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Kiln-direct Kilns Heat Treat, Dry Pallets

The pallet kiln division of Kiln-direct has continued to grow and has become a leading supplier of pallet kilns in the U.S.

The company’s most popular model is the nearly turn-key truckload quantity pallet kiln. It comes completely assembled with minimal on-site installation required, enabling customers to begin operating quickly at little cost.

As part of the two-day on-site installation of this system, Kiln-direct completes the installation, educates customers how to operate it, and normally completes a test run.

Three years ago Kiln-direct initially focused on developing a very efficient design. Since then it has continued to improve both the design and software while at the same time becoming more efficient in manufacturing and installing pallet kilns.

Kiln-direct is focused on increasing production to meet demand and already has been able to triple production this year. The company also is building its kiln services and support team to provide the best possible support.

The nearly turn-key pallet kiln is the most popular unit, representing about 80-90% of sales, but Kiln-direct offers other solutions, too. For very low volume users, the company offers a component set that is installed in an insulated container.

Kiln-direct has launched its complete back wall design for customers who want to build their own kiln. The back wall makes installation almost as easy as the nearly turn-key kilns. The back wall design offers several benefits, such as lower transport costs and flexibility in kiln size and loading capacity.

Kiln-direct has made strides in offering many economical choices without compromise to quality, efficiency and service. The company expects to have 200 kilns in operation by the end of the year and is committed to continuing services to the pallet industry.

For more information, contact Kiln-direct.com at (910) 259-9794 or visit the Web site at www.kiln-direct.com.

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