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SII Dry Kilns Offers System for Pallets

The SII Dry Kilns Heat Treater system is designed to treat pallets, crates and other wood components in order to meet or exceed all international phytosanitary standards.

SII, which has over 35 years of experience in the lumber drying industry, has certified pallet heat treating systems in operation throughout the U.S. as well as a fully operational, certified system at its plant in Lexington, N.C.

SII’s multi-purpose design enables heat treatment, pallet drying, and sterilizing or conventional lumber drying to meet global phytosanitary standards.

SII Dry Kilns can supply a complete heat treating chamber or component equipment. Options include all aluminum construction or aluminum frame with stainless steel inner panels. Chambers may be sized for specific customer requirements and pallet sizes to hold multiple truckload quantities of pallets.

SII heat treating chambers quickly and efficiently heat pallets to the required core temperature, and control systems include documentation for audit purposes. Heating system options include steam, direct-fired, wood waste, gas and others.

SII Dry Kilns also offers pre-dryers in cross-draft and down-draft configurations, fan sheds, and computerized control systems utilizing state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities, including ‘Sample Watch’ in-kiln weight system and wireless lumber probes. The company also provides a full line of parts and accessories.

SII Dry Kilns is committed to research, development and training. As a leading manufacturer of lumber drying equipment, it stays abreast of new research so that it may implement developments that will help its customers. SII’s in-house research, development and training staff uses test kilns to develop improved drying techniques, kiln designs and materials, and to conduct customer training. SII maintains an active liaison with university researchers.

SII Dry Kilns is known for its design, manufacturing, installation and service of dry kilns. The family owned and operated company began in 1969 as a kiln installation and refurbishing business. The company now has over 60 employees and more than 1,000 drying facilities in operation. At SII Dry Kilns, key personnel have over 250 years of combined lumber drying experience.

For more information, contact SII Dry Kilns at (800) 545-6379 or visit the Web site at www.siidrykilns.com.

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