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Schutte Buffalo Provides Solution to Truss Plant
Grinder Review

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/2/2005

Schutte Buffalo Hammer Mill, which manufactures wood grinding equipment, recently helped a Missouri truss plant overcome a challenge to its wood waste material grinding operations.

            The customer, Mid-America Truss, uses a grinder for hogging short 2x4 wood scraps from its truss manufacturing operations. The company supplies about one truckload of wood grindings weekly to a poultry farmer for animal bedding.

            The farmer complained last fall that turkeys were ingesting some splintered wood pin chips that became lodged in the throats of the birds, causing the turkeys to choke to death.

            To overcome the problem, Mid-America Truss needed to process its scrap material into a smaller, more uniform wood chip.

            The solution was a Schutte Buffalo 1340 medium grind mill. It was installed close to the company’s existing grinder with its own integrated vacuum infeed and discharge. The new Schutte Buffalo machine immediately produced material sized ¼-inch to 3/8-inch at the desired production rate. The smaller, consistently sized chips stopped the farmer’s losses.

.           “Our Schutte Buffalo grinder addition solved our quality control problem, and we are pleased with the results,” said Ferdy Lehmen, owner of Mid-America Truss. “Our production rate has increased by a factor of four, so there are no longer any bottlenecks.”

            For more information, call Schutte Buffalo at (716) 855-1555 or see the Web site at www.hammermills.com.

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