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By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2005

Airdex Offers Line Of Plastic Pallets

Airdex International, which manufactures a line of plastic pallets, now is offering qualified pallet manufacturers and pallet recyclers the opportunity to install equipment to produce the Airdex AIRpallet.

The program will provide wood pallet suppliers an efficient, low-cost, controlled pallet supply for customers that require pallets for airfreight and export applications.

Airdex will provide licensees a turnkey operation with the ability to make custom size pallets without special tooling. The fully patented process is licensed through protected marketing territories.

The AIRpallet weighs 6-8 pounds, depending on coating and strength requirements, and has a dynamic load capacity up to 3,600 pounds. It is made from dense polystyrene and features a high-impact polystyrene or fire retardant composite coating. It is thermal insulated, shock absorbing, waterproof, certified for sanitary applications and can be fitted with RFID tags.

The Airdex AIRpallet is recyclable and accepted worldwide by all customs and phytosanitary inspectors, according to the company.

For more information, contact Airdex at (702) 270-6004, e-mail sales@airex.com or visit the Web site at www.airdex.com.

G-TEK Develops Vertical Double-Arbor Gang Saw

G-TEK Industries has developed a new vertical, double-arbor gang saw. The company’s new machine is designed to provide gang saw reliability for processing three-sided slabs. It also will rip square cants and boards.

G-TEK’s standard vertical, double-arbor gang saw can process 3-1/2-inch and 5-1/2 inch wide material at the same time. It has a kerf range of .145 to .160 using 12-inch diameter blades. Feed speeds range from 30-100 feet per minute, depending on type of material being resawn.

When used for processing slabs, the slabs are powered through the machine by a series of aggressive vertical feed rolls with no overhead feeding apparatus. This eliminates trash problems associated with processing slabs, according to G-TEK.

For more information, contact G-TEK at (800) 643-4835, fax (270) 377-3074, or visit the Web site at www.gtekindustries.com.

Becker Underwood Offers Chrome Blades for Systems

Becker Underwood has introduced new chrome blades for its Sahara X-series and Second Harvester mulch coloring systems.

The new chrome plated blades reduce surface tension or friction, resulting in less wear and longer blade life.

The new chrome blades are expected to last at least twice as long as standard replacement blades, according to Becker Underwood, reducing maintenance and improving efficiency and profitability for mulch coloring operations.

Becker Underwood also supplies mulch colorants and other products.

For more information, call Becker Underwood at (800) 232-5907 or visit the Web site at www.mulchmagic.com.

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