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Better Built Heat Treater Is ‘Forklift Friendly’

Better Built Dry Kilns has used its experience in lumber drying to develop its Pallet Heat Treater. It has a useable width of 19 feet, a height of 10 feet, 6 inches, and depth of 30 feet – making it easy to load and unload with a forklift. Features like stainless interior skins, aluminum structures, fan housings and stainless steel heat exchangers ensure lasting quality and eliminate the fire hazards of direct fired systems.

An indirect fired system eliminates open flames as well as the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning since the combustion gases go out the chimney. In addition, it is efficient because it does not consume energy to heat a continuous
supply of incoming fresh air to support combustion.

The stainless steel heat exchanger is designed to output either 800,000 BTU or 1,600,000 and features fully modulating burners. This is an important feature because only about 5% of the heat is required after set point is achieved, and an on-off burner can overshoot, causing damage to the pallet boards.

A computer control system provides the required print-outs and interfaces with four RTDs in the charge — one to control the environment and three to sense the temperature of the pallet stringers. This can be modified to suit any changing requirements as it is fully programmable. The system automatically pumps down and shuts off when finished. The unit will also dry pallets or boards.

Better Built’s Pallet Heat Treaters are available in several formats: a roof top unit for use with a shipping container, a rear mounted unit for mounting outside an existing or self-built building, or as a complete chamber assembled on site by the company’s experienced personnel. A qualified technician can be sent if required, but the computer arrives pre-programmed and start-up service is generally not required.

Better Built can also supply a high volume machine that moves over a pre-staged charge of 3-4,000 pallets while exposing a processed charge. It is also a Lumber Dry Kiln.

Better Built offers control systems for use in conjunction with existing controls that allow a dry kiln to be used as a Heat Treater as well.

For more information, contact Better Built Dry Kiln at (866) 710-2235 or visit the Web site at www.betterbuiltdrykilns.com.

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