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AMS Guarantees 2 Hour Sterilization Time

Automated Machine Systems Inc. (AMS) in Jenison, Michigan exclusively represents Converta Kiln Inc. (CKI) in the pallet industry.

CKI has been manufacturing superior dry kilns and heating systems for the forest products industry for over 24 years. It has used its experience and knowledge learned from the dry kiln business to design and engineer solid, dependable pallet sterilization equipment made specifically for the pallet industry.

AMS offers four different models of pallet sterilizers. With multiple installations in place, all users have been certified in accordance with American Lumber Standards Committee standards by TPI, NHLA and other certification agencies.

The half-truckload PS300 model will sterilize approximately 300 pallets, the truckload PS600 model, about 630 pallets, the two truckload PS1200 model, 1,260 pallets, the three truckload PS1800 model, 1,890 pallets.

All models are made of structural aluminum pans that are .040-.050 thickness and fastened to structural aluminum framework. Polyisinurate R24 insulation is placed in the pans and then capped off with 7.2 ribbed aluminum decking. The decking is fastened to the pans with stainless steel hardware. This design allows the panel to breathe, draining off any moisture that accumulates between the decking and the insulator.

Each model is heated by a direct fired burner and uses either natural gas or propane for fuel. Controls are fully automated with a push button start and automatic shut down. There is one chamber temperature probe and three wood core temperature probes for monitoring.

Every chamber is specifically rated for the right amount of BTUs and fan capacity to get the operating temperature up quickly and maintain the 133-degree temperature for the 30 minutes required for certification. An easy to read print-out is generated by a computer and documents when the core probes reach the required temperature.

AMS guarantees a sterilization time of 2 hours or less at 15-degree temperatures with 60% wood moisture content. Customers report average charge times of 70-80 minutes on recycled pallets and 90-105 minutes on green, new pallets. With these quick charge times, customers can invest in smaller chambers and grow their business because they can do more charges per day. This not only greatly enhances payback and return on investment times, but AMS customers also report the establishment of new business from companies that need heat treating services.

For more information or a quotation, call Automated Machine Systems Inc. at (877) 267-8384, e-mail gary@amssystems.com or visit the Web site at www.amssystems.com.

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