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Pest-Heat System Easy, Cost Effective, Patented

Pest-Heat has developed the patented technology for heat treatment of wood packaging that is easy and cost effective. The self-contained, portable Thermal Pest Management System can provide certified heat treatment of wood pallets, wood products, dunnage and crating.

Pest-Heat’s Thermal Pest Management System is not just an oven or kiln. It is a new, patented technology to treat both hardwood and softwood wood packaging materials.

In the early stage of pallet heat-treating, John Healy, past president of the NWPCA, requested that the U.S. Department of Agriculture test the Pest-Heat chamber. The agency found that the Pest-Heat system and process could successfully treat pallets to the 56/30 time and temperature goal.

The Thermal Pest Management System was developed through many years of cooperative testing and in partnership with the Defense Logistics Agency and the Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine. Pest-Heat has the process of treating wood with heat to kill pests under U.S. Patent. Additionally, Pest-Heat has the utility patent on the use of a chamber, whether portable or fixed, in conjunction with heat to kill pests.

The Pest-Heat Thermal Pest Management System is completely self-contained and has minimal installation requirements. The high-capacity chamber can effectively treat pallets in one quick operation and also handles crates, boxes or dunnage. Payback is less than six months of continuous operation, according to Pest-Heat.

Pallets are loaded into the chamber with a forklift. Temperatures within the chamber are monitored and recorded using Pest-Heat licensed software and data recorders.

The Pest-Heat Thermal Pest Management System requires an electrical connection, a gas hook-up (propane or natural gas) and a level foundation.

"The main focus of Pest-Heat is to service pallet manufacturers with a quality product," said company spokesman Mack Reed. "Whether it is supplying technical assistance or accurate regulatory information, we feel it is our job to help the industry with what it needs to conform to the global phytosanitary requirements."

Pest-Heat has chambers available for immediate delivery. For more information, contact Pest-Heat at (877) 234-5630 or visit the Web site at www.pestheat.com.

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