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Cresswood Develops Biggest Destroyer
Mega-Destroyer Equipped with 20-Inch Rotor

By Staff
Date Posted: 4/5/2004

Cresswood Recycling Systems has developed the largest grinder in its Destroyer series product line – the HF-70 Mega-Destroyer.

            Weighing over 20,000 pounds and equipped with a 20-inch rotor, this low rpm grinder is suited for companies with large volume or large size scrap to grind. Applications include pallet recycling operations and other recycling businesses, furniture manufacturers, cabinet manufacturers, and more.

            The large hopper size allows for ‘dump and go’ operation, which saves labor costs. The Cresswood Mega-Destroyer HF-70 runs at 50-150 rpm and produces quality wood grindings for resale markets.

            For more information, contact Cresswood at (800) 962-7302, e-mail jconnor@cresswood.com, or visit the Web site at www.cresswood.com.

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