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CW Products Uses Unique Marketing Approach for Customized Packaging, Small Orders
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By Rick LeBlanc
Date Posted: 1/3/2005

CW Products Inc., Spokane, Wash. uses a marketing approach not frequently seen in the pallet and container industry – radio advertising. "With our radio ads we’ve actually started picking up e-Bay customers shipping motorcycles and scooters," said Ron Johnson, owner of CW Products Inc.

            "We have also picked up lawn mowers, antiques and pictures. We end up utilizing a lot of our scrap, cut ends, that type of thing," said Ron. "The community at large didn’t really have anyone else to turn to."

            "What we were looking to do is to diversify our product mix so we’re not just doing electronics companies," added Ron.

            As part of its full service approach, CW Products picks up the objects a customer wants shipped, brings them to its shop, builds the container and packages the shipment, contracts for shipping, and loads it onto the truck.

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