Tracking (RFID, bar codes, etc.):

  Image ID Pioneers Unique Packaging Tracking Software - Find out how a Japanese pallet pool uses innovative bar code tracking technology to manage its large pool of wooden pallets.   (10/1/2009)

  Choices Growing for Technology to Track Pallets and Containers - Tracking, RFID: Radio frequency identification technology in conjunction with unique asset tracking is clearly the ‘next big thing’ for tracking pallets and containers.  (11/1/2008)

  Markets in Transition: RFID and Finding Lost Pallets - Some distribution level mangers and executives generally feel the frustration of trying to control or keep track of reusable pallets and containers. Lost containers are very real, and the cost of replacing them can run into the millions of dollars.  (2/1/2008)

  Future of Plastic Pallets Linked Closely to Tracking Technology: Targeting Supply Chain Efficiency - Plastic Pallets, Tracking: Results are still quite mixed as to whether radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking is helping spur plastic pallet sales, but RFID clearly is impacting the pallet industry.  (11/1/2007)

  Standard May Clarify Application Of RFID Technology with Pallets - As anyone involved in supply chain management is aware, the impetus to adopt and incorporate radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies throughout all levels has arrived.   (8/1/2005)

  Will RFID Impact Transit Packaging? - Impact of Tracking Technology May Be Felt Soon As Major Companies Conduct Tests  (12/1/2001)