Third Party Management/Logistics:

  Rehrig Pacific Logistics Diversifies to Serve Packaging Niches - Rehrig Pacific Logistics: Beyond pallets, Rehrig Penn diversifies to develop a wide variety of recycling and reverse logistics services. It offers a blueprint for the future as pallet recycling becomes more competitive.   (2/1/2012)

  Annual State of Logistics Report Review: Logistics Costs Drop, Shippers Face Long-Term Transportation Challenges - Annual Logistics Report: Review of the Annual State of Logistics Report identifies current trends, points to long-term transportation and logistics challenges.  (8/1/2009)

  Letter from Ed: Logistics Future Impact on Pallets? - Logistics are changing, whether they are local, regional, national, or global. Since pallets are the common base used in shipping, pallet companies are likely to be heavily involved in some aspects of these changes.   (6/1/2007)

  Third-Party Logistics Provider Helps Customers with Pallet Management - Cardinal Logistics: Cardinal Logistics, a major third-party logistics provider, offers a range of approaches to pallets and pallet management, depending upon the needs of its customers.  (5/1/2007)

  Playing Fair!? - CHEP Indicates Its Desire To Work With Recyclers - In-depth look at CHEP and CORE, including how these two entities will influence the pallet industry and their plans for the future.   (5/1/2003)

  Pallet Clearinghouse Clears Path For Truckers To Pallet Exchange - Pallet Clearinghouse''s depot network of independent pallet recyclers smooths out the wrinkles for carriers and their drivers.  (4/1/2003)

  PECO Pallet Leasing Company Seeks Controlled Growth By Serving Niches - PECO is a different kind of pallet leasing company  (4/1/2002)

  Third-Party Takes Hard Look at Container Pools for Meat - Industry Is Now Taking a Close Look at Managing Reusable Containers for Meat Distribution  (3/1/2002)

  Reusable Packaging Seminar Puts Spotlight on Container Control - Michigan State University's annual packaging seminar returns to its automotive roots, puts strong focus on container control.  (11/16/2001)