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New on the Market - November 1999
New products and services from Dixie Precision, Newman and Industrial Resources. extends

By Staff Writer
Date Posted: 11/1/1999

Free Reweld Service

To celebrate its 10th year as a grateful supplier to the wooden pallet industry, Dixie Precision now extends part of its "no quibble" warranty to include any competitor’s disassembly or thin kerf resaw blades.

Dixie provides this hassle free offer in response to premature breaking of bandsaw blades.

Lee Gnader said, "Send us your broken weld blades and we will expertly reweld them at no charge." His offer extends to any brand, any length, and any quantity. The shipping costs are not included.

Dixie Precision is home of the well known "Nail Chopper" spring steel and the "X-Band" M-42 bimetal disassembly blades, as well as the new "Board Buster" hardback resaw blade. This company promotes its products for high performance and very competitive pricing.

For more information about Dixie Precision’s bandsaw blades and free reweld service, call (972) 487-6774, (800) 256-5730 or fax to (972) 487-6678.

Split Conveyors Option on Newman KM-16

Newman-Whitney has developed a new optional feature available on its series of KM-16 Multiple Trim Saws. KM-16 Multiple Trimmers now are available with opposing 12-inch or 9-inch split conveyor belts for sorting lumber cut to different lengths.

Newman-Whitney’s KM-16 Multiple Trimmers come standard with five saw arbors on each unit for rapid, accurate cutting of material into multiple pieces. Each saw has a dust collection port, low-maintenance hold-down system, and quick-change saw arbors. Digital saw position indicators are available for fast set-up. The machines come standard with built-in lumber and scrap-block conveyors.

The standard KM-16 Multiple Trimmer can cut material up to 16 feet long with an option to cut up to 24 feet long. Depending on the model, they are equipped with 7 ½ to 10 hp motors, 10 to 24 inch blades, and can cut material from 4 inches to 6 inches thick at feed rates of eight to 60 cuts per minute.

For more information, call Newman-Whitney at (336) 273-8261, fax (336) 273-6939, e-mail Quietcut@aol.com, or visit the company’s Web site at www.woodweb.com/newman.

Industrial Resources Machine Stacks, Dispenses Pallets

Industrial Resources of Michigan is offering a new In-Line Pallet Accumulator-Dispenser for pallet recycling operations. The machine will stack, accumulate or dispense pallets as needed.

It is controlled by a photo-electric eye on the opposite side of the pallet and can allow pallets to pass through, stack and accumulate or dispense, depending on the user’s needs.

When a pallet is removed from the conveyor at a work station, the control device detects an empty space on the conveyor and will dispense a pallet. When the control device detects that the space is occupied by a pallet, it will stack and accumulate pallets until another pallet is called for. If a pallet enters the accumulator-dispenser at the same time a pallet is called for, the pallet will pass straight through and go to the empty space on the line.

For more information about the new In-Line Pallet Accumulator-Dispenser, call Industrial Resources at (616) 677-1241, fax (616) 677-1788, or visit its Web site at www.industrialresourcesusa.com.

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