinding: Suppliers of grinding equipment discuss options, strategies for setting up grinding operations for pallet and sawmill businesses; list of advertisers with contact information.  (5/1/2008)

  Baker Products Marks 20th Year Anniversary - Baker Products was founded by Ed Baker, an innovative designer in the lumber equipment manufacturing business.  (5/1/2008)

  Pallet Enterprise Launches Digital Edition: New Interactive, Web-based Magazine is a First in the U.S. Forest Products Industry - Digital Enterprise: Subscribers to Pallet Enterprise now can get a digital version of each month’s magazine sent to them directly via e-mail.  (4/1/2008)

  Wood-Mizer Offers New Band Sharpener - Wood-Mizer Products has introduced a new sharpener for bandsaw blades. The Shop Series sharpener and manual tooth setter utilizes CBN super abrasive technology  (3/1/2008)

  Central Boiler Furnace Meets EPA Program - The Central Boiler E-Classic 2300 model outdoor wood furnace has qualified for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Outdoor Wood-Fired Hydronic Heater Program, according to the manufacturer.  (3/1/2008)

  Dieffenbacher Offers Werzalit Pallet Systems - German-based Dieffenbacher is offering its Formwood production systems for manufacturing Werzalit composite pallets and pallet blocks.  (3/1/2008)

  Viking Installs Its No. 600 Champion Nailing Machine for British Customer: Viking to Observe Milestone in 2008 with Special Promotions - Viking Milestone: Viking Engineering delivers its 600th Champion nailing machine to customer in Great Britain; Viking to mark milestone in 2008 with special promotions.  (2/1/2008)

  Grindzilla Provides Mobile Grinding - Grindzilla™ is a mobile grinder that can be used to grind wood, including scrap pallets, plastic, tires and sheet rock.  (2/1/2008)

  Sadowski’s Sells Lenox Saw Blades - Sadowski’s Bandsaw Blades Co. supplies bandsaw blades and reciprocating saw blades for the pallet industry.  (2/1/2008)

  Wisconsin Company Offers Auditing Service - Wisconsin-based Forest Products Services offers IPPC heat-treating auditing services.  (2/1/2008)

  Keystone Machinery Offers Ripper-Planer - Keystone Machinery Corp. manufactures and sells machinery and equipment for the sawmill, pallet and lumber remanufacturing industries.  (2/1/2008)

  Producto Offers Circular Resaws - Producto manufactures circular resaws for cutting material into pallet components, fencing, crate parts and other products. The Oregon-based company specializes in heavy-duty custom machinery that can perform a wide variety of tasks.  (2/1/2008)

  Nailing Safety Video Available on the Web - The International Staple, Nail and Tool Association (ISANTA) has made its 15-minute safety video available as a download file on its Web site. The video, which provides safety instruction on power nailing and stapling tools, is available in both English and Spanish.  (2/1/2008)

  CPC Discontinues Tracking Software - The Canadian Pallet Council (CPC) has discontinued the sale of and technical support for the personal computer-based version of its CTS container tracking software.  (2/1/2008)

  Brewer–Golden Eagle Keeps Focus, Commitment on Customers - Brewer Inc.-Golden Eagle: Brewer, a leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment for pallet companies and lumber remanufacturers, is guided by core philosophy of providing customer satisfaction.  (1/1/2008)

  Management, Control Services Help Companies Regain Control of Pallets - Pallet Control: Do you repeatedly go head-to-head with other pallet suppliers on pallet price? Differentiate your company from the competition by offering pallet control services.  (12/1/2007)

  Rotochopper B66 Handles Big Jobs - Rotochopper B66 grinder is engineered for quieter, cleaner performance, increased production and ease of control.   (12/1/2007)

  New Products - New products  (11/1/2007)

  Pallet Design System Adds Capabilities, New User Interface with 3-D Graphics - Improved PDS: Latest version of the Pallet Design System computer software features expanded pallet design capabilities and improved, three-dimensional graphics.  (10/1/2007)

  New on the Market - New Products in the Pallet Industry.  (10/1/2007)

  New on the Market - New products in the pallet industry.  (9/1/2007)

  New on the Market - New products in the pallet industry.  (8/1/2007)

  New on the Market - New products in the industry.  (6/1/2007)

  New on the Market - New products, innovations and machinery in the pallet and sawmill industry.  (5/1/2007)

  Mid Continent Builds Enduring Relationships in Pallet Industry: Nail Manufacturer Marks 20th Year, Adds Pneumatic Nailing Tools - Mid Continent Nail Corp.: Understanding the pallet business and appreciating customers has been the key to the growth and success of Mid Continent Nail Corp.  (4/1/2007)

  New Products - New Products in the pallet industry.  (4/1/2007)

  Comparing Suppliers of Pallet Heat-Treating Systems, Chambers - Heat-Treating Equipment: Systems to heat-treat pallets or lumber can enable a company to supply pallets for export; a review of heat-treating equipment with information provided in a table format.  (4/1/2007)

  New on the Market - New products in the industry.  (3/1/2007)

  Should Palmate ERP Be in Your Future? AMS Pioneers Next Wave of Pallet Company Management Software - Integrating Your Business Data: Palmate™ Enterprise Resource Planning combines key business functions into one database, which makes it easier to keep track of vital information and improve operations; this new software is unique in the pallet industry.   (2/1/2007)

  New Products - New products in the pallet industry.  (2/1/2007)

  New Products - New products and innovations for the pallet and sawmill industries in order to help your business continue to increase profits.  (12/1/2006)

  New Products - New Products in the pallet industry.  (11/1/2006)

  Smart Products Introduces Two New Machines for Recycling Block Pallets - Got Blocks? Get Smart: Smart Products has developed two new machines that automate the process of repairing block-style pallets; machines are being used successfully by pallet recyclers.  (10/1/2006)

  New on the Market - New Macinery products.  (10/1/2006)

  New on the Market - New machinery products in the pallet industry.  (8/1/2006)

  New on the Market - New Products in the Pallet Industry  (6/1/2006)

  Pellet Fuel Potential: The Resurgence of Wood as a Heating Source - Potential in Pellets: Wood resurges as a fuel source as home heating bills soar; companies with wood waste can carve out a new niche in growing wood pellet fuel industry.  (5/1/2006)

  New on the Market - New products in the pallet industry.  (5/1/2006)

  New on the Market - New prodcuts for the pallet industry.  (3/1/2006)

  New Products - New pallet and affiliated wood products machinery is featured.  (2/1/2006)

  New on the Market - New Products  (1/1/2006)

  Pallet Design System (PDS) Undergoes Significant Changes - Changes are in the works for the Pallet Design System software program that will give the program enhanced graphic capabilities to draw pallets.  (12/1/2005)

  AMS Beta Program Brings Enterprise Resource Planning to Pallet Industry - Automated Machine Systems provides computer programs for pallet manufacturers and recyclers; customers use beta version of Enterprise Resource Planning program.  (12/1/2005)

  Innovative Data Systems Offers Computer, Other Technology - Innovative Data Systems supplies a number of different computer software programs and other technology to the pallet and sawmill industry.  (12/1/2005)

  Pallet Wizard Software Has Roots In Ohio Pallet Company - Pallet Wizard is a computer software program for drawing pallets that was developed for pallet manufacturers and recyclers by the managers of an Ohio pallet company.  (12/1/2005)

  Deploy Tech Readies New Versions of Crate and Container Design Software - Crate Generator, a software program for designing wooden crates and containers, has been around since the 1980s; Deploy Tech’s latest version is called Crate Pro.  (12/1/2005)

  iLogic Has Been Partner in Developing Pallet Industry Information Technology - iLogic Inc. has been developing software solutions for the pallet industry for over 20 years; it has taken advantage of the Internet to develop Web-based solutions to capture and share pallet information.  (12/1/2005)

  Small German Pallet Company Offers Retrieval Services in Much of Europe - A modest German pallet company, Alles Paletti-Paletten (AP Paletten), has chosen to stay out of the extremely large and competitive Europallet market.  (12/1/2005)

  New on the Market - New Products  (12/1/2005)

  G-Tek Sells Assets to Brewco Inc. - Brewco acquires the assets of G-Tek, and members of G-Tek staff join the Brewco team.  (11/1/2005)

  New on the Market - New Products  (9/1/2005)

  New on the Market - New machinery.  (8/1/2005)

  Nailing Table Review -- Nailing Tables, Jigs Aid Workers, Improve Production and Quality - Even large companies rely on hand nailing to assemble some small orders and custom pallets; nailing tables, stations and jigs are low-tech but provide important benefits.  (7/1/2005)

  Proper Air Supply System Is a Key Aspect of Maintaining Nailing Tools - Article provided by Stanley-Bostitch describes how properly designed and maintained compressed air supply system can help ensure optimum performance of pneumatic nailing tools.  (7/1/2005)

  New on the Market - New Products  (7/1/2005)

  Advanced Recycling Equipment Supplies Grinders, Biomass Combustion Systems - Grinder Review  (5/2/2005)

  Concept Products Introduces New Shred-All - Grinder Review  (5/2/2005)

  Cresswood Mega Destroyer Is Heavy-Duty Grinder - Grinder Review  (5/2/2005)

  Rotochopper’s New StopWatch System Protects Grinders from Tramp Metal - Grinder Review  (5/2/2005)

  Schutte Buffalo Provides Solution to Truss Plant - Grinder Review  (5/2/2005)

  Thompson Magnetics Remove Nails from Grindings - Grinder Review  (5/2/2005)

  Tryco-UNTHA Offers Options for Grinding - Grinder Review  (5/2/2005)

  WEIMA Manufactures 3 Classes of Grinders - Grinder Review  (5/2/2005)

  West Salem Machinery Provides Waste Solutions - Grinder Review  (5/2/2005)

  Vecoplan Supplies ReTech Grinders - Grinding Review  (5/2/2005)

  Bandit Helps Recycle Wood Waste - Grinder Review  (5/2/2005)

  Vecoplan Offers Modular Drag Chain Conveyors -   (5/2/2005)

  Orange Box Hopper Provides Self-Dumping -   (5/2/2005)

  Viking Develops New Pallet Stamp - Automatically Prints Labels on Pallets  (4/1/2005)

  Grizzly Resaw Provides Accurate, Consistent Cutting - 12-Inch Horizontal Band Resaw Runs 1-inch Blade  (4/1/2005)

  Schwerdtle Offers Electric Branders - Hand-Held and Press Models Available  (4/1/2005)

  Ellison Sales Offers Montgomery Parts - Innovation Helps Maintain Montgomery Hogs  (4/1/2005)

  Smetco Kit Converts Dismantler to Resaw - Low-Cost Kit Modifies Machine  (3/1/2005)

  Pendu Acquires Cornell - Acquisition Plan Was Announced Earlier  (3/1/2005)

  New Management Approach Opens Books for Employee Scrutiny - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  Pallet Manufacturer Reaps Benefits from Management Technology, Wireless System - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  Stapling from Coils of Wire -- An Option You May Have Overlooked - Two Companies in North America Manufacture Stitching Machinery  (11/8/2004)

  Virginia Company Supplies Nail Tester - MIBANT Is a Standard Device for Testing Bending Resistance of Pallet Nails  (11/8/2004)

  Optimizing Trailer Space Gives Pallet Suppliers Another Edge with Customers - Load Optimization Has Become More Routine  (11/8/2004)

  Wood-Mizer Team Helps HOPE Ranch - Employees, Families Aid Christian Outreach Facility for Teens  (11/8/2004)

  L-M Equipment (Canada)Offers Heavy-Duty Trimmer -   (10/5/2004)

  Cutting Tools Perform Important Role for Manufacturers and Recyclers - Profile Technology a Key Supplier to Pallet Industry   (10/4/2004)

  EarthWORKS Offers Used, Surplus Machines -   (9/1/2004)

  G-Tek Introduces 6000-H Chipper -   (9/1/2004)

  Ready Tools Are Self-Storing Systems -   (9/1/2004)

  Morbark Issues Product Guide for Equipment -   (9/1/2004)

  Cheetah Cub Is Smaller Version of Cheetah System -   (9/1/2004)

  CBT Supplies Parts for Grinders, More -   (9/1/2004)

  Pallet Suppliers Reap Benefits from Technology Supplier - Innovative Data Systems Helps Improve Management, Efficiency  (8/1/2004)

  Industrial Resources Develops New Pallet Sorting Systems - Supplier Develops New Approaches to Automated Pallet Sorting Systems  (7/1/2004)

  Both Circular Gang Saws and Bandsaws Offer Advantages for Resawing Process - Both Technologies Have Benefits  (7/1/2004)

  AMS Introduces Mold Treatment System -   (5/3/2004)

  Rhino Pallet Unveils Aluminum Pallets -   (5/3/2004)

  Independence Blades New from MK Morse -   (5/1/2004)

  Flomat Enters U.S. Market for Pallet Manufacturing, Recycling Machinery - Australian-Based Supplier Introduces Printing System, New Lead Board Remover  (5/1/2004)

  Cresswood Develops Biggest Destroyer - Mega-Destroyer Equipped with 20-Inch Rotor  (4/5/2004)

  Diamond Offers Sterling Blades for Dismantlers - Diamond Blades Designed for Pallet Recycling  (4/5/2004)

  Preventive Maintenance Keeps Pallet Plants and Sawmills Up and Running - Preventive Maintenance Keeps Pallet Plants and Sawmills Up and Running  (4/1/2004)

  Samuel Kent Baker Adds Cut-Up Line to Its Facility - Expansion through Specialization   (4/1/2004)

  Baker Offers New Bandsaw Guides -   (2/3/2004)

  New G-Tek Bandsaw Suited for Pallet, Grade Lumber Applications -   (2/3/2004)

  PRS Develops Electronic Board Counter -   (2/3/2004)

  Brewer-Golden Eagle Marks 35th Anniversary -   (2/3/2004)

  Better Built Offers 3 Pallet Sanitizers -   (2/3/2004)

  Morbark Adds New Chiparvestor Model -   (2/3/2004)

  Morse Truck Fleet Displayes Products -   (2/3/2004)

  ICE Offers New Carbide Tooling - Ni-Matrix II Provides Longer Run Life, Says ICE  (1/5/2004)

  Trace Offers New Bandsaw Dismantler - Run-A-Gade Handles Pallets Up to 60 Inches  (1/5/2004)

  Rotochopper Adds Service Rep for East - Company Expands, Improves Service on East Coast  (1/5/2004)

  Samuel Kent Baker Offers New Line of Unscramblers - Machines are heavy-duty  (12/2/2003)

  Industrial Resources Unveils Wolverine II - Bandsaw dismantling machine is redesigned  (12/2/2003)

  Amerimulch System Uses Less Water to Color Mulch - New system reduces need for water  (12/2/2003)

  The Wood Energy Opportunity - The technology to turn residual wood material into environmentally friendly energy has long been utilized in the forest products industry   (11/3/2003)

  New Pendu Notcher Design Lowers Price -   (11/3/2003)

  Smart Introduces Single Head Notcher -   (11/3/2003)

  Concept Products Offers New Portable Grinder -   (11/3/2003)

  Saw Service Has New Dismantler -   (11/3/2003)

  Litco Pallet Meets Export Requirements -   (11/3/2003)

  Pendu Unveils First Horizontal Band Resaw - Available as Single-Head or Multi-Head System  (10/1/2003)

  PRS Introduces New Single-Head Notcher - One Worker Can Notch 750 Stringers Per Hour  (10/1/2003)

  System Manages Heat Treatment Business - Demonstration Version Available  (10/1/2003)

  Mid-Continent Acquires Keystone Fasteners -   (10/1/2003)

  Proper Blade Tracking Is Essential for Band Resaws, Quality Lumber - Proper Tracking of a Band Resaw Blade Is Important  (9/2/2003)

  Suppliers Can Design, Equip Repair Lines - A pallet repair line can be designed and equipped for even a relatively small pallet recycling business.  (8/1/2003)

  Are Wall Panels in Your Future? - Viking Engineering develops ADT wall panel line. It could be a good fit for some pallet companies looking to diversify.   (6/1/2003)

  Sierra Machinery Offers New, Used Equipment -   (3/3/2003)

  Pallet Wizard Designs Pallets -   (3/3/2003)

  McGregor Packaging Supplies Strapping, Tools -   (3/3/2003)

  Becker Underwood Makes Acquisitions - Becker Underwood, mulch, mulch coloring, equipment, colorant  (1/6/2003)

  New Machines May Qualify for 30% Depreciation Bonus -   (1/6/2003)

  Lenox Adds 3 Blades for Cutting Metals - New Band Saw Blades for Metal Cutting Applications  (12/2/2002)

  Saw Service & Supply Helps Recyclers Cut Nails, Stubble - Ohio Supplier Known for Blades for Dismantling Machines and Trim Saws  (11/1/2002)

  Computer Programs Design, Draw Pallets and Containers - Software Tools Prepare Cut Lists, Calculate Costs, Provide Other Benefits  (11/1/2002)

  Suppliers Offer Variety of Bandsaw, Shear Machines for Disassembly - Machinery to Dismantle or Partly Disassemble Pallets Has Evolved  (11/1/2002)

  Machines, Equipment Aid Pallet Assembly - Suppliers Offer Automated, Semi-Automated Systems  (11/1/2002)

  Saw Service Offers New Titanium Blade - Sharper and More Durable  (11/1/2002)

  Becker Underwood Unveils New Color - New Shade a Response to Consumer Demand  (11/1/2002)

  Biomass Combustion Systems Develops New Small Furnace - Suitable for Plants Up to 12,000 Square Feet  (11/1/2002)

  Board Remover from Heartland Does Double Duty - Machine Removes Single Board, Disassembles Entire Pallet  (11/1/2002)

  Pest-Heat Provides Solution to Heat Treat Pallets, Crates - Thermal Pest Management Systems Make the Heat Treatment Process Easy.   (10/1/2002)

  Baker Distributing Multitek Firewood Processing Equipment - Baker Offering Line of Firewood Processors  (10/1/2002)

  L-M Equipment Co. Ltd.’s Most Advanced Verticut Introduces FACT - Canadian Supplier’s Fast Advance Cutting Technology Electronically Controls Package Saw Cut  (9/3/2002)

  Wood-Mizer Is All Grown Up; - Pioneer in Thin-Kerf Horizontal Band Saws, Portable Mills Marks 20th ‘Birthday’  (9/3/2002)

  Sharp Tool An Important Industry Partner to Sawmills, Pallet Plants - Supplier Keeps Their Cut-Up Operations Sawing Smoothly  (9/3/2002)

  Country Saw & Knife Offers New XT Blade - Company Introduces New Thin-Kerf Band Saw Blade  (9/3/2002)

  Cresswood Adds 50-inch Grinder - Horizontal, End-Feed Machine Available in More Compact Size  (9/3/2002)

  New Grinder from Advanced Recycling Is Powered by Diesel - Produces 2-4 Tons of Ground Wood Fiber Per Hour  (9/3/2002)

  Bandit Adds Thrower for Model 2680 Beast - Horizontal Thrower Is Hydraulic Powered  (9/3/2002)

  Suppliers Offer Machines to Grind, Process Waste Wood - Wood Waste Can Be Converted to Marketable Products  (8/1/2002)

  Plates, Platers Make Eagle Metal an Important Partner - Eagle Metal Products Have Applications for New, Used Pallets and Crates  (8/1/2002)

  AMS Introduces Palmate™ Pallet Management System - Program Is a Tool for Management  (7/30/2002)

  Nail-Ease from Trace Is Economical Set-Up - Can Be Used to Build 30 Pallets or More Per Hour  (7/29/2002)

  Suffolk E-1 Edger Has 2 Shifting Saws - 2 Saws, 2 Fences Double Edging Capacity  (7/29/2002)

  Big Mo’s Machinery Teams with Smart - Will Offer Extensive Line of Pallet Machinery  (7/29/2002)

  Fastec Unveils New Assembly Equipment - Designed to Improve Manual Assembly of Pallets, Crates, Containers  (6/28/2002)

  GBN Develops New Nailing Head - Incorporates many improvements over existing machine.  (6/28/2002)

  Baker EZ Band Mill Has 16 HP Engine - Made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum riveted construction.  (6/28/2002)

  Smith Resaw Sizes Cants Up to 6 Inches - Single-head resaw designed for sizing cants.  (6/28/2002)

  L-M Equipment Co. Verticut 2000-M Has Hydraulic Power - Vertical package cut-off saw has even-ending system, outfeed deck  (6/28/2002)

  Morgan Offering New Machine for Sizing - Morgan Saw Co. develops new sizer machine.  (6/28/2002)

  Viking Automates Duo-Matic Nailers - Viking begins retrofit program to eliminate nail cams.  (6/28/2002)

  Stanley-Bostitch Has New Pallet Nail - Design features screw shank.  (6/28/2002)

  Cornell Circular Line Bar Resaws, Reclaims - Multi-saw, double-arbor system offers high-yield board reclaiming.  (6/28/2002)

  Industrial Resources Offers New Dismantler - Wolverine band saw has 60-inch wide table.  (6/28/2002)

  PDI Adds New Model Dismantling Machine - PDI 2002 model for one or two man operation.  (6/28/2002)

  Pendu Tow Hook Attaches to Tractor - Innovative product moves disabled tractor.  (6/28/2002)

  Smetco Improves Band Saw Dismantling Machine - New model has number of improvements.  (6/28/2002)

  High Point Unveils New Band Resaw - Single-head saw available in multi-head systems.  (6/28/2002)

  Sawdust Blower New from Suffolk Machinery - 18-inch Timberwolf sawdust blower  (6/28/2002)

  21 Saw Shop Offers New Band Resaw - Angle Cut Brute is introduced.  (6/28/2002)

  Trace Nailing Station for Over-Size Pallets - Trace Supplies Economical Jigs  (6/5/2002)

  Euroblocks Comply with Pest Regulations - Manufactured from Processed Wood Chips  (6/5/2002)

  Pallet Assembly Equipment Meets Needs of Big and Small Companies - Nailing Machine Review  (6/4/2002)

  Cresswood HF-36A Grinder Is Improved - Re-engineered for Improved Performance  (6/3/2002)

  G. Wine Sales Expands Supplier Role to Pallet, Sawmill Industry - West Plains Rep Adds Storti Nailing, Scragg Mill Line, Moves into Manufacturing  (6/3/2002)

  Storti Well Known in Europe for Nailing Lines, Scragg Mills - Italian Manufacturing Company Produces Automated Pallet Assembly Systems and Sawmill Equipment  (6/3/2002)

  Storti to Exhibit Nailing System in Richmond - European Machinery Company to Exhibit at Expo Richmond  (5/3/2002)

  Amerimulch Unveils Portable Tote Mixers - Mixers Extend Shelf Life of Mulch Colorant  (5/3/2002)

  PDI to Exhibit New Dismantler at Expo - New Line Made of Tubular Steel Construction  (5/3/2002)

  Big Mo’s Supplies Systems, Machinery - Full-service pallet machinery design and manufacturing company.  (4/1/2002)

  Imperial Offers New Dust Removal System - Imperial Systems develops new dust collection system  (4/1/2002)

  New Smart Pallet Prep Plus Versatile - Smart Products has introduced its most versatile pallet dismantler and pallet repair machine  (4/1/2002)

  Pendu Reaches New Level as Pallet, Sawmill Supplier - Machinery Company’s Investments Increase Efficiency, Service to Customers  (3/1/2002)

  Finger Jointing! - Why Is the Wood Pallet Industry Still Suffering with Its Short Wood Waste Problem?  (3/1/2002)

  AMS Provides Automated Solutions for Pallet Industry - Automated Machine Systems Inc. (AMS), headquartered in Jenison, Michigan, is a company with a passion for automation in the pallet industry.  (2/1/2002)

  Sharp Tool Develops Frost Notch Gullet - Sharp Tool Co. has developed a Frost Notch Gullet for the 1-inch and 1 1/4-inch narrow bandsaw blades.  (2/1/2002)

  Pendu Develops New Roll Track System - Pendu Manufacturing has developed a universal roll track system.  (2/1/2002)

  Amerimulch Introduces In-Line Screen Deck - Amerimulch in-line screen removes large wood from mulch coloring process.   (2/1/2002)

  January 2002 New Products - New Products  (1/7/2002)

  Profile Technology Introduces Mascot - Profile Technology develops mascot for marketing, advertising.  (11/16/2001)

  Rotochopper Offers Portable Mulch Bagger - Rotochopper develops portable equipment to package mulch into bags.  (11/16/2001)

  Trace Introduces Corner Rounder - Trace Equipment begins marketing in-line corner rounder machine.  (11/16/2001)

  Mayfran Machine Converts Wood Fiber, Waste Material to Briquettes - Machine transforms wood fiber into dense, compact, recyclable briquettes.  (11/16/2001)

  Current River Offers 2 StackMaster Models -   (11/16/2001)

  Empire Mfg. Issues Product Brochure -   (11/16/2001)

  Stitcher Makes 6-800 Pallet Mats Per Hour -   (11/16/2001)

  Vecoplan Offers ReTech RG42U Rotary Grinder -   (11/16/2001)

  Baker Exhibits New EZ Portable Sawmill -   (11/16/2001)

  New Machines Increase Smetco's Role As A Pallet Recycling Supplier - Smetco Inc. is increasing its growth and expansion as a supplier to the pallet industry with the introduction of a several new machines that represent milestones for the company.  (11/13/2001)

  Delta Coatings Offers Mulch Colorants - Coatings Are Non-Bleeding, Non-Toxic  (10/1/2001)

  Morbark Safety Video for Hand-Fed Chippers - News release on Morbark safety video  (8/31/2001)

  Commitment to Plant Maintenance Integral to Volume Manufacturing - Maintenance is an important aspect of any pallet manufacturing business. A few industry leaders share what they do to keep their equipment running well.   (8/8/2001)

  2nd Nailing Machine Puts Wheeler in Stage 2 of Automated Assembly - Wheeler Industries enters the second stage of automated pallet assembly with the addition of a second Rayco Industries nailing machine, a Rayco Pallet Pro.  (6/1/2001)

  New on the Market for June 2001 - New on the Market for June 2001  (6/1/2001)

  Wood-Mizer Introduces New LT300 Thin Kerf Head Rig - Wood-Mizer has introduced a new sawmill, the LT300 thin kerf head rig; it can saw both grade and pallet lumber at industrial production levels.  (6/1/2001)

  N.C. Pallet Maker Invests, Adapts to Strengthen Position in Market - North Carolina pallet manufacturer invests in Pallet Chief nailing machine and adapts in order to strengthen market position.  (6/1/2001)

  New on the Market for May 2001 - New on the Market for May 2001  (5/1/2001)

  Computerized Cost Control Aids Efficiency - Forestry Systems: Computerized Cost Control Aids Effficiency for Pallet Companies.  (4/1/2001)

  Recyclers ‘Ripe for Automation,’ Says Supplier - Smart Products: Recyclers 'Ripe' for Automation.  (4/1/2001)

  Pallet People for April 2001 Pallet Enterprise - Pallet People for April 2001 Pallet Enterprise  (4/1/2001)

  New on the Market for April 2001 Pallet Enterprise - New on the Market for April 2001 Pallet Enterprise  (4/1/2001)

  New on the Market for December Pallet Enterprise - New on the Market for December Pallet Enterprise  (12/1/2000)

  Cut-Up Lines Reap Benefits of Lubricant - Lubricant a Hit: Pallet companies using Empire Manufacturing lubricant report significant benefits to cut-up operations associated with extended blade life, enhanced blade performance  (12/1/2000)

  Suppliers Offer Machines, Colorants for Coloring Mulch - Round-up of suppliers that offer machinery, equipment, colorants or services for producing colored mulch.  (8/1/2000)

  Suppliers Offer Machines for Grinding and Shredding - Round-up of companies that manufacture or supply machinery and equipment that can grind and shred pallets or other wood material.  (8/1/2000)

  New Viking Champion QC305 Has Number of Improvements - When Viking Engineering & Development gets the idea for a new automated pallet assembly system, it listens to its customers; newest machine, the Champion QC305, makes debut at Richmond Expo.  (7/1/2000)

  Letter from Ed: It’s Time to Vote! - The time has come for you to take out just a couple of minutes and help us by filling out the survey.  (4/1/2000)

  Conner Equipment to Launch Machinery Lines at Richmond Expo - Conner will unveil the first machines under its nameplate at the Richmond Expo and exhibit a high-volume pallet assembly system from Cape.   (4/1/2000)

  Automated Pallet Handling, Sorting Systems Are Making More Sense - Pallet manufacturing and pallet recycling businesses are increasingly studying the options available from machinery suppliers to automate their operations; round-up of automated pallet sorting and handling systems.   (4/1/2000)

  Lubricant, System Gain Acceptance for Band Resaws - Empire Manufacturing makes a lubricant and application system for wood cutting tools; it is finding growing acceptance of its technology for pallet/sawmill applications.  (3/1/2000)

  New Thin-Kerf Blade for Gang Saws Performs Well in Test Run - New Blade Tested: Preliminary tests of new, innovative Eureka circular saw blade for gang saws indicate it may match the performance of thin-kerf band saw systems.  (2/1/2000)

  Reclaim Material for Added Value, Profits - Sawmills and pallet recyclers can reclaim stock that can be converted to other value-added products and improve a company's bottom line.  (2/1/2000)

  Pallet Chief Manufacturing Penetrates Market Further with Pallet Chief IV Tandem Nailing System - Pallet Chief: Pallet Chief Manufacturing, a supplier of nailing machines and stackers, has added the more automated tandem Pallet Chief IV to its line of nailing machines.  (12/1/1999)

  Bayer Enters Market for Mulch Colorants - Bayer Corporation, makers of Bayer asprin, has entered the market of colorants for landscape mulch.  (12/1/1999)

  ITW Acquires Duo-Fast Corporation - In late August, Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW) completed the acquisition of the Duo-Fast Corporation, a construction products company based in Huntley, Illinois.  (12/1/1999)

  Baker Introduces First of New Log Skidders - Baker Products introduced a new log skidder recently at the Midwest Forest Industries Show.  (12/1/1999)

  Split Conveyors Option on Newman KM-16 - Newman-Whitney has developed a new optional feature available on its series of KM-16 Multiple Trim Saws. KM-16 Multiple Trimmers now are available with opposing 12-inch or 9-inch split conveyor belts for sorting lumber cut to different lengths.  (11/2/1999)

  Industrial Resources Machine Stacks, Dispenses Pallets - Industrial Resources of Michigan is offering a new In-Line Pallet Accumulator-Dispenser for pallet recycling operations. The machine will stack, accumulate or dispense pallets as needed.   (11/2/1999)

  New on the Market - November 1999 - New products and services from Dixie Precision, Newman and Industrial Resources. extends   (11/1/1999)

  Suppliers Offer Machines, Colorants for Coloring Mulch - Making Colored Mulch: Roundup of information and photographs from suppliers of machinery, products and services to produce colored mulch.  (8/1/1999)

  Machining Used Stringers Aids Calumet Pallet - Stringer sizer machine developed by Pallet Repair Systems (RPS) uses Profile Technology cutters to help Calumet Pallet Co. eliminate the need for new stringers.  (5/1/1999)

  Wrap it Up - Reusable Pallet Load Straps, Wraps Find Acceptance in Closed Loops - Some pallet users are using reusable unit-load strapping and wrap products in closed loop applications. Reusable straps and wraps reduce solid waste and offer other advantages.  (11/1/1998)