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Litco Pallet Meets Export Requirements

By Staff
Date Posted: 11/3/2003

Litco International’s new Inca Gold Exporter presswood pallet meets all global phytosanitary requirements for wood packaging. It can help eliminate confusion and delays associated with pallets used to ship products to foreign ports.

            Companies can comply with the new global phytosanitary regulations by shipping on Litco’s Inca Gold Exporter pallet.

            Litco Inca presswood pallets are made of wood fiber that is molded under high heat and pressure. The process destroys any insect infestations and eliminates the need for fumigation or heat treatment of pallets for export.

            Litco’s  Inca pallets are available in many common sizes and are priced about $6 for truckload lots.

            The company has two manufacturing plants in the U.S.

            For more information, call Litco at (330) 539-5433 or visit the Web site at www.litco.com.

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