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Better Built Offers 3 Pallet Sanitizers

By Staff
Date Posted: 2/3/2004

Better Built Dry Kilns Inc. offers three models of pallet sanitizers: a rooftop system that mounts on a customer-supplied shipping container, a standard field-assembled unit for truck-load quantities, and a self-propelled system for sanitizing multiple truck-load volumes.

            The Mobile HT 8000, called the Traveler, is a large-scale sanitizer that is capable of treating 8,000 pallets in eight hours and doubles as a lumber kiln. It is self-propelled, computer-controlled, and has all components installed in a mobile control room. The unit is made of all aluminum and stainless steel and is indirect fired by fossil fuels or steam.

            The 56-30 HT Pallet Sanitizer is a standard, field-assembled system that can treat a truck-load of pallets. It is designed to be installed on a 20-inch high concrete or block foundation. It is indirect fired by fossil fuels, steam or hot water and is constructed of all aluminum and stainless steel. The 56-30 HT Pallet Sanitizer comes standard with all computer hardware and a phone modem and has multiple wood and air temperature sensors to control the entire sanitizing cycle.

            For more information, contact Better Built Dry Kilns Inc. at (888) 710-2235, fax (859) 578-0870 or e-mail sales@betterbuiltdrykilns.com

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