Industry Standards:

  Scanning System Developed by Pooling Partners in Europe Leads to Pallet Perfection - Quality Scanning: European pallet manufacturer and pooler pioneers development of quality scanning system to meet requirements of high-production nailing lines.   (8/1/2016)

  Fixing Pallet Problems – Part II: Pallet Quality and Proper Specifications in the 21st Century - Fixing Pallet Problems: A lack of understanding when it comes to pallet quality issues and proper specifications frequently leads to the use of the wrong pallet. Learn how emerging pallet standards are useful tool to fix this problem.   (5/1/2016)

  Fixing Pallet Problems – Part 1: Pallet Quality and Proper Specifications in the 21st Century - Understanding Pallet Performance: Not all problems with pallets are due to poor quality. Sometimes the pallet design and shipping situation is a mismatch. Learn how new pallet standards are a useful tool to fix this problem.   (4/1/2016)

  Letter from Ed: Can Our Industry Benefit from Environmental Claims and Certification? - Industry expert, Ed Brindley, talks about the need to consider environmental certification as a way to tout the green credentials of wooden pallets and packaging. A major California pallet company finds the process is worthwhile despite the cost and paperwork hassle.   (2/1/2016)

  New Quality Standardization Initiative Targets U.S. Market, Eventually the World - Whole New World: A leading European pallet company wants to revolutionize the global pallet market with new quality standards, and the first major test market besides Europe is the United States. Will the WORLD pallet catch on?   (2/1/2016)

  Markets in Transition: Are National Pallet Networks Influencing Used Pallet Grades and Terminology? - Pallet user guru, Rick LeBlanc, explains why used pallet grades are so difficult to understand and advises how to deal with them to ensure that you get the pallet quality you truly want.   (8/1/2015)

  Have Your Pallet Specs Become Wrecks? - Buyer Beware: Pallet management expert at PALNET caution about poor pallet quality and how to maintain your pallet specifications.   (8/1/2015)

  Defend Your Environmental Credentials, Learn Your Company’s Relative Score - Green Credentials: Industry researchers are currently developing a life cycle database for white-wood pallet recyclers. Your participation will help the industry as well as provide you with information that otherwise would be too costly to obtain.  (12/1/2013)

  Set Ablaze! Officials Develop New Standards for Pallet Storage to Prevent Catastrophic Fires - Proposed International Fire Code changes would impact outdoor storage of idle pallets, limiting the amount of pallets that companies can be stored on a yard, which could particularly affect pallet recyclers and repair depots.   (6/1/2013)

  Markets in Transition: Managing Outrage, Icky Pallets, Safety Issues at the Plant and Looking Ahead - Grocery industry columnist, Rick LeBlanc, explores the basics of risk communication when it comes to pallets and perceived industry problems.  (4/1/2012)

  NWPCA Releases Proposed Pallet Handling Guidelines, Hopefully the Pallet Sanitation Discussion Will Return to Common Sense - Amid a lot of hype and concern, the wooden pallet industry responds to sanitation and mold concerns by releasing draft handling and sanitation standards.   (9/6/2011)

  Is PIMS the Supply Chain Solution? PIMS Pallet Specification Released, Pallet Management System Takes Key First Steps - PIMS Update: Review of the latest developments in the launch of the PIMS system designed to offer a general pallet industry response to companies desiring a higher quality, managed pool of pallets. Includes comments from Costco about the proposed PIMS pallet standard.   (12/1/2010)

  Letter to the Editor - Letter to the editor about his August column.  (9/1/2010)

  Block Pallets in Our Future? Block Pallet Manufacturing Methods - Manufacturing Block Pallets: The interest in block pallets is growing. This article focuses on the options available in building block pallets as well as a historical look at the significance of block pallets from a worldwide perspective.  (12/1/2008)

  MHIA Administers New MH1 Pallet Standards - Pallet Standards: Material Handling Industry of America is responsible for administering the committee that sets U.S. standards related to pallets, slip sheets and other bases for unit-loads.  (10/1/2007)

  Letter to the Editor: Reader Questions Column, Description of GMA Pallet - Many people refer to 48x40 block pallets as 40x48. This is often the case with plastic block-style pallets. It seems that block pallets are much more susceptible to this even though block pallets have both top deck boards and stringer boards. The stringer board direction should come first.  (7/1/2007)

  Markets In Transition: GMA Footprint Optimized Both Rail and Truck Freight - During World War II, the Navy specification had called for a 48x48 two-way entry pallet, but it was not the optimal pallet size to serve both truck and rail truck shipments. Reducing the width to 40 inches allowed two pallets to be positioned side-by-side in a truck trailer while two could still be positioned end-to-end in a rail car.   (5/1/2007)

  Pallet Standards And Specifications – The Evolution to Today - Pallet Standards: The NWPCA has made a number of attempts through the years to establish quality standards. Dr. Brindley covers these historically and looks at the factors influencing these efforts and any future changes.  (12/1/2006)

  Virginia Tech Series: Optimizing Pallet Sizes within the Global Supply Chain -- Connecting Northeast Asia And North America - As recognition of the important relationship between pallet size selection and supply chain optimization continues to grow, interest in standardizing pallet sizes is also increasing.  (8/1/2006)

  Markets in Transition: Is the Customer Always Right on Pallet Standards? - In North America, the prerogative of a powerful customer to specify the pallet used for shipments of incoming product is typically, although sometimes begrudgingly, taken for granted.  (5/1/2006)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Is the Industry Facing a Tipping Point? - Are we facing some critical tipping points as the industry matures, global supply shifts, customer demands change and consolidation leads to increased competition?   (10/1/2005)

  Minnesota Pallet Makers Serve Niche for Certified Wood Resource - Two pallet makers respond to environmental concern about forest management by using timber from forest that have achieved third-party certification.  (6/1/2003)

  It’s A Small World After All - Will Global Standards Impact Local Markets? - Efforts Multinational Corporations to Reduce Global Supply Chain Costs May Drive Standardization  (8/1/2002)

  Letter from Ed - International Standard Proposed to Control Pests in Wood Packaging - An international task force gathers to begin considering restrictions on imported wood packaging to provide protection against unwanted pests.  (8/1/2000)