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Nyle Control System Changeable

Nyle Corporation of Bangor, Maine has developed a computer control system for pallet sterilization that ensures certification can be achieved in a world of changing standards. The system can be adapted to future regulatory changes and costs no more than older technology using round or strip chart recorders.

The Nyle system uses a central computer that can run one or many chambers. It can be accessed from another location via telephone line so that the operator can run the system and print various types of reports at the chamber location, the office or home.

The system is fully adaptable; it may be certified by any of the various agencies in the U.S. or Canada. "We expect that there will be changes and modifications to the procedures as the sterilization programs continue to develop, so Nyle wanted a system that can grow with our customers," said Nyle president Donald Lewis.

"We have had customers change from one agency to another, and the control systems had to be changed because the requirements of the new agency were different." said Don. "We want to make sure that people are not put to a great expense when these changes develop. Nyle will provide software updates in the future at no charge to keep their customers up to date." he said.

With nearly 4,000 kiln systems sold in the last 28 years, Nyle has extensive experience in materials that are best suited for pallet sterilization chambers. The company insists that direct fired systems should not be used. Nyle favors high air flows and uses high volume fans and blowers and stainless steel heat exchangers to ensure safe, long lasting equipment.

Nyle offers a broad array of pallet sterilization solutions. It can supply complete systems, including stainless steel chamber, and equipment packages for chambers built by customers, shipping containers or refrigerated truck bodies, or an existing room. Nyle also offers systems for hot water, steam heat, or electricity.

Nyle Corporation is a USA owned and managed company. For more information, call (800) 777-6953 or visit the Web site at www.nyle.com.

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