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CATHILD Offers Moving Kiln For Drying and Heat Treating Pallets

CATHILD is a pioneer in pallet heat treating and pallet drying with more than 20 years of experience. Our equipment offers the possibility to dry and heat treat your pallets. With our system, you add more value to your pallets, and you will be ready for future regulation.

The key to CATHILD’s success is to design the heat treating or kiln drying chamber according to the customer’s specific needs for heat treating or kiln drying pallets. CATHILD offers kilns and heat treating equipment that features low operating costs for fast payback.

CATHILD developed for the pallet industry the moving kiln and patented MGTT

The CATHILD moving kiln is based on a simple equation: no loading time = increased production. It produces up to 20% more dried pallets and reduces operating costs 30%.

The CATHILD MGTT system is a direct gas firing method that heats the pallets by direct contact with the flue gases from natural gas or propane gas. The heat treating or kiln drying process is conducted in a hot, moist atmosphere by the controlled addition of water vapor during combustion. This improves the heat treating or kiln drying process by reducing the cycle time while preventing lumber degrade, such as cracking.

The CATHILD MGTT system provides the following advantages:

• investment cost is less than a boiler and coils

• energy cost is less than with a boiler (30% save, 98% energy efficiency)

• better quality of drying or heat treating (better control of temperature and relative humidity of air inside the kiln)

• no maintenance

For more information, please contact CATHILD at (819) 752-3757 or visit the Web site at www.cathild-inc.com.

® (Moist Gas Thermal Transfer) system. CATHILD also developed an automated control that function without employee supervision.
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