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Independence Blades New from MK Morse

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/1/2004

MK Morse Co. has introduced its next generation of Independence™ high production bandsaw blades. The Independence II and Independence EXS blades bridge the gap between traditional bi-metal blades and carbide tipped blades.

            Using an innovative microstructure, the Independence line of bandsaw blades combines a high performance, high speed steel cutting edge with a high fatigue backer. According to Morse, the combination significantly increases durability and productivity, resulting in a lower cost per cut than other bi-metal blades.

            The Independence II series of blades utilizes a tooth configuration that is designed for multi-purpose sawing, including production cutting of small to medium solid steel and a combination of structural steels. The Independence EXS incorporates a unique tooth geometry specifically designed for hard-to-machine solid metals; applications include production cutting of exotics, stainless steel and large solid shapes.

            The cutting edge in both new blades has achieved a hardness of Rc-70 for superior wear resistance and longer blade life in a number of metal sawing applications.

            The blades are available in 2-5/8-inch and 3-inch and other widths and a variety of tooth pitches, including .75/1.1 and 1.1/1.5.

            For more information, contact MK Morse Co. at (800) 733-3377 or visit the Web site at www.mkmorse.com.

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