Letter from Ed: Landfill Survey Proves Positive Recycling Story for Wood Pallets - Pallet Recovery Rates: New survey shows that wood pallet recycling rates continue to soar as landfill disposal rates shrink.   (5/2/2018)

  Finding the Best Examples of Recent Pallet Art - Pallet Art: Is it falling out of style or finding its new inspiration point? See examples of some great art work produced from old pallets.   (11/1/2017)

  Recycler Re-Thinks, Re-Brands: Niagara Pallet Taps Creative Agency for Strategic Planning, Branding - New Face of Pallets: Canadian recycler relies on creative agency to help rebrand and rethink the company and its image. Also covers how the right dismantling equipment and air handling systems can make all the difference for a recycling operation.   (8/1/2017)

  Markets in Transition: Buying Recycled Pallets? Six Crucial Considerations - Pallet user guru, Rick LeBlanc, shares six critical things to know when buying used pallets. The more questions you ask the better because not all recycled pallets are created equal.   (5/1/2017)

  Family and Quality First: A-1 Pallets Turns to SMETCO for Sortation Automation - Family Ties: Amrik Randhawa is a true American immigrant success story who has created a growing pallet company in the West for his family. The right automation from SMETCO, Viking and others has helped the company boost productivity as it seeks to maintain proper inventories to stay competitive in the market.   (4/3/2017)

  Beyond the Pallet: Prime Woodcraft Grows Its Footprint, Connects the Dots for Recyclables - New Pallet Business Blueprint?: With strong growth, Prime Woodcraft believes it has found the key to servicing national pallet customers and is actively looking for partners that want to be part of its network. Innovative recycler relies on its own software as well as Palmate to pursue a data-driven business strategy.   (1/1/2017)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: A Tale of Two Recyclers – Is Upcycling for You? - Pallet Enterprise, publisher, Chaille Brindley explores the possibilities in working with upcyclers to boost profits, visibility and environmental reputation in the community. He explores the pros and cons of this emerging decoration trend.   (11/1/2016)

  Redemption Is Their Business: Cleveland Recycler Strives to Give People Second Chances, Innovates in Upcycling Art - Redemption Business: Cleveland Custom Pallet & Crating does everything differently from most pallet shops. And the strategy is working to recruit millennials and innovate in the emerging field of pallet art and furniture. Find out how this small pallet company can make you rethink the pallet business.   (11/1/2016)

  Pallet-Chic, Industrial Style and Pallet Parties: Upcycling Trend Propels the Unappreciated Pallet to Center Stage - Pallet Is the New Chic: Columnist, Rick LeBlanc explains how pallets are driving the new Industrial style popular in commercial and residential real estate. Part of the upcycling movement, this trend is giving old pallet wood new life and may just present some new business or marketing opportunities for you to consider.   (11/1/2016)

  RVA Pallet Art Hand Made in the U.S.A - Pallet Art: Former bomb expert finds a new career and relaxation in making pallet art and furniture. Increasingly, people are turning old pallets into all sorts of new creations.   (4/1/2016)

  The True Cost of Pallet Logistics: Recyclers Are Likely Losing Money Returning Proprietary Pallets - Know Your Cost: Research indicates that the true cost of pallet logistics may be greater than many recyclers realize when it comes to proprietary pallets. This investigation suggests recyclers should reconsider their true opportunity costs when dealing with proprietary pallets.   (3/1/2016)

  Letter from Ed: The Solution to the Core Supply Problem - Recycled Pallets: As cores become more expensive, the ability to turn those old junk pallets into combos will be like finding buried treasure. And it will add more used pallets to the market.   (12/1/2015)

  From Recycling to Upcycling – A Change in How People Look at Pallets - Upcycling is growing as a trend across the country, and wooden pallets are at the center of this emerging business opportunity. Learn how one new festival may change the way that people look at the industry forever.   (10/1/2014)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: The Green Marketing Dilemma - Green Marketing: Things to consider when making green claims about the environmental impact of products, especially pallets and wood products.   (9/1/2014)

  Problem Solvers - Pallet Repair Systems designs custom integrated conveying system for pallet tear down operation.  (4/1/2014)

  What Core Shortage? Universal Machinery Powers Recycling Operations at Pallet Management Group - Core Strength: Pallet Machinery Group has turned to Mona Tracy to develop a mammoth pallet disassembly system that keeps it flush with recycled lumber to compete using combo pallets to avoid lumber market fluctuations.   (3/3/2014)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille - CHEP Blues: Research indicates that the true cost of pallet logistics may be greater than many recyclers realize when it comes to proprietary pallets. Is it really a smart move to handle transportation for possible competitors? Is it time for a raise. This investigation suggests recyclers should reconsider their true opportunity costs.  (9/1/2013)

  Back to Basics: Key Concerns for Getting Started In the Pallet Recycling Business - Pallet recycling guru, Clarence Leising, offers proven strategies for how to successfully start a pallet recycling operation. From securing your core supply to picking the right location and having the proper management team, he covers the essential ingredients for startup success.   (8/1/2013)

  2012 Story of the Year: Pallet Core Shortage Sparks Concern, Promises Even Greater Challenges for the Future - The worsening core crunch has become the new normal, which spells trouble for the future.   (1/1/2013)

  Saw Service & Supply Develops Unique Solutions and Helps Pallet People with Their Cutting Requirements - Saw Service has expanded over the decades to be a major supplier of circular saw blades and bandsaw dismantling blades for the pallet recycling industry. As its name implies, the company focuses on servicing and supplying the blades its customers need. It also sells a comprehensive array of safety equipment and miscellaneous supplies.  (8/1/2012)

  Back to Basics: Hard Knocks Principles for Running a Pallet Management Program Inside a Customer’s DC - Recycling columnists Clarence Leising and Dick Burns share principles about customer communication and setting up an effective on-site pallet management program in a distribution center.   (5/1/2012)

  Back to Basics: Prepping for Emergency, Odd-Sized Orders Can Secure Specialized Business, Decent Profits - Columnists Clarence Leising and Dick Burns explain how you can save the day for your customer and make a decent profit off odd-sized pallets. It all starts with the proper strategies for sourcing scrap lumber.   (11/1/2011)

  Markets in Transition: Look Up—Spotting a Missed Recycling Opportunity For Innovative Pallet Recyclers - Rick LeBlanc identifies yet another new business opportunity for enterprising pallet recyclers – asphalt roofing shingles.   (10/1/2011)

  Staff Training Guidelines for Newbies and the Importance of Proper Cross Training for Workers - Pallet recycling gurus share their insights on staff training, including the importance of cross training and strategies to effectively prepare new workers.   (9/6/2011)

  Industry Professionals Speak Out About the Future of the Pallet Recycling Market - Industry veterans and experts shared their thoughts on what the future will bring to the pallet recycling market.   (8/1/2011)

  Pallet Services, Inc. Continues Expansion of Pallet Recycling Business: Don Matre Turns to Smart Products Machinery for Pallet Prepping - Smart Products: Pallet Services, Inc. has continued expanding its pallet recycling business during this recession. Don Matre turned to Smart Products for its new pallet prepping bandsaws for both block and stringer pallet repairs. Smart Products double-end trimsaw trims both ends of a board for cleaner lumber to construct combo pallets.  (7/1/2011)

  Market Update: Recycled Pallet Market Buzz - There’s no way to know the impact of the CHEP/IFCO merger until we actually begin to see serious change. Until then…  (7/1/2011)

  Hay Creek Pallet Relies Upon Rotochopper Grinder - Hay Creek Pallet has an unusual combination of the pallet and cranberry industries. It relies heavily on Rotochopper grinders to process wood fiber into a variety of products, including colored mulch.  (6/1/2011)

  Block Pallet Repair Tips: It’s a Bit Different than Dismantling, Repairing and Remanufacturing Stringer Pallets - Reclamation 101: Pallet repair expert, Brad Kirkaldy of Noble Machine, offers advice based on best practices he has seen in the field to effectively dismantle block pallets.   (5/1/2011)

  Are You in the Pallet or the Recycling Business? Introducing E-Recycling: The Fastest Growing Segment of the Recycling Industry - Industry consultant Rick LeBlanc explores the processes and synergies of electronics recycling and pallet recycling. Should this be a potential new business prospect for your company?  (2/1/2011)

  Back to Basics: Pallet Repair Tables Can Reduce Worker Fatigue, Improve Productivity - Columnists Clarence Leising and Dick Burns share insights on how best to design a pallet repair table to reduce worker fatigue and injury while boosting productivity.  (1/1/2011)

  Back to Basics: Recon Pallets – The Way to Make Money in Recycled Pallets - Recon pallets represent the greatest potential for making money for a pallet recycler. Manage your scrap profitably. Your money is made from your material.  (11/1/2010)

  Industrial Pallet Corp. Expands Services for Waste Recycling: Leading Indiana Producer of Colored Mulch Runs New Rotochopper - Rotochopper Expands Waste Recycling Services: Industrial Pallet, Indiana-based pallet supplier, relies on Rotochopper machine to become leading market producer of colored mulch.  (9/1/2009)

  Indiana Recycler Grows with Move Into Market for Custom Pallets, Skids: Smart Products, Smetco Machines Do the Job for K&S Pallet - K&S Pallet: Indiana pallet recycling company takes off after moving into market for custom pallets, skids; Smart Products, Smetco machines get the job done.  (5/1/2008)

  Pallet King Gears Up to Serve PECO in Northern California: Company Puts SMETCO Automated Repair Line Back into Operation - Pallet King: Company gears up to serve pallet rental company PECO in northern California under new joint venture; Pallet King puts SMETCO automated pallet repair line back into operation.  (10/1/2007)

  Standard Pallet for Canadian Cement Industry Promotes Recovery, Recycling - Cement Pallet Program: A standard pallet for the Canadian cement industry and a part-time administrator to oversee a recycling program promote pallet recovery and re-use.  (8/1/2007)

  Letter from Ed: Pallet Recycling Around the Globe - Recycling will continue to grow around the world as the pallet industry provides new and better services that wrap themselves into recycled products.  (8/1/2007)

  Market Update: Recycled Pallet Demand Makes Modest, Mixed Gains - Recycled pallet demand has been mixed. Most markets are seeing modest improvement from levels that were slower in the second half of 2006. The reported gains are mixed, depending on the region.   (5/1/2007)

  Comparing Bandsaw Dismantlers, Automated Trim Saws For Recycling - Recycling Equipment: For many pallet recyclers, their first machines may be a dismantler and trim saw; information provided in table form about bandsaw dismantlers and trim saws.  (2/1/2007)

  Biomass Energy: The New Frontier? - Biomass Energy – The New Frontier?: John Zerbe, a former energy specialist with the U.S. Forest Service, analyzes the various technologies and the future of wood energy.  (8/1/2006)

  Can Sorting Increase Efficiency In Pallet Recycling Operations? - To Sort or Not: If you recycle pallets, should you sort them? Should the pallets be sorted before they go to the builders or after? A look at the ins and outs of pallet sorting operations.  (5/1/2006)

  New Beginnings Start at B&M Pallet Recycling - B & M Pallet Recycling: – This Arkansas pallet company has a different mission – to help ex-convicts find a new life after being released back into society; business is affiliated with a church.  (9/1/2005)

  Indiana Recycling Company Expands into Grinding Markets: Miller’s Wood Specialties Forms New Unit, Buys West Salem Machinery Grinder - Indiana recycling company expands into grinding markets; Miller’s Wood Specialties invests in West Salem Machinery grinder, creates new business unit.  (8/1/2005)

  Michigan Pallet Recycler Off to Fresh Start Following Fire; - Smart Products Helps Burton Pallet Recyclers Get Up, Running Again   (4/1/2005)

  Indiana Pallet Recycler Keeps Focus on Being ‘Customer Driven’ - Terry Products Relies on Econotool for Notching Cutter Heads  (2/2/2005)

  California Pallet Supplier Quick to Open the Door When Opportunity Knocks - Century Pallets Using Baker Products Portable Mill to Process Salvage Timber   (2/2/2005)

  North Carolina Recycling Survey - Future Recycling Surveys on the Horizon?   (2/2/2005)

  N.J. Recycler Increases Automation in Order to Improve Pallet Quality - Smetco Pallet Sorting System Also Increases Throughput   (1/3/2005)

  New York Company Fired Most of Its Customers in Order to Improve Profits - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  Entrepreneur Makes a Statement and Turns a Profit at the Same Time - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  New Jersey Recycler Uses Unique Retrieval System - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  Pallet Consultants Sets Up Affiliate Program - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  Buckeye Succeeds as ‘Full Service’ Provider of Shipping Products - Company Adds Cresswood Grinder to Extensive Mulch Operations  (11/8/2004)

  Cardinal Provides ‘Just-In-Time’ New, Recycled Pallets for Chicago Market - New Pallet Assembly Is Automated with Viking Turbo 505 Nailing Machine  (10/5/2004)

  Growth at Fla.-Based Pallet Consultants Is Sustained, Selective and Structured - Carefully structured expansion is the hallmark of Pallet Consultants  (9/1/2004)

  Deck Boards to Floor Boards - Company to Make Hardwood Flooring from Used Pallet Lumber  (8/1/2004)

  Mississippi Couple Is Growing More than Just a Pallet Recycling Business - A-1 Pallet Remanufacturing Reclaimed Lumber with Yield Pro and Profile Technology  (6/1/2004)

  Start-Up Indiana Pallet Recycler Takes Fast Track to Profitability, Success - Plating with Eagle Metal Plates and Equipment Integral to Operations at Pallet Recyclers  (5/1/2004)

  Contest Sponsored by Aussie Recycler Takes Reclaimed Lumber to New Heights - Craftsmen Take Recycled Crate Components, Make Them into Works of Art  (4/5/2004)

  Pallet Consultants Corp. Quickly Establishes National Presence - Name it, and Pallet Consultants Corp. probably does it, or soon will.  (2/2/2004)

  Minnesota Company Committed to Quality in Pallet Recycling - Berry Pallet Uses Viking Champions to Nail Recycled Lumber  (11/3/2003)

  Integrity, Building Mutual Trust Help Minnesota Pallet Supplier to Prosper - Recycling Operations Begin with Industrial Resources Sorting System  (10/1/2003)

  Illinois Pallet Supplier Puts Strong Focus on Worker Safety - Huber Pallet’s Recycling Operations Automated by PRS, Smetco  (10/1/2003)

  Midwest Pallet Expands, Adds Automated Sort and Repair Line - System from Industrial Resources of Michigan Recycles More Pallets with Less Labor  (9/2/2003)

  Just For Recyclers! - The new Recycle Record is the answer for those looking for more in-depth information and analysis on pallet recycling.  (9/2/2003)

  Pallet World Turns to Fully Automated Line for Recycling - Automated Machine Systems Helps Ohio Company Design, Integrate  (8/1/2003)

  ‘Straight Line’ Pallet Repair System Lets Builders Make the Decisions - The ‘straight line’ system is one of the two main ways of automating pallet repairs and recycling.  (8/1/2003)

  ‘Nailing on the Fly’ Repair System Increases Efficiency, Pallet Yield - Applies Assembly Line Process to Pallet Repair  (8/1/2003)

  Florida Recycler’s Focus Is Serving Region’s Strong Agriculture Market - Two PRS Platers and Plates Enable SB to Upgrade No. 2 Pallets to No. 1  (8/1/2003)

  Different Pallet Recyler Changed Focus, Climbed Up from Bottom - Texas Organization Provides Jobs, Training for Handicapped; Shop Equipped by Bronco, Smart Products  (3/1/2003)

  Piece Work Pay Provides Incentive but Requires Eye on Quality Control - Piece Rate Pay Systems Offer Advantages  (3/1/2003)

  Is the White Wood Pallet an Endangered Species? - Special Rerport Examines Ways to Make White Wood Pool More Effective  (3/1/2003)

  Iowa Recycler Adds Manufacturing, Integrates with Portable Band Mill - Pallet Brokers Uses Wood-Mizer to Square Up Logs, Sam Baker Resaws to Make Lumber  (3/1/2003)

  Illinois Recycler’s Focus Is Maximizing Recovery, Value - Trace Equipment Key Supplier of Disassemblers to Pallet Solution Inc.  (2/3/2003)

  Following 100-Pallet Formula Key to Success in Recycling - Key to successful pallet recycling is supply and demand: supply of deck boards must meet the demand of repair workers.  (1/6/2003)

  Recyclers Fight Back! - Letter from Ed  (11/1/2002)

  Kansas Recycler Puts Strong Focus on Wood Fiber Products; - Vermeer Equipment Grinder, Rexius Express Blower Trucks Aid Kansas Pallet  (11/1/2002)

  Bo Knows Pallets – and Recycling - PRS Automated Repair Line, Innovative Data Systems Technology Provide Big Boost for Georgia Company  (10/1/2002)

  American Products Is a Different Kind of Pallet Recycling Company - Maryland Company Focuses on Wood Fiber Products  (9/3/2002)

  Diversification Helps Rapp Bros. Thrive in Competitive Recycling - ''We Sell Ourselves on Quality and Service.''  (6/4/2002)

  Iowa Pallet Recycler Taking New Route to Profitability; - Automated Repair Line from Pallet Systems Mfg. Aids Krajicek Pallet Inc.  (5/3/2002)

  Planned, Well-Organized Recycling Yard Contributes to Profitability - Yard maintenance is a lot more than just bringing pallets in and taking pallets out.  (4/1/2002)

  Wal-Mart-CHEP Shows Strength of Ties Between Rental, Recycled - Markets in Transition  (2/1/2002)

  Leading Brit Recycler Aided by U.S. Machinery Supplier; - Automated Line Supplied by Pallet Repair Systems Helps U.K. Recycler  (2/1/2002)

  Recyclers Must Have A Plan For Success And Must Follow It - Here is a management plan that enables recyclers to start with one or two workers and expand to 15, 20 or more, maintaining the same profit margin.  (11/13/2001)

  Recycling: One More Hat? - Markets in Transition  (10/1/2001)

  Innovation Gets Oregon Pallet Recycler Off to a Fast Start - Oregon Pallet Co. has enjoyed extraordinary success for a young business; new West Salem Machinery Brute Portable Wood Recycler was developed especially for companies like Oregon Pallet.  (6/1/2001)

  Fewer Pallets Reaching Landfills, More Are Processed for Recovery - Cleaning Up: New research by Virginia Tech shows that fewer pallets are reaching landfills and more are being processed for recovery; study suggests partnering opportunities for pallet recyclers.  (5/1/2001)

  PECO Gaining as Alternative in the Arena of Pallet Rental - PECO Progress: PECO is making some gains as an alternative in the arena of pallet rental; the company's strategy is to seek a niche role based on service, not price.  (3/1/2001)

  Centralized Approach to Sorting Used Lumber Improves Efficiency - Centralized Sorting: Recyclers who take a centralized approach to sorting used pallet components can reap a number of benefits, including improved efficiency and inventory control.  (3/1/2001)

  Berry Pallet Finds Profits In Recycled Stringers - Berry Pallet: With the help of Profile Technology and Pallet Repair Systems, Berry Pallet is finding profits in recycled stringers; he overcame two problems recyclers face with used runners.  (2/1/2001)

  Core Supplies — What Is Going On? - Survey of pallet recyclers sponsored by Pallet Profile Weekly shows that a growing number of recyclers say that pallet cores are much easier to obtain.  (11/1/2000)

  Pallet Recyclers Can Start Small; Getting Lumber for Free Is a Key - Pallet recyclers can start small, but getting lumber for free is a key; Clarence Leising and Ian Liddell explain what it takes — and what it costs — for a start-up operation.  (9/1/2000)

  Colored Mulch Unit Rounds Out Kaple Lumber, Pallet Mill - Addition of colored mulch business unit rounds out Kaple Lumber and its pallet manufacturing operation; Ohio company turns to Becker-Underwood Second Harvester  (8/1/2000)

  RPCs Signal New Mindset Among Grocery Retailers - Corrugated boxes have been the mainstay in the produce industry. As closed loop systems have emerged, however, reusable plastic containers (RPCs) have attracted interest from major grocery retailers.  (4/1/2000)

  Pallet Companies Should Follow Path, Team with Logistics Industry - Reusables: We are being presented with a newly defined market. Are we ready for the redistribution challenge?  (4/1/2000)

  ‘Combo' Pallets Increase Margins, Bring Other Benefits to Recyclers - ‘Combo' pallets have come into their own in the past several years as lumber prices fluctuated sharply and customers looked for better deals; Clarence Leising shares his experience in this area.  (2/1/2000)

  Lax Controls Create Spooky Menace Called Pallet Theft - Column by Rick LeBlanc on pallet theft.  (7/1/1999)

  Core Crunch Changes Dynamics of Third-Party Management at Distribution Centers - Core Shortage : The growing core shortage is impacting third-party management services that pallet recyclers provide for distribution centers.  (3/1/1999)

  Computer Model Analyzes Landfills For On-Site Recycling Operations - Source of Cores: Landfills offer pallet recyclers a potential source of cores; researchers at Virginia Tech developed computer tool to analyze landfills for on-site pallet recycling.  (2/1/1999)

  Can Sorting Make Your Recycling Operation More Efficient? - To sort or not to sort - that is the question pallet recyclers ask themselves every day. Sorting can increase production and efficiency, but it also can be costly and a nightmare to supervise.  (11/1/1998)