Pallet Market:

  Market Update: Competing Demand, Weather, and Exports Push Low-grade Lumber to Historic Prices - A variety of factors has led to strong price pressure and increases for both hardwood and softwood lumber. Pallet companies are passing along many of these increases as lumber in some regions is hitting new highs.   (4/2/2018)

  Market Update: What Is Happening In the Lumber Market? - Analysis of the current lumber crunch in the low-grade lumber markets as the hardwood sectors experiences some serious supply constraints in some regions.   (11/1/2017)

  Market Update: Weather, Forest Fires and Uncertainty Impact Pallet Lumber Market - Pallet Profile founder, Ed Brindley, Ph.D., explores recent weather and other events leading to uncertainty in the pallet lumber market.   (8/1/2017)

  Market Update: Ups and Downs of the Pallet Lumber Market - Ups and Downs of Low-Grade Lumber: The Pallet Profile staff provides a look at the lumber market in the United States for the first quarter of 2017. It is a mixed bag of both ups and downs depending on the region and the species.   (4/3/2017)

  Market Update: The Pallet Market Year in Review - Year-end summary of pallet and low-grade lumber market developments with analysis of major trends and impacts.   (1/1/2017)

  Coming into Focus: Survey Shows Top Buying Factors for Pallets - Pallet user survey shows trends holding in terms of top purchase criteria for pallet users.   (12/1/2016)

  Market Update: Western USA - Aggressive Doug Fir Price Swings in Progress - The primary reason Doug fir has gotten so tight is adverse weather in the Pacific Northwest. This past winter has been one of the worst for logging in recent years.  (5/1/2016)

  Market Update: Why Can’t the Pallet Market Have Its Cake and Eat It Too? A Look at the Trade-off of Strong Supply for Lackluster Demand - Pallet demand slows east of the Rockies.  (3/1/2016)

  Market Update: Where Have All the Used Pallets Gone? Tight Core Supplies Become Even Worse - Market analyst, Jeff McBee, in his final ever column explains what is going on in the core crisis as supplies are extremely tight all over the country.   (11/1/2015)

  Beyond the Numbers – Musings from the World of Pallets: Looming Issues: China’s Changing Market and Water Shortages in the West - Market Report: Weather and China’s consumption continues to play a role in the West. A look at how each concern could impact lumber availability and pallet demand in the future.   (7/2/2015)

  Beyond the Numbers – Musings from the World of Pallets and Beyond: Rethinking the Demand Curve, the True Economic Growth Rate and Summer Concerns - Market analyst, Jeff McBee, provides his thoughts on the real reason for pallet demand growth, the true state of the U.S. economy and much more.   (6/1/2015)

  Market Update: The Way I See It…Random Thoughts and Epiphanies from the World of Pallets and Beyond - Market Update: Analyst, Jeff McBee, muses about the impact of low oil prices on lumber markets, the move to use new pallets to supplement core shortages and why pallet prices should not be cut in the short term.   (5/1/2015)

  Market Update: The China Effect Suggests Slowing Wood Demand - Market Update: Slower growth in China has some concerned that a contracting Chinese economy will drag down global growth and put a damper on wood demand.   (3/2/2015)

  Market Update: Hang On to Your Hat (We’re Going for a Ride)! - Market analyst, Jeff McBee, forecasts another hard winter across the hardwood market as tight supplies and other factors create the perfect storm for escalating prices.   (11/1/2014)

  Market Update: Reconciling Curious Government Numbers with the Recycled Pallet Market - Curious Numbers: Gross domestic product and other government numbers paint a confusing picture when contrasted with pallet market movements. Analyst, Jeff McBee makes sense of the numbers while explaining what to expect for the rest of 2014  (9/1/2014)

  Letter from Ed: Turning Back to My Roots… Hello This Is Ed - Pallet Enterprise founder discusses his latest project to improve the Pallet Profile, and he needs your help.   (8/1/2014)

  Market Update: It’s Time for Change in Pallet Prices East of the Rockies - Market analyst, Jeff McBee, explains why pallet prices must go up for some regions for companies to remain viable and to respond to upward lumber price pressure.   (7/1/2014)

  Market Update: In a Bloggish Mood... Random Thoughts from the World of Wood (and Nearby) - Market analyst, Jeff McBee, shares a bunch of random thoughts about the current crazy lumber market and the future that lies ahead.   (5/1/2014)

  Market Update: Winter Provides the Perfect Storm – And It’s Not What You Think - Market analyst, Jeff McBee, talks about the impact of rest winter weather on the pallet market and its indications for the future given the lack of infrastructure in the sawmill industry to respond to looming shortages.   (3/3/2014)

  Market Update: Calm Before the Storm... Is there more trouble on the horizon? - Market analyst, Jeff McBee, looks at the trends over the last year and speculates that conditions may be ripe for more of the same into the coming year, which means you need to be ready for price spikes at any time.   (11/1/2013)

  Market Update: How Busy Are We? A Look at Pallet Demand East of the Rockies - Raw Materials Shortages: Two large factors have hampered raw material availability in low-grade hardwood markets, weather and competition for the product. The oil exploration sector as well as other key industrial users continue to outbid pallet companies for material.   (9/1/2013)

  Market Update: Are We There Yet? Looking for the bottom of the softwood market - Significant softwood lumber spikes in the West earlier this year felt extremely rate until you stop to compare it with a similar trend a few years ago. It’s strange how we forget the past in the pressure of the present.   (7/1/2013)

  Market Update: Lost Infrastructure Brings Growing Pains to Forest Products Industry - Market columnist, Jeff McBee, talks about the lost infrastructure in the forest products industry and its impact on domestic lumber markets. His analysts suggests the problems are only going to get worse if the new home construction market truly heats up.   (5/1/2013)

  COMING INTO FOCUS: Survey Says New Pallet Orders Could Rebound as Core Problem Worsens - Pallet user survey suggests that new pallet orders could rebound if core availability worsens.   (12/1/2012)

  Market Update: Strong Log Supplies Don’t Bolster Availability of Hardwood Pallet Material - A look at the hardwood pallet market east of the Rockies.   (11/1/2012)

  Market Update: What Do Recyclers See in Their Crystal Ball? - Market analyst, Jeff McBee, looks into the future of the U.S. recycled pallet market as a follow-up to his recent column on the current core crisis.   (7/1/2012)

  Market Update: Anatomy of a Core Crisis - The original Pallet Summit in October 1991, is now more recognized as the “Memphis meeting.” It was one of the first meetings to host a large concentration of recyclers at a time when CHEP was just launching in the U.S.   (5/1/2012)

  Letter from Ed: Buy Now – Pay Later! - All too often, especially when it comes to pallet decisions, there are costs beyond just the purchase price that have to be paid. The unforeseen costs can be what really undermine the effectiveness of your decision.  (4/1/2012)

  Market Update: A Great Idea That Never Materialized, Food for Thought for Today’s Market - Pallet market analyst, Jeff McBee, talks about the transitions in pallet recycling through the years and the need for machinery innovation to address changing landscape.  (3/1/2012)

  Market Update: It’s 2012, Do You Know Where Your Cores Are? - The impact of fewer new pallets being built is faster cycles in the recycle pallet market, which has accelerated the aging of the available white-wood pallet pool. Only time will tell if the current core dilemma is a true paradigm shift or another drastic shift in market dynamics.  (1/1/2012)

  Market Update: The Long and Winding Road to Recovery (Part 2)- Are We Frail? - Market columnist, Jeff McBee, analyzes the long-term impact of the recession on the pallet industry.  (11/1/2011)

  Market Update - The Long and Winding Road to Recovery - A look at hardwood pallet demand east of the Rockies   (9/6/2011)

  Market Update: What Have You Done For Me Lately? Looking for Silver Linings - Economics signals paint a hard-to-figure out market according to pallet industry analyst, Jeff McBee. Many pallet companies are busy now, but uncertain about the future.  (5/1/2011)

  Market Update: Asking for Directions at the Corner of Feast & Famine - Market analyst Jeff McBee explores the what ifs of the pallet market as winter months hit full swing.  (1/1/2011)

  News Stories of the Year - Best News Stories of 2010  (12/1/2010)

  Industry Members Respond to Key Industry Concerns Heading Into 2011 - Industry members give views on key concerns. Q&A with pallet people from around the country on how issues have impacted them in 2010.  (12/1/2010)

  Market Update: Can the 48x40 Whitewood Stringer Pallet Survive the Coming Paradigm Shift? - Costco's insistence on block pallets is sure to change the complexion of the pallet industry - especially within the pallet recycling world.  (11/1/2010)

  Hardwood Industry – What Will Tomorrow Bring? Pulling Together for a Stronger Future - Globalization, competitive market pressures and emerging business opportunities has led many to realize that the time to pull together for the common good is now.   (10/1/2010)

  Market Update: In a Bloggish Mood -- Random Thoughts From the World of Wood - Market anaylsyt Jeff McBee describes some the more recent market activity in a blog format.  (9/1/2010)

  Market Update: A Fearless Look at the Hardwood Lumber Shortage - Where Are We Headed? When Will It End? - Lumber prices have been going haywire for about seven months. Some contend that the low-grade shortage not only rivals the trends and conditions from 1992-93, but surpasses that shortage.   (7/1/2010)

  Market Update: The Second Once-in-a-lifetime Shortage -- 18 Years Later, Interesting Is Another Word for Scary - Market analyst Jeff McBee considers the current lumber shortage and looks back at similar events in 1992/1993. This time will it get worse?  (5/1/2010)

  Market Update: Keeping an Eye Out for the End - Excess lumber inventory leads to pallet producers being able to buy higher grade material at a competitive price. Our market analyst wonders how long this trend will continue.  (11/1/2009)

  Market Update: Gentlemen Start Your Engines: Can Racing Strategy Help the Pallet Industry? - The forest products markets’ plunge in activity and subsequently pricing of many, if not most, items can be tied to the housing market’s temporary demise.  (9/1/2009)

  Market Update: Will Recyclers Learn from History or Repeat It? - Pallet recyclers already are concerned by iGPS’ stance for negotiating the recovery and return of its plastic rental pallets.  (7/1/2009)

  Market Update: Decisions, Decisions - Sometimes the only business decision is not a good business decision, but it’s the only decision.  (5/1/2009)

  Market Update: Supply, Demand Still Work -- Western Market Twists, Turns - The softwood market in the West already was dealing with weak demand across all grades. The latest twist resulted in extremely discounted upper grade offerings.  (3/1/2009)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Dealing with Economic Doldrums - Pallet and lumber companies all over the country are feeling the squeeze of the current economic recession. Here are some ideas on ways to weather the storm and be one of the companies that comes out on top.   (11/1/2008)

  Market Update: If It Seems Too Bad To Be True, It Probably Is - The concern about the economy showed up rather quickly in reduced pallet sales. The very pronounced trend that impacts the large cross-section of the pallet industry arrived. The downturn was sudden and pronounced.   (11/1/2008)

  Market Update: Monsters Under the Bed -- Are Your Hardwood Pallet Prices in Line? - Pallet prices began edging higher over the summer. The price movement was not due to a shortage of wood, which is usually what drives pallet prices higher.   (9/1/2008)

  Market Update: High Oil Prices – The Pain That Keeps on Giving - Hardwood sawmill production is dropping fairly rapidly – an alarming trend considering the time of year. The impact of the housing slump and its effect on the hardwood grade market is driving down production.  (7/1/2008)

  Market Update: Pain at the Pump — Is There a Silver Lining? - Energy costs are wreaking havoc on the entire forest products industry. There is no area or sector that is not impacted and impacted heavily.   (6/1/2008)

  Market Update: Caught Between a Rock And a Hardwood Place, Industrial Markets at End of Run? - As grade prices tumbled, mills worked anxiously to make financial sense of the depressed grade markets. They have used several time-tested strategies.   (5/1/2008)

  Alabama-Based Coxco Provides Link Between Pallet Suppliers and Users - Coxco: Alabama pallet supplier provides a link between numerous pallet manufacturers and recyclers and pallet users; Coxco represents mills in 12 states and supplies pallets, containers and other products to customers in 20 states.  (5/1/2008)

  Confidential 2008 Human Resources and Labor Survey - The Pallet Enterprise, Pallet Profile Weekly, and Recycle Record are teaming together to conduct a Wage/Human Resources Survey of the wooden pallet and container industry. The last labor survey we conducted was in 2004. Because of the recent change in minimum wage laws and industry requests, we have designed this relatively simple, easy-to-complete survey. We are asking readers to help both themselves and the industry by completing this survey form and returning it to us.  (5/1/2008)

  Market Update: Too Hot to Handle Or Lean and Mean? - Knowing that the problem of razor-thin profit margins exists simply is not enough. Anyone who has been in the pallet industry any length of time is keenly aware of how thin margins can be.  (4/1/2008)

  Market Update: Industry Concerned for Hardwood Sawmill Health - The current market leaves sawmills in a difficult spot. Sluggish grade markets have driven grade prices down. Log prices have come down, too, but not as fast as grade prices.   (3/1/2008)

  Market Update: Canada’s Hardwood Market Facing Familiar Challenges - Trends and conditions in Eastern Canada’s hardwood market are threatening the financial health of sawmills, much like the U.S.  (2/1/2008)

  Market Update: Room for Optimism in 2008 - It seems the peripheral industries associated with the housing industry began to feel the effects of the extended slowdown. The housing slump has had a bigger than anticipated impact on the pallet market.  (1/1/2008)

  Market Update: Markets and Weather Provide Double Whammy on Log Supplies in the Upper Midwest - There are many factors that have contributed to the currently poor low grade hardwood supply scenario in the Upper Midwest. The two largest factors have been rain and market forces.   (12/1/2007)

  Market Update: Famine to Feast — Recycled Pallet Market Endures Change in ’07 - Recycled pallets are a fundamentally undersupplied market when demand is good. When demand slows however, core supplies improve.  (11/1/2007)

  Market Update: 2003 Provides An Interesting History Lesson - Will the grade market take the same path in January four years later? It seems less likely this time around, but then again: those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  (10/1/2007)

  Market Update: Exchange Rate Socks Canadian Wood Industry - The negative effect of the dramatic shift in the currency exchange rate between the U.S. and Canada has had a big impact on forest products markets throughout Canada – and you can blame it on oil.  (9/1/2007)

  Market Update: Texas Gets the Short End of the Stick in Gulf Region Supply Crunch - Weather, rains flood Gulf Region adding to the already tight supply in the hardwood grade market.  (8/1/2007)

  Market Update: The Sawmills’ Dilemma - Over the past month, many market contacts have begun express concern about the overall health of the sawmill industry. Some report conditions that resemble those of a few years ago, when there was a rash of sawmill auctions.  (6/1/2007)

  Market Update: Lumber Inventories Heavy, Demand Mixed in the West - The Western grade softwood market has behaved in very hit-and-miss fashion so far this year, and the grade market has not yet begun its traditional spring upturn.   (4/1/2007)

  Market Update: Hardwood Supplies Take 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back - Low-grade hardwood supplies loosened during 2006, but the low-grade hardwood shortage is still in place and now is over three years old.   (1/1/2007)

  Pallet People Say the Darndest Things - Review of Best Pallet Quotes Since 1992 - Quotable Quotes: Pallet people say the darndest things. A look at the most memorable comments we have received for the ‘Quote of the Week’ feature in Pallet Profile Weekly.  (12/1/2006)

  Market Update: Hardwood Supplies Gain; Urgency Exits Pallet Market - The ongoing saga of what has become the low-grade hardwood shortage is now over three years old. Each time that the market seems to adjust and level off, a new twist or wrinkle interrupts the potential relief.   (10/1/2006)

  Market Update: Hardwood Inventories Returning to Normal - The low-grade hardwood shortage that has gone on for more than three years finally has found some relief. Low-grade hardwood is not abundant, but many contacts report normal or close to normal inventories.  (7/1/2006)

  Market Update: Supplies of Low-Grade Hardwood Improving - Some of the improvement in lumber inventories has been more the result of demand dips rather than improved supply.  (4/1/2006)

  Market Update -- Recycled Demand White Hot but Cores Are Scarce - The record hurricane season is over, but the impact is still being felt. Most of the business lost along the Gulf Coast is now or soon to be back online. The slowdown in pallet activity was felt as far north as Ohio.  (1/1/2006)

  Hardwood Market Struggles to Maintain Working Inventory - Market Update  (4/1/2005)

  Hardwood Supplies Tight; Recycled Market Heats Up - Market Update  (1/3/2005)

  Nail Price Pressure Continues - Letter from Ed  (11/17/2004)

  Hardwood Pallet Market Struggling For Material - Market Update  (10/5/2004)

  Just Say No to Unprofitable Business - Accurate Costing, Creative Tactics, Customer Education Counter Low-Ball Prices  (8/1/2004)

  It''s Time to Recover Your Bottom Line - Letter from Ed  (7/1/2004)

  Pallet Demand Picks Up Across All Markets - Market Update  (7/1/2004)

  Independents and National Programs: Ready, Set, Sell - Markets in Transition  (6/2/2004)

  Low-Grade Hardwood Supply Hit by the Double Whammy - Market Update  (4/1/2004)

  Where’s the Beef? - Letter from Ed Column  (11/3/2003)

  Hardwood Markets in Major Transition - Market Update  (10/1/2003)

  Hardwood Supplies Tight at Wrong Time of Year - Market Update  (10/1/2002)

  ‘Headache’ Won’t Go Away - Markets in Transition Column  (7/29/2002)

  ‘Relationship Selling’ Forges Strong Customer Ties and Increases Sales - Personal selling is the No. 1 sales method in the forest products industry.  (7/1/2002)

  Marketing Being Shaped by Public Perception of Wood, Environment - The marketing of wood products is definitely not what it used to be.  (6/26/2002)

  Hardwood Market Shows Signs of Life - Market Report  (4/1/2002)

  Pallet Demand May Be Better — But No Great Shakes - Quarterly Update on Pallet Market  (8/31/2001)

  Demand Improving Slowly; Recycled Market Maturing - Market Update: by Jeff McBee - 'Demand Improving Slowly; Recycled Market Maturing'  (6/1/2001)

  Low-Grade Hardwood Availability Tightens in Most Areas of East - How quickly things can change! When this column last appeared, the mild winter was pushing raw material availability to the brink of a glut, and everyone was anticipating the bottom dropping out of the market.  (9/1/2000)

  Market Update: Hot-and-Cold Cycle Reaches Fire-and-Ice - Quarterly pallet and lumber market report covering hardwood, softwood and pallet cores.   (6/1/2000)

  Front Page News - April 200 - Industry news about transporation costs, IFCO and PalEx merger, and intl. packaging standards.  (4/1/2000)

  Raw Material Tightens in Hardwood Market - Market Update: Raw Material Tightens in Hardwood Market  (3/1/2000)

  Front Page News - Articles appearing First In The Pallet Profile Weekly   (2/1/2000)

  With New Parent, Atlantic General Poised for Full Flight in Wirebound - North Carolina packaging company launches aggressive effort in wirebound container industry after being acquired by Universal Forest Products.  (2/1/2000)

  Pace Picks Up in Hardwood Region, West Coast Market - Market Update - Pace Picks Up in Hardwood Region, West Coast Market  (12/1/1999)

  Survey: Labor, Capital Key Expansion Plans - Poll of pallet manufacturers in southeast also underscores importance of customer relationships and service  (10/1/1999)

  Letter from Ed - A Look Into 1999 - PE publisher looks into the future of the industry.  (2/1/1999)