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Cheetah Cub Is Smaller Version of Cheetah System

By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2004

Nature’s Reflections, a division of Mulch Manufacturing inc., has developed a new mulch coloring machine, the Cheetah Cub. The new machine, targeted for use by smaller mulch producers and wood waste recyclers, uses the same technology as the company’s larger machine, the Cheetah coloring system.

            The Cheetah Cub will color up to 125 yards of much per hour with only seven to eight gallons of water per yard when using Nature’s Reflections colorant products. It produces a drier colored mulch product that requires less colorant and weighs less.

            A rotating trommel with spray bars is sued to apply the colorant as the mulch flows through the coloring chamber using less horsepower, and the system is less subject to jamming. It may be operated by one worker who can also feed the hopper with a skid-steer or small front-end loader. Flow of both water and colorant automatically stop when the hopper is emptied, and they restart once the hopper is refilled.

            The Cheetah Cub is fully portable and can be hauled by a 1-ton pickup truck; it is ‘street legal’ with electric brakes, tail lights, brake lights and turn signals.

            For more information, contact Nature’s Reflections at (800) 417-5611 or e-mail gpurvis@mulchmfg.com.

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