Plant Case Studies: Pallet Recyclers:

  Ohio Company Automates Pallet Sorting and Repair Operations: Automated Machine Systems Enables Hope Timber to Boost Production, Efficiency - Automation Success: Hope Timber Pallet saves labor and boots production after automating its sort and repair operation with AMS equipment and PalMateERP®. Ohio pallet recycler launches other companies to service affiliated markets.   (3/6/2019)

  Universal Success: Customer Focus, Building Better Communities Guides Two Pallet Success Stories - Two Paths, Two Success Stories: New England recycler focuses on full service recycling and pioneers Run-A-Gade system with Mona Tracy of Universal Machinery Sales. Motor city pallet company experiences strong growth, secures grants to purchase an In-Line nailer and focuses on employing people who otherwise couldn’t find work.   (10/5/2018)

  Combos and Remanufactured Pallets Are Fuel for Indiana Company’s Growth: Wood-Mizer Pallet Hawg Machines Integral to Extensive Dismantling Operations - Recycled Wood Focused: Pioneer Packaging relies on Wood-Mizer Pallet Hawg to process cores and improve lumber utilization. Truck drivers offering customer care, flexible operations and can-do attitude contribute to Indiana recycler’s success.   (10/5/2018)

  Designed for Growth: Pallet Consultants Develops Top Flight Facilities, Relies on AMS - Southeastern Leader: Pallet Consultants develops game plan for strong growth and establishes new plants with equipment and software from Automated Machine Systems. Find out its secret to growth and remodeling plants to attract blue-chip customers.   (1/1/2018)

  The Right Moves: J.C. Pallet Adds Smart Equipment to Better Utilize Raw Material, New Blood Helps Company Grow - The Right Moves: Upgrading equipment unlocks potential to grow and better utilize waste material at J.C. Pallet. Company turns to Smart Products for notcher, chop saw and dismantler, eyes changes to repair facility as well.   (10/1/2015)

  Nazareth Pallet Reaches Out for Future Growth - Nazareth Pallet: Pennsylvania pallet recycler buys property to grow, handles expansion project itself using company know-how. Unique sales strategies and marketing techniques including social media help the company attract new business. Learn some new techniques for you to try.   (7/2/2015)

  Can a Different Perspective on Reverse Power Your Business Forward?Reverse Logistics – Is It Time for Your Business to Up the Ante? - Reverse Logistics, pallet recycler moves business forward by seeking to recover more than just pallets. Follow this strategy used by reLogistics Services to grow your service offerings.   (5/1/2015)

  Field to Fork – A Look at the Agricultural Supply Chain: Valley Pallets Offers Service, Location and Quality to Keep Produce Fresh - Valley Pallet: Leader in the agricultural market provides a look at what it takes to get produce from the field to your table. Valley Pallet has developed a solid business through service, location and commitment to quality.   (3/2/2015)

  A Pallet Co. Succeeds in 48 x 40 Market Despite Tight Core Supply: Noble Machinery Provides Key Equipment to Match Growing Production Needs - Pallet Hawg, Noble Machinery, pallet dismantler, trim saw, Scott Mercer, A Pallet, core shortage, 48x40 market, Brad Kirkaldy, pallet disassembly, lumber processing, pallet prep, pallet recycling, core supply, JIT delivery, quick pay, Pallet Chief, Kiln-direct, imports, palletization, palletizing imports, retail supply chain.  (2/1/2014)

  Recycler’s New Direction Pays Off: Power Pallet Expanding into Recycling Other Materials - Leading pallet recycling company in upstate New York finds added success in venturing into recovery and recycling of other materials.  (3/1/2013)

  R & E Pallets Striving for Professionalism as It Grows with Smart Products as a Supplier - Salvador Gomez, a young Hispanic recycler, has developed his business using Smart Products dismantlers and trim saws and a dependable relationship with Ken Hess and Smart Products.  (10/1/2012)

  Lovett Family Adjusts to Meet Changes in the Pallet Industry – Turns to PRS for Pallet Disassembly Machinery - Lovett Pallet has changed to meet the growing challenge of pallet recycling. Lovett turned to PRS for its PROSAW XP15 pallet dismantling bandsaws and systems. Relying on PRS and Innovative Data Systems, Lovett Pallet focuses on quality and professional development to provide superior service for its customers.  (9/1/2012)

  Recycling Veteran Pal-King Continues to Evolve - Pal-King makes key acquisition, staff hiring and machinery upgrades to fuel expansion in the Southeast pallet market.   (4/1/2011)

  AMEX Pallets Benefits from PRS Automation - Illinois-based pallet recycler struggles with manual operations and boosts production using automation from Pallet Repair Systems (PRS) and Innovative Data Systems.   (2/1/2011)

  Cimino Box – A Traditional Pallet Recycling Company Relies Upon Saw Service as a Supplier - Over time Cimino Box made the unusual move from a box manufacturer to a pallet recycler. Cimino does not depend heavily on automation but works with Saw Service & Supply for its blades and dismantler and trim saw needs.  (4/1/2010)

  McIntosh Box and Pallet – Focus on Customers and Specialty Needs: Bronco Stackers Serve as Focus of Recycling Lines - McIntosh Box and Pallet uses a wide variety of products and services to satisfy its customer base. A major Northeast pallet company, it was early into pallet recycling and uses Bronco pallet stackers for increased efficiency.  (3/1/2010)

  New Smart Products GMA Pallet Prep Bandsaw Machine Makes Debut - L&R Pallet, a leader in the GMA recycling industry, uses new Smart Products “GMA Pallet Prep” bandsaw machine to upgrade #2s into more profitable #1 pallets.  (2/1/2010)

  Twin City Pallet Changes, Adapts as It Deals with Sluggish Economy: Minnesota Company Benefits from Pallet Repair Systems Automated Repair Line - Twin City Pallet: Minnesota company benefits from automated repair line supplied by Pallet Repair Systems, adapts to deal with sluggish economy.  (8/1/2009)

  L.A. Pallet Supplier Focuses on Recycling, Quality, Service: Eagle Metal Connector Plates Help Santa Fe Pallet Produce No. 1 Pallets - Santa Fe Pallet: Plating and splicing are important operations for Los Angeles-area pallet recycler; company relies on Eagle Metal equipment and connector plates for repairing and recycling pallets.  (7/1/2009)

  Valley Pallet Automates to Support Its Recycling Growth: SMETCO Sorting and Repairing Line Added to Salinas Plant - Valley Pallet Expands with SMETCO Sorting/Repairing Line: Valley Pallet in California has grown to become one of the largest West Coast pallet companies. Starting as a pallet recycler, Valley has added a high speed SMETCO sorting/repairing line to automate its Salinas plant.  (4/1/2009)

  Texas Pallet Recycler Counts on Quality, Service for Success: USA Pallet & Logistics Inc. Is a ‘Total Smart Products Shop’ - USA Pallet & Logistics: When Pete Murphy talks about his Texas pallet recycling company, topics like quality and customer service come up a lot; company is a ‘total Smart Products shop.’  (2/1/2009)

  Industrial Resources Develops Infinity Stacker and Mobile Wood Treatment Service - Industrial Resources Stacker: Industrial Resources pioneers new high speed stacker designed to be installed over a conveyor. Company also develops mobile wood treatment system.  (2/1/2009)

  Indiana Company Blends Business Smarts, Sophistication, Technology: Trace Equipment Supplies Four Machines to Boost Used Lumber Recovery - Trace Equipment supplies four Run-A-Gade pallet disassemblers, set up in unique configuration, to boost recycled lumber recovery at Indiana Company.  (1/1/2009)

  AMS Boosts Southeast Pallets’ Production & Safety With ‘Nailing On The Fly’ System - Southeast Pallet: Kentucky-based pallet recycler is reaping benefits from an automated pallet repair system supplied by Automated Machine Systems; workers make pallet repairs ‘on the fly.’  (8/1/2008)

  N.J. Recycler Seeks a Greener, Profitable Future: Tony Pallet Uses Trace Equipment to Pursue a Green Mission - Tony Pallet: The motto of this New Jersey pallet supplier is ‘Keeping it Green for the Next Generation’, and the company’s managers intend to steer the business into greener waters.  (8/1/2008)

  Northwest Pallet Supply Spots New Opportunities in Several Key Areas - Northwest Pallet: Chicago-based pallet company begins offering customers a range of value-added services, such as recycling services for cardboard, plastic and metal.  (8/1/2008)

  Kansas Pallet Recycler Reaps Benefits from Automating Repair Operations: AMS Automated Repair Line Enables Company - R&R Pallet: Kansas pallet recycling company increases production and reduces labor with new automated pallet repair line from Automated Machine Systems.  (2/1/2008)

  Production at Recycling Company Takes Off with AMS Automated Repair Line: C&C Pallet in Colorado Realizes Other Benefits - C&C Pallet Remanufacturing: Production at Colorado pallet recycling company takes off after company invests in AMS automated repair line; company reaps other benefits from automation.  (12/1/2007)

  Ohio Recycler’s Focus Is Custom Pallets, Providing Strong Service: Dobie Pallets Relies on Saw Service & Supply for Blades, Equipment - Dobie Pallets: Ohio pallet recycling company keeps focus on specialty pallets and providing strong service; Dobie Pallets has relied on Saw Service & Supply since its inception.  (8/1/2007)

  Pre-Sorting Cores Helps Bustling Texas Pallet Recycling Company: New L-M Equipment Cross-Cut Package Saw Cuts Lumber, Overtime - Border Pallets: Texas pallet recycling business sorts cores off-site at customer locations and a company sorting station; new L-M Equipment cross-cut package saw reduces overtime costs.  (4/1/2007)

  Georgia Recycling Company Showcases Equipment and Information Technology - Bo’s Pallets: Georgia pallet recycling company is a showcase for PRS equipment and Innovative Data Systems technology to recycle pallets and carefully track and monitor operations.  (2/1/2007)

  Father and Son Complement Each Other to Grow Mass. Pallet Company - Eagle Metal 3-in-One Work Table Helps Recycler Upgrade Pallets, Revenues - Mass Pallet: Father and son complement each other in New England pallet recycling business; new Eagle Metal equipment enables company to upgrade used pallets and increase revenues.  (12/1/2006)

  Indiana-Based Company Opens Recycling Facility in Mid-Atlantic: Industrial Pallet Turns to Trace Equipment for Expansion Plant - Industrial Pallet: Indiana-based company looks to a trusted supplier, Trace Equipment, to equip new pallet recycling plant as it expands operations into the Eastern U.S.  (7/1/2006)

  Spliced Stringers Benefit McNeilly Wood Products: Plating with Eagle Metal Products Helps New York Pallet Supplier - McNeilly Wood Products: Using Eagle Metal Products connector plates and plating equipment has benefited pallet supplier serving the metro New York City region.  (6/1/2006)

  French Company Combines Professional Approach With Multi-Site Network: Groupe PGS Expands Rapidly to Become Leading French Pallet Supplier - French pallet supplier has grown quickly as it combines professional approach with a multi-site network of facilities; Groupe PGS has become the leading pallet supplier in France.  (2/1/2006)

  St. Louis Recycler Rebuilds From Fire, Automates Sort And Repair Operations: Pallet Repairs Systems Supplies Automated System - St. Louis pallet recycler rebuilds after fire; company automates pallet repair and sorting operations with Pallet Repair Systems equipment, Innovative Data Systems technology.  (10/1/2005)

  Michigan Recycler Reaps Growth - After investing during down economy, Union Pallet sees sales leap-frog with investments in personnel and plant   (3/17/2004)

  Pallet Express Adds Grinding Capacity, Heat Treating Service - N.C recycler uses West Salem Machinery hog to make high quality mulch  (7/1/2003)

  New Facility Catapults Business for Chicago Area Pallet Recycler; - 16-Man Line Supplied by Industrial Resources Automates Repair Operations  (7/29/2002)

  Pair of Machines Provides Boost to Growing Pennsylvania Recycler - Smart Products dismantler, trim saw aid United Pallet  (7/29/2002)

  New Repair Line A Big Plus For Pallet Resource of N.C. - Automated line from Industrial Resources of Michigan helps improve efficiency at Pallet Resource of North Carolina.   (1/7/2002)

  Pallet ‘Runner' Turns Recycler, Grows on Faith, Hard Work - After years as a pallet 'runner,' Charon Powell now is a partner in a pallet recycling business.  (11/16/2001)

  Trucking Background Helps Young Florida Recycler Get Up, Running - Tampa Bay Pallet: Trucking background helps young Florida recycler get up and running; despite its early success, the company is still defining itself.  (5/1/2001)

  Utah Pallet Recycler Takes the Express Lane to Growth - Pallet Express: Utah family has built a strong pallet recycling business in less than eight years; company automates sorting, repair operations with new line from Pallet Repair Systems.  (5/1/2001)

  Mexican Brothers Build Thriving Pallet Business South of the Border - Inamex Group: Mexican brothers have developed a thriving pallet company south of the border, adding plants and planning more facilities to service major U.S. and Mexican businesses.  (3/1/2001)

  Automation Positions Pennsylvania Pallet Recycler to Grow Business - Nazareth Pallet: Pennsylvania pallet recycler is reaping multiple benefits from AMS-supplied automated systems and equipment for pallet sorting and repair operations.  (2/1/2001)

  Southeast Pallet Recycling Keeps Focus on GMA Pallet - Southeast Pallet: Kentucky pallet recycler keeps focus on GMA market; AmeriMulch system allows company to expand into colored mulch production.  (2/1/2001)

  Different Strokes for Different Folks - Two Recyclers, Two Machines: What works better for lumber recycling: a bandsaw or disc-type machine? Trace Equipment supplies both for two Kentucky pallet recyclers.  (12/1/2000)

  Building a Business on People - That's Progress (Pallet Company) - One of the most important lessons Hugh Talty has learned is that employees are his most valuable resource.  (11/1/2000)

  Ex-Trucker Takes Circular Route into Pallet Recycling - Warren Pallet: Minick Enterprises becomes a key supplier for ex-trucker who took a circular route into pallet recycling in Georgia.  (10/1/2000)

  Pallet Express on the Fast Track to Recycling Success - North Carolina pallet recycling company is on the fast track of success; lumber recovery operation centers on Clary bandsaw dismantling machines.  (8/1/2000)

  Quality, Service Key To Success For Missouri Pallet Recycler - Tico Manufacturing, automated its facility with Rayco nailing machines. Tico handles mainly GMA pallets while brokering Europallets and recycling corrugated packaging on the side.  (6/1/2000)

  Drumtech Poised in Leading Edge - Drumtech has built a strong reputation in the drum reconditioning industry by doing things right.  (4/1/2000)

  New Partner Helps Rekindle Florida’s Pallet Services - Florida pallet recycling business is invigorated after industry veteran takes on new partner.  (2/1/2000)

  Wisconsin Pallet Company Spins Off Grinding Business - Performance Wood Products: Performance Wood Products uses Rotochopper system to convert waste wood into colored mulch, animal bedding and boiler fuel.  (11/1/1999)

  The Pallet Factory - Professionalism in Recycling Growth - The Pallet Factory: From automation with MSI's newest machinery to using criminals in its workforce, the Pallet Factory is one of the true pioneers in the recycling industry.  (11/1/1999)

  Indiana Recycler Is Ready To Reach for the Next Level - K&S Pallet Looks to Automate; Smart Machines Integral to Lumber Recovery  (11/1/1999)

  Automation Key to Holding Own Against Competitors, Says Recycler - Royal Pallet: George Bodbyl Sr., owner of Royal Pallet, has an expression he follows when it come to investing in machinery: 'Don't under-feed the horse!' He turned to Industrial Resources for an automated pallet recycling line.  (8/1/1999)

  Bar Codes on Pallets Ring Up Business for N.Y. Recycler - Bar Codes for Pallets: Pallets-R-Us discovered a number of benefits when it incorporated bar code technology into its pallet recycling operations on Long Island, N.Y.  (2/1/1999)

  Pallet Factory's Growth Spurs Need for Automated Systems - Long a custom pallet and crate producer, Pallet Factory has gradually moved from on-site management to explore the benefits of automation.  (11/1/1998)