Environmental Issues:

  Timber Over Time - Timber Timeline: Find out about how wood construction has evolved through the years and notable moments that changed the way people use timber.   (11/1/2017)

  Thinking Ahead: Losing the Forests Because We Are Trying to Save the Trees - Pallet Enterprise publisher explores the facts behind the current state of U.S. forests. The Forest Service has developed detailed analysis and data, but what it really needed is government leadership to act to prevent wildfires, overgrowth and forest pests.   (3/1/2017)

  USDA Urges Builders to Prioritize Wood in Green Buildings - USDA Urges Builders to Prioritize Wood in Green Buildings  (11/1/2011)

  Industry Concerned About Spotted Owl Recovery Plan - After months of speculation, the Fish and Wildlife Service has released the final Recovery Plan for the Spotted Owl. Parts of the plan have caused worry in the timber industry that it will result in further reductions in timber harvests.  (8/1/2011)

  Forest Facts: Telling the Truth About the Forest Products Industry and the Environment - There are many rumors about what logging does to forests and the environment. Do you know what the facts are?  (3/1/2010)

  Letter to the Editor: Clarifying Carbon Markets for Forest Management - It is good to see a forest products magazine acknowledge the substantial contribution that carbon markets could make toward promoting sustainable forestry.  (5/1/2009)

  Green Building Proposals Would Include More Forest Certification Programs: Opposition to Genetics a Concern for Forestry Industry - ‘Green’ Building: ‘Green’ construction programs expanding to include more forest certification organizations; opposition to genetics a concern for forest products industry.  (10/1/2008)

  The Sensible Environmentalist: Focus on Old Growth Misses the Mark - The debate over old growth has been presented as good versus evil: beautiful old forests or barren clear-cuts. But forests are in a constant state of change.  (10/1/2007)

  The Sensible Environmentalist: Use Wood to Reduce Greenhouse Gases - As individuals, we can contribute by reducing our energy consumption and, where possible, using renewable energy and materials.   (7/1/2007)

  The Sensible Environmentalist: Wood Fiber Best Choice to Make Paper - Dear Dr. Moore: Many environmental groups promote the use of hemp for making paper. Is this a good idea?  (4/1/2007)

  The Sensible Environmentalist: It’s Time to Boycott the Boycotts - Boycotts have unintended consequences, many of which are harmful to the environment and human health.  (1/1/2007)

  The Sensible Environmentalist: Treated Wood Is Safe, Very Effective - There are a number of treated wood products that are highly effective at resisting bugs, mold and rot — and are also safe in terms of human health and the environment.  (10/1/2006)

  Owl Be Damned - Spotted Owl: The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service knows that wildfire is the leading cause of spotted owl habitat loss, yet it opposes thinning forests to reduce the risk of fire.  (5/1/2006)

  Making Sense Out of Environmental Policy: Interview with Dr. Patrick Moore, Part 1 - Patrick Moore, author of ‘The Sensible Environmentalist’ column and defender of the forest products industry, answers questions in part one of an extensive interview with Pallet Enterprise.  (2/1/2006)

  Does Logging Impact Biodiversity? - Harvesting, especially when most of the trees are removed, has a considerable impact on species diversity but only in the short term.   (1/1/2006)

  FS Planning Rules Christmas Gift to Industry or Sound Policy Changes? - Thinking Ahead -- Letter from Chaille  (2/7/2005)

  Trees Answer Questions About Future - The Sensible Environmentalist   (1/3/2005)

  Poor Forest Health Poses Great Environmental Threat to Nation - Debate Sizzles Over Forest Health  (9/2/2003)

  Time for Grand Finale; Teach Your Children Well - In the Arena  (9/1/2001)

  Illiteracy, Deep Ecology Flourish in Fourth Grade - In the Arena: by Rich Jefferson - 'Illiteracy, Deep Ecology Flourish in Fourth Grade'  (6/1/2001)

  September Environmental News - Environmental news affecting the forest products industry.  (9/1/1999)