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Viking Develops New Pallet Stamp
Automatically Prints Labels on Pallets

By Staff
Date Posted: 4/1/2005

Viking Engineering has developed a stamp for automatically printing permanent labels on pallets. It may be used with most Viking pallet nailing machines and other equipment.

The Viking pallet stamp is flexible to print on all pallet sizes and makes labeling and tracking easy. It repeats printing every 17 inches in characters that are -inch to 1-inch high.

The Viking pallet stamp features long-lasting replaceable ink pads that are available in a variety of colors. Custom ink belts or standard characters may be used, and custom print belts make set-up fast and easy.

The Viking pallet stamp is priced at $1,460 for a single stamp and $2,650 for a double stamp, plus shipping and handling. Ink belt mats, characters and ink pads are sold separately.

For more information, contact Viking Engineering at (800) 328-2403 or visit the Web site at www.vikingeng.com.

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