Pallet News:

  Marv Chell – Early Industry Pioneer Passes Away - One of the biggest innovators in the early years of pallet automation recently died having contributed a lot to the industry and society.   (2/1/2018)

  Gordon Hughes – Industry Leader Retires from Serving the Pallet Industry - Strong leader in the Canadian and global pallet market retires from active service to the industry.   (2/1/2018)

  Pallet People: Tasler Inc. Remembers Jake Jacobson - Co-workers described him as steady presence who put the focus on the customer and commented that he kept the big picture in mind.   (9/6/2017)

  New on the Market, Activities in the News - Universal Machinery, Wood-Mizer, and Corali are featured in our news and activities section.  (7/10/2017)

  Letter from Ed: Celebrating 40 Years of Publishing Excellence - 40 Years Serving the Pallet Industry: The parent company behind Pallet Enterprise magazine and Pallet Profile commemorates its 40th anniversary with the founder Ed Brindley sharing how he got his start in the pallet industry.   (7/1/2017)

  Battle Lumber Supplies Cut Stock - Battle Lumber offers dust free, high quality gang sawn lumber, including the option of dipping.  (5/8/2017)

  Industry Veteran Jim Gookin Retires from Viking Engineering & Development - Few people in Viking’s history have tackled a more diverse set of roles in their career than Jim.  (5/8/2017)

  Pallet People: Industry Veteran Jim Gookin Retires from Viking Engineering & Development - Few people in Viking’s history have tackled a more diverse set of roles in their career than Jim.  (5/1/2017)

  Pallet People: Dominick Davi Raises Funds for Childhood Cancer Research - This year Davi raised $12,605.  (5/1/2017)

  Pallet People: President of Nelson Machine Passes Away - Pallet People: President of Nelson Machine Passes Away  (4/3/2017)

  Pallet People: - Pallet Machinery Group augments team with Cody Evans and Rick Autey, salesmen with backgrounds in pallet nailing. Also, we pay our respects to John Chandler Kimbel Jr. and Tom Worthey, both of whom passed away in February.   (3/8/2017)

  Pallet People: Jeff Cowley and Walter Sellick Featured - Jeff Cowley becomes sales manager at BOLDesigns Inc., bringing with him 35 years of experience in the industry. Also, we give our respects to the recently deceased Walter Sellick, founder of Sellick Equipment and valued member of the industry and his community.   (2/3/2017)

  New on the Market: We See the Latest Products from Several Top Companies - Universal Machinery Sales introduces a labor-saving incline end saw; Wood-Mizer introduces Bi-metal turbo 7 Bandsaw Blade for tough jobs; PMG adds Euroblock composite blocks to their products; and Gateway Fabricating unveils a next generation trim saw, the Raptor 3000.   (2/1/2017)

  Pallet People: Recycling Industry Loses a Good Friend in Clarence Leising - Clarence was a respected speaker at pallet association meetings, consultant and supplier to the recycling industry. He recently passed away on due to complications stemming from a long fight with cancer.   (1/1/2017)

  Pallet People: Mid Continent Nail Makes Key Staff Addition, Changes - In addition, two long-term employees have been promoted.  (12/1/2016)

  Pallet People - Scott Ellefson is now sales manager for Viking''s line of machinery  (7/1/2016)

  Pallet People: Barford Retires from NHLA, Leaves Strong Legacy in the Hardwood Sector - Pallet Enterprise founder, Ed Brindley, shares his thoughts on the contributions of Mark Barford, who is retiring from the top post at the NHLA.   (6/1/2016)

  Letter from Ed: Everything Including the Kitchen Sink - What this issue shows is that the industry continues to get more complex. And you need to stay up on the issues to remain competitive.   (4/1/2016)

  Pallet People: Bill Nelson, a Friend in the Pallet Industry, Passes Away - Industry veteran leaves long list of accomplishments.  (3/1/2016)

  Pallet Industry Loses Good Friend and Analyst - Industry Mourns Loss: Jeff McBee, pallet lumber market analyst, loses battle with cancer. Leaves behind a personal and professional legacy.   (11/1/2015)

  Passion for Pallet Recycling Leads to New Career and Interesting Project for Former Hockey Player - Slapshot: Professional hockey player puts up his skates to build a pallet recycling business in the Midwest. Jared Lowell turns pallet into creative display at Grateful Dead concert.   (10/1/2015)

  Artist Creates Beautiful Abstract Mosaics from Discarded Pallet Wood - Indiana artist finds inspiration in the hidden grains of pallet wood.  (10/1/2015)

  Two Pallet Industry Leaders Pass Away - Pallet People  (4/2/2015)

  Coming into Focus: 2015 Forecast as Good Year for Housing Starts - Housing starts predicted to increase by 20% this year over 2014.  (2/2/2015)

  Pallet People: Dave Libla to Retire from Mid Continent Nail - He will step down at the end of the year as CEO of the nail company he founded.   (1/1/2015)

  2015 Economic Forecast: Clearing Skies, Looming Clouds - Businesses should enjoy a gradually improving economy in 2015. Rising employment, a healthier housing market, and a willingness by larger corporations to invest in infrastructure should add some needed oomph to the business environment.  (12/1/2014)

  Pallet Projects Give People a Second Chance on Life - Italian Pallet Renaissance: Architect turned activist, Giuseppe Padovani has pioneered an organization designed to help troubled young people find work through upcycling old pallets and making them into furniture, art and objects with a social conscious.   (12/1/2014)

  VECOPLAN Celebrates Grand Opening of New Techology Center - Activities in the News  (11/1/2014)

  Letter to the Editor: Nail Tariff Update - Trade Dispute: Pallet nail importers warn of dire consequences if federal authorities approve antidumping and countervailing duty cases brought by Mid Continent Steel & Wire.   (8/1/2014)

  Pallet Enterprise Launches New Website - If you are looking for answers in the pallet industry there is no better resource than the new website. New features include white papers, videos, Twitter updates, Video Guide, auction calendar, new product updates, article archive and more.   (6/1/2014)

  Leadership Roundtable: Industry Voices Sound off on Critical Issues and Ways to Prepare for the Future - Leadership Roundtable: A group of industry leaders discuss key concerns including the lumber market madness, raw material shortages, labor problems, increasing customer expectations and mold on pallets. Learn what is on the mind of these key leaders and what they see for the future.  (5/1/2014)

  Emory Lucy Passes Away After Serving Pallet Customers Throughout His Career - Pallet People  (4/1/2014)

  Tom Waechter, a Machinery Pioneer Passes Away - Pallet People  (4/1/2014)

  Report Forecasts Global Pallet Sales Growth of 5% through 2017, China to Lead the Way - Activities in the News  (4/1/2014)

  EPA Issues Wood-Burning Stove Emission Standards - Activities in the News  (4/1/2014)

  EAB Quarantine Expanded to Cover Entire State of Iowa - Pallets are excluded from the Iowa quarantine as is other wooden packaging as long as there is no visible sign of infestation.   (3/4/2014)

  Correction: Pallet People - Jim Whitley has assumed the role of president  (3/4/2014)

  Southern Fastening Systems Changes Personnel - Pallet People  (2/1/2014)

  Pallet USA Acquires Goeman’s Wood Products - Activities in the News  (2/1/2014)

  Pallet People: Drew Graham Passes Away - Drew Graham, Hardy-Graham, wooden container, fastening system, reusable packaging, transport packaging, wooden boxes, military packaging.  (11/1/2013)

  Industry News - iGPS Taps Belacon to Provide Logistics Services into the Future   (10/1/2013)

  Pallet People - Kevin Corder Becomes Director of Business Development at Froedge Machine &Supply  (7/1/2013)

  Pallet People - Susan Jennings Takes Over for Randy Bush at VFPA  (7/1/2013)

  Activities in the News - Koppers Plans Open House in Muncy, Penn.  (7/1/2013)

  Letter to the Editor - Readers comment on Pallet Enterprise President Ed Bindley''s columns.  (7/1/2013)

  Coming into Focus: Pallet Enterprise Reinvigorates Its Use of Twitter for Breaking News Alerts - Pallet Enterprise staff to use Twitter to communicate hot news, best practices, key pieces of legislation and other important topics.   (6/1/2013)

  COMING INTO FOCUS: Millwood Launches Unit Load Testing Lab - National pallet company launches packaging lab dedicated to testing and developing the best unit load designs.   (3/1/2013)

  COMING INTO FOCUS: Incident at Detroit Area Plant Highlights Theft Risk and the Need for Adequate Alarm Systems - A botched Detroit-area heist ends with massive fire and valuable lessons for one of the largest pallet companies in Michigan.   (2/1/2013)

  Auggie Herzog, Recognized for a Lifetime of Being a Character by His Pallet Friends, Passes Away - Auggie Herzog, a longtime friend in the pallet industry, passed away on Friday, November 30 at the age of 82.  (1/1/2013)

  Universal Forest Products Acquires NEPA Pallet & Container - Large, publicly-traded forest products conglomerate buys NEPA Pallet for its agricultural business.   (12/1/2012)

  Auction Calendar - Auction Calendar  (12/1/2012)

  Auction Calendar - Listing of upcoming auctions for the forest products and pallet industries.  (11/1/2012)

  COMING INTO FOCUS: D.C. Bar Uses Pallets & Cargo Containers to Offer Industrial Chic Look - Pallets are literally everywhere. A recent trip to the ballpark served as a reminder of this fact.  (10/1/2012)

  Markets in Transition - CSI Supply Chain: Pallets on the Wrong Side of the Law - Columnist Rick LeBlanc explores the recent barrage of criminal cases where pallets have been used for smuggling including a case where a Minnesota pallet recycler found a pallet on his yard contained illegal drugs.   (10/1/2012)

  COMING INTO FOCUS: Ongweoweh Places $300 Million Gamble on Composite Pallet - In what is a major rollout of a national composite pallet program, Ongweoweh Corp. of Ithaca, N.Y. has placed an order to purchase $300 million worth of composite pallets.  (9/1/2012)

  Auction Calendar - Auction Calendar  (9/1/2012)

  Bill Hanneman Leaves His Legacy at Viking - Bill Hanneman, former president of Viking Engineering, recently passed away. During his time with Viking, he was instrumental in many changes and advances that helped the company grow to where it is today.   (8/1/2012)

  Long-time Industry Member Passes Away - Larry McGinn of Bass Lumber passed away after almost 60 years in the industry.   (8/1/2012)

  Pallet Theft Receives Attention Across the Country - Pallet and container theft is continuing to receive attention from law enforcement officials as well as gaining a higher profile in the mainstream media across the United States.  (5/1/2012)

  More Southern Pine Design Values Approved - Additional new design values submitted by the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) for Southern Pine lumber have recently been approved by the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC).   (5/1/2012)

  Pallet Recycling Bill Introduced in California - A bill that would limit the purchasing of used pallets by recyclers has been introduced in yet another state.   (5/1/2012)

  Sybil Bohnett Served Viking and Its Customers with Her Life - Viking Engineering wants to recognize and honor Sybil Bohnett, a long time Viking employee who passed away on February 9, 2012, after 31 years of serving at Viking.  (5/1/2012)

  DEACERO USA Acquires Mid Continent Nail Corp. - A name familiar to many pallet companies, Mid Continent Nail Corp of Poplar Bluff, Mo. has a new owner – DEACERO USA  (4/1/2012)

  News Briefs - Short news items in the pallet industry.  (4/1/2012)

  Best of 2011 – Short Highlights From The Best Articles, Innovations and Ideas of 2011 - Short Highlights From The Best Articles, Innovations and Ideas of 2011  (1/1/2012)

  In Your Own Words: Quotes from the First 30 Years of Pallet Enterprise - You Said It: A collection of the best quotes from the first 30 years of the Pallet Enterprise provide a unique timeline of the industry and the events that have shaped where the pallet and low grade lumber industry stands today.   (12/1/2011)

  Eastern Hardwoods Reestablishing Coastal Lumber’s Legacy - Eastern Hardwoods Reestablishing Coastal Lumber’s Legacy   (12/1/2011)

  Brunswick Box to Close Its Lumber and Automated Nailing Operations - Brunswick Box to Close Its Lumber and Automated Nailing Operations  (12/1/2011)

  iGPS Taps Logistics Executive as New CEO - iGPS Taps Logistics Executive as New CEO  (11/1/2011)

  Vecoplan Adds Two People to Engineering and Professional Staff - Vecoplan Adds Two People to Engineering and Professional Staff  (10/1/2011)

  Activities in the News - Update on Midwest trade show, Canadian pallet association meeting rescheduled, Biewer Lumber acquires sawmill.   (9/6/2011)

  Federal Officials Reject Proposal to Require Domestic Packaging Treatment - Federal officials reject universal domestic packaging treatment.  (8/1/2011)

  Bob Moore, Former CEO Sues iGPS and Its Financial Backers - Bobby Moore sues iGPS and its financial backers.  (8/1/2011)

  Former IFCO Employees Open Pallet Services Firm - Former IFCO employees open reLogistics services company.  (8/1/2011)

  Penn State Researches Microwave Pallet Treatment - Activities in the News  (7/1/2011)

  Midwest Forest Industry Show Plans Advancing - Activities in the News  (7/1/2011)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Let’s Remove the Closed for Business Sign in Our Front Yard! - High taxes and government redtape makes America less business friendly. One recent example is the various ways that OSHA has applied the bandsaw standard to recycling operations through the years.   (5/1/2011)

  Markets in Transition: There’s an Auditor at the Gate! Perspectives on Pallets and Food Safety from Grocery Industry Auditors - Grocery industry veteran Rick LeBlanc talks with inspectors who caution that sound handling practices remain at the center of the food safety debate for pallets in the supply chain.   (4/1/2011)

  Oregon Officials Clarify Deca Pallet Policy, Walmart Issues Retail Ban - Oregon officials clarify deca pallet policy, and Wal-Mart issues retail ban of the flame retardant in the products it sells.   (4/1/2011)

  Changes Proposed for Trucking Regulations - FMCSA proposed trucking regulations may impact the entire supply chain. Hours of service and electronic on-board recorders rules would change schedules and routes.  (3/1/2011)

  BREWCO Inc. Under New Management - Former owner Clarence Brewer, Jr. (known as Jr.) sold the company to a group of his loyal employees and longtime friend and CPA, Mike Goldston.  (2/1/2011)

  Terry White Joins Mid Continent Nail as Sales and Service Rep - Terry White is joining Mid Continent Nail as its sales and service representative in its northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan area.  (2/1/2011)

  Baker Products Establishes New Dealer in Mexico - Baker Products has appointed Puma Forest Products in Parral, Chihuahua as its representative in northern Mexico.  (2/1/2011)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Pallets & Wood Get No Respect - Publisher wonders about what the mainstream press might report if the media decided to turn over a new leaf and give wood products and pallets a fair shake.  (1/1/2011)

  2010 Story of the Year: How Will the Costco Mandate Impact the Future of Stringer Pallets? - Costco suggested iGPS, PECO, and CHEP block pallets in North America as the primary options for Costco suppliers.  (1/1/2011)

  Brambles Signals Intent to Buy IFCO Systems - Brambles, Ltd., parent company of CHEP, announced its intention to buy IFCO Systems, one of the largest pallet recyclers in the United States.  (12/1/2010)

  Monty Oakes Retires from Active Duty in the Pallet Industry - Monty Oakes Retires from Active Duty in the Pallet Industry  (11/1/2010)

  Pallet People - Two longtime pallet industry veterans say goodbye. Bob Stabb retires from Viking while Dennis Goshert retires from Pendu.   (9/1/2010)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Cross Contamination – Real Threat or Media Hype? - Looking at the pallet contamination risk, there appear to be a lot bigger issues. Why focus on pallets? It’s simple; pallets are an easy target.  (7/1/2010)

  In Memory of Steve Clark Wood-Mizer President 1960-2010 - Steve Clark, lost his battle with cancer on Sunday, January 17, 2010.  (3/1/2010)

  Letters to the Editor - Letters to the editor  (3/1/2010)

  Spence Industrial Supply Company – Blades for Pallet Industry - New Products  (3/1/2010)

  TYLENOL® Recall Spurs Unfounded Market Fears - TYLENOL® Recall Spurs Unfounded Market Fears   (2/1/2010)

  Equipment and News in Pallet Industry - New equipment, activities and meetings in the pallet industry.  (2/1/2010)

  Pallet People - People in the news.  (2/1/2010)

  News Stories of the Year 2009 - News Stories of the Year 2009  (1/1/2010)

  M.L. Self Passes Away – His Smile Will Be Missed - M.L. Self, president of Bronco Pallet Systems, Inc., passed away in his sleep.  (12/1/2009)

  Pallet Enterprise Adds Twitter Service - In the most recent issue of Pallet Enterprise, Dr. Ed Brindley, the publisher of the magazine and this newsletter, questioned why anyone would ever want to follow the daily exploits of others using Twitter. Wow, it’s amazing how your attitude can change after a staff meeting.   (7/1/2009)

  Trace Equipment Wishes the Best to the Pallet Industry on Its 11th Anniversary - When Woodthorn closed down, Mona picked right up with her own lines of machinery and continued providing professional products and services to her friends in the pallet industry.   (6/1/2009)

  Examining the Causes and Proper Responses to the Current Global Financial Crisis - Adapting to Recession: Industry researchers analyze causes of the housing and economic downturns. Their findings provide insights for current and future industry action.  (2/1/2009)

  Charlie Larson – Friend to Many in Our Industry - Charlie Larson, a long time leader of the California pallet industry, passed away on November 12. Charlie died like he lived – with a golf club in his hand.  (2/1/2009)

  Bruce Yelland Leaves His Pallet Legacy - Bruce Yelland, a long time member of the pallet industry passed away at his home in Hanover, Penn. As president of the J.F. Rohrbaugh Co. and president of Tradition House, Inc. Bruce lived a productive 77 years.  (2/1/2009)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: A Close Second - The economy has to be the number one issue over the past year. Earlier this month, economists finally admitted that the United States has been in a recession since December 2007.  (1/1/2009)

  Index of 2008 Pallet Enterprise Articles - Index of all Pallet Enterprise articles published in 2008, classified by topic or category.  (1/1/2009)

  Best of 2008 – Short Highlights From The Best Articles, Innovations and Ideas of 2008 - Best of 2008 – Short Highlights From The Best Articles, Innovations and Ideas of 2008  (1/1/2009)

  Carroll Edwards Passes Away: Industry Says Goodbye to a Leading Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Visionary Man - Carroll Edwards Remembered: Carroll Edwards, who built one of the leading pallet companies in the U.S., is remembered for his generosity and his friendly influence.  (10/1/2008)

  News Releases - Pallet People, New on the Market, Meeting Corner, Activities in the News.  (9/1/2008)

  Letter from Ed: Industry-Specific Information to Assist You! - Over the last two years, our staff has worked tirelessly to constantly improve our content. Starting this April, we launched the digital edition of the Enterprise to complement our printed publication.  (8/1/2008)

  Regulatory News Roundup: Canadian Official Discusses Trans-Border ISPM Regulation - Regulatory Roundup: Canadian official discusses plan to phase in ISPM-15 rule for wood packaging entering the U.S.  (7/1/2008)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Beware -- The Scammer - Risk avoidance is becoming harder with the creation of the Internet and fewer transactions involving face-to-face encounters. You can become a victim if you are not vigilant to screen new accounts and don’t have secure collection policies in place.  (7/1/2008)

  Betty Garnett, an Industry Example, Passes Away - Betty Garnett Passes Away: Betty Garnett was one of the early women to have a leadership influence in our industry. Thanks Betty for being such a positive influence on many of us in the pallet industry.  (6/1/2008)

  Jack Thornton Passes Away After A Lifetime of Contributions To His Pallet Friends - Jack Thornton: Jack Thornton was a friend and a machinery supplier who played a leadership role in the development of pallet recycling; Jack, who was retired, recently died at the age of 88.  (5/1/2008)

  Bill Carden Named Man of theYear by Timber Processing - Timber Processing Magazine named Bill Carden of Potomac Supply as its Man of the Year, the 20th year they have presented this award.  (4/1/2008)

  NWPCA Selects New Slate of Officers - At its recent annual meeting the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association chose its new slate of officers to provide industry leadership through the next year.   (4/1/2008)

  ISANTA Re-Elects Sutt Board Chairman - Members of the International Staple, Nail and Tool Association (ISANTA) re-elected Ed Sutt as chairman of the board of directors for 2008.  (4/1/2008)

  Amerimulch Offers Colorant Bulk Tank - Amerimulch, which supplies mulch colorants to the pallet and sawmill industries, has developed a new bulk tank to eliminate totes from the mulch coloring production process.  (4/1/2008)

  Storti Sells G. Wine Sales Stacker Abroad - Storti now is handling all international marketing and sales of the G. Wine Sales M2L board stacker, which was developed by Virginia-based G. Wine Sales with Automated Industrial Technologies.  (4/1/2008)

  Tribute to Bill Sardo – “Mr. Pallet” - Bill Sardo has often been called “Mr. Pallet” because in addition to starting the NWPCA, he stood as the industry’s leader as it matured through the years.  (2/1/2008)

  Index of 2007 Pallet Enterprise Articles - For the benefit of our readers, in this issue we provide an index to all the major articles that were published in Pallet Enterprise in 2007. For your convenience, they have been grouped according to about two dozen categories. Under the various categories, the index lists a brief description of the article or a company name along with the month the article was published.  (1/1/2008)

  Industry Salute: Tom Lockett Leaves a Unique Legacy - Industry Salute - Tom Lockett: Industry says goodbye to a beloved pallet machinery salesman. Known for his humor and friendly sales style, Tom Locket recently passed away.   (12/1/2007)

  It Doesn’t Take a Lot to Change the World! Industry Business Leaders Join Forces to Aid Kenyan Village - Mission to Kenya: Christians in the pallet industry target a small village in Kenya for a three-pronged mission project that will provide a badly needed well for drinking water and expand a school.  (11/1/2007)

  Pallet Enterprise Launches E-Newsletter: Enterprise Insight Newsletter, Distributed Via E-Mail, Gives Advance Look at Magazine - Enterprise Insight: Industrial Reporting, which publishes Pallet Enterprise magazine, begins publication of new electronic newsletter, Enterprise Insight, which is distributed via e-mail.  (11/1/2007)

  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Living Well Requires Giving Often - A number of industry professionals met last year at the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association’s annual meeting to discuss an industry-wide service project to impact Africa.  (11/1/2007)

  Letter from Ed: Am I Getting Too Old, or Are Things Just Zipping By? - The keywords for the future of the pallet industry may very well be “quality,” “sustainability,” “systematic cost reductions”, and “logistics services.”  (10/1/2007)

  Pallet People - People and faces in the pallet industry.  (7/1/2007)

  Innovative Data Systems & Automated Machine Systems Create Software Alliance - Software Alliance: Innovative Data Systems and Automated Machine Systems create alliance for pallet ERP software; agreement unites strengths of two largest players on the market.  (6/1/2007)

  Letter from Ed: Charting Pallet Industry Trends, Pallet Profile Celebrates 30th Anniversary - My first involvement with the pallet industry was starting the Wooden Pallet Index, now called the Pallet Profile Weekly, on March 30, 1977.The Index readership grew over time. Today, the Pallet Profile has nearly 758 subscribers.   (4/1/2007)

  Innovative Data Systems Wins NWPCA Award - The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) awarded its first-ever supplier innovation award to Innovative Data Systems of Sayville, N.Y.   (4/1/2007)

  Pallet Industry Loses a Great Friend in Jess Garnett - It is with a great deal of sadness that I report that Jess Garnett of Garnett Wood Products passed away on March 3, 2007 at Brooke Haven Health Care Center in West Plains, Mo.  (4/1/2007)

  Thinking Ahead - Letter from Chaille: Making Memories - The staff of the Pallet Enterprise is currently compiling the best moments, personalities and stories of the last 25 years in the pallet industry. These will soon be forever memorialized in a special 25th anniversary CD that the Pallet Enterprise staff is preparing for distribution later this year.   (4/1/2006)

  Pallet People - People in the pallet inudustry.  (4/1/2006)

  New on the Market - New products in the pallet industry.  (4/1/2006)

  Pallet Industry Loses Bill Thomlison — A Real Mentor and Great Friend - Pallet industry loses a valuable friend with the passing of Bill Thomlison, who was a leader in the Canadian pallet industry and a friend to all who knew him.  (3/1/2006)

  Wyoming Logger Wins Buck Photo Contest: Oregon Teen Wins In Youth Category - Wyoming rancher and self-employed logger Tim Jones submits photo of 10-point mule deer to win Big Buck Photo Contest; Oregon teen Micaiah Mullins wins youth category.  (3/1/2006)

  Letter from Ed: Our Beginning – A Story of Dedication - Ed Brindley is posed the question of how he got started in the pallet industry. The answer is a story of good fortune and dedication.  (3/1/2006)

  Letter from Ed -- Can You Believe It’s Been 25 Years? - The Pallet Enterprise is entering its 25th year in 2006. The growth that we have achieved was possible solely because we had developed a large contingent of readers who believed in the Enterprise during our early years.  (1/1/2006)

  NEWS STORY of the Year -- Hurricane Force – A Cruel Reminder of Change in our Society - Devastating storms impact forest products industry.  (1/1/2006)

  Big Buck Contest Adds Youth Winner - Pallet Enterprise renews its third annual big buck photo contest for the 2005-06 deer hunting season; new category added for youth hunters.  (11/1/2005)

  Activities in the News - Current News Items  (11/1/2005)

  A Novice Looks At the Bennett Box Auction - Machinery Auction: When a business closes, an auction to sell assets can provide opportunities to buy used equipment; article looks at recent auction at Bennett Box and Pallet.  (9/1/2005)

  Pallet People - People in the News  (6/1/2005)

  Pallet Profile Weekly - July 4, 2003 - Pallet Profile Weekly is published by Industrial Reporting to provide pallet industry trends and news, a market report, and regional lumber price trends.  (5/1/2004)

  Pallet Profile Weekly's: Front Page News - Pallet Profile Weekly's: Front Page News  (2/1/2001)

  Michelle Edwards Joins Industrial Reporting - Pallet People  (4/1/1994)