Unit Load:

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  The New Cookie Cutter Is No Cookie Cutter: Customer Solutions Focus Inspires Innovative Reverse Logistics Programs from Green Star Pallet - Green Star Pallet: Although the company’s first emphasis is pallets, in response to its commitment toward customer service, it is now taking a further step towards solutions involving pallet management, dock sweeps, multi-material recycling programs and more.  (6/1/2016)

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  Thinking Ahead–Letter from Chaille: Roadmap Shows Challenging Future for U.S. Supply Chain - U.S. Roadmap for Materials Handling and Logistics identifies the impact of urbanization, the e-commerce boom and faster delivery cycles on unit loads and supply chains. Get ready for faster, more demanding customers and multiple distribution channels.   (11/1/2013)

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  Millwood Pursues Unit Load Management and Vertical Integration Strategies - Millwood pushes unit load strategy to sell cost savings while saving operational costs itself through vertical integration of its various business units. It can become one of the truly unique pallet and packaging providers in the country through its wide variety of services and expertise.   (7/1/2012)

  Virginia Tech Lab Undergoes Changes, Outlines a New Vision for the Future of Pallet and Packaging Design - The new director for the Center for Unit Load Design at Virginia Tech answers questions about the future of pallet and unit load design, recent changes at the institution and new short courses developed to serve the industry.  (3/1/2012)

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  Virginia Tech: Stretch Hood Helps Stabilize Unit Load in Impact Tests, Study Shows - Poor unit load stabilization practices contribute to hundreds of millions of dollars in unsaleable goods annually as well as unfortunate workplace injuries and deaths.   (6/1/2008)

  Virginia Tech Series: The Next Big Idea -- A Case for Systematic vs. Component Unit Load Design - Systematic unit load design is a concept conceived by the Virginia Tech Center for Unit Load Design. Using this idea, Virginia Tech is planning on pioneering a revolution in how people look at transport packaging.  (5/1/2006)

  Virginia Tech: How to Design Around a Unit Load - Any pallet supplier can give a customer a price, but smart companies can become an extension of their customer’s packaging procurement operation by showing them how to cut costs and improve product protection.  (11/1/2005)

  Swedish Grocery Industry Operates Cooperative Pallet And Container Pool - Details behind formation of Swedish reusable plastic pallet and container pool. Update on growth from 2.5 million container shipments in 2001 to a projected 60 million in 2005.  (6/1/2005)

  TrenStar Pooling Service Targets High Value Container Management - TrenStar has grown quickly by focusing on providing high value containers along with the services to track and manage them; its business model differs from a rental pool.  (6/1/2005)

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