Third Party Management/Rental:

  CHEP Recycled Rebrands as 48forty Solutions, CEO Shares Insights on the Company Past, Present & Future - The CEO of the newly rebranded and organized CHEP Recycled talks about what the future holds for 48forty Solutions as the largest pallet recycler in the United States.   (4/2/2018)

  CHEP’s Global Approach to Automation: Developing a New Blueprint for Pallet Depots, Inspection and Repair - Advanced Automation: CHEP looks to automation for improved consistency of quality and safety across its worldwide network.  (2/1/2018)

  CHEP Recycled to Be Sold to Investment Fund - The pallet rental giant wanted to divest its white-wood recycling business to focus on its core CHEP pallet rental business.   (2/1/2018)

  2017 Story of the Year: Brambles to Sell Off CHEP Recycled, Reframe U.S. Recycled Landscape - Pallet Enterprise staff selects the decision by Brambles to sell off its whitewood pallet recycling division, CHEP Recycled, as the story of the year for the industry. Sale of the largest pallet recycler in North America could have a profound impact on the landscape of the industry.   (1/1/2018)

  Proprietary Pallet Law: PECO Demands Lower Return Fees, Assessment of Recycler Rights and Responsibilities - PECO Pallet expands its call for lower return fees sending more letters to major recyclers. Legal showdown with Northwest Pallet set for a hearing in late January 2016.   (2/1/2016)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: What’s A Pallet Recycler Worth? - Everybody knows that a major cost of any pallet pool is transporting pallets from the end of the supply chain to the beginning. And that is quite simply something that some have done far too long at a cost that may not be worth the effort.   (9/1/2015)

  PALNET Focuses on Accountability, Tracking and Efficient Management of National Accounts - PALNET: National service provider seeks to redefine pallet industry perceptions by offering accountable pallet counts, data management and activity tracking. Learn how PALNET has successfully served national accounts while other attempts in the past have struggled.  (2/2/2015)

  COMING INTO FOCUS: Brambles to Change Name of IFCO’s Pallet Division - The name change will only impact the white-wood division controlled by CHEP in the USA.   (10/1/2014)

  Markets in Transition: Key Measurements to Consider When Developing a Reusable Pallet or Container Pool - Packaging user specialist, Rick LeBlanc shares his thoughts on asset management and the key measurements to effectively track and manage a reusable pallet or container pool. If you don’t get this one critical step right everything else will fall apart.   (10/1/2014)

  Coming into Focus: CPC Loses Even More Support In the Grocery Sector - CPC Losing Ground: As more retail partners decide to opt out of pallet exchange, the future of the CPC becomes even more in doubt. Find out the latest developments.   (6/1/2014)

  Coming into Focus: CHEP Launches Innovative Half Pallet Design - Retail Trends: CHEP USA is betting big that its new half pallet will help drive a new standard in the U.S. retail supply chain as retailers look to use these pallets to facilitate easier stock replenishment.   (12/1/2013)

  The True Cost of Pallet Logistics – Time for a Raise? Recyclers Are Likely Losing Money Returning Stray Proprietary Pallets - Know Your Cost: Research indicates that the true cost of pallet logistics may be greater than many recyclers realize when it comes to proprietary pallets. Is it really a smart move to handle transportation for possible competitors? Is it time for a raise. This investigation suggests recyclers should reconsider their true opportunity costs.   (9/1/2013)

  Markets in Transition: CPC Couldn’t Keep Pace with Changing World of Logistics - Grocery industry expert, Rick LeBlanc, explores lessons from the troubles that the Canadian Pallet Council has experienced as it may have to shut down by the end of the year and the implications for other industry pool endeavors around the world.   (8/1/2013)

  Coming Into Focus: Losing Major Customers Forces CPC to Eye Year-End Shutdown - Canadian grocery pallet pool struggles after losing key customers and volumes, looks toward closing by end of year if other solution cannot be found.   (7/1/2013)

  PECO Launches First Company-Operated Depot - Known for its red pallets, PECO has built its first company-operated depot in the United States. PECO is inviting customers to come by and visit. While this may be a showcase location, is it also a sign of what is to come?  (5/30/2013)

  Markets in Transition: What 9BLOC Can Learn from the CPC Experience, Eh? - Pallet user guru, Rick LeBlanc shares his thoughts on lessons that 9BLOC organizers can learn from the successes and failures of the Canadian Pallet Council system.   (4/1/2013)

  9BLOC Organizers Seek Innovation and Diversity in Funding the Next Big U.S. Pallet Pool - Organizers behind the new 9BLOC pool comment about the economics of its system as well as the various funding strategies and issues currently being considered.   (9/1/2012)

  CHEP and IFCO Systems Integration: Brambles Unveils Growth and Business Strategy Plans at Investors Conference - Brambles management unveils growth and business strategy plans, which signals greater collaboration between CHEP and newly acquired IFCO Systems. This spells trouble for the rest of the 48x40 market.   (5/1/2012)

  Pallet Industry Cooperative Leaders Answer Tough Questions Discuss Official Launch of 9BLOC Branded Pallets - Organizers behind the new industry cooperative whitewood pool answers tough questions and discuss challenges as the 9BLOC brand name is unveiled and the first pallets go off the assembly line.   (1/1/2012)

  PepsiCo Leaves iGPS for CHEP - Activities in the News  (1/1/2012)

  Brambles Buys Paramount Pallet - Activities in the News  (1/1/2012)

  USPS Raises Postal Pallet Concern Again - USPS Raises Postal Pallet Concern Again  (12/1/2011)

  PECO Joins Reusable Packaging Association - PECO Joins Reusable Packaging Association   (12/1/2011)

  CHEP Turns to GBN and AMS for Pallet Manufacturing Machinery at Southaven Plant - CHEP Turns to GBN and AMS for pallet manufacturing machinery in its Mississippi plant.  (10/1/2011)

  Brambles Begins Integration of IFCO, Ramifications Spark Industry Concern - After finalizing acquisition of IFCO Systems, Brambles Ltd. Begins to integrate pieces of its IFCO and CHEP business units, question aboud about the industry impact.   (6/1/2011)

  PIMS Changes Name, Launches New PLUS Phase:Pallet Industry Cooperative Pool Takes Big Steps Forward - Pallet industry cooperative pool takes one big step closer to reality as it officially launches fund raising drive, changes name to PLUS and sets game plan in motion.   (5/1/2011)

  Proprietary Pallets Continue to Plague Recyclers, Proposed Arizona Law Raises Legal Liability Issue - Pallet legislation in Arizona highlights the need for recyclers reduce their exposure to rental pallets or find ways to work with the poolers  (4/1/2011)

  Effective Pallet Management = Data Management: CPC Embraces Data-Centric Approach, Third Party Certification as Keys to Success - Effective Pallet Management = Data Management: The CPC balances cooperation and self interest of its members using a data-centric approach combined with third party certification.   (11/1/2010)

  Letter from Ed: Block Pallets — Past and Future Costco Makes a Move - In spite of the talk about block pallets, the non-rental market has thus far not made any significant shift in the possible emergence of block pallets in North America.  (10/1/2010)

  CHEP USA Turns 20: Pallet Pooler Makes Indelible Mark on Industry, Demonstrates Path for Future Transformation - As CHEP marks its 20th anniversary in the United States, the Pallet Enterprise looks into what made the rental giant such a success story and what lessons the industry can learn from its ability to institute systemic change.   (9/1/2010)

  Pallet Pool User Education Series: Quality Should Be Job #1 -- Top Quality Concerns to Spot in Conducting Pallet Audits - Andrew Mosqueda discusses top quality concerns to look for when conducting a pallet audit, looking specifically at the differences between white wood and rental markets.  (8/1/2010)

  Pallet Pooling Insider - Navigating the West Coast Agriculture Business - Pallet pooling consultant outlines the market dynamics and regulatory burdens of the West Coast pallet business.   (6/1/2010)

  Pallet Math = Profit$ for All: Experts Study the Economic Feasibility of an Industry Cooperative Pool - Pallet Math: Economic feasibility study by Penn State confirms profit potential for new, industry cooperative block pool in the United States  (4/1/2010)

  Pallet Pool Insider: The Right Stuff - Starting a New Industry Pallet Pool - Former CHEP employee muses about ingredients needed to build an successful white wood pool.   (4/1/2010)

  Letter from Ed: Do You Know Where Your Children Are? - Ed Brindley talks about the new iGPS compensation plan for recyclers and the latest in the CHEP antitrust case.   (12/1/2009)

  Pallet User Education Series: Smart Management Techniques to Avoid Lost Pallet Charges - Pallet rental companies promise no headaches and ease of use. But in reality, rental programs tend to come with different headaches from a typical one-way pallet model.   (10/1/2009)

  Pallet User Education Series: Negotiating the Pitfalls of Rental Pallet Contracts - Andrew Mosqueda, industry veteran, identifies major pitfalls in negotiating rental pallet contracts and provides advice on how to save money by negotiating the little details.   (9/1/2009)

  LPR Upgrades Depot Infrastructure, Extends Pallet Pool Coverage in Europe - LPR: European pallet pooling service LPR emphasizes service at local level, uses team approach to respond to different countries and market conditions.  (8/1/2009)

  German Court Upholds EPAL Trademark - EPAL Trademark Ruling: Court prohibits sale of copycat EPAL pallets; ruling raises questions about maintaining standards in a cost-conscious environment.  (8/1/2009)

  Pallet User Education Series: Red, White & Blue: A Cost Analysis of Rental vs. White Wood Pallets - Red, White & Blue: Former CHEP insider provides real world analysis of costs associated with rental and white wood pallet programs; first in series of columns focused on pallet users.  (7/1/2009)

  Redefining the Pallet Business: PALNET Offers National Interface, Local Service to Major Accounts - PALNET Interview: Michael Smith, COO of PALNET, talks about professionalism in the pallet industry and what his company is doing to change the way customers think about pallets.  (6/1/2009)

  CHEP Uses Technology to Meet Supply Chain Challenges: Pooler Institutes Quality Control Program, Six Sigma Principles - CHEP Quality Initiative: CHEP says its customers are seeing the benefits from a $100 million quality improvement program it launched last year; the company has improved pallet repair standards and more.  (2/1/2009)

  IFCO Reaches Record Settlement in Immigration Probe - IFCO Settlement: IFCO Systems agrees to pay a record $20.7 million to settle immigration violations; company admits responsibility but is freed from federal prosecution.  (2/1/2009)

  Grocer Users & Pallet Leaders Unite,Industry Leaders Launch Block Pool Initiative - Block Pallet Pool Launch: Industry leaders unveil concept for a block pallet pool and seek input from industry and pallet users.  (8/1/2008)

  Markets in Transition: Lost in Translation - There was a new Italian pallet study on 3rd Party Logistics providers released in mid-June. It is written in Italian, but with the power of Google Translate, it was revealed to me.  (8/1/2008)

  Letter from Ed: Pallet Pools – A Changing World at Wal-Mart - Wal-Mart’s new pallet initiative is directed toward providers of pooled pallets within its supply chain. Although it is not limited to CHEP, certainly CHEP is the biggest part of this service at this time.   (6/1/2008)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Proprietary Pallet Dilemmas — Mine, Mine! - A number of recyclers have reported being “visited” by private law enforcement working on behalf of Coke. One of these incidents involved the manager of a pallet yard being arrested by police and taken off in handcuffs.  (3/1/2008)

  iGPS Signs First National Account, Looking for Depot Partners - iGPS Ramps Up: Intelligent Global Pooling Systems lands first national account for its pool of RFID-tagged plastic rental pallets. Company looks for recyclers to provide depot service.  (2/1/2008)

  PECO Makes Inroads, Touts Quality - PECO Inroads: PECO has been quietly growing from a regional pallet rental company to a viable option for major companies; a company executive talks about PECO’s plans for the future.  (1/1/2008)

  Loscam in the Driver’s Seat In Asian Market for Pallet Rental Pool Service: Australian Company Differentiates Itself from CHEP - Loscam Growing in Asia: Australian-based pallet rental company positions itself as the market leader in Asia; Loscam differentiates itself from CHEP in products and services.  (8/1/2007)

  Markets in Transition: Technology to Prevent Pallet Loss in the Field - While the business case for automatically capturing reusable pallet data is still unfolding, there is a middle ground of sorts for some applications.  (8/1/2007)

  USPS Develops Interim Return Procedures - Postal Pallets: U.S. Postal Service issues interim procedures for returning stray postal pallets.  (6/1/2007)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Lost or Stolen? Postal Pallets Pose a Problem - Suddenly aware of many postal pallets outside of its possession, the USPS is talking about breaking bad on anyone who has these government pallets and refuses to return them. The issue of postal pallets came up at the recent Western Pallet Association meeting.  (3/1/2007)

  Federal Judge Awards Mock $5 per Pallet, CHEP Decides Not to Appeal - Proprietary Pallet Return: Series covering fair compensation for the return of stray pallets. Includes Mock trial update, Clarence Leising’s column on CHEP’s ARP and a summary of a recent survey on retrieval/return costs.  (10/1/2006)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: All’s Fair in Love & Pallets - Ricky Mock, president of Mock Pallet Company (MPC), Covington, Ga., obviously does not believe the ARP is fair. Mock Pallet has been sued by CHEP and has counter sued the rental giant for unjust enrichment.  (8/1/2006)

  Former CHEP CEO Discusses the Future Of Pallet Rental - iGPS: Former CHEP CEO talks about his years at Big Blue and his plans for launching a 100% plastic pallet pool to compete against his former company.  (7/1/2006)

  Pallet Art Livens Up New Zealand - Pallet Maze: Over 1,500 CHEP pallets are arranged in Auckland City, New Zealand to form a gigantic, life-size maze.  (6/1/2006)

  IPP Logipal Continues Growth - IPP Logipal: Things continue to look up for the pallet pooling businesses of Netherlands-based Faber Halbertsma Group; revenue from pallet pooling is overtaking sales of new and recycled pallets.  (5/1/2006)

  Recyclers Unite to Form PALNET - This new network allows regional recyclers to service national accounts and stay in the hunt for cores coming from major retailers.   (2/1/2006)

  Markets in Transition: Third-Party Plastic Pallets -- To Defend and Expand - Plastic pallet and container companies have shown an increasing interest in third-party management in recent years, and over the longer haul, that should be a good business move for many of them.  (2/1/2006)

  Thoroughness Will Help Ensure Success of Third-Party Logistics Management - Premise of third-party management or outsourcing makes sense to many customers: stick to core competencies and outsource non-core activities, such as pallet management.  (11/1/2005)

  Pallet Pool Provides Quality, Cost Control for Dutch Brewery Industry - Pool Organization Blends Balanced Cooperative, Commercial Approaches   (4/1/2005)

  Cooperating to Compete: White Wood Pallet Rental Service Near? - Program for Pallet Companies to Compete in Grocery Rental Market  (2/7/2005)

  Access Poses Problem for Multiple Closed Loop Systems - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  Pooling Less Costly Than Buying One-Way Pallets, Study Shows - Australian Investment Analysis Firm Examines Global Pallet Pooling  (12/1/2004)

  First Alliance Logistics Management Adapts to Succeed, Has Dual Strategy - Network of Pallet Suppliers Marks 10th Anniversary, Continues Focus on Custom Pallets  (8/1/2004)

  Mock Pallet Wins $584,000 - CHEP Loses First Major Jury Trial   (6/2/2004)

  What’s In Store for Big Blue? - CHEP USA President Answers Tough Questions, Gives Look into the Future   (6/2/2004)

  Restructured, Refocused, IFCO Systems Takes Aim at National Level Programs - After finding itself on some precarious financial footing in recent years, IFCO Systems has emerged on solid ground.  (6/2/2004)

  Dave Wants to Get Everyone on the BUS - Markets in Transition  (5/3/2004)

  CHEP’s RFID Lessons - CHEP launches new RFID enabled pallets.   (2/2/2004)

  Counter-Intuitive Natural Laws of Pallet Centauri - Markets in Transition  (2/2/2004)

  White Wood Gets Up Off the Mat, Returns to the Ring - Just when it seemed that the white wood pool was going to go down for a final 10 count, a bucket of cold water stirred it back to consciousness.   (8/1/2003)

  White Wood Dream or Recycler Nightmare? - Exploring the future of a white wood exchange pool.   (8/1/2003)

  Flying Solo or Teaming Up — Which Is Better In The Long Run? - Ed Brindley explores the future of pallet recycling and the highly controversial topic of joining any of the emerging white wood networks.  (7/1/2003)

  The Ups and Downs of Big Blue - CHEP Makes News, Deals, & Enemies  (5/3/2002)

  Hays Container Services Taking New Approach to RPC Market - Hays Container Service's RPCs now accepted at Wal-Mart.  (11/16/2001)

  Merger Positions Chep for Growth - Chep's two parent companies propose a merger that would give Brambles Industries ownership of Chep; merger could position Chep for renewed growth.  (6/1/2001)

  PalEx (IFCO Systems) Makes Significant Announcements - IFCO on the Go: IFCO Systems decides to divest its $175 million pallet manufacturing operations and also adds several important pallet recycling company acquisitions.  (10/1/2000)

  IFCO to Launch New Pallet Pool, ‘Flex Pallet System’ in Canada - IFCO Systems to begin pallet rental pool in Canada.  (7/1/2000)

  Chep Continues Growth in Key Sectors - CHEP continues to expand in key 48x40 North American market; CHEP makes breakthroughs in grocery RPCs.  (3/1/2000)

  Third-Party Patchwork Will Accelerate Paradigm Shift - Third-Party: Third-party pallet management continues to expand and diversify; a rapidly growing, increasingly diverse infrastructure for pallet and container management is falling into place.  (3/1/2000)

  Wirebound Container Industry Expects Modest Yet Steady Groweth - Specialized segment of container industry expects modest yet steady growth; new product readied to compete against reusable plastic in agricultural market.  (2/1/2000)

  Pallet Exchange: How Big, Ugly, Is Your Truck Driver? - There is good news and bad news when it comes to pallet exchange as an ongoing source for cores in the years ahead.  (2/1/2000)

  What Price Recovery? Fair Compensation for Recyclers Is Essential to Ending Contention Over Pallet Ownership - The Cost of Recovery: Fair compensation for pallet recyclers who recover rental pallets and proprietary pallets will be a key to resolving the conflicts over pallet ownership.  (11/1/1999)

  What Will Happen to the Pallet Industry If Pallet Rental Growth Continues? - If pallet rental continues to grow, what will be the impact on the overall pallet industry? A must-read report covers the future of the industry and market changes that will affect everyone.  (11/1/1999)

  Chep's First Defeat in Court Raises Even More Questions About Lost Pallets - Resembling a plot from a TV police drama, the story of Atlas Pallet started out as a disagreement with Chep over pallet ownership and turned into police raids and a criminal trial.  (9/1/1999)

  Letter from Ed - 'The Wal-Mart Blues' - Dr. Brindley raises concerns over the future of the industry and the impact a strong Wal-Mart/Chep relationship might have on recyclers!  (9/1/1999)

  Letter from Ed - The San Antonio Incident - Description of recycler meeting to discuss future of industry and pallet ownership.  (7/1/1999)

  PalEx Goes Global - PalEx Goes Global : PalEx to merge with German reusable container company IFCO in a move that has far reaching consequences.  (5/1/1999)

  Letter from Ed - The Rumors Can Now Change! - PE publisher examines what the PalEx/IFCO merger means for pallet and container rental/third party management.  (5/1/1999)

  Outlook for Third-Party Pallet Management: Growth and Change - Third-Party Providers: Third-party pallet management services continue to grow, but it also is changing; this special report provides a 'snapshot' look at what the big players are doing.  (3/1/1999)