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Flomat Enters U.S. Market for Pallet Manufacturing, Recycling Machinery
Australian-Based Supplier Introduces Printing System, New Lead Board Remover

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/1/2004

Flomat Industries, an established machinery supplier to the Australian and Canadian pallet industry, has arrived in the U.S. with the launch of two pieces of innovative equipment for pallet recyclers and manufacturers.

These include a recently patented inkjet logo and printing system, which was two years in research and development, and a new lead board remover that can be used for either stringer or block pallets. Both devices will be displayed at the upcoming Richmond Expo.

“We are extremely enthusiastic about these unique product breakthroughs,” said Peter Lanigan, owner and Managing Director of Flomat. “They are prime examples of our philosophy to provide high value-adding products that guarantee substantial payback from day one and for the long life of the product.”

Flomat is to be represented in the U.S. by Florida-based Machinery Design & Research LLC. Despite the fact Flomat has been designing, manufacturing and installing material handling and pallet handling equipment and systems in Australia since 1974, this is the company’s first direct foray into the U.S. market.

            Flomat’s product line includes scissor lifts, pallet dispensers, docking systems, palletizers, gravity and powered conveyors, overhead crane systems, hoists, stackers, pallet repair tables, lead board removers, automated pallet painting and printing systems, pallet washing systems, and custom equipment.

            Flomat is particularly targeting pallet companies that are looking to invest in equipment for efficiency improvements and increased value-added services, and that take a long-term view of equipment investment. “Our customers are looking for long-term benefits from equipment that will provide immediate benefits and pay for itself many times over following a modest initial investment,” said Peter.

            “It is these tangible benefits and improvements in flexibility and productivity that keep our customers coming back. We target market opportunities by finding unique solutions where existing equipment no longer meets customer requirements and expectations.”

            Machinery Design & Research product manager Mike Rosenberry is knowledgeable about equipment, having worked in the lumber and pallet industry for 30 years.

            “Manufacturing equipment for the lumber and pallet industry that will pay back in profit dollars means engineering strength, durability and service into everything you build,” said Mike. “That’s what Flomat Industries does. They are not just interested in making a sale. Their interest is in solving customer problems and making significant improvements in productivity and safety.”

            The flexibility of the logo and stenciling system will automate the process and enable pallet suppliers to generate company logos and information for both block and stringer pallets. “For years the white wood pallet industry has recognized the need for a logo and stenciling system that can easily change company names, logos or brands on small to medium production runs,” said Mike.

            “The new Flomat Industries system provides a low cost method for producing quality results time and time again without having to fabricate new stencils or purchase expensive branding plates.”

            The new Flomat lead board remover works for block and stringer pallets and returns the board to the operator. The patented system is designed to maximize the number of nails removed when the board is taken off, improving efficiency in making pallet repairs.

            The new Flomat lead board remover minimizes damage to boards that are in reasonable condition but are simply out of alignment. “These boards can now be removed and reused without additional damage,” said Mike. The Flomat lead board remover significantly increases productivity with independent trailing showing improvements up to 15% can be achieved, he said. “This, in itself, guarantees a relatively short payback period.”

            Flomat Industries has an engineering staff that offers a consulting service backed by 35 years of design engineering know-how, and Mike has an extensive background in operations and management. Together they can provide sound, comprehensive advice on efficient equipment layout, operation and maintenance.

            For more information about Flomat Industries and its products, call Mike at (863) 255-7349 or visit the Web site at www.flomat.com.au. See the company’s exhibit at Lot K-6 of the Richmond Expo.

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