Custom Packaging Excellence: Valley Box Offers Almost Limitless Packaging Options - Custom Packaging Excellence: Valley Box demonstrates what is possible beyond just the typical wooden box. This specialty packaging manufacturer works with a wide variety of materials from wood to plastic, corrugate, metals and more. Discover how to take specialty packaging to the next level.   (6/1/2015)

  Plywood and OSB Deliver Materials Handling Solutions - Smart Packaging Design: Learn the basics of using plywood and OSB to develop custom pallets, contains and bins. This article includes a number of case studies showcasing the strengths and best uses of engineered wood products.   (6/1/2014)

  A Smart Packaging System from KRONUS - KRONUS, a manufacturer and distributors of pallets collars, has experienced strong European demand and strives to be a major supplier to North American markets, which it is helping to build.  (10/1/2012)

  Round 1: Pallets v. Crates: Searching for Synergies in Two Different Industries - Crate design expert, Jeff Duck outlines the differences between manufacturing pallets and crates and what a company needs to know if it wants to do both.   (2/1/2010)

  Floor Loading Versus Palletization for Sea Transit: New Tool Developed at Virginia Tech Provides Optimum Solutions - Is it best to floor load or palletize boxes shipped in ocean freight containers? Researchers develop software tool to optimize transport packaging decisions for global shipping environments.  (10/1/2009)