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BOLDesigns Has 5 Pallet Treater Models

BOLDesigns offers Pallet Treaters in two configurations and to meet virtually any size and capacity requirements for heat treating pallets. The company supplies all aluminum models.

BOLDesigns Pallet Treaters feature structural panel construction for roof and walls with 2x4 tubing welded frames, 4-inch mineral wool insulation, aluminum sheet interior, and aluminum corrugated galvanized skin exterior applied in the field for a strong building.

A ‘gun’ type burner fires into a stainless combustion chamber with hot gases distributed into the Pallet Treater through a duct with openings to provide balanced heating. The Pallet Treater includes required flame safeguards, air switches and sensors for safety.

A thermostatic control maintains the required temperature. The controller has a dual safety back-up to prevent over-heating. The controller tracks temperatures in up to eight locations, including four to six in pallet stringers in remote corners of the Pallet Treater; these track internal temperature of stringers with probe installed. The controller logs the data, which can be downloaded and printed to provide reports for certification and stamping.

To accomplish the 56–30 heat treating cycle (133 degrees F for 30 minutes), the temperature in the chamber must be raised to 200 degrees to keep cycle times less than four hours. The direct cost of heat-treating (electricity and gas) is about 5 cents per pallet.

Advantages of the BOLDesigns Pallet Treater include:

• Easy loading (whole side open for forklift access)

• Turn-key units ready to run (plug in gas and electrical)

• 4 inches of insulation

• All sizes available

• Aluminum 2x4 solid weld

• Aluminum construction

• Dual use (treat pallets or dry lumber)

The system’s computer software features presentation-quality graphics, one-touch table view, fast and easy logger set-up, and data exporting to spreadsheets.

BOLDesigns offers five models of Pallet Treaters with capacity ranging from 160 pallets to 960 pallets.

For more information, contact BOLDesigns at (800) 645-7001 or visit the Web site at www.thepallettreater.com.

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