New Pallet Manufacturing:

  Simpler Is Better: Bronco Designs Pallet Systems for Versatility, Reliability and Cost-Effective Production - Bronco Pallet Systems: Simple automation concepts pays big dividends for pallet companies with both nailing and recycling solutions. Reduce machinery costs, simplify your operations and improve worker safety with Bronco machinery.   (1/4/2019)

  Robotic Rules – Key Considerations for Robotics in Pallet and Lumber Operations - Robotic Rules: These questions and considerations should guide any robotic project that you consider for automating pallet or lumber operations. Do you know that to ask to make sure that you achieve the right automation goals and return on investment?   (10/5/2017)

  Supplier Spotlight: Bronco Pallet Systems Still Going Strong after 22 Years of Business - Simple is better philosophy pays off for Bronco Pallet Systems.  (5/1/2016)

  VIKING Powers Growth and Productivity at Berry Pallets, New Facility Positions for the Future - Minnesota Makeover: Berry Pallets moves into a new facility to position for growth and improve operational efficiencies. The pallet manufacturer has also found the secret to effectively use recycled lumber in its Viking Champion QC306 and Turbo 505 lines.   (6/1/2014)

  Cost Accounting Shows Profitability, Opportunities - Knowing your costs can be the difference between success and failure in the pallet business. One pallet industry leader shares his thoughts on cost accounting and profitability.  (9/6/2011)

  Cole Pallet Uses Brewco B-800 Resaws To Efficiently Manufacture Pallet Stock - Cole Pallet Uses Brewco B-800 Resaws to Efficiently Manufacture Pallet Stock  (1/1/2010)

  Jennings County Pallets, Inc.: A “Cutting Edge” Approach Overcomes Market Challenges - Jennings County Pallets: Indiana pallet company uses AWMV equipment and a “Cutting Edge” technology approach to overcome market challenges.  (10/1/2009)

  N.C. Pallet Manufacturer Stays with Successful Niche and Size: Pallet Chief Nailer Is ‘Backbone of the Company - Richmond Forest Products: North Carolina pallet manufacturer has found a successful niche and size that works for him; Pallet Chief nailing machine is ‘backbone of the company.’  (8/1/2009)

  Challenger Targets Niche in Mid-Volume Orders with Quick Turnaround, Service: Canadian Pallet Supplier Benefits from ‘Lean Manufacturing’ Principles - Challenger Pallet: Canadian pallet manufacturer targets a niche in mid-volume orders with quick turnaround and strong service; Challenger Pallet benefits from ‘lean manufacturing’ principles.  (5/1/2007)

  Millwood Expands to Control Raw Material, Lumber Supply: New Brewer Machines Expected to Double Cut Stock Production - Milltree: Millwood expands to control raw material and lumber supply; new Ohio plant turns to Brewer Inc.-Golden Eagle for equipment to increase production of pallet stock.  (10/1/2006)

  2-Inch Bands Mean Big Gains For C & L Wood Products: New Brewco Band Resaws Boost Alabama Pallet Company - C&L Wood Products: The Brewco B-800 2-inch band resaw changed Henry Bowman’s perception about band resaws; he turned to Brewco for a resaw system that has benefited his company.  (4/1/2006)

  Celina Pallet Turns to Pallet Chief Again for More Nailing Capacity: Texas Pallet Manufacturer Adds Third Machine from Pallet Chief - When Michael Ross decided he needed a new pallet nailing machine, he knew he wanted something that would be efficient, productive, and easy: a Pallet Chief.  (12/1/2005)

  Dutch Pallet Manufacturer Combines Veteran Expertise, New Technology: Phoenix-Pallets Adds Swedish Robotic Equipment to Increase Production - Leading Dutch pallet manufacturing company relies heavily on automation for high volume production; Phoenix-Pallets adds Swedish robotic equipment to increase production.  (10/1/2005)

  Viking Engineering and Development Corp. Celebrates 30th Anniversary: Born from Pallet Company to Become an Industry Leader - Viking Anniversary: Viking Engineering has been manufacturing and supplying automated nailing machines for the pallet industry for 30 years and has been a key industry partner.  (9/1/2005)

  Washington Organization Adapts and Forges Ahead -- L-M Equipment (US) Package Saw Helps Efficiency, Productivity - Washington organization that makes pallets and industrial lumber products adapts and moves ahead; L-M Equipment (U.S.) package saw helps improve efficiency and productivity.  (7/1/2005)

  British Pallet Company Stays On Track for Growth, Expansion Tyne & Wear Pallets Adds New Storti Nailing Machine - British pallet company takes a ‘lean manufacturing’ approach to business; company adds new Storti Flex 90 nailing machine to increase nailing capacity.  (6/1/2005)

  Investments in Plants, Machinery Keep Canadian Company on Growth Track - Two GBN Lines Enable Groupe Savoie to Achieve High Volume Production   (5/2/2005)

  Truck Leasing Program Puts Valley Pallet in the Driver’s Seat for Savings -   (5/2/2005)

  John Rock – A Prescription to Growth in Pallet Manufacturing - A Show Place for Brewer and Viking Machinery   (5/2/2005)

  East Brady Lumber Co. Adjusts, Adapts to Changing Industrial Transformation: Pennsylvania Pallet Manufacturer Uses Pendu Cut-Up Line, Viking and GBN N - Pennsylvania pallet manufacturer relies on a complete Pendu cut-up line, from unscrambler to stacker, for remanufacturing hardwood cants into pallet components.  (2/1/2005)

  If You Can’t Beat ’Em, Join ’Em - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  New York Company Fired Most of Its Customers in Order to Improve Profits - H&H Wood Products Focuses on Assembly, Doing More for Fewer Customers  (10/5/2004)

  CW Products Launches into New Era for Washington Container Company - New Owner Benefits from Crate Pro Software for Designing, Costing Pallets, Crates  (10/5/2004)

  The Pallet Factory Increases Production of New Pallets - Viking Machines Automate Nailing; Converta Kiln to Enable Heat-Treating   (9/1/2004)

  Growing Ala. Pallet Manufacturer Turning His Focus to Bottom Line - Baker Bandsaws Heart of Cut-Up Lines at C&L Wood Products  (6/1/2004)

  North Carolina Pallet Manufacturer Gaining Large Share of GMA Market - Pallet Chief IV Machines Automates Assembly of 48x40 Pallets, Increases Production  (6/1/2004)

  The Timbermen Emphasizes Notching, 4-Stringer Pallets - Cut-Up Line Features Pendu Manufacturing Co. Gang Saw  (1/5/2004)

  Maine Pallet Manufacturer Is Going, Growing Strong - Sharp Tool Co. Helps Corinth Products Keep Cutting  (12/1/2003)

  Georgia Pallet Manufacturing Company Enters the Pallet Heat-Treating Arena; - Marshall & Henderson Supplies Heat-Treating System to Daniel Lumber  (12/1/2003)

  N. Carolina Manufacturer Moves Ahead with Block Pallet Business - Granville Pallet Building Block Pallets on Storti Nailing Machine  (11/3/2003)

  Founder of Verbeek Pallet Overcame Business and Personal Challenges - Despite personal disability, B.C. pallet maker builds successful business. He relies on L-M Equipment (Canada) saw for remanufacturing lumber.   (7/1/2003)

  Ro-Mark Pallet Adapts in Order To Prosper, Thrive in Nevada Desert - Ro-Mark adds new GBN Explorer nailing system, increasing pallet production 40%.  (6/1/2003)

  Service Helped Distinguish, Prosper Penn. Pallet Maker - Precision Pallet Adds Brewer-Golden Eagle Line with Second Gang Saw  (1/6/2003)

  Texas Company Finds Profitable Niche in Custom Crates and Skids - Baker Products a Key Supplier of Band Resaws to Consolidated Wood Products  (10/1/2002)

  Pallet Demand Improves; Hardwood Production Off - Market Update  (6/25/2002)

  Three Intangibles a Big Factor in Success of Clinch-Tite; - Penn. Pallet Maker Evolves into Full-Service Transport Packaging Supplier  (2/1/2002)

  Acquisition of IFCO Systems Plants Launches PalletOne; - Howe Wallace Leads New Company; PalletOne to Focus on Manufacturing  (12/1/2001)

  Arkansas Custom Crate & Pallet - Entrepreneur Turns to Baker Products to equip a start-up company that is strongly focused on manufacturing new, custom, quality pallets.  (7/6/2001)

  Bronco Automates Assembly Operations for Lowe's Pallet - Lowe's Pallets: Bronco Pallet Systems equips Tennessee pallet manufacturer with a new machine to automate pallet assembly operations.  (5/1/2001)

  Custom Crating Machinery Is Florida Company's Specialty - All American: Florida-based All American Crating specializes in custom-built crates and skids for machinery, overseas and domestic shipping.  (3/1/2001)

  Southern Pallet Does It All And Does It Well - PalEx, Southern Pallet, block pallets, Tony Fogleman, Viking Duomatic, West Salem, Brewer, Rotochopper, Pendu, Heartland, Woodthorn Trio, MSI, Industrial Resources, Smart Machines, L-M Equipment, Cornell, West Plains Resaw, Morgan single head, WoodKraft   (8/1/1999)