Equipment, Products & Services:

  Product Profile - Cresswood Develops New HF-60 Compact Stroke Wood Grinder   (10/1/2013)

  Cliff Gage Serves the Pallet Industry Throughout His Life - Cliff Gage Serves the Pallet Industry Throughout His Life  (6/1/2011)

  Low-Grade Lumber Launches Site of OSB - Silvaris Corp., a trading company specializing in low-grade lumber and other lumber products, launches Web site to sell off-grade oriented strand board panels.   (12/1/2007)

  Steel City Colors Supplies Colorants To Produce Mulch - Company''s product is environmentally friendly and wil not fade in UV light.  (5/1/2003)

  Bar Code Tracking Helps Pallet Companies Do More Than Count - Not long many pallet companies did not even have a computer in the office; now, bar code tracking systems have begun to find their way in many pallet businesses.  (4/1/2003)

  Automated Machine Systems Purchases Machine Specialists Inc. - AMS expands its presence as a machinery supplier to the pallet industry with its acquisition of Machine Specialists Inc.  (4/1/2003)

  Heat Is Biggest Enemy of Band Blade; Reduce Heat and Reduce Blade Costs - Articles show how you can take proper steps including proper guide setup to reduce excessive heat and increase blade life.  (4/1/2003)

  With Customer-Driven Designs, Kent Corp. And Its Machinery Line Continue to Expand - Kent Corporation supplies a complete line of pallet lumber manufacturing machinery, including band resaws, notchers, block cutters, trim saws, chop saws, and miter saws, along with a full array of conveyors and options.  (1/1/2001)