Pallet Lumber:

  Pallet Lumber Basics and Measuring Pallet Material Dimensions 101 - Pallet Enterprise founder, Ed Brindley, explains historical pallet lumber developments with a focus on how to measure pallet dimensions and changes in species and buying habits over the recent years.   (7/1/2017)

  Coming into Focus: U.S. Hardwood Growth Outpaces Harvesting - Analysis of U.S. hardwood forests indicates that regrowth far outpaces harvests in many states. Interactive map produced by the American Hardwood Export Council explains the positive story of forest regrowth.   (7/1/2017)

  The Times They Are a Changin’: Hardwood Transition: Analysis of the Growth of Softwood Lumber in Eastern Pallet Markets - So are hardwoods better for pallets? That all depends on who you talk to and what type of pallet you are making.  (1/1/2017)

  Proven Secrets to Cutting Frozen Lumber: Country Saw & Knife Offers Insights on How to Manage the Toughest Situations - Frozen Lumber Secrets: Saw guru, Steve Mercer, identifies practical steps you can take to improve your sawing operations as harsh winter weather approaches. Country Saw & Knife offers top-quality blades and expert advice.   (1/1/2016)

  Tool for Explainig the Currrent Lumber Market - Free webinar on April 30, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. on Why Raw Material Supplies Are Struggling to Accommodate Economic Growth. Pallet lumber analyst, Jeff McBee, will explore the impact of the housing market, sawill closures, spiking Asian demand, and other forces on the current softwood and hardwood low-grade lumber markets.   (4/21/2013)

  Evergreen: New Study Provides Life Cycle Assessment Answers for U.S. Hardwood Lumber - New study provides scientific basis for analyzing the life cycle impacts of U.S. hardwoods from cradle to gate assessments. This research should help position the industry to compete as Europe starts imposing more LCA requirements, and green building standards embrace more scientific-based assessments in the United States.  (11/1/2012)

  Meister Forest Products– Four Generations Turn to Baker for Rebuilding After Second Major Fire - Wisconsin pallet lumber mill rebuilds from the ashes, finds right equipment partner in Baker Products.   (9/6/2011)

  Letter from Ed - Trends Establishing a New Pattern - Dr. Ed Brindley reviews key trends including lumber challenges, rising nail costs, labor woes, market volatility and globalization.   (6/1/2010)

  Wooden Crossties – A Major Competitor to Pallet Cants: The Market Suggests Continued Growth - Wooden Crossties Compete with Pallet Cants – Railroad crossties are the biggest competitor to the pallet industry for the cants or centers of hardwood logs. This article sheds light on this competitive market from the past to the present and future.  (5/1/2010)

  Restless Nature Gets Retired Farmer into Pallet Business: Baker Products Cant Cut-Up Line Gets Monster Pallets Going - Monster Pallets: Julian Drake started a pallet company in his 60’s when most people are more interested in retiring; the company uses Baker Products equipment to manufacture pallet stock from hardwood cants.  (6/1/2009)

  Pallet Market Remains Important Focus of Burgeoning Beasley Forest Products - Beasley Forest Products: Rabun Beasley entered the hardwood sawmill business by first concentrating on pallet logs; his company has grown remarkably, but the pallet market remains an important focus.  (11/1/2008)

  Canadian Finds Success in Lumber Remanufacturing for Pallet Industry: Advance Lumber Serves Pallet, Container Manufacturers in Western States - Advance Lumber: Lumber remanufacturer in British Columbia carves out a business by supplying pre-cut stock to pallet and container manufacturers in the Western U.S.  (12/1/2007)

  Tall Timber Products Weathers Storms, Adapts and Changes to Meet New Need: Kentucky Company Carves Out a Place as Efficient Manufacturer of Cut Stock - Tall Timber Products: Kentucky company carves out a niche as efficient manufacturer of pre-cut pallet stock; Tall Timber Products weathers storms, adapts and changes to meet new market need.  (6/1/2007)

  Upgrades at Wolverine Hardwoods Put Company in The Position for Expansion - Wolverine Hardwoods: Upgrades at Michigan company position it for expansion as improvements streamline manufacturing processes; its hardwoods are popular with customers on West Coast.  (3/1/2007)

  Acquisitions Help Fuel Growth At All Star Forest Products in MS - Mississippi lumber remanufacturing business provides lumber and panel products to industrial companies, pallet and container manufacturers, and also operates specialty pallet division.  (9/1/2006)

  KHEOPS Winter Mill Tour: Showcases Commitment to Quality, Customer Service - Kheops Tour: Mill tour of Canadian cut stock suppliers showcases KHEOPS’ large network and quality service.   (7/1/2006)

  Sam Baker Launches New Cut Stock Plant in Missouri: Plant Has Biggest, Most Automated Line from Samuel Kent Baker Inc. - Samuel Kent Baker Inc. - Sam Baker enters the wood business, forming affiliate to manufacture pallet cut stock; new plant is fully equipped with companys most automated cut-up line.  (5/1/2006)

  Industrial Wood Resource Systems Focuses on Fast, Timely Service: Georgia Lumber Remanufacturer Supplies Industrial Wood Products - Industrial Wood Resource Systems: Georgia lumber remanufacturer focuses on fast, timely service in supplying customers for industrial lumber products in the metropolitan Atlanta market.  (5/1/2006)

  Emporium Hardwoods Reaping Benefits from INOVEC Optimization Technology: Optimized Head Rig, Edger and Trimmer Increase Production, Yield, Quality - Emporium Hardwoods: Pennsylvania hardwood lumber manufacturer is reaping benefits of INOVEC optimization technology for head rig, edger and trimmer.  (5/1/2006)

  Calif. Company Turns Timber Damaged by Insects into Quality Pallet Lumber: Woodwurx Corp. Relies on AWMV LT300 Thin-Kerf Head Rig and Resaw System - California company turns insect-damaged timber into quality pallet lumber with aid of AWMV LT300 thin-kerf head rig and other Wood-Mizer equipment.  (2/1/2006)

  Northern Alberta Cut Stock Maker Bounces Back Quickly Following Fire: Aspen Valley Relies on Baker, Pendu-Cornell, Newman-Whitney in Rebuilding - Cut stock manufacturer in northern Alberta bounces back quickly following devastating fire; Aspen Valley relies on equipment supplied by Pendu-Cornell, Newman-Whitney and Baker Products.  (2/1/2006)

  Hardwood Flooring Market And Its Impact on Pallets - The hardwood flooring market’s history and current market trends are examined to look at its direction and how it might impact the hardwood and pallet industries.  (2/1/2006)

  Ford Sawmills Focuses on Quality Lumber, Consistent Board Thickness: Viking Machine Automates Pallet Assembly Operations for Indiana Company - Indiana company is focused on quality lumber and consistent board thickness; Viking nailing machine provides automated pallet assembly.  (11/1/2005)

  Future of Lumber Drying Lies in Predictive Control - New technology for controlling lumber drying process shows promise, according to researchers at Penn State University.  (10/1/2005)

  Market Update: Hardwood Prices Rise In the Wake of Katrina - It is difficult to assess how much of the Gulf States region customer base has been damaged or even lost in the aftermath of Katrina. The loss of timber in the region is huge. The Mississippi Forestry Commission estimated the timber losses at $1.3 billion.  (10/1/2005)

  Cant, Part Volume Little Affected by Sawing Method, Study Shows - Analysis Shows Curved Sawing Small Hardwood Logs Increases Yield of Side Boards   (5/2/2005)

  Business Goal at Clary Lumber Is Clear: Make Quality Pallet Cut Stock; - Cooper Scragg Increases Production, Flexibility; Cut-Up Line Is Brewer-Equipped  (4/1/2005)

  Growing Weston Forest Products Adds Cut-to-Length Capacity - L-M Equipment (Canada) Package Saw Strengthens Industrial Unit   (3/1/2005)

  ‘Urban Forest’ Offers Opportunities for Raw Material, Niche Business - Companies May Find Needed Wood and Business Opportunities  (3/1/2005)

  Imported Lumber for Manufacturing Pallets - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  Arizona Lumber Company Takes on Custom Industrial Products - Holtec System Adds Versatility, Production to Specialty Company   (11/30/2004)

  Imported Lumber for Manufacturing Pallets - Wholesalers Begin Importing Pallet Stock from South America  (10/5/2004)

  N. C. Lumber Producer Enters Pallet Stock Arena in Big Way - Brewer Inc.-Golden Eagle Equips Scragg Mill for Jerry Williams & Sons  (9/1/2004)

  Pro-Active Management Spurs Growth of Canadian SPF Cut Stock Business - Palliser Lumber Sales Balances People, Production, Quality and Safety  (9/1/2004)

  Botkin Lumber Continues Growth; New Georgia Site Is Fourth Plant - G-Tek Industries Supplies Custom Planer, Other Machines  (5/1/2004)

  Blackberry Dimensions Increasing Production of Hardwood Cut Stock - Brewer Inc.-Golden Eagle Double-Bay Gang Saw Is Work Horse of Cut-Up Line  (5/1/2004)

  Hardwood for Pallets - What Is Happening with Our Lumber Suppy?  (2/3/2004)

  Kheops Focused on Building Lasting Partnerships with Mills, Pallet Plants - Quebec-based Kheops has been built on developing a unique partnership  (12/2/2003)

  Thin-Kerf Mills Keep Illinois Sawmill Cutting Pallet Stock - Mieure Sawmill Equipped with Wood-Mizer Mill, Edger, Resaws  (10/1/2003)

  Ohio Reman Business Serves Industrial Packaging Market - Wappoo Wood Products Relies on Country Saw & Knife for Blade Service  (9/2/2003)

  Mold, Mildew on Pallets, Lumber Can Be Prevented, Eliminated - Mold, Mildew Can Appear on Pallets, Lumber in Spring and Summer   (9/2/2003)

  Vandermeer’s Aspen Pallet Stock Program Helps Fill Hardwood Void - Company Handles Products from Mills in Western Provinces and States   (9/2/2003)

  B.C. Reman Plant Supplies Quality Cut Stock to Calif. Manufacturers - D. S. Timber Manufactures High Quality SPF Cut Stock  (8/1/2003)

  Market Update - Rainy Weather Still Plagues Raw Material - Rainy weather leads to one of the tightest hardwood lumber markets on record. Complete update on the pallet and lumber markets around the country.  (7/1/2003)

  Wood-Mizer Multi-Head Key to Indiana Sawmill Success - Terry and Chris Lemler Operate a Profitable Plant by Producing Pallet Stock  (9/3/2002)

  Hardwood Sawmills Will Remain Important Pallet Industry Partner - Enterprise Interview  (6/4/2002)

  Texas Pallet Maker Starts New Sawmill, Cut-Up Line - Baker Products Supplies Complete New Scragg System to Arrington Lumber  (5/3/2002)

  Magnolia Forest Products Blooming as It Adapts, Taps New Markets; - Southeastern Company Supplies Custom Panel, Lumber Components to Industrial Markets  (4/1/2002)

  Proulx Forest Products Supplies Pre-Cut Stock to U.S. Companies; - Quebec Company Operates Aspen Sawmill, Large Reman Plant to Serve U.S. Customers  (3/1/2002)

  U.S. Investigating Canadian Timber Business - U.S. officials investigating Canadian timber industry after American companies file lawsuit, seek duties on imports of Canadian softwood lumber.  (6/1/2001)

  Industrial Wood Products Specializes in Special Orders - Industrial Wood Products: North Carolina company supplied by Holtec and Newman is known for specialty industrial wood components, quality, custom cutting and packaging.  (12/1/2000)

  Morton Alder Mill Supplies Unusual Cut Stock for Pallet Manufacturers - Morton Alder Mill: Pendu-equipped Oregon mill carves niche as supplier of special components for pallet, crate, and other packaging manufacturers  (12/1/2000)

  2000 Was a Year to Remember or Forget - Market Update: 2000 Was a Year to Remember or Forget  (12/1/2000)

  Broker's Knowledge, Experience Serve Pallet Industry Customers - TNT Lumber Co.: Ron DeLisle, whose company serves customers in Western states and Canada, says the key to effective lumber brokering is knowledge and experience  (12/1/2000)

  Southern Yellow Pine and Wooden Pallets Growth Based Heavily on Chep Pallets - Pine for Pallets: Presentation at Southern Forest Products Association's annual meeting provides insights and overview of softwood in pallets, with a special focus on the growing pool of Chep pallets.  (12/1/1999)