International Pallet Footprints: Reports from the Front Line - Pallet user guru, Rick LeBlanc reports on the latest developments on international pallet sizes and standardization efforts around the globe.  (12/1/2010)

  Global Industry Leaders Discuss Pest Issue & International Standards - World Pallet Council Gathers to Discuss Issues Facing Global Pallet and Packaging Industry  (8/1/2002)

  Canadian Lumber Duties Their Impact on the Pallet Industry - Conflicts over Canadian softwood lumber imported into the U.S. have been a major concern for over 20 years  (5/3/2002)

  World Leaders Pass Global Pest Standard - Standard Covers Hardwood and Softwood Packaging  (5/3/2002)

  Mixing Oil and Water - Two Issues Plaguing Our Industry Are Treating Export Packaging and Canadian Softwood Exports to the U.S.  (3/1/2002)

  Countervailing Duty Causing Much Confusion and Disagreement - U.S. imposes a 19.3% countervailing duty on softwood lumber imported from Canada; ramifications for pallet industry still somewhat unclear  (10/1/2001)

  IFCO Systems Can Now Supply Solutions to New EU Regulations - Texas Plant Certified for Heating Treating Pallets  (10/1/2001)

  Pallets Treated by Pest-Heat OK for EU - Pest-Heat Also Certified to Treat Pallets  (10/1/2001)

  Pallet Track Aids in EU Compliance - Data Systems Products Can Help Companies Obtain Certification  (10/1/2001)

  U.S. On the Verge of Implementing EU Emergency Measures - Update of EU Requirements  (9/1/2001)