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Computer Software Aids Heat Treating

Computer software and technology can help pallet suppliers manage their inventory and record-keeping when it comes to treating pallets to meet global phytosanitary standards.

Innovative Data Systems supplies several different computer programs for pallet and sawmill industry applications.

The company’s Pallet Track

For more information contact Innovative Data Systems Inc. at (631) 244-0069 or see the company’s Web site at www.pallettrack.com.

Schwerdtle Offers Electric Branders

Schwerdtle electric pallet branders make legible marks that are sharp, dark brown. They are permanent and will not fade or wash off. Electric branders require no messy ink.

The Schwerdtle electric pallet brander can perform three to six brands per minute, according to the company.

For more information, call the Schwerdtle Stamp Co. at (203) 330-2750, e-mail sales@schwerdtle.com, or visit the Web site at www.schwerdtle.com.

H-T Certification Services Offered

Several companies and organizations are accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee to certify that wood packaging materials used in international shipments comply with phytosanitary standards (ISPM 15), including Package Research Laboratory and the National Hardwood Lumber Association.

Package Research Laboratory is a 75-year-old company that has been working with wood and packaging for its entire existence. With offices throughout most of the U.S., Package Research Laboratory provides reliable assessments with minimum intrusion and at low cost.

Package Research Laboratory is knowledgeable about local, national and international regulations and offers a free help-line and periodic newsletters to answer regulatory questions. It provides a flexible accounting system and knowledgeable inspectors.

The National Hardwood Lumber Association is a nonprofit trade organization made up of more than 1,800 members that produce, sell and use hardwood lumber or provide services to the hardwood lumber industry.

The association was founded in 1898 to establish a uniform system of grading rules for measuring and inspecting hardwood lumber. It continues to perform this function and also provides many additional services to members.

The association provides heat treating auditing services to members and non-members alike throughout the U.S.

For more information, contact Package Research Laboratory or the National Hardwood Lumber Association as follows:

Package Research Laboratory

(973) 627-4405, ext. 248


National Hardwood Lumber Assn.

(901) 377-1818


Schwerdtle Stamp Co. manufactures electric pallet branders for permanently marking IPPC treatment marks. The company offers both hand-held and press style models.
® Wireless Pallet Mill and Wireless Sawmill systems both provide the capability to track and document heat treated material and pallets and containers. Information about heat treated lumber that is purchased from a vendor or lumber that is heat treated by the pallet supplier or sawmill is recorded and tracked with a wireless terminal and bar code scanning.
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