2018 Story of the Year: Labor Shortage Crunches Growth, Impacts Costs - The Pallet Enterprise selects the labor shortage as the Story of the Year for 2018 and looks at what this means for the future of the pallet and lumber industries.   (1/4/2019)

  Industry Roundtable 2018 – Part 2: Changing Customer Expectations, Online Marketing and Corporate Culture Transformations - Leadership Roundtable Part II: A discussion of industry executives exploring the changing labor and customer landscape.   (7/1/2018)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Attracting Young Workers in a Tough Industry - Publisher, Chaille Brindley, covers some strategies for attracting Millennials to blue-collar jobs as they become a bigger and more important part of the workforce.   (4/2/2018)

  Celebrate Giving: If You Can, Share the Wealth Pallet and Lumber Companies Make a Difference Through Charity Efforts - Celebrate Giving: Charity helps build better communities and companies. Forest products companies donate to help hurricane disasters victims as well as general charity for the poor and needy. These programs also help companies build better cultures and improve morale.   (12/1/2017)

  Coming into Focus: Millennials Lead Workforce, Their Numbers Expected to Grow - Demographic changes are impacting the workforce as Millennials take over more jobs. Discover what the trends say about the future.   (12/1/2017)

  Industrial Reporting Celebrates 40 Years in Business: Looking Back and Thinking Ahead - 40th Anniversary Celebration: Industrial Reporting turns 40, and Chaille Brindley examines key trends of the past with an eye to what might be ahead in the future.   (7/1/2017)

  Coming into Focus: Manufacturing Back Around Peak - U.S. manufacturing, economy, economic bubble, recession, manufacturing sector, employment, jobs, economic analysis, housing market.  (4/3/2017)

  The Little Pallet House that Has the Potential to Make a Huge Difference around the World - Pallet House: Design for temporary housing made from old pallets seeks to meet humanitarian and refugee needs, earns recognition.   (4/3/2017)

  Markets in Transition: The Evolution of Half-Pallets -- A Double-Threat Gamebreaker - Beyond just retail display applications, half pallets are growing for other niche uses as well. Find out the benefits and drawbacks of using half pallets as the market evolves.   (2/1/2017)

  Letter from Ed: Labor Is the Big Factor – Are You Ready? - Pallet Enterprise founder discusses key labor issues for the pallet industry and key information resources that can help businesses make better decisions.  (10/1/2016)

  Confidential 2016 Human Resources and Wage Survey - We are asking readers to help both themselves and the industry by completing this survey form and returning it to us.  (10/1/2016)

  Markets in Trasition: Pallets - Public Enemy #1? Short and Long Term Reflections on the Future of Pallet Usage - Future of Palletization: With changing to more localized production and e-commerce distribution, pallets may face significant challenges in the future.   (2/1/2016)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Why You Are All Wrong When It Comes to Buying Pallets… - Publisher, Chaille Brindley, makes the case that most companies go about buying pallets the wrong way, and a new approach needs to be taken if they truly want to cut system costs and reduce product damage.   (11/1/2015)

  Housing Back to Normal by 2015 - Housing Rebound: The housing market, a major driver for the forest product industry, is making a slower recovery than hoped for, but should be back to normal by 2015 if unemployment improves.  (8/1/2013)

  Markets in Transition: Do Good Looks Count for Pallets? - Pallet user guru, Rick Leblanc, explores the market demand and interest in pallet appearance for shippers as well as the potential impact that floor ready displays will have on palletization.   (6/1/2013)

  COMING INTO FOCUS: Energy Outlook – Prices Coming Back Down After Spiking in February, Uncertainty Lingers - Despite higher prices in the first quarter of the year, diesel fuel prices are expected to moderate over the rest of the year to more normal levels. Analysis suggests that new pipeline capacity could lower the cost of moving mid-continent crude oil to the Gulf Coast refining centers.  (4/1/2013)

  Letter from Ed: Up, Up and Away! – Adjusting to the Social Media! - Pallet Enterprise founder discusses the challenges of social media and how to take advantage of this growing marketing channel even for those who struggle with new technology.  (12/1/2012)

  Materials Handling Expert Identifies Pallet User Trends - Survey suggests wooden pallets remain top choice; users may move to buying more new wooden pallets as core supply worsens.   (12/1/2012)

  Markets in Transition: Pallet LCA: Pallet Users First Need to Look into the Mirror - Columnist, Rick LeBlanc, covers the hidden challenges of conducting life cycle analysis on pallets and focuses on a recent study emerging from Europe.   (12/1/2012)

  Confidential 2013 Human Resources and Labor Survey - The Pallet Enterprise, Pallet Profile Weekly, and Recycle Record are teaming together to conduct a Human Resources and Labor Survey of the wooden pallet and container industry.   (12/1/2012)

  Survey Provides Snapshot of U.S. Pallet Industry - Researchers from Virginia Tech conduct survey of pallet industry, detect major trend, including a few surprises.   (2/1/2012)

  Letter from Ed: Looking Back to the Future – It’s Time to Take Action! - Pallet Enterprise founder and industry expert, Dr. Ed Brindley, shares his thoughts on what the industry needs to do to face the core shortage and pallet user transitions to block pallets in the United States.   (12/1/2011)

  Staff Reminisce: And The Rest Is History... - Our Turn: Staff reminisce about our favorite industry moments and publication experiences over the last 30 years.   (12/1/2011)

  Fuel Crunch: Small Steps Can Reduce Fuel Costs - Rising fuel prices give companies a good incentive to find creative ways to cut costs. Multiple industry members shared their strategies for offsetting fuel costs.  (6/1/2011)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Uncertain Times - Publisher Chaille Brindley tries to get his head around the many uncertainties that are plaguing the industry and overall U.S. economy right now with an eye toward the future.  (5/1/2010)

  Pallet Recovery, Repair and Remanufacturing in a Changing Industry: 1992 to 2006 - Pallet Study-Part 2: Researchers Phil Araman and Bob Bush analyze lumber and production changes in the pallet recycling industry; second article in a two-part series.  (8/1/2009)

  Letter from Ed: 2009 Doesn’t Look Exciting, but Better Days Might Be Ahead - We need to stay focused, not get distracted off the path we are traveling. Navigate the trail but don’t be tossed by the winds.  (2/1/2009)

  Letter from Ed: Pallet Industry Faces a Changing World - Certainly one of the most talked about issues at the recent NWPCA meeting was the announcement that Costco has indicated it will require shipments be made on block pallets by the beginning of 2009.   (4/1/2008)

  Challenges & Opportunities: Insights to Take Advantage of the Changing Business Landscape - Challenging Times: Costco has indicated it will move to block pallets in 2009. Will other retailers follow? The pallet industry is facing challenging times. Consider these key trends as you chart your course for the future.   (4/1/2008)

  Nails: What Is Happening and Why? - Nail Outlook: Prices for pallet nails are on the way up as the cost of steel rod climbs; U.S. slaps anti-dumping duty on bulk and collated pallets imported from China and United Arab Emirates.  (3/1/2008)

  MicroChange - In many cases, change occurs more slowly than anticipated. Change is gradual until momentum reaches a tipping point, then change comes fast and hard.   (1/1/2008)

  Pallet Enterprise 25th Anniversary Commemorative Disc - 25th Anniversary Commemorative Disc: Learn about the last 25 years from this special commemorative disc.  (12/1/2006)

  Pallet Industry Timeline: PE Celebrates 25th Anniversary - Twenty Five Years: Pallet Enterprise reviews the last 25 years of the pallet and sawmill industry. Timeline covers industry milestones and major events.  (12/1/2006)

  Letter from Ed: 25th Anniversary – What a Ride! - Looking back over our first 25 years, many things come to mind. Certainly one of the most significant events that continues to exert its influence today would have to be 9-11.  (12/1/2006)

  Interview with Mike Doyle, A Well Known Pallet Manufacturer And Recycler: Mike Was Made Chairman of the NWPCA Board Last February - Enterprise Interview: Pallet Enterprise conducts interview with Michael Doyle, current chairman of the board of directors of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association.  (10/1/2006)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Finding Treasure in the Garbage - Moments of inspiration are not the sort of thing that you can schedule on your appointment calendar. Bright ideas tend to come when you least expect them. And these jewels of inspiration can be lost forever in the recesses of your mind if you don’t write them down in a place where you can retrieve them later.  (9/1/2006)

  Reverse Auctions Reveal Purchasing Pitfalls - Reverse Auctions: Years after the purchasing phenomenon swept through the pallet industry, lessons can be learned from the failures of reverse auctions.  (7/1/2006)

  Letter from Ed: The Pallet Industry Is Running Strong — What Does the Future Hold? - Everybody knows that the pallet industry is running strong. Business is good, profits are improved, and attitudes are upbeat for a change. The obvious question is in light of today’s improved environment, what do things look like for tomorrow?  (7/1/2006)

  Lean Manufacturing Approach Offers Potential, Challenges - Second of a two-part series of articles on lean manufacturing principles and their potential for businesses in the forest products industry.  (12/1/2005)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Nightmare of the Waking Dragon - Senator Charles R. Hawkins of the VA State Senate talked about how the United States actually had a small trade surplus with China in 1985. But that has all changed over the past twenty years as the trade deficient with China has soared to an estimated $200 billion in 2005.   (12/1/2005)

  Letter from Ed: Katrina – A Cruel Reminder of Change in our Society - Immediately after Katrina, the softwood market had a rapid price spike because of an overall panic on commodities. Softwood prices quickly subsided from the panic spike. While some pressure in the hardwood industry had subsided a little over the summer, concern over winter supplies was still very real.  (11/1/2005)

  Markets in Transition: Old World of Pallet Control Under Pressure - The old economy, with long serving supply chain partners and even longer serving employees, provided a stable environment. Now, supply chain links are more transitory. Partners change. Employees and technology change. Corporate mergers are part of our day.  (11/1/2005)

  Midwest Pallet Company Has Eye On Continued, Strategic Growth: American Paltech Uses Marshall & Henderson H-T System for Export Pallets - American Paltech: Midwest pallet company with an eye on continued growth uses Marshall & Henderson heat-treating system for export pallets.  (9/1/2005)

  PalletBoard -- Online Discussion Explores the Grocery Industry and Its Pallet Usage - Grocery User Debate: A question posted on the PalletBoard leads to a lengthy debate about the GMA pallet and its future in the U.S. grocery industry; article is taken from the discussion on the Pallet Enterprise Web site.  (7/1/2005)

  Thinking Ahead– Letter from Chaille Trial & Error Is the Secret to Invention - Every once in a while there comes along an idea that revolutionizes how we live and do business. To the uninformed, these inventions may just appear to pop up over night. But normally these ideas are developed only after a lot of trial and error.  (6/1/2005)

  Letter from Ed: The Pallet Business – Is It Changing? - Throughout most of our history, the pallet industry has been a family run and operated, entrepreneurial kind of business. Are we losing some of this? Should we want to lose some of this? Both answers may be yes.  (5/1/2005)

  RFID – Revolutionary Technology or Just another Hassle - Four experts speak out on RFID’s future impact on Transport packaging and the global supply chain  (2/7/2005)

  The Impact of RFID on Pallet Suppliers - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  Smart Pallets--RFID Journal Interview - One of the leading voices on RFID discusses the technology and how it will impact packaging.  (2/2/2004)

  RFID Revolution - Resistance is Futile; You Will Be Assimilated.  (2/2/2004)

  Pallet Evolved Along with Forklift - Industry’s Roots Predated WW II: A Look at the history of the pallet and its evolution with materials handling practices.  (12/2/2002)

  Logistics Report Focuses on Agility in the Market, Sharing Information - Logistics Suppliers Failed to See Brake Lights Ahead as the Economy Slowed  (10/1/2002)

  Pallet Industry Relying More on Recovered Wood Material - Recycled Pallets, Parts, Now at 42% of Total Wood Used in Pallet Production   (10/1/2002)

  Recycling Behind Most Growth in Pallet Production; - Va. Tech Survey also Shows Greater Use of Softwood, Oriented Strand Board  (9/3/2002)

  Expendable, 48x40 Pallets Dominate Production in U.S. - Fifth in a continuing series of research surveys of the U.S. wood pallet industry supported in part by the U.S. Forest Service and the Illinois Wood Products Association; second and final part of the complete report.  (4/1/2002)

  More Pallet Companies Enter Recycling to Cut Expenses; - New Study Shows U.S. Wood Pallet Industry Remains Highly Competitive  (3/1/2002)

  Twenty Years of Pallet Enterprise - The Theme Has Been Change  (12/1/2001)

  Looking to the Future - Change Is Inevitable, but Adapting Will Be Key to Survive and Prosper  (12/1/2001)

  What Your Customers Say! - Pallets From the End Users' Perspective  (12/1/2001)

  Hardwood Industry Faces Furniture Challenges - Hardwood sawmills face tough challenges  (9/4/2001)

  Wood Promotion Network Deserves Industry's Support - Campaign Seeks to Strengthen Wood Markets, Build Confidence in Forestry  (8/31/2001)

  Pallet Management - From vendor-managed inventories to tracking, three leading pallet companies explain how they have grown by providing innovative pallet management solutions.  (7/6/2001)

  Internet Retailing Will Require Greater Pallet Use, Study Finds - E-Tailing and Pallets: Pallet industry's leading researcher says that retailing methods of the future, including shopping via the Internet, will require increased unitization of products and pallet use.  (4/1/2001)

  Front Page News - Front Page News  (3/1/2001)

  Online Auctions, Europallet, Import Restrictions Made Impact in 2000 - Year in Review: The year 2000 brought a number of new developments to the pallet industry, and Pallet Enterprise provided readers with up-to-date information coverage  (12/1/2000)

  'Safety Pallet' Designed and Built to Be Reusable, Rackable, Nestable - Safety Pallet: Packaging industry veteran comes up with idea for design and construction of a new kind of pallet that has advantage ove GMA and plastic pallets  (12/1/2000)

  Technology Can Transform Pallet Business Says Logistics Expert - Logistics expert that pallet companies have the potential to radically transform themselves by leveraging information technology.  (5/1/2000)

  Trends of the 1990s Propelling Pallet Industry into 22nd Century - What's the Road Ahead? - Insights into the future including pallet core supply, continued growth of pallet rental, and the tight labot matket.  (12/1/1999)

  Industry Outlook for 1999 - Where is the pallet industry headed in 1999? Publisher Ed Bindley examines some of the issues nd trends that will continue impact the pallet community.  (12/1/1998)