International Market:

  Rotom Pioneers Transport Packaging, Rental Services and Pooling Solutions: Relies on Strategic Relationship with CAPE - Product Innovation: A leader in western Europe, Rotom offers a wide variety of unit load carriers beyond just pallets. And it has developed efficient manufacturing operations for pallets thanks to its relationship with CAPE.  (3/1/2018)

  Pallet Markets from Around the World - Here are insights from a number of industry insiders in Argentina, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.   (10/1/2016)

  EPAL Fights Back against Counterfeit Pallets, Launches New Quality Initiative - True Standards: EPAL is working to fight counterfeit pallets in Europe and has developed new voluntary standards to recognize emerging market differences for used pallets. Find out how the world’s largest exchange pool is keeping quality under control.   (4/1/2016)

  All Eyes on China: Decline in Chinese Lumber Imports Impacts North American Markets - A look at global markets and how a slowdown in Chinese demand is affecting lumber exports and global wood supplies.  (10/1/2015)

  The Power of Partnership: PRS Group and CAPE Create Joint Venture to Serve North American and Global Customers - Powerful Partnership: PRS Group and CAPE have joined forces to offer a full line of pallet manufacturing and recycling equipment. PRS has begun to sell the Mach series of fast changeover machines into the North American market. This stringer pallet system can easily be modified to also produce block pallets.   (6/1/2015)

  PALM Focuses on a Sustainable Future: Italian Pallet Maker Relies on Storti Nailers to Drive Its Efficiency - Green Pallet Production: Italian pallet manufacturer, PALM SPA, is powered by Storti machinery to produce wooden pallets using a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach involving certified lumber, waste reduction, upcycling of reclaimed lumber and pollution controls. Storti offers flexibility, top production and customized solutions.   (3/2/2015)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Do We Really Want to Become Another Progressive Country? - Chaille Brindley, publisher of the Pallet Enterprise, shares about his recent trip to Italy and the current state of the pallet market in Europe. He sees plenty of lessons for us to consider, especially as we hold an election this month.   (11/1/2014)

  EPAL Launches a New Half Pallet on the Market - New on the Market  (11/1/2014)

  International Markets & Trends: More of the Same as China Continues to Dominate Export Markets - Learn about the international markets for our domestic hardwood and softwood logs and lumber.  (10/1/2014)

  How One Small Business Broke into an International Market with Zero Experience and Very Little Capital - Mark Morrison, the general manager of Cypress Creek Hardwoods in Austin, Texas, tells how the business broke into the global lumber market by meeting face-to-face with potential buyers in China, and driving throughout the Eastern U.S. to meet hundreds of sawmill operators in person.  (10/1/2014)

  Asian Expansion: LOSCAM Reveals Key Insights for Asian Pallet Market Growth - LOSCAM: The largest pallet pooler you may have never heard of has taken a dominant position in Asia. LOSCAM executives offer insight on the Asian pallet market, particularly the huge growth potential in China.   (8/1/2014)

  Mid Continent Steel & Wire, Inc. Files Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Cases - Nail Market: Seeking to stop low-cost supplies from injuring U.S. nail producers, Mid Continent brings duty cases against imports, which could impact the availability of foreign supplies.   (7/1/2014)

  Markets in Transition: Business as Abnormal: Making Sense of World Pallet Market Projections - Pallet user expert, Rick LeBlanc explains the ramifications of global pallet growth, particularly the huge expansion predicted for Asia, notably China over the next few years.   (6/1/2014)

  Åsljunga Pallen Relies on Robots and High Levels of Automation to Compete in Tough European Market - European Efficiency: Swedish pallet maker finds the right balance between efficiency, versatility and labor savings through deploying a trio of machines including Jointec robotics in its operation.   (3/3/2014)

  One of the Top Production Lines on Earth: German Pallet Company Eyes Growth of Its WORLD Pallet Standard - Unbelievable Production: Germany pallet company produces Europallets at record rate with highly automated facility, seeks partners to build its WORLD Pallet standard. Learn some of the secrets of the best pallet plant on earth.   (12/1/2013)

  The Future of Pallet Production…Today - Robots Effectively Used in European Pallet Companies - Future of Pallet Production: Robotic systems by Jointec offer a revolutionary option for pallet plants in Europe by handling difficult pallet repair processes and producing a wide variety of pallets with minimal personnel costs. Jointec plans to launch this technology in the U.S. market.  (11/1/2013)

  International Market Opportunities and Risks: Global Trends Impact Local Markets - International Markets: Exploring global lumber markets poses both great opportunity and risk. Learn about how international markets are impacting the industry at home and abroad as well as how you can profit from the global market trends.   (10/1/2013)

  European Pallet Market Faces Challenges, Undergoes Changes - The world’s largest pool of exchangeable pallets faces a number of challenges including more intense competition and a split with the European railway authorities. How could these changes impact the EPAL Euro pallet, world’s most dominant pallet standard?   (6/1/2013)

  Spanish Pallet Manufacturer Relies on Automation and Robotics to Ensure Quality and Productivity - AGLOLAK: Spanish pallet manufacturer pleases demanding customers through automation including robotics and proper lumber sourcing from certified sources.   (3/1/2013)

  EU Pallet Industry Leaders Consider New Phytosanitary Requirements - European Updated: EU leaders discuss requiring ISPM-15 certification for intra-Europe pallet shipments to prevent the further spread of wood pests.   (12/1/2012)

  Canadian Government Enacts Quarantine Restrictions - The Canadian government has established rules restricting the transport of unprocessed wood  (3/1/2012)

  U.S. Academic Researcher Offers Insights on Australian Wood Packaging Import Procedures - U.S. expert offers insights into Australia''s wood packaging import procedures.   (2/1/2012)

  Safety Zone: Gold Paint, Pallets and International Regulations – A Simple Strategy for ISPM-15 Compliance - Columnist Gabriel Curry identifies some best practices for complying with ISPM 15 regulations for repaired pallets.   (8/1/2011)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: A True Gold Standard: Lessons from the First Fifty Years of the Europallet - As the Europalletcelebrates its 50th anniversary this year, any thoughtful observer must recognize it as one of the greatest and yet least appreciated logistical achievements of the modern supply chain.   (7/1/2011)

  Block Pallets – An International Perspective - Block Pallets: Pallet guru and Enterprise founder, Dr. Ed Brindley briefly reviews an international perspective on the block pallet.   (7/1/2011)

  The West Looks to the East: Exports to China Play Key Role in Western Forest Products Industry - Growing wood demand from China is creating opportunities for North American exporters. Companies on the west coast have already begun focusing on this new market and growing market.  (3/1/2011)

  Governments Announced Plans to End U.S./Canada ISPM 15 Border Exemption - Hoping to stop the spread of wood pests, U.S. and Canadian officials announced plans to end the border exemption for ISPM 15 certification between the two countries.  (1/1/2011)

  Seven Steps to Tuning Your Bandsaw - Brad Kirkaldy from Noble Machine identifies seven key steps to tune your bandsaw and improve blade performance and life.   (12/1/2010)

  Offshore Production Remains Real Culprit: Drug Recalls Continue to Raise Pallet Contamination Questions - Drug recalls raise pallet contamination concerns for some foreign shipments and lead to misinformation in the marketplace.  (12/1/2010)

  A Look into China's Expanding Logistical Framework and Its Path Toward Palletization - Interview with Jon Wan, president of CHEP China, about the growing pallet market in China and the unique challenges created by Chinese logistics.   (11/1/2010)

  Wood-Mizer’s New Small Log Processing Line: Overseas Experience Offers Solution for Tough Pallet Lumber Markets in the U.S. - Small Logs: European success story highlights opportunity in the U.S.’s volatile pallet lumber market with Wood-Mizer’s Small Log Processing line. Take control of your raw material supply and secure your future just as S&J Contracts has done in Ireland.   (8/1/2010)

  Pallets in the Holy Land: Israeli Packaging Company Turns to GBN for Production Efficiency - Pallets in the Holy Land: Israeli packaging company turns to GBN for production efficiency.  (11/1/2009)

  Red Stag Timber -- Known for Its Production in New Zealand - Red Stag Timber: Red Stag Timber is a leading sawmill and lumber manufacturing business in New Zealand and operates the country’s largest sawmill; its primary focus is structural lumber products.  (4/1/2008)

  G.J. Weck & Sons, Ltd.:Bin Manufacturing for New Zealand’s Agricultural Products - G.J. Weck in New Zealand: One of the most efficient wooden container and bin manufacturers shows how to serve the international produce markets efficiently. Tour group includes people from the U.S., Canada, Spain, Portugal, and Australia.  (10/1/2007)

  EPAL Looks to Global Expansion, And Addresses Challenges - EPAL Expansion: The organization behind the world’s largest pallet pool is looking to expand globally including the development of licensees in the United States. Find out how this opportunity could impact your business.  (10/1/2007)

  Industry Veteran Gives Insight To South African Market - Industry Veteran Gives Insight to South African Market: Despite a fragmented market and tight core supply, Pallet Supply Co. in Cape Town has found a way to make recycling work in South Africa; as the continent’s most progressive economy, it is also the largest pallet producer and user.  (9/1/2007)

  China Boom: A Look at China’s Growing Logistical Infrastructure - Asian Pallet Market: As China prepares for the 2008 Olympics, its logistics infrastructure is booming; explore the unique characteristics of the evolving Chinese pallet market.  (6/1/2007)

  International Pallet Sizes: What Does the Future Suggest? - Global Pallet Sizes: What are the leading pallet footprints and specs used around the world? There is a handful that dominates material handling. Article examines leading global pallet sizes.  (10/1/2006)

  Irish Company Surmounts Challenge By Diversifying Accounts, Business - C.J. Sheeran: Irish pallet company responds to the huge blow of losing a major customer by diversifying its accounts and expanding its line of products.  (6/1/2006)

  America’s Future in the Global Forest Products Industry - Dr. Douglas Parsonson, an expert in lumber markets, discusses America’s future in the global forest products industry.   (3/1/2006)

  French Pallet Maker Committed To Excellence and Improvement: Corali Nailing Machine Is Workhorse of Assembly Operations - Leading pallet manufacturing company in France is committed to excellence and improvement; Francepal relies heavily on automated equipment for assembling and painting pallets.  (8/1/2005)

  EUR-Pallets 101:How The Largest General Exchange Pool In The World Works - With 300-500 million pallets, the European Pallet Pool is the largest in the world; a look at the Euro block-style pallet and the European Pallet Association, the largest controlling organization of the pool.  (8/1/2005)

  Markets in Transition: Loscam a Market Leader in SE Asia - When Australian pallet pool company Loscam first was encouraged to enter the Asian market by some of its multinational customers a dozen years ago, it knew it would have its work cut out for it.   (8/1/2005)

  Mexican Pallet Company Weathers Change in Currency Exchange Rates - Multipallets de Juarez Adds Marshall & Henderson Pallet Heat-Treating System   (3/1/2005)

  The World Is Changing Rapidly - Interpal Provides Chance of the Decade   (3/1/2005)

  Interpal VI Coming This Summer - Global Pallet Industry Meeting Will Be Held in Canada  (3/1/2005)

  International Commerce Impacts U.S. Pallet Demand - Highlights from 2004 Articles  (1/3/2005)

  British Pallet Company Grows to Leading Role by Acquisitions - Leading Pallet Manufacturer Originated as Small Fencing Business  (11/8/2004)

  Scottish Pallet Company Targets Small Customers and Emphasizes Service - Ferguson Pallet Supplies New Pallets, Containers, and Recycled Pallets  (11/8/2004)

  Pallets Across the Pond - Markets in Transition  (11/8/2004)

  Phytosanitary Regulations Continue to Present Challenges and Opportunities - More Bugs Found  (10/5/2004)

  Russian Cut Stock Company Prospers While Supplying European Pallet Makers - Russian sawmill that manufactures cut stock for European pallet manufacturers reaps the benefits of the country’s growing economy   (9/1/2004)

  U.S.-Canadian Group Visits Russian, European Sawmills and Pallet Plants - Some Members of Tour Participate in World Pallet Congress in Scotland  (4/5/2004)

  International Commerce Impacts U.S. Pallet Demand - Many Products Imported to U.S. Not Palletized  (4/1/2004)

  Pallet Companies Speak Out On Best Treatment Options - Proper Strategy Begins with Your Customers   (10/1/2003)

  Lemon or Lifesaver? - Pallet Companies Share Their Expertise on Heat Treatment Systems and Technologies   (6/3/2002)

  Drying Expert Answers Questions On Heat Treatment Technologies For Hardwood Pallets - Pallet Manufacturers Should Be Interested in Heat Sterilizing Pallets for the Lowest Cost Possible  (6/3/2002)

  Packaging Pest Regulations - Make Little Impact Initially but Threaten Major Problems in the Future  (3/1/2002)

  Main Street Earth: Pallet Businesses Increasingly Deal with Global Customers and Issues - Main St., Earth: While many pallet suppliers can still reach customers with a short drive down Main Street, their customers are increasingly delivering goods to the other side of the globe; column by Bruce Scholnick, president of NWPCA.  (5/1/2001)

  Pests Raise Concern For Pallets and Lumber Market! - Export Rules: Global Standard in the Works for Wood Packaging.  (4/1/2001)

  Will Pest Issue Turn the Pallet Lumber Market Upside Down? - Global Import Standard: A must read article for anyone supplying pallets for export. Countries are moving closer to a global standard for solid wood packaging material, which will likely have profound impacts on the US pallet and lumber industries.  (4/1/2001)

  Trade Mission Trip Opens Eyes to Asian Pallet Industry - Eye of Asia: New Jersey pallet company owner gets eye-opening look at Asian pallet industry while participating in trade mission to visit Japan, Republic of China and S. Korea  (12/1/2000)

  If You Build It, Will They Come? - Europallets: North American manufacturers may be looking increasingly to the Europallet to ship their goods across the Atlantic. Will you be ready to supply them to your export customers?  (2/1/2000)